Chapter 161 - Bloodbathing the Auction

The Dragon Blooded Horse was nowhere seen. Although Lin Yun and the Dragon Blooded Horse did not sign a contract, the two of them had a tacit understanding of each other after experiencing several life-and-death situations together.

So as long as they were within a short distance, the Dragon Blooded Horse could sense his location even without Lin Yun calling out for it. In the Azure Sun Realm, the Dragon Blooded Horse had led a herd of horses to save him and Yue Weiwei because the Dragon Blooded Horse could sense that he was in danger.

But right now, Lin Yun couldn’t find the Dragon Blooded Horse anywhere. But it didn’t make sense that the Dragon Blooded Horse would still be in the Azure Sun Realm.

“Brother Lin!” A familiar voice sounded out just while Lin Yun was at a loss. He saw a familiar man walking towards his direction. It was Zhang Yue who he had previously met in the Heavenly Flame Peak.

“Hahaha! Brother Lin, it’s really you!” shouted Zhang Yue, “I thought you were familiar, but I wasn’t sure at first. I never expected that it would really be you!” He was excited to see Lin Yun.

“Big Brother Zhang, everyone who came to the Azure Sun Realm has practically left. What are you doing here?” Lin Yun smiled.

“Brother Lin, I witnessed how you fought with Bai Lixuan back in the Azure Sun Realm. I’m too weak, so I couldn’t help you…” Zhang Yue embarrassedly scratched his head.

Lin Yun felt a warm current in his heart and smiled, “Big Brother Zhang, you’re too polite. You would have lost your life if you helped out. Naturally, I won’t blame you for this.”

Seeing that Lin Yun wasn’t bothered by it, Zhang Yue breathed a sigh of relief, “But Brother Lin hasn’t shown himself since then. Everyone was saying that you were forced to jump into the Yin Wind Stream because of Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi’s pursuit.

“I didn’t believe that was the end. Brother Lin even survived the Heavenly Flame Peak. So how could you possibly die in the Yin Wind Stream? So I have been waiting for you here.”

Although the two of them were acquainted by chance, Zhang Yue was an upright person. Lin Yun had saved him once and Zhang Yue had kept it in his mind. When he saw that Lin Yun wasn’t dead, he felt relieved.

“Have you seen my Dragon Blooded Horse?” Zhang Yue’s face changed when he mentioned the Dragon Blooded Horse.

When Lin Yun saw Zhang Yue’s face, he continued, “Big Brother Zhang, please tell me about it.”

“Many people died from the horses in the Azure Sun Realm. So many people were filled with hatred for the Dragon Blooded Horse. The Dragon Blooded Horse appeared when the Azure Sun Realm was about to close and caused quite the disturbance. Many Xiantian Realm cultivators attacked it, but the horse charged through the crowd.”

“It left?” Lin Yun looked happy. If the Dragon Blooded Horse broke through the siege, then he wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

“No…” Zhang Yue continued in a solemn voice, “Bai Lixuan acted at a critical time and tried to subdue the Dragon Blooded Horse. But Brother Lin, your Dragon Blooded Horse is really stubborn. It received three palms from Bai Lixuan and still refused to surrender.”

Bai Lixuan! Lin Yun’s heart blazed with anger. Bai Lixuan actually dared to be so cruel to a horse. Just thinking of how powerful those three palms could be, Lin Yun felt a chill down his spine.

“Where are the rest?” Lin Yun exploded with killing intent. He radiated a terrifying pressure that was comparable to a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator.

When Zhang Yue sensed the pressure, he was terrified to the point that he couldn’t speak. When Lin Yun saw this scene, he closed his eyes and calmed himself down. A long time later, he opened his eyes and said, “I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s fine. I can understand your current feelings. Bai Lixuan left long ago. After he sent the Dragon Blooded Horse flying with a kick, he left with the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples. But shortly after, three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators came to capture the horse…” Zhang Yue explained softly. “I heard that those three are wandering cultivators in the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm. They’re also known as the Ominous Three in the Azure Sun County. They have been famous for a long time and no one dares to provoke them because of their strength.”

“Ominous Three?” asked Lin Yun.

“Yeah, I heard them saying something that you took their primordial beast core. So they’re going to use the Dragon Blooded Horse to repay the debt… Judging from their tone, they’re going to auction it off in the Azure Sun City.”

So it’s those three old fogies!

“Big Brother Zhang, thank you for telling me about this. Here are 1,000 Xiantian pellets. Consider them as a kind intention.” Lin Yun took out a bottle from his interspatial pouch and handed it to Zhang Yue.

He was genuinely trying to thank Zhang Yue. If Zhang Yue hadn’t been waiting for him here, how would he find out about something so important?

“I can’t accept this. Brother Lin, you’ve saved my life!” Zhang Yue immediately refused.

“It’s fine, just take it. I have always kept my gratitude and grudges clear. I really have to thank Big Brother Zhang this time.” Lin Yun shoved the bottle over to Zhang Yue.

Knowing Lin Yun well, Zhang Yue knew that it would seem rude for him to reject so he accepted it. Then he asked, “Brother Lin, are you heading for the Azure Sun City? The Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect are powerful there.”

The three overlord forces had their reach stretched throughout the Azure Sun County. As the county’s prefecture, one could imagine how powerful they were in the Azure Sun City.

“I know, but I still have to go!” Lin Yun’s gaze flickered with determination. Even if death was waiting for him in the Azure Sun City, he still had to make the trip.

After all, he couldn’t give up on the Dragon Blooded Horse. Zhang Yue looked at Lin Yun’s familiar silhouette in the barren land and felt that it was both familiar and strange.

Back in the Heavenly Flame Peak, Lin Yun still looked tender and inexperienced. He had attracted mockery from the surroundings. Many people felt that he would definitely die. However, Lin Yun was living well and fine, forging a name for himself in the Azure Sun County. No one dared to underestimate him now.

The Azure Sun County was known for being chaotic since it was located at the Great Qin Empire’s borders. It was a place where the jungle’s law was practiced to the extreme. So one could guess how serious this was practiced in the county’s prefecture.

In the Azure Sun City’s North Point Plaza was a black market. Most of the people gathered here were wandering cultivators. Many items that couldn't be sold in the light were here.

With the return of the Xiantian Realm cultivators from the Azure Sun Realm, this black market was bustling. Many Xiantian Realm cultivators came to buy treasures.

There was an open-air auction at the center of the North Point Plaza, surrounded by countless seats. On the stage, there was a Dragon Blooded Horse covered in wounds. Its skin was ripped from being whipped and the wounds were terrifying to see. The Dragon Blooded Horse looked dispirited from all this.

This scene caused many people to be furious. The Dragon Blooded Horse lying on the ground did not seem to have its spirituality like before.

“What’s the North Point Plaza trying to do? They caused such a huge commotion to auction a half-dead horse?”

“That’s not just any horse. This is Lin Yun’s horse. Back in the Azure Sun Realm, many fifth and sixth orifice cultivators were injured by it.”

“Do you know Lin Yun? He’s someone who even dared to extort the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect. He even went as far as fighting with Bai Lixuan.”

“Do you know how mighty this horse looked? Bai Lixuan wanted to subdue it, but he was flung down by the horse. This Dragon Blooded Horse has a powerful bloodline and it must be a variant of its species. Even if you cannot tame it, eating it wouldn’t be bad.”

“Are you serious?”

“Many people had witnessed it with their eyes. So how could it be fake? The Ominous Three benefited greatly this time. It’s a pity that Lin Yun died in the Yin Wind Stream.”

“Well, he deserves it since it even dared to provoke Bai Lixuan.”

A commotion rang out when Lin Yun’s name was mentioned. In the Azure Sun County, there wasn’t anyone who hadn’t heard about him.

The reason why today’s auction could attract so many people was because this Dragon Blooded Horse had a close relationship with Lin Yun.

“Everyone, quiet down.” A middle-aged man with two mustaches walked up on the stage. The brilliance of a businessman flickered in his eyes. His cultivation was in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“Everyone should know the origin of this horse, right? This Dragon Blooded Horse is a variant species and it might even be able to grow to a Profound Martial Realm demonic beast. In the Azure Sun County, not even the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm could do anything to it.” The middle-aged man smiled.

“That’s true. But look at the horse. Can it even live?”

“Yeah. I personally witnessed how Bai Lixuan threw three palms at it!”

“It’s practically half-dead with its current injuries. Why bother buying back a dead horse?”

“Relax.” The middle-aged man smiled while he touched his mustache. A servant immediately came up with a dish, covered by a red cloth.

The middle-aged man removed the red cloth and took out a whip with a hint of viciousness in his eyes, “Let me show you the terror of this filthy beast.”


He whipped the Dragon Blooded Horse. Then, the coat of the Dragon Blooded Horse, which was covered in blood, started to blaze. Demonic aura surged from the half-dead Dragon Blooded Horse and swept out at the surrounding.

The Dragon Blooded Horse’s eyes were red as it struggled to get up. It wanted to snap the ropes that tied it down, but the ropes were tougher than it had imagined. They merely sunk into its flesh.

“Behave yourself!” The middle-aged man snorted and lashed his whip down, drawing blood-curdling roars from the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“What aura! This horse actually has so much energy left!”

“No wonder even Bai Lixuan couldn’t tame it!”

Clamors rang out from the audience. Down in the seats, the Ominous Three smiled. They knew that they could sell this Dragon Blooded Horse for a high price.

After a few whips, the ferocious Dragon Blooded Horse tamed down. Tears of blood dripped down from its eyes.

“Hmph! You don’t know how to behave without some pain!” The middle-aged man coldly snorted. When he stopped whipping, everyone else saw that the whip was covered in spikes. Now they knew why the Dragon Blooded Horse would be in such pain.

“So, are there any bids?” The middle-aged man swept his glance around with a smile.

“What do you think of one life?” An eerie voice that was so cold it could pierce the bones rang out. The killing intent in that voice echoed out in the North Point Plaza, causing many people to shudder.

“Which bastard dares to cause trouble in the North Point Plaza!” The middle-aged man roared. When he raised his head, he saw a pair of crimson eyes that quickly etched into his mind.

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