Chapter 160 - Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm

The Yin Wind Stream has emitted cold, biting aura for years. Its depths have always been a forbidden zone that no one could set foot in. But at this moment, there was a figure hovering in the sky with his legs crossed. Around him, the yin energy that would even put fear in the hearts of Profound Martial Realm cultivators stirred around him like sharp blades.

However, that person was unharmed by the Yin Wind Stream. Instead, he was absorbing the yin energy and causing the surrounding yin energy to get thinner.

The young man who was seated in the howling icy wind had a stunning appearance. Needless to say, it was naturally Lin Yun who was currently cultivating the Sky Devourer Art.

As time passed, Lin Yun opened his eyes after the surrounding yin energy had been absorbed by him.


His eyes flickered and a robust aura was released from his body. His cultivation had suddenly reached the pinnacle fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm!

However, his aura gave off a feeling that it wasn’t inferior in any way to the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators of the Blood Cloud Sect. No one could’ve expected that this young man would have such a terrifying foundation.

Lin Yun examined his body. The Iris Flower had already grown to twenty-four petals. It was no longer a mere outline. Instead, there was a transparent and glistering look that was shrouded in spiritual energy. It even emitted a faint luster that it didn’t have before.

The flower looked delicate and sturdy as a mountain at the same time. No matter how Lin Yun’s spiritual energy roared through his veins, the flower wouldn’t budge.

“The Iris Sword Sutra has started to slow down after reaching the fourth stage…” Lin Yun sighed with disappointment in his eyes.

In the end, this wasn’t the ancient Sky Devourer Art, but a forbidden technique derived from incomplete scriptures. So after the initial growth in the Iris Sword Sutra, it started to slow down on the fifth day.

However, his cultivation had advanced leaps and bounds over the last five days and he was reaching the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. If he remembered correctly, it had only been half a month since he reached the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. If he told others that his cultivation made a breakthrough with such refined spiritual energy, no one would believe him.

“So, your cultivation technique can’t advance anymore?” A silhouette descended from the sky towards Lin Yun while chuckling. It was naturally Yue Weiwei, whose background was a mystery. She gently swung the fan in her hand, creating a barrier that shielded her from the icy wind.

Ever since she recovered from her injuries, she had been wandering around searching for something.

Nodding his head, Lin Yun replied, “The progress started to slow down after reaching the fourth stage. No matter how much yin energy I devour, there are no changes at all.”

“That’s not surprising. The Iris Sword Sutra came from the golden age and its grade is so high that it’s beyond your imagination. It’s already terrifying that you cultivated it to the fourth stage in just five days. I’m certain that with how refined is your spiritual energy, no Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators in the Azure Sun County can be your match,” stated Yue Weiwei.

“What about the entire Great Qin Empire?” wondered Lin Yun.

The Azure Sun County was no longer his goal. He only wanted to chase after the elites of the Great Qin Empire, like Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi.

Squinting her eyes, Yue Weiwei tilted her head and pondered briefly before she replied with a playful smile, “Well, you can also be considered outstanding among them.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” replied Lin Yun.

“Hehe. I found the Yin Origin Source’s seal down below, do you want to take a look?” Yue Weiwei winked while she looked at Lin Yun.

“Let me think about it,” he said. The Yin Wind Source must be caused by the damaged seal. But why would an ancient sect seal the Yin Wind Source? Lin Yun only wanted to absorb the yin energy to strengthen himself. He had no intention of touching the seal.

He had already witnessed the demonic corpses in the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance ground. Even after being dead for so many years, the aura permeated from those corpses made him shudder. So no matter what was sealed below, it must be related to those demonic corpses as well.

“Let’s forget it. Let’s not touch the seal of an ancient sect.” Lin Yun made up his mind a moment later. He decided not to touch the seal.

“But I’m afraid that Big Brother Yun’s cultivation will stop progressing unless you devour that Yin Origin Source.” Yue Weiwei’s words were full of temptation.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s already terrifying that my strength increased by so much in just five days.” Lin Yun replied.

“Psh, you’re boring…not to mention that we’re stuck here for the time being.” Yue Weiwei raised her head and muttered.

The Yin Wind Stream wasn’t a problem to the two of them, but Yue Weiwei was talking about leaving this secret realm. There would definitely be a lot of Xiantian Realm cultivators gathered at the entrance. Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi wouldn’t be far off either. So if the two of them came out now, they would be in trouble. At the very least, they had to wait for half a day.

“Well, I have some monkey wine with me. Are you interested?” Patting on his interspatial pouch, Lin Yun took out a jar of monkey wine and looked at Yue Weiwei.

“Monkey wine!” Yue Weiwei’s eyes lit up.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Yue Weiwei jumped over to Lin Yun with a few flickers and opened up the jar. The intoxicating aroma drifted out and was so refreshing.

“It’s really monkey wine. It’s hard to find and it’s not someone that can be brewed by just anyone. It can’t even be brewed by supreme powerhouses.” Yue Weiwei raised the jar and started gulping it down. Looking at her, Lin Yun, who wanted to retrieve cups out, was briefly stunned before he smiled.

“Here!” Yue Weiwei’s face blushed after she took a gulp. It made her ethereal beauty seem adorable, which caused Lin Yun to blank out for a moment when he looked at her. When he recovered from the shock, he took a sip from the jar.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to lose themselves from the alcohol. The jar was emptied. Not a single drop was left. Having drank the monkey wine once before, Lin Yun had some resistance to it and was still alright.

With the help of the monkey wine, Lin Yun’s cultivation finally took the last step to break through to the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. However, Lin Yun wasn’t too surprised by this. The past few days of absorbing yin energy had already brought his cultivation to the pinnacle of the fourth orifice. It was just a matter of time for him to break through to the fifth orifice.

Out of the seven orifices, Lin Yun was only left with the mouth, nose, and heart. After a brief hesitation, Lin Yun chose to unlock his mouth meridian. When his mouth orifice was unlocked, boundless spiritual energy gushed out.

Lin Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra to stabilize his cultivation. Four hours later, Lin Yun opened his mouth and let out a long breath. With the mouth orifice unlocked, he could absorb energy from the atmosphere through his breathing. As he gradually progressed further along the path of cultivation, he was slowly shedding his mortal body.

He lowered his leg and looked at Yue Weiwei lying on his lap in deep sleep. Her lips were slightly open as she took rhythmic breaths. There was rare tranquility on her face.

Yue Weiwei would often give off some charm through her actions. There was a beauty about her that caused Lin Yun not to dare to look at her directly. He was afraid that he might fall into the abyss if he took a few more glances at her. But at this moment, he could admire her beauty calmly.

Si Xueyi and Bai Lixuan, who called her a demoness, probably did not see her current appearance. After briefly pondering, Lin Yun stretched his hand out and brushed the hair away from her face.

But suddenly, Yue Weiwei opened her eyes and caught Lin Yun by surprise. She bit down on his finger. She was looking at him with a faint smile on her face. The two of them looked at each other's eyes and Lin Yun did not dare to make a move.

After Yue Weiwei let go of him, Lin Yun pulled his hand back immediately.

“No wonder Big Brother Yun wants to treat me to monkey wine. So you have an ulterior motive.” Yue Weiwei looked at Lin Yun with a smile. Although she was criticizing him, she looked more like a little girl throwing her temper.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly. He knew that no explanation could get him out of the situation. Taking his silence as agreement, he took out an item and changed the topic, “Do you recognize this thing?”

It was the strip that he got from the cauldron back then and Lin Yun could only recognize two out of the four ancient words.

“Let me take a look at it.” Yue Weiwei took the strip from Lin Yun. But immediately, her face changed when she felt the weight of the bamboo strip. “Time flies like fire… This should be a treasure that contains the power of time. You must’ve found this from an alchemy cauldron, right?”

“Yeah,” responded Lin Yun.

“They weren’t wrong. It was rumored that ancient alchemists possessed unfathomable abilities and powerful alchemists could even manipulate the power of time to strengthen pellets. As for its usage, Big Brother Yun can ponder about it himself.” Yue Weiwei returned the bamboo slip to Lin Yun with a smile.

Time flies like fire… so the remaining two words were ‘time’ and ‘like’, which Yue Weiwei had instantly recognized.

Putting the slip away, Lin Yun raised his head to the sky, “It’s time for us to leave. If we don’t leave now, the Azure Sun Realm will close and we will have to wait for another decade.”

“Let’s go then,” replied Yue Weiwei, “there’s no reason for us to stay here anymore.”

Lin Yun carried Yue Weiwei and circulated the Sky Devourer Art. An Iris Flower enveloped the two of them and all the nearby icy wind and turbulence were devoured by the flower. The surrounding icy wind and turbulence couldn’t pose any danger to them as Lin Yun climbed up the cliff.

Hopping out of Lin Yun’s embrace, Yue Weiwei yawned, “We’re finally out.”

“Let’s head to the exit,” said Lin Yun.

The two of them executed their movement techniques. It didn’t take long for them to reach the Azure Sun Realm’s entrance. There was no one in the surrounding and only the spatial crack that could barely fit a person was left. If they were any slower, the secret realm would be sealed.

“It should be safe now,” determined Lin Yun.


The two of them flashed through the spatial crack and appeared on barren land. The bustling crowd had already disappeared and all that was left were some lone figures.

The Blood Cloud Sect, Radiant Pavilion, and Golden Flame Sect’s parties along with the disciples of the four clans and four sects had already left. So their appearance did not cause a commotion.

“Big Brother Yun, I’ll be taking my leave first. If you really fall in love with me, then remember to prepare your betrothals gifts.” Yue Weiwei smiled and left before Lin Yun could even react.

She left really quickly. Lin Yun knew that she probably left because she did not want to bring him any trouble. Then again, it might just be him overthinking it.

After half the time it took to burn an incense joss, Lin Yun’s face gradually turned dark when he looked around. The Dragon Blooded Horse was gone!

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Thyaeria's Thoughts

Thyaeria: So it's time for Thyaeria's Trivia! So for "Time flies like fire" actually means 岁月如火.  = Time | 月 = Moon | 如 = Like | 火 = Fire
While "Time flies like fire" might not be the best translation around, but I did what I could to try and keep it four words. Otherwise, there will be a major plothole there xD