Chapter 159 - Explosive Strengthening

The Sky Devourer Art must be an extensive cultivation technique from ancient times. Who knew how many volumes there were. Nowadays, the accurate name for it should be Sky Devourer Art. Most of the scriptures were lost and incomplete, with only bits and pieces left behind.

The senior who managed to deduce this Sky Devourer Art must have been an incredible powerhouse that was very powerful. As for how Yue Weiwei came to possess the Sky Devourer Art, Lin Yun didn’t ask since she did not want to talk about it.

He had to hurry up and comprehend it. Cultivating this technique was of the utmost importance right now. The main characteristic of this technique was the bestowal of a devouring nature. It was the same as allowing humans to gain strength from devouring demonic beasts.

When he heard the introduction, he could tell that this was a forbidden technique. According to Yue Weiwei, there were many shackles to this technique. There was no way this could be comparable to the ancient Sky Devourer Art.

For example, Lin Yun would require something of the yin attribute to devour the yin energy. Otherwise, it would just wreak havoc in his body and run amok. Since it was a forbidden technique, there were dangers in it. Even the slightest mistake in his cultivation could put his life at risk.


Lin Yun opened his palm, allowing the Violet Sacred Frostfire to blaze in his palm. Lin Yun recited the technique in his mind and he was soon enveloped by fear. Shortly after, he took a deep breath and circulated his spiritual energy. He had started practicing this forbidden technique.


Black rays exploded from Lin Yun’s body. At this moment, he looked like a black hole that could devour everything. The cave instantly turned  pitch-black, with only the flame left blazing in Lin Yun’s palm.

That flame was like a frightened child, struggling and distorting. The fear magnified in Lin Yun’s heart, he felt that he would suffocate any moment. But he held on, bearing and fighting with the Violet Sacred Frostfire.

The situation fell into a stalemate. The Violet Sacred Frostfire was waiting for Lin Yun to collapse from the Sky Devourer Art and give up voluntarily. Lin Yun was also waiting for the Violet Sacred Frostfire to stop struggling before swallowing it down with a bite.

But just when he was about to collapse, the Violet Sacred Frostfire suddenly disappeared, devoured by the surrounding darkness.


The darkness disappeared and Lin Yun’s body began to burn. He could feel the intense pain spreading throughout his body. His skin seemed transparent and violet flames could be seen gushing through his veins. The horrifying pain had exceeded his limits, causing him to lose his consciousness.

“Where is this?” Lin Yun appeared in the darkness. He had no idea where he was right now and it felt as if he had been abandoned by the entire world, swept away by eternal loneliness. Either time seemed to stop here or this weird place had no concept of time and space at all.

“Am I dead?” Lin Yun wondered. He wondered if his body died from cultivating the Sky Devourer Art and only his consciousness was left behind. However, no one answered him.

He could only continue walking forth aimlessly. His consciousness gradually faded and his figure slowly disappeared. It felt as if it wouldn’t take long for him to become one with the darkness.

He had no idea how much time had passed. Maybe ten years, a hundred years, or maybe it was just the blink of an eye. Whenever his consciousness was about to disappear and he was about to stop, a little bit of motivation in his heart kept him moving forward. But so far he had only ended up disappointed.


When he took another step forward, a ray of light appeared out of nowhere. Shortly after, the boundless darkness in the surrounding receded like a tide. There was an ancient door before him as a figure sat above the door. That figure seemed so mighty that Lin Yun did not dare to look at that person. But the door that he was sitting on looked strange.

“How many years has it been since someone came here.” That mysterious figure’s eyes fell on Lin Yun. In the next second, it felt as if several worlds had overlapped together and crashed down on him.

Lin Yun wanted to speak, but he couldn’t open his mouth. When he looked around, he could see a barren land littered with corpses. The corpses were all densely packed together and piled up. He couldn’t tell how long it had been since they died.

“Well, you have fate with me since you’re able to see this door. I will bestow upon you a wisp of devouring power. You can return now…”


When Lin Yun opened his eyes, a familiar surrounding registered into his mind.

“Big Brother Yun, you’ve awoken.” Yue Weiwei looked at Lin Yun, chuckling.

Knitting his brows, Lin Yun looked at Yue Weiwei and asked, “Where was that place? And who was that person I saw?”

“That was the Endless Darkness and you must have seen the Sky Devourer Patriarch. He has been trapped in that place for the rest of his lifetime. Anyone who cultivates the Sky Devourer Art will ultimately need to receive the acknowledgment of the Sky Devourer Patriarch.”

“What if I died there?” asked Lin Yun.

Yue Weiwei bluntly replied, “Then you’re really dead.”

“That was so close,” though Lin Yun.

Lin Yun heaved out in relief. But when he thought about it again, he could sense a chill run down his spine. He examined his body and saw the outline of the Iris Flower burning. It seemed to be made of fire. Strangely, it was lying quietly in his body.

As he willed in his mind, a blazing Iris Flower slowly spread out behind him. In the next second, a devouring power exploded, absorbing the yin energy in the cave.

“Sky Devourer Art!” Yue Weiwei had a smear of shock in her eyes when she saw this scene. This forbidden technique was truly mysterious. Not even Profound Martial Realm cultivators would dare to refine the terrifying yin energy here. But to Lin Yun, it only seemed like breathing.

When Lin Yun stopped, Yue Weiwei replied, “Alright. Your Iris Sword Sutra now has a devouring characteristic. But do keep in mind not to devour wantonly or you’ll end up killing yourself.”

Nodding his head, Lin Yun agreed, “I know. There are so many corpses in that Endless Darkness and I’m afraid that they were all killed by this technique.”

“It’s good that you understand. You can go out now,” said Yue Weiwei.

“Let’s go.” Lin Yun smiled with confidence. After a while, he arrived at the entrance.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The scene was still the same - whistling wind that could only be described as turbulent. The yin energy was sweeping over from the surrounding.


Lin Yun charged into the turbulence and unleashed the Sky Devourer Art with a roar. The Iris Flower slowly opened up behind him. It was like a huge mouth that devoured the yin energy and poured into Lin Yun’s body.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The terrifying yin energy poured endlessly into Lin Yun’s Dantian and gushed into the blazing Iris Flower. The spiritual energy in the flower soon became full and the Iris Flower grew stronger. At this moment, the dangerous Yin Origin Source had become a nutrient to Lin Yun as it tempered his body. He was also making improvements in the Iris Sword Sutra at an incredible speed.

“Terrific! It looks like it won’t take long for the Iris Sword Sutra to reach the second stage.” Lin Yun rejoiced. This was equivalent to saving him an astronomical amount of Xiantian pellets required by his cultivation technique.

As the icy wind continued, Lin Yun stood firmly in the turbulence like an ancient beast. He was absorbing the boundless yin energy into his body. It felt as if he wouldn’t be able to quench his thirst no matter how much he absorbed.


Roughly four hours later, the Iris Flower in his Dantian grew from six petals to twelve. The spiritual energy in his body had also doubled along with his aura.

“Second stage of the Iris Sword Sutra!” Lin Yun was pleasantly surprised by this forbidden technique. In the past, it would take at least half a month for his Iris Sword Sutra to reach the second stage, given that he had sufficient resources.

The Sky Devourer Art was indeed a forbidden technique that even struck fear at the heavenly law itself. He closed his eyes to stabilize the Iris Sword Sutra. But half the time for an incense joss to burn later, Lin Yun reopened his eyes.

“The wind stopped?” The surrounding wind couldn’t replenish itself as fast as Lin Yun was devouring it, which created a gap.

He now had two options laid before him. He could either leave the Yin Wind Stream or go to the bottom where the density was the highest.

After briefly hesitating, Lin Yun decided to head down. Yin Origin Source was rare and he had no idea when he would encounter this opportunity again. Furthermore, even if there was a Yin Origin Source in the outside world, he would never get his turn to use it.

No one could be as efficient as him, fearlessly devouring the Yin Origin Source. But there were still other ways to refine the Yin Origin Source as well.

“I intend to stay here for some time and cultivate the Iris Sword Sutra. I can send you out if you want to leave first.” Lin Yun looked at Yue Weiwei, who was still in the crack.

“I’ll go with you.” Yue Weiwei smiled. She wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

“Let’s go then.” With Lin Yun opening the path, the two of them headed to the bottom. Lin Yun then spent his remaining time cultivating the Yin Wind Stream without a break. His cultivation speed wasn’t slow after he left the Azure Sky Sect, but he still couldn’t be compared to the Great Qin Empire elites. Bai Lixuan’s cultivation was only in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm, but not even Profound Martial Realm cultivators could do anything about him.

By his hands, slaughtering Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators was nothing. Aside from his outstanding talent, his backing was also extraordinary.

However, Lin Yun could use this opportunity and the Sky Devourer Art to bring himself closer to the elites of the Great Qin Empire.

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