Chapter 158 - Sky Devourer Art

Nine rebirths and nine deaths? Just what sort of cultivation technique did this lass practice for it to have such a harsh requirement?

“Hehe, Big Brother Yun, why are you looking at me?” Yue Weiwei raised her head and gave Lin Yun a smile. “Hurry up and cultivate. If you delay, you might not be able to succeed. You might’ve broken your cultivation technique, but it hasn’t been that long. There will be some of it that’s remaining in your body and this Yin-Yang Reversal Array can help you look for it.”

Lin Yun immediately sat down when he heard Yue Weiwei’s words. The moment when he circulated his spiritual energy, the entire array also began to rotate, emitting radiance.


Before Lin Yun could even react, he was gradually raised into the air by the circulation of the array. In a single moment, his appearance could no longer be seen. The high-grade spiritual stones were like candles that formed into ant-sized mysterious runes.

Yue Weiwei wore a grave expression, tapping her finger on some runes. The runes immediately started to line up around Lin Yun, with an ancient and dim voice sounding out. Then, she held a black flower in both her hands.

“Birth and death, the flower will never wither.”


In the blink of an eye, the flower in her hand began to expand and its radiance soon covered both her hands. Shortly after, she plucked a single petal off the flower. There was pain on her face when she did so. She felt like she was slicing a piece of flesh off her body. With a gentle swing, the petal turned into a black demonic flower that enveloped Lin Yun’s head.

Keeping the flower in her hand, Yue Weiwei sighed, “Who knew that I would give a piece of my Martial Soul to a youth that I met casually on the riverbank the other day…”

The so-called Yin-Yang Reversal Array was just a cover. How could it be easy to break and reform your cultivation technique? The Yin-Yang Reversal Array was only an ancient array that could help to gather the surrounding spiritual energy.

The main key that could help Lin Yun reform his cultivation technique was the flower petal in her hand. When the flower petal merged into Lin Yun’s body through his head, Lin Yun could sense purple sword energy appearing in his body. Those were the fragments of the Iris Flower left in his body. They were feeble and fine.

“Is this the residual sword energy that Yue Weiwei spoke about?” Lin Yun immediately circulated the Iris Sword Sutra in his body. He moved the fragments in his body with great difficulty. The spiritual energy coursed through his body and when he completed a full cycle of circulation, those fragments gradually gathered together to devour the golden cyclone in his Dantian.

As the two forces clashed, the golden cyclone, which represented the Pure Yang Art, was clearly unable to compete with the Iris Sword Sutra.


A few hours later, the outline of an Iris Flower formed. This time, the Iris Flower looked more distinct than before. He could see six slender petals in total. Each piece contained refined sword energy and violet spiritual energy rippled through his body.


Lin Yun, who was seated with his legs crossed, exploded with a terrifying sword aura. His hair fluttered in the wind as his body gave off a faint aura. When Lin Yun opened his eyes, there were two sharp glows flickering in his eyes.

“This is what breaking and reforming looks like?” Lin Yun could sense that the spiritual energy within his body was more refined than before.

He was clearly only in the first stage of the Iris Sword Sutra, but it felt unbelievable. The Iris Flower slowly started to rotate in his Dantian.


When the Iris Flower circulated, a wisp of refined sword aura was born from the flower’s heart. Lin Yun flicked his finger and a wisp of sword aura shot out from his fingers.


That sword aura clashed against the wall, emitting a metallic crash before shattering.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The shattered sword aura was like steel bearings, clashing against the wall endlessly. When Lin Yun raised his head, he could see the wall covered in densely packed cracks. The Divine Flicking Finger was twice as strong as before. He could easily deal damage by condensing his aura and it would probably not take more than a finger for him to deal with those in the same cultivation.

“Hehe, congratulations, Big Brother Yun.” Yue Weiwei suddenly appeared and smiled.

“I still have to thank you for this,” said Lin Yun, “if it wasn’t for your Yin-Yang Reversal Array, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Iris Sword Sutra again.”

“It’s good that you remembered.” A smug smile rose on Yue Weiwei’s lips. “Now, it’s time for us to find a way out.”

Looking around, Lin Yun replied, “The wind is endless outside and I’m afraid that the walls here cannot be broken. How are we going to get out? Those winds were comparable to attacks from a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator. Most importantly, the turbulence was insane. You won’t be able to get out if you fall into it.”

He had a near-death experience in the turbulence, so he knew how terrifying the Yin Wind Stream was. Furthermore, there was something unusual about Yue Weiwei’s physique, which made her fear the cold more than ordinary people.

“This Yin Wind Stream is nothing if I use my full cultivation. But for now, we’ll have to depend on you to get out.” Yue Weiwei squinted her eyes together into a smile.

“Me?” asked Lin Yun.

“That’s right,” responded Yue Weiwei, “if I’ve guessed correctly, the sword box that you’re carrying contains a wisp of Violet Sacred Frostfire, right?”

“That’s right, but what has it got to do with the Yin Wind Stream?”

“You’ll see.” Yue Weiwei replied. “This Violet Sacred Frostfire is ranked 54th on the Heavenly Fire Ranking, a mutated variant of phoenixes’ flames. Among the rankings of yin-attributed flames, it’s probably in the top twenty.”

“Heavenly Fire Ranking?” asked Lin Yun.

“Yeah. Any of the hundred flames that can make it on the ranking will definitely attract a violent contest. But that’s not what you need to know.” Yue Weiwei paused briefly before she continued, “The Yin Origin Source is terrifying, but it’s still considered a source of energy in the world. It’s just that it’s hard to tame it. But if you can find something to restrain it, not only will it be unable to harm you, but it will become an opportunity for you as well.”

“You’re saying that the Violet Sacred Frostfire can devour the Yin Origin Source?” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up.

“It’s not that simple. Let me take a look at your Violet Sacred Frostfire first,” said Yue Weiwei.

“Alright,” responded Lin Yun.

Lin Yun opened his palms, allowing the  Violet Sacred Frostfire from the Iris Sword Box to blaze in his palm.

Looking at it briefly, Yue Weiwei said with deep thought, “That’s not enough. The origin isn’t even condensed and it’s just a strand of lifeless fire right now. If you don’t nurture it well, it will dissipate over time.”

Lin Yun waved his hand and returned the Violet Sacred Frostfire to the sword box. He wasn’t surprised by Yue Weiwei’s words. There was a limit to this Violet Sacred Frostfire and he had already noticed it a long time ago. This was also the reason why he rarely used it in battle.

“It looks like this path isn’t working out,” said Lin Yun.

“Well, if you can bear the pain of your heart burning, I can teach you a secret art to fuse the Violet Sacred Frostfire with your Iris Sword Sutra. With that, you could use the Iris Sword Sutra to absorb the yin energy. But if there’s a mistake in the fusion, you will be burnt to ashes.” Yue Weiwei smiled.

“Teach it to me. The Azure Sun Realm will soon be sealed again and I don’t want to be stuck here for the rest of my life.” Lin Yun agreed without any hesitation. It wasn’t a tough choice to make. Staying here would mean absolute death and even if the fusion was risky, he had to take a chance.

“This technique is called Sky Devourer Art. As the name implies, you can devour everything with it.” Yue Weiwei said solemnly, “In the distant past, this was a forbidden technique and those who cultivated it would bring about bad luck. But the full technique has long been lost and only incomplete ones can be found now. If you cultivate it, you will be able to swallow yin energy and icy-attributed flames.

“Now, listen to me. The heavenly law is unfathomable…the higher suppresses it, the lower wields it, the surplus loses it, and the inadequate joins it… But it wasn’t the same for humans. Devouring the sky to amend the inadequacy…” Cryptic scripture came from Yue Weiwei’s mouth. Lin Yun was entirely focused as he listened. He did not dare to be distracted.

A brief moment later, Yue Weiwei finished reciting and smiled, “Big Brother Yun, did you catch all that?”

Lin Yun recited it once in his heart. He could feel the great power contained in this scripture that sent a chill down his spine. He had already memorized the content of the scripture in his mind. Nodding his head, Lin Yun then recited the scripture, without a single mistake.

Widening her mouth, Yue Weiwei stuck her tongue out, “Big Brother Yun is really amazing! When I was a child, I was always punished for not being able to remember this scripture correctly.”

Lin Yun had a photographic memory and Yue Weiwei did not recite it quickly. So he naturally wouldn’t make a mistake. Compared to that, Lin Yun was more curious about Yue Weiwei’s identity.

“I can feel how terrifying this scripture is just by reciting it in my heart. But before I even cultivate it, I want to ask something. I’m really curious, who are you?” Lin Yun ultimately couldn’t hold himself back from asking.

“Hehe, can it be that you’re in love with me and want to ask about my family? But my family is strict and they have a high standard for betrothal gifts. I’m afraid that Big Brother Yun won’t be able to afford it. Why don’t I give myself to you? After giving myself to you, there’s no way my father will disagree with us being together.” Yue Weiwei charmingly smiled. Her face had a faint blush and her curved eyes looked like it could suck his soul in.

Lin Yun blushed. He knew that Yue Weiwei was messing with him and he did not want to reply to her. However, those eyes of hers were really captivating. Sensing a surge of heat rising from his lower abdomen for no reason, Lin Yun immediately spoke out, “You can keep your ability now. I won’t ask about it anymore.”

“Pffft… Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. Big Brother Yun, you can start practicing it immediately. I’ll be relying on you to get out of this place.” Yue Weiwei chuckled, covering her mouth with joy flickering in her eyes when she saw the embarrassment on Lin Yun’s face.

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