Chapter 157 - Breaking and Reforming

Lin Yun rejoiced when he saw the cliff and jumped down without any hesitation. It might be a cliff, but he had even dared to jump off a colossal mountain because of the Iris Sword Box. However, Lin Yun wasn’t sure if Si Xueyi would follow him.

Even if Si Xueyi’s cultivation was powerful, jumping down from such a height without any treasures would cause one to end up dead. But the moment Lin Yun jumped down, he immediately regretted his choice.

The cliff wasn’t so simple. When he fell into the abyss, cold winds swept over him from all directions. Those winds were icy and each wisp of wind contained an ominous aura. It felt like the attacks of a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator.

The wind flowed endlessly down the cliff as a violently raging current.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Yun couldn’t control his body, not even the Iris Sword Box could help him. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t break free from the turbulence. It felt like waves were crashing onto his body.

“It’s freezing…” Yue Weiwei hugged Lin Yun’s neck tightly aas her face turned pale and her lips turned purple. The usual shrewdness in her eyes was no longer present and instead was replaced with fear. She could feel her body slowly turning cold.

Relying on his powerful physique, Lin Yun drew rings of violet lightning and flames from the Iris Flower in his Dantian. He expelled the cold aura that seeped into his body, preventing him from turning into a block of ice.

But when he lowered his head, Yue Weiwei could no longer open her eyes. Her lips were frozen purple and faintly trembled. At least this proved that she was still alive. He had to think of a solution right now or else the two of them would die here.

He relied solely on his physique. But considering his injuries, he knew that he wouldn’t last long. He knew that the decision to jump down the cliff was a reckless one. It didn’t matter if he died, but he actually dragged someone along with him.

Lin Yun’s survival instincts kicked in. He gnashed his teeth and tried to find a way out of the fall. He had nearly exhausted all his spiritual energy, but he couldn’t move in the turbulence. Lin Yun had exhausted most of his trump cards from the pursuit.


Several blades of wind clashed against his body and the impact nearly made him vomit blood. The violet glow on his body also began to diminish. It was a sign that the Thunderblitz Battle Physique wouldn’t last much longer.

“Go for it!” If he didn’t have the Thunderblitz Battle Physique, he would be dead by now. In this desperate situation, Lin Yun decided to greet the wind with a punch. A sword gleam enveloped his fist along with a mysterious broken sword.

The Fusion of Fist and Sword!

His punch exploded out and the shockwave it formed resisted the surrounding wind. Lin Yun felt lighter and activated the Violet Ice Sparrow on the Iris Sword Box. The Violet Ice Sparrow flapped its wings, allowing Lin Yun to hover in the sky.

“A good chance!”

The turbulence was only shattered briefly, so he didn’t have the luxury of time. Sweeping out his glance, Lin Yun used tough and soft energy. With the soft energy from his feet, he tapped his foot in the sky. He shot up and grabbed onto the cliff wall.


The storm returned to normal when he grabbed onto the walls. Afraid that he would be dragged into the turbulence once more, Lin Yun immediately rushed into a tiny hole that turned out to be a cave. The instant he entered, he could sense the surging winds behind him.

“So close!” 

He had no idea if there was an exit here. With a look of anticipation, Lin Yun carried Yue Weiwei and walked deeper in. But a short moment later, he noticed that it was a dead-end. The wind reinforced the surrounding walls, so they were as strong as profound iron. Meaning, Lin Yun couldn’t break it with his strength.

“At the very least, there’s no wind here.” Lin Yun comforted himself. But just when he was about to wake Yue Weiwei, he suddenly found her covered in ice with her eyes closed. Even her eyelashes had started to freeze from the chill.

He had the Thunderblitz Battle Physique, so he was filled with fire energy, not to mention that he had once cultivated the Pure Yang Art. The cold wind here couldn’t do anything to him for the time being.

However, he couldn’t say the same for Yue Weiwei. When they jumped into the Yin Wind Stream, the cold aura had constantly seeped into her body. Now that the chill had penetrated her bone marrow, her life was in danger.

Lin Yun placed her on the ground and placed his palm on her shoulder. The Iris Sword Sutra had long replaced the Pure Yang Art. But at this moment, he circulated that old cultivation technique within his body, which affected the Iris Sword Sutra greatly.

He could see the Iris Flower in his Dantian dimming, being replaced with the Pure Yang Art’s spiritual energy that was growing stronger. If he continued to practice the Pure Yang Art, the Iris Sword Sutra that he had reached the first stage in would probably collapse.

But in order to save Yue Weiwei, he did not even hesitate.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Traces of cold aura were being forced out of Yue Weiwei’s body. At the same time, Yue Weiwei’s complexion began to improve. The effects were quite obvious when Lin Yun poured his spiritual energy into her.


A crisp noise came from his Dantian, signaling that the Iris Flower shattered. Golden flames formed once more above his Dantian. When he sensed that Yue Weiwei’s body was filled with his Pure Yang Art’s spiritual energy, Lin Yun stopped. Looking at Yue Weiwei, who had lost her consciousness, Lin Yun took out a cloak and covered her with it.

When he recalled that he still had a Lava Core left, he took it out. While it could currently expel the chill, it could also be used as a light source. After he was done with that, he walked over to the entrance.

He didn’t give up and tried to find other exits. After all, he couldn’t possibly be trapped here forever. However, he was soon disappointed because he did not find any other exits. There was only one exit, through the Yin Wind Stream!

Gazing out from the crack, he looked at the surging turbulence. He had no idea what was hidden in the distance that caused this cold wind.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun returned to the case. Yue Weiwei’s eyes were closed as she was still in a deep slumber.

“The Iris Sword Sutra is broken, so let’s try to get it back first.”

He had nearly 20,000 Xiantian pellets on him. He had no shortage of resources. As he began to absorb Xiantian pellets, his exhausted spiritual energy started to replenish. In his Dantian, where the golden cyclone flames were, Lin Yun began to circulate the Iris Sword Sutra once more after he recovered his spiritual energy.

As he circulated his cultivation technique, his injuries began to heal. The Thunderblitz Battle Physique had once again displayed a powerful regenerative ability.

But when Lin Yun tried to cultivate the Iris Sword Sutra, he began to panic. Even after consuming over a hundred Xiantian pellets, his Pure Yang Art’s spiritual energy was stubborn and did not want to convert to the Iris Sword Sutra.

Could it be that he would no longer be able to cultivate the Iris Sword Sutra again after breaking it once?

This… Lin Yun was at a loss. After all, the Iris Sword Sutra was a cultivation technique tailored for swordsmen. It wouldn’t be easy trying to find something similar. Most importantly, the Iris Sword Sutra was the only key to refining the Iris Sword Box!

It looked like he lacked fate with the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance. He continued to try for a few hours before he helplessly opened his eyes. His body was filled with boundless spiritual energy and his cultivation even showed signs of making a breakthrough. However, Lin Yun smiled bitterly. At the very least, it was comforting that the Xiantian pellets did not go down the drain…

“Where’s this place?” Yue Weiwei gradually regained her consciousness when Lin Yun opened his eyes. She was looking around in confusion.

“Somewhere safe, I guess. But outside is chaotic because of the Yin Wind Stream, so it’s hard to go out,” replied Lin Yun.

“We’re in the Yin Wind Stream and we’re not dead? We’re pretty lucky.” A smile appeared on Yue Weiwei’s face while she stretched her arms. There was no longer a look of desperation on her face. 

“Yin Wind Stream?” questioned Lin Yun, “this place is called the Yin Wind Stream?”

“You don’t know about it?” Yue Weiwei’s face then flashed with understanding. “Well, that makes sense. You wouldn’t jump down if you knew that this place is the Yin Wind Stream. This place is a death zone in the Azure Sun Realm. There is a Yin Origin Source sealed deep in the abyss, but the seal was damaged and caused this phenomenon.”

“I’m sorry for being reckless…” said Lin Yun.

“Hehe, it's not your fault. We would also die if Si Xueyi caught us. Oh, right, the cold poison in my body isn’t easy to expel. How did you do that?” Yue Weiwei squinted her eyes and smiled.

“It’s not exactly that hard…” responded Lin Yun.

“My body is weak against cold poison. I had a few near-death experiences when I was young because of it, so it wasn’t easy for me to live until now… You broke your cultivation technique?” Yue Weiwei’s face changed a little. She could sense that the spiritual energy within Lin Yun’s body had undergone a drastic change compared to before.

“Well, I can’t possibly see you die, can I?” Lin Yun smiled. He wasn’t too bothered by it. If he were given another chance, he would make the same choice once more.

“Hehe, that’s what I like to hear.” A bright smile appeared on Yue Weiwei’s face. “My life is naturally more important than any cultivation technique. If I didn’t wake up, then you wouldn’t be able to break free from the Yin Wind Stream.”

“You know how to get out?” asked Lin Yujn.

“No rush,” responded Yue Weiwei, “let’s help Big Brother Yun get his Iris Sword Sutra back. Breaking the cultivation technique to take a step back is a huge taboo. But if you can break it and form it again, naturally it will be an opportunity.” Yue Weiwei started taking out High-Grade Spiritual Stones, which hovered in the sky.

At a rough glance, there were at least 3,000 High-Grade Spiritual Stones. Lin Yun was shocked at this scene. Yue Weiwei carried thousands of High-Grade Spiritual Stones with her?

At the same time, he was also curious about what Yue Weiwei was trying to do. He witnessed how Yue Weiwei’s hands danced like butterflies. The High-Grade Spiritual Stones began to spread out and form a strange array.

“What’s this?” he asked. 

“The Yin-Yang Reversal Array. My cultivation technique requires me to break my cultivation nine times. After nine rebirths and nine deaths, it can then be considered perfect. If I didn’t have this array, I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything,” she answered. 

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