Chapter 156 - Yin Wind Stream

Si Xueyi’s gaze was weird when he looked at Lin Yun, but the meaning hidden behind his words was even weirder. It looks like he knew about Yue Weiwei’s identity, secrets that Lin Yun did not know.

“Run! You’re not his opponent,” said Yue Weiwei. While Lin Yun was feeling uncertain, Yue Weiwei, whose hands were hooked around Lin Yun’s neck, gently slid behind Lin Yun.

She held onto Lin Yun with one hand and soared into the sky, jumping past Si Xueyi. Lin Yun was shocked when he felt the powerful grip behind Yue Weiwei’s soft wrist. She had easily lifted him in the air.

There was lingering energy that enveloped the two of them, traveling across the air like flowers drifting in the air.

What kind of movement technique was that?

“Soaring reflection of the moon!”

It was too late for him to marvel at Yue Weiwei’s movement technique. A boundless turbulent river suddenly appeared. The moon was reflected in the water and was accompanied by mist.

While they were blocked by this phenomenon, Si Xueyi stood within the mist. It was a natural phenomenon, which meant that Si Xueyi had summoned his Martial Soul!

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling shocked. Just what kind of Martial Soul was that? It was only something he had seen in records. Since ancient times, Martial Souls that could produce a natural phenomenon was a sign of great talent. Lin Yun never expected that the low-profile Si Xueyi would be so strong.

“Leave behind the treasure and I won’t make things difficult for you.” Si Xueyi’s ethereal voice echoed out from the mist. It was as if he was everywhere within the mist.

“Dream on!” Yue Weiwei snorted coldly and brandished the fan in her hand.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Waves began to rise from the river, causing a rippling tidal wave. They flickered constantly, which made it seem like they were trying to break through this natural phenomenon. But Si Xueyi was in no rush. He waved his hand and the moon in the sky descended.


A terrifying power enveloped Lin Yun and Yue Weiwei, restraining the two of them to the ground. Yue Weiwei’s face was pale and it was obvious that she hadn’t recovered from her injuries.

“Bear with it for a little.” Yue Weiwei let go of Lin Yun and opened her left hand. A black demonic flower bloomed in her palm. Countless streaks of black rays shot out from the flower. The moment the flower was summoned, the pressure coming from the moon was greatly reduced.

“Flowers bloom and wither along with a lingering fragrance…” The black flower in Yue Weiwei’s hand bloomed, emitting an unusual fragrance in heaven and earth that crashed against the river.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, the flower fragrance was instantly pierced through and dissipated. Si Xueyi appeared and brandished the fan in his hand.

The two of them clashed with their Martial Souls and the commotion they created left Lin Yun shocked.

“Sir Si, have fun enjoying the Algae Rose’s fragrance,” smiled Yue Weiwei. She descended and grabbed onto Lin Yun before she disappeared.

A trace of rage could be seen on Si Xueyi’s face. He couldn’t get rid of the flower fragrance in the surrounding no matter what he did and the phenomenon created from his Martial Soul was clashing against the flower fragrance. As a result, he could only watch the two of them leave.

When Lin Yun and Yue Weiwei landed on the ground, a trace of blood leaked out from Yue Weiwei’s lips. Her face was pale.

“I really can’t move anymore this time.” Yue Weiwei squinted her eyes with a bitter smile.

However, Lin Yun had no idea if she was telling the truth. He was confused by her. In one second she seemed so powerful and in the next she seemed so fragile. He couldn’t distinguish between real and fake.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Footsteps sounded from their rear accompanied by a cold, chilling intent that started to spread out. Lin Yun was shocked because he knew that Si Xueyi was chasing after them. He immediately carried Yue Weiwei and started running. Lin Yun knew that he would be fine with the token, but Yue Weiwei would definitely be captured if Si Xueyi caught up to them.

With Si Xueyi right behind them, Lin Yun couldn’t get rid of him no matter how hard he tried. As a result, Si Xueyi continued to pursue them while they ran away.

If this went on, Si Xueyi would catch up to them sooner or later. Si Xueyi was chasing after them calmly. His Martial Soul had received some damage, but he had a pellet in his mouth, waiting for Lin Yun to be exhausted.


Suddenly, an eerie aura swept over, causing Lin Yun to tremble. He couldn’t help but pause and look at the wind gathering in the horizon that formed into a black rupture in the night. It looked like a hole in the sky with an empty spot in the sky.

“The Yin Wind Stream!” shouted Lin Yun. 

Lin Yun immediately thought of one of the forbidden zones in the Azure Sun Realm.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Si Xueyi was charging over, leaving afterimages behind while he flickered his way over. He had suddenly increased his speed because he saw that he could catch up to Lin Yun in the next moment. However, what followed next was the sight of Lin Yun carrying Yue Weiwei and jumping down the cliff. His lips twitched when he saw this scene.

“This fellow dares to jump into the Yin Wind Stream?” said Si Xueyi. 

The Yin Wind Stream was one of the forbidden zones in the Azure Sun Realm. The bottom of the cliff was constantly filled with wind and ominous aura. If one fell into it, there was no possibility that they would make it back up. Falling into it would spell certain death.

To be exact, it couldn’t be called a forbidden zone, but a death zone instead. It was said that there was an Ominous Yin Origin in the depth of the Yin Wind Stream and there were no patterns to it. After falling in, you wouldn’t be frozen into ice, but torn apart by the wind instead. It would be a miserable death with a thousand swords stabbing into your body.


Just as Si Xueyi sighed, a silhouette enveloped in sword intent descended. When Si Xueyi looked back, he saw Bai Lixuan and asked, “You came as well?”

“Hmph! You even released your Martial Soul, the Demonic Moon. I would be stupid if I couldn’t find you.” Bai Lixuan was quite unhappy with Si Xueyi. He snorted coldly, “Where are they?”

“They jumped down.” Si Xueyi folded the fan in his hand and pointed at the cliff before him.

“The Yin Wind Stream!” Bai Lixuan’s face changed drastically when he looked at the surrounding environment.

He knew that Lin Yun and that demoness would surely die in the Yin Wind Stream. Most importantly, that also meant that the Profound Martial Technique and the Palace Tomb’s treasure were lost…

After a brief pause, Bai Lixuan spoke out solemnly, “Si Xueyi, if you were willing to join hands with me back then, how would that brat have the opportunity to jump into the Yin Wind Stream?”

“As if you didn’t have any thoughts of monopolizing the treasure with how fast you charged over? There’s no need for us to speak such words. That treasure contained the imprint of an era. We both know how much the dao rhythm in it was worth.”

Bai Lixuan’s anger boiled, but there was nothing he could do to Si Xueyi. A conflicted expression was plastered on his face that made him look depressed.

“But his death is also beneficial to you. Otherwise, he will definitely be your nemesis when he grows. I’m sure that you don’t want to fight with someone and have your sword shattered into pieces unknowingly, right?” Si Xueyi spoke softly.

Bai Lixuan’s face changed when he heard that. He still had no idea why the swords would shatter into fragments when Lin Yun held onto them. He was sure that it wasn’t Lin Yun’s strength that accomplished that. He could easily kill Lin Yun if he wanted, but that bizarre scene occurred again and again before everyone.

Right now, the entire Azure Sun Realm knows that Lin Yun had broken his sword and even blasted him away with a punch.

“And what if he’s not dead?” Bai Lixuan looked at the Yin Wind Stream with a cold light flickering in his eyes.

“Well, that’s your concern. I’m actually looking forward to seeing an elite of the Sword Firmament Pavilion explore the Yin Wind Stream. Who knows, you might even conquer it and find a great opportunity for yourself.” Si Xueyi replied. He knew that Bai Lixuan did not have the confidence to jump down.

Since Bai Lixuan did not dare to jump down, then all their speculations were in vain.

“It might not be impossible if we work together,” said Bai Lixuan.

Si Xueyi’s words was a sword that stabbed into Bai Lixuan’s heart. If Lin Yun managed to grow, he would definitely be his nemesis.

Even if he couldn’t obtain the treasure, Lin Yun had to die!

“I’m not interested in following you to die.” Si Xueyi replied before he left.

Bai Lixuan looked at the Yin Wind Stream. Ultimately, there was nothing that he could do about this. He then gnashed his teeth and left.

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