Chapter 155 - Yue Weiwei

The Dragon Blooded Horse raised a cloud of dust as it charged over. It was leading the herd of horses like a sweeping tidal wave. Every demonic beast in the Azure Sun Realm possessed a primordial bloodline and this herd of horses was no exception.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The thousands of horses that were at the far end of the horizon just a moment ago had appeared before Lin Yun in the blink of an eye. Thousands of horses charged forward under the rising cloud of dust. It was as if they could level a mountain if it was in their path.


Their roars rang out, which made everyone’s blood boil incessantly. Under this situation, even if Lin Yun flew into the air, he would be dragged down by these horses. If his foundation weren’t stable, he would suffer the backflow of blood and his spiritual energy would become chaotic.

Lin Yun closed his eyes. He did not dare to look at what would happen next.


The Dragon Blooded Horse let out a few roars. The herd of horses that would soon swallow him up suddenly passed by him. Lin Yun was like a towering stone tablet, unaffected by the stampede.

When he opened his eyes, his heart was jolting and he could hear the clattering sound of hooves on the ground. When he turned around, he could see the shocked faces of all the Xiantian Realm cultivators that were chasing him.


Many people were blown away from the stampede and got squashed.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The horses possessed ancient bloodline, so their stomps were heavy. If anyone were blown away by the charge and fell into the stampede, only death would await them. For a moment, blood-curdling screams rang out.

“These horses are going mad! Quick, run!”

“My leg! My leg is broken!”

“Damn it! Where did these horses come from?!”

The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples also panicked and they could only protect themselves amid the chaos.

“Where are the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples?” Bai Lixuan roared, unleashing a dark radiance that formed into a sword.

It was Bai Lixuan’s Martial Soul, the Shadow Sword. The Martial Soul was the last resort for cultivators and no one would bring it out until the last moment. But who could’ve predicted that an invincible existence like Bai Lixuan would resort to summoning his Martial Soul in the Azure Sun Realm?

“We’re here!” The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples soared into the sky and headed for Bai Lixuan’s direction.

“Get into formation!” Bai Lixuan muttered emotionlessly. In the next moment, the sword aura from all the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples joined together. From afar, they looked like a dark ray as they charged through the herd of horses.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The light overlapped as sword rays reverberated out. The herd of horses was instantly torn into pieces. After half the time it takes to burn an incense joss later, the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party slaughtered their way toward the front of the stampede. But when they looked up ahead, Lin Yun and the young lady were nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it! The two of them ran away!”

“Senior brother, we can’t find them anywhere.”

All of them were filled with reluctance. After all, they even went as far using a formation.

“Did anyone see Si Xueyi?” Bai Lixuan looked around and asked.

“No… I have no idea where he ran when senior brother fought with that brat.”

“Hmph! That unreliable fool!” Bai Lixuan snorted coldly. If Si Xueyi had also acted back then, there was no way Lin Yun could save that demoness.

Lin Yun was exhausted as he rested on the barren land. Relief filled his body when he looked around and could not find anyone around him. He looked at the young lady in his arms and the two of them looked at each other. His eyes were like black sparkling gems, like a dazzling starry sky. Her eyes seemed magical and fascinating, which captivated Lin Yun’s attention.

Lin Yun’s face turned cold at this close distance and he raised his head saying, “You should be able to walk by yourself now.”

“Am I heavy?” The young lady looked at Lin Yun, aggrieved. The appearance of how she feigned anger coquettishly was unbearable.

“That’s not it. I…” Lin Yun embarrassedly smiled.


Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth before he could even finish his words. His body even shook a little.

When the young lady saw this scene, her face changed slightly. She loosened her hand on Lin Yun’s neck and gently jumped down.

Lin Yun was kneeling on the ground with one knee and gasped for his breath. When the young lady turned around, she noticed that under the sword box, Lin Yun was covered with injuries.

Blood had already dyed his clothes, causing it to stick to his body. It was an unbearable sight. The young lady no longer acted playful. When she examined his wounds, she placed her finger on her lips with shock.

“You were already injured to begin with…” she said. Lin Yun might have seemed invincible from his performance on the lotus platform with his Divine Flicking Sword and Thunderclap Sword Art, but how could he not be injured after suffering the siege of over hundreds of wandering cultivators.

However, Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with that back then. If he allowed himself to seem weak before so many eyes, they would immediately attack him. Initially, those injuries were nothing. With his powerful physique, he could recover naturally as long as he did not engage in any fights.

But who knew that the sudden appearance of the young lady would disrupt his rhythm. He initially wanted to leave the Azure Sun Realm, but he ultimately faced the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

Lin Yun did not speak and closed his eyes, sitting with his legs crossed. He circulated his Thunderblitz Battle Physique to the limit and emitted a violet glow that was like a purple mist. His injuries were recovering at a visible speed. When Lin Yun reopened his eyes, his complexion was rosier than before.

“I’m fine now.” Lin Yun smiled, comforting the young lady.

But before he could even close his mouth, the young lady smiled and shoved a pellet into his mouth, “Heh, heh. You’ll be fine with this. You don’t cultivate demonic cultivation techniques. If you forcibly rely on your body to recover from your injuries, it will leave hidden injuries behind.”

Lin Yun was briefly stunned. He did not dare to swallow this unknown pellet.

“Do you need me to feed you in order to swallow it?” The young lady raised her mouth. When Lin Yun saw that she really lowered her head, he immediately swallowed the pellet down. Shortly after, a cold stream melted in his body and coursed through his veins.

“Why did you save me?” The young lady looked at Lin Yun seriously.

Lin Yun did not dare to look at the young lady. It felt weird looking at the young lady. For some reason, looking at her would make his thoughts run wild.

Why did he save her… The only thing that crossed Lin Yun’s mind when he saw Bai Lixuan’s sword was that not even his Thunderblitz Battle Physique could withstand that sword. But even if he managed to block the first sword, he definitely couldn’t block the second one.

Furthermore, he would’ve offended Bai Lixuan completely if he made a move. He had hesitated before he decided to help. There was a thought in his mind that wanted him to turn around and leave.

“Because you left a deep impression on me. In an entire lifetime, there aren’t many things that you can remember. I didn’t want to see you dead when I turned around…” Lin Yun replied honestly. The young lady’s smile on the riverbank back then had even overshadowed the surrounding scenery. It was an unforgettable scene.

If he hadn’t made a move, the young lady would’ve died under Bai Lixuan’s sword and he would never see that smile again.

“I don’t believe you. You sound as if you lived two lifetimes.” The young lady squinted her eyes, forming into two crescent moons that seemed charmingly adorable.

Lin Yun smiled and did not make any explanation. He looked at her and replied, “Your injuries… seems to have gotten better.”

The young lady looked lively and she did not seem like she’d just recovered from her injuries. Lin Yun even suspected that she had recovered enough to move about a long time ago.

“How do I look fine… Ouch! My tummy hurts!” The young lady arced her body and held onto her wound on her waist with a painful expression, sneaking peeks at Lin Yun. Her acting was pretty convincing.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly in his heart. For someone who could even snatch treasures from Bai Lixuan, how could she be a pushover? Perhaps his concern was a little too much.

“This place isn’t safe and someone will definitely guard the Azure Sun Realm’s exit. You have to find a place to hide in order to protect yourself. If you can protect yourself, then we can hide separately…” said Lin Yun as he looked around. However, he did not see many places to hide.

Although they managed to get rid of their pursuers, for now, they would continue to chase after them. They still needed to run.

At the very least, they had to hide until they recovered their strength.

But when he turned around, the young lady’s painful expression did not seem fake. Blood was even seeping out of her fingers when she held onto her waist.

“Just follow me for now,” sighed Lin Yun. He took back his words and carried the young lady. Since he had already saved her, he might as well go all the way with it. He would just consider it as if she was genuinely heavily injured.

“Hehe! It no longer hurts anymore!” The young lady hooked her arms around Lin Yun’s neck again with a sly smile as if she’d won.

However, Lin Yun did not speak. He was a little worried about the Dragon Blooded Horse’s safety. He had no idea if the Dragon Blooded Horse could come back safely after creating such a huge commotion.

“What’s your name?” The young lady looked at Lin Yun as her eyes brimmed with curiosity.

She never expected that the flute she casually played that day on the riverbank would end up saving her life at such a crucial moment. She still couldn’t figure out where this young man got the courage to save her. The reason he gave her was lousy and she did not buy it at all. Then again, it was more fun this way since she couldn’t figure it out.

“Lin Yun,” he replied. 

“My name is Yue Weiwei,” responded the young lady, “Yue as in the moon and Wei as in the algae rose.”

“Algae rose? Is there such a flower?” asked Lin Yun.

“Hehe, it naturally exists. When we get out, I can consider giving you a few,” she replied. 

The two of them chatted, but it was mostly Yue Weiwei asking and Lin Yun answering. In the middle of their conversation, Lin Yun’s face suddenly changed and he stopped walking.

“What’s the matter?” Yue Weiwei poked her head out and saw a person standing on the hillside with a fan in his hand.


When that person turned around, he opened a folding fan that revealed a familiar face. It was Si Xueyi of the Demonic Moon Villa!

The night was dark, so Si Xueyi’s face looked a little hazy from the faint moonlight. Raising his brow, Si Xueyi looked at Lin Yun with a weird expression, “Sir Lin, you really have guts to just save anyone you see…”

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