Chapter 153 - Rising Abruptly

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

More Xiantian Realm cultivators descended near the primordial demonic beast’s corpse. After all, the commotion caused by the demonic beast’s blood was too great. So it was hard not to draw any attention.

When the footsteps neared, the faces of the three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators became ugly. Their gazes alternated between the demonic beast and Lin Yun; they were conflicted. Anyone could see the greed and timidity on their faces.

Lin Yun looked at the three old men with a faint smile. He looked relaxed and was in no rush to attack.

“Then we’ll let Little Brother Lin have this demonic core. Let’s go.” The three of them weighed their chances and ultimately gave up, gnashing their teeth. As for those that came after, they also left, covering their faces.

Lin Yun wasn’t surprised by this outcome. The three old men were afraid of death, so he knew that they wouldn’t risk their lives fighting him to the death for a primordial demonic core. After all, he had just fought the Wang Clan’s Quasi-Profound Martial Realm with the token. The three of them were ordinary wandering cultivators who weren’t as strong as Wang Bo.


“The primordial demonic beast that should be in our hands is now gone. If I knew this would happen, I would have tried my luck in the Palace Tomb.”

“Let’s go immediately. Don’t let that bastard hear you. That little bastard is ruthless.”

Lin Yun had slaughtered his way to a lotus seat and ended up standing on a pile of corpses. He had already established his fame so that even the three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators did not dare to fight with him if they did not have the determination to risk death.

“At least they’re tactful,” smiled Lin Yun with a satisfied look.

The token was only left with one final chance, so it would be a pity for him to use it on those three old fogies. But the three old fogies were cowards just like he’d imagined.

The only unexpected news was that Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi managed to enter the Palace Tomb. The two of them were truly terrifying. In the end, they were from the four sects of the Great Qin Empire. Those sects had a deep foundation, so their disciples would naturally not be weak.

As the cloud of dust dissipated, more Xiantian Realm cultivators gathered in the surrounding. It didn’t take long for everyone to see Lin Yun working on the primordial demonic beast.

“It’s Lin Yun!”

“The three that left seem to be the three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators. Did they really get scared off by Lin Yun?”

“The primordial beast core’s worth is great, but the three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators actually left…”

When the Xiantian Realm cultivators saw this scene, all of them were perplexed. There might be many people here, but no one dared to make a move at Lin Yun.

On the other side, the three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators started cursing after leaving reluctantly.

“That little bastard is really too much! Why target us when he has a Cosmic Treasure? If he has the ability, then he should follow Bai Lixuan into the Palace Tomb.”

“He’s young, but he’s quite the thief.”

“Hush! Let’s go quickly! There should be two more primordial demonic beasts left. Let’s hope that nothing happens…”

Naturally ,anyone would be unhappy if the demonic beast that belonged to them was snatched away. So the three of them cursed while they traveled.


Suddenly, a crimson silhouette descended and fell onto the ground. The three old men were startled by this scene. They immediately mustered their spiritual energy and looked ahead.

Up ahead was a young lady wearing a red dress. Her skin was pearly white, with a sickly blush. There was a trace of blood on the corner of her lips, which showed that her injuries were quite severe, making her seem weak.

The young lady had a flute on her right waist and a crimson fan that she held in her right hand. The fan didn’t seem typical. The fan looked slender and was as large as half of her arm. Furthermore, the fan only had nine ribs. So even if it was fully unfolded, it was only half the size of an ordinary fan. Such an unusual fan was a rare sight.

The three old men exchanged a glance. They were all baffled. They had no idea where this young lady came from. Judging from her temperament, no one would be able to forget her if they’d seen her before. However, they couldn’t recall seeing her anywhere.

But that wasn’t important. What was important was the fact that this young lady seemed to be hunted by someone. In the Azure Sun Realm, you wouldn’t be hunted for no reason. If you were being hunted, it could only mean that you had treasures on you!

The three of them exchanged a glance with a cold sneer on their lips.

“Seniors, can you guys help me? If you can help me block the enemies chasing me, I’m willing to offer you guys the treasure I have…” The young lady looked at the three old men with joy in their eyes. She walked over, dropping her guard.

When the three old men saw this scene, a smile rose on their faces. The leader among the three replied, “You’re pretty tactful. With our strength, there’s no one in the Azure Sun Realm that we can’t deal with.”

That wasn’t a false statement. As three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators, there weren’t many in the Azure Sun County who could deal with them.

“Then, I’ll give you guys this treasure.” The young lady smiled and took out a bead. The bead emitted a dazzling radiance. She then threw the bead and spiritual energy permeated the three of them.

“You’re courting death!”

Before the leader of the three could catch it, a cold snort rang out in the sky. Before the three of them could react, a boundless sword aura condensed into a sword ray and sent the three of them flying from boundless sword intent.


The leader of the three wandering cultivators tried his best to defend himself against that attack, but he was ultimately blasted away with blood gushing from his mouth.

“Bai Lixuan!” The faces of the three wandering cultivators turned pale when they saw the attacker. Bai Lixuan’s strength had already exceeded their imagination. Half a year ago, he could make a breakthrough into the Profound Martial Realm. However, he refrained from breaking through because he wanted to accumulate himself in the Xiantian Realm.

An ordinary Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wasn’t his match, not to mention that he even possessed a complete sword intent. Not even Profound Martial Realm cultivators could claim that they were confident in defeating him.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The bead fell onto the ground. When the radiance dissipated, an ordinary spiritual pearl was revealed.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Ten-odd Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples landed on the ground and picked up the bead, “Senior brother, it’s fake.”

“That demoness ran away again!”

“That demoness is full of tricks!”

“She took a palm from Si Xueyi, so she won’t be able to run far,” replied Bai Lixuan indifferently.

He then glared at the remaining wandering cultivators, causing the two of them to tremble in fear.

“You guys are courting death with your guts to even think of receiving anything.” Bai Lixuan commented coldly and left. He couldn’t be bothered with the two of them anymore and soared into the sky with the Sword Firmament Sect’s disciples, heading in the direction that the young lady in red ran off to.

The two old men immediately got up and headed over to the injured one. The trio’s leader had a pale expression as blood endlessly flowed from his chest wound.

“We’ve been played…” The old man spoke, coughing out blood.

He never imagined that a young lady would be so scheming, causing him to suffer a sword strike from Bai Lixuan.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

Another party flew over. The leader, Si Xueyi, wore a grim expression.

Rumble! Rumble!

Many more Xiantian Realm cultivators followed closely behind on their mounts.

“It’s the party that went to the Palace Tomb…”

“Why are they all back?”

“Can it be that the young lady tricked Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi?”

The three old men’s faces changed upon hearing the others. A chill ran down their spines. The young lady must’ve taken a treasure from the Palace Tomb, causing Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi, who spent so much effort planning, to lose out.

“But judging from that young lady’s injuries, she won’t last long.”

“Let’s follow up and take a look.”

Lin Yun finally retrieved the beast core after some effort. The primordial beast core that emitted a dense crimson radiance laid on his palm. The crimson radiance was eerie and contained the primordial demonic beast’s bloodline.

“Good stuff!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. This beast core was a lot better than the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s beast core that he refined previously. Taking out a brocade box, he put it away carefully.

Whether he was using it personally or giving it to the Dragon Blooded Horse, this beast core wasn’t something that could be easily found.

Lin Yun descended from the primordial demonic beast’s corpse with a faint smile on his face as he gently leapt down. His trip to the Azure Sun Realm was filled with luck. First, he got the Iris Sword Sutra and the Divine Flicking Sword. Next, he shone brightly on the Sky Piercer Altar and obtained a scripture.

Although he gave up on the Palace Tomb, he hadn’t expected that he would obtain a primordial demonic beast’s beast core. It wasn’t bad ending his journey in the Azure Sun Realm with this beast core.

Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, Lin Yun raised his brow when he sensed a terrifying aura reverberating through the air. It was the Sword Firmament Pavilion!

In the Azure Sun Realm, no one could display such a terrifying sword aura except the Sword Firmament Pavilion. When he raised his head and looked over, he saw the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples besieging a young lady in red.

The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples weren’t simple, in fact, they were all very powerful. Any one of them was stronger than an ordinary seventh orifice cultivator in terms of their fighting strength. However, that young lady managed to fight evenly with so many opponents with the folding fan in her hand.

“It’s her!” Lin Yun’s face changed when he saw the besieged lady. It was the lady who played to flute on the riverbank that day. It was her flute that helped him comprehend the incomplete sword intent.

Before the Azure Sun Realm opened, he had seen her once on the outside. However, it was only for a brief moment. The encounter had already been pushed to the back of his mind. He never expected to see her here.

“Not good! She’s hurt!” 

More than ten swords overlapped together, sending out a heavy pressure that targeted the young lady.


When the young lady landed on the ground, a brilliant sword buzz could be heard reverberating out on the horizon. It sounded like a deafening thunderous roar. When Lin Yun cast his glance over, he saw Bai Lixuan, donned in white, with an indifferent face. He had soared into the sky and stabbed his sword down.

His sword pierced through the air, eliciting sonic booms from the violet gale. This sword was fast and ruthless. He had no plans to let the young lady live. His sword intent dazzled, causing a huge commotion from the surrounding.

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