Chapter 152 - Cunning Foxes

“Bai Lixuan has joined forces with Si Xueyi!”

“Could it be that there are other opportunities in the Burial Ground?”

“The two sects already swept through the entire Burial Ground before we came. They must’ve found something that we don’t know about!”

“Let’s go take a look!”

Whether it be the high-profiled Bai Lixuan or the low-profiled Si Xueyi, their every action attracted everyone’s attention. As for the eighteen lotus seats, most of them had already gotten something from it. Furthermore, everyone could clearly sense that the dangers in the Burial Ground had decreased.

The terrifying demonic miasma had become so thin that it could be neglected, attracting everyone’s attention to the depths of the Burial Ground.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

All the Xiantian cultivators headed over like a tidal wave. The crowded plaza was instantly emptied as the cultivators closely followed the two sects to the Burial Ground’s depths.

Ming Ye’s eyes flickered. He felt reluctant to give up on this opportunity. After a while, he turned to Lin Yun, “Brother Lin, are you really not going to take a look?”

He still had his expectations and there would be an extra layer of security if Lin Yun came along. He had realized Lin Yun’s importance when they were traveling in the Burial Ground previously.

Looking at Ming Ye, Lin Yun replied, “Brother Ming, can’t you tell that Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi are deliberately luring everyone over?”

Ming Ye was briefly taken aback before he sighed, “I can naturally tell that. They just want to find more cannon fodders.”

If Bai Lixuan was confident in entering the Palace Tomb, he would not want so many people following him. At the very least, he would have found a quiet place with Si Xueyi after coming out of the Dao Preaching Plaza.

Judging from Bai Lixuan’s blatant actions right now, he wanted to use some greedy people as cannon fodder.

“That’s secondary. For Bai Lixuan to use this trick even with his strength, the Palace Tomb must be dangerous. I guess that the Palace Tomb is more terrifying than you think,” said Lin Yun.

Although he did not witness Bai Lixuan making a move, the sword intent he left in the demonic beasts was terrifying. Anyone could imagine how terrifying his true strength was.

Lin Yun’s words made Ming Ye’s face turn dark, making his heart feel heavy.

“Brother Lin, you do not intend to compete with Bai Lixuan?” Ming Ye looked at Lin Yun and asked, reluctantly.

“There’s no way for me to explain it to you since you can’t sense the sword intent in his body. If there’s a choice, try not to offend him.” Lin Yun replied after briefly pondering.

He had already offended Bai Lixuan by refusing to hand over the scripture. But it wasn’t a life-and-death grudge, so Bai Lixuan did not make a move against him.

But if it came to the Palace Tomb, it was uncertain to say for sure…

“I’ll be leaving first.” Lin Yun knew that Ming Ye wouldn’t let this chance pass so easily and cupped his hands.

Looking at Lin Yun’s silhouette, Ming Ye felt a little uncertain. He couldn’t make up his mind.

“This boy is decisive but not greedy. He knows how to show forbearance… Young Master, what do you intend to do?” The grey-clothed elder sighed, speaking his admiration for Lin Yun.

“I’m not like him, who has gotten a great opportunity from the Sky Piercer Altar. You want me to wait another ten years by letting this go?” Ming Ye replied.

After half an hour, Lin Yun left the Burial Ground that was enveloped in demonic miasma. Suddenly, he could hear a loud, deafening explosion that echoed throughout the plaza. The huge commotion left many people frightened.

When the demonic miasma dissipated, Lin Yun turned around and a breeze blew toward his direction. Shortly after, a beast roar echoed out, breaking through the limits of time and space. At the end of the horizon, killing aura could be heard soaring into the sky.

Lin Yun fell into deep thought before he jumped onto a hill. When he cast his glance over, he could vaguely see an ancient demonic beast’s statue descending. The terrifying killing aura came from the statue and Lin Yun could see some blurred figures. At this close distance, Lin Yun could see the far end with his eyes orifice unlocked.

“Who knows how many people will die from this primordial demonic beast alone. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be an ordinary demonic beast statue.” Lin Yun sighed, withdrawing his gaze. Those statues must be made by sealing primordial demonic beasts within them in order to guard the Palace Tomb.


With a gentle jump, Lin Yun easily jumped off the hill. The primordial demonic beasts were terrifying, but they weren’t his concern. Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi were there to deal with them.

Right now, he only needed to leave the Burial Ground. As for the inheritances left in the Palace Tomb, Lin Yun did not believe that anyone could take them out.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

An earth-shattering commotion broke out after Lin Yun took a few steps. It was accompanied by demonic beast roars.

A fight broke out?

“The two of them are pretty decisive!” He had ultimately underestimated the four sect’s foundation. Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi actually engaged in a fight without thinking. Then again, the two must have made preparations.

Without looking back, Lin Yun walked forth. Half an incense joss time later, Lin Yun finally left the Burial Ground. But before he could stand firm, a huge shadow passed by his head, causing a blood rain to fall from the sky.

“Holy shit… What the hell is that?”

“It’s a demonic beast! Run!” There were still people gathered outside the Burial Ground and they weren’t particularly strong. Most of them were only in the third or fourth orifice. So they could only stay outside since they couldn’t resist the demonic miasma. But they were overwhelmed by fear when they saw this scene and began to run.

Raising his head, Lin Yun saw a massive demonic beast escaping with its wings wide open. The blood rain also came from its wounds, splattering down from the sky.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

When the blood rain fell onto the ground, faint poisonous smoke began to rise from the ground along with a burning, sizzling noise.

Lin Yun's face changed when he witnessed this scene. This primordial demonic beast came from the Palace Tomb. Could it be that the Palace Tomb’s gate was blown open by Bai Lixuan, through the reliance of cannon fodder?

Looking at it now, this demonic beast seemed like a griffin. It was covered in wounds, which made it look terrifying. Despite being heavily injured, its killing aura was shocking. Just by flowing, its blood had caused many Xiantian Realm cultivators to suffer burn injuries.


Just as Lin Yun sighed, the demonic beast that resembled a griffin fell onto the ground. Along with a thunderous noise, the earth and mountain shook and an enormous cloud of dust rose.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three figures dashed into the cloud of dust. Squinting his eyes, Lin Yun muttered in a deep voice, “Aren’t those the three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators who occupied the lotus seats?”

Those three old men were the ones who received curses from everyone when they occupied the lotus seats. But in the end, they obtained nothing. Instead, they became a huge joke.

Seeing as how they didn’t enter the Palace Tomb with Bai Lixuan but instead chose to pursue the demonic beast made Lin Yun smile. He quickly followed after them.

“Tsk, tsk! This demonic beast seems to be dead. The Sword Firmament Pavilion and Demonic Moon Villa are truly terrifying. The strength displayed by their joint attacks were comparable to the Profound Martial Realm. Not even this primordial demonic beast could resist their attacks.”

“What a bunch of fools, dreaming of snatching treasures from Bai Lixuan.”

“Just the demonic beast that was guarding the gate alone was so terrifying. So the Palace Tomb must be even more dangerous.”

“That’s right. It’s better to take the beast core of primordial demonic beasts like these. They’re guaranteed profit!”

“Heh, heh! This is a primordial beast core…”

Three old men appeared from the cloud of dust. When they saw the collapsed demonic beast on the ground, their eyes flickered with greed. As they spoke, their words revealed their cunning nature.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Lin Yun began to clap for these cunning foxes.

“Who is it?!”

“Which bastard is hiding in the dark! Come out here right now! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

The sudden applause startled these Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators. But they calmed down when they exchanged a glance.

As they issued their threats, they looked around with killing intent building up in their eyes.

“Don’t bother looking. I believe you seniors should know about me, Lin Yun.” Lin Yun came out from the dark with a smile.

“So, it’s Little Brother Lin.” The three old men felt relieved when they saw Lin Yun. However, their eyes flickered with a playful gaze.

They knew that Lin Yun possessed a Profound Martial Technique. When they looked at Lin Yun, they couldn’t conceal the greed in their eyes. If they slaughtered Lin Yun, they would be able to get a greater harvest than the primordial beast core.

“Are you guys comparable to Wang Bo?” asked Lin Yun.

The three old men were stunned when they heard Lin Yun’s sudden question. That question was not relevant at all. After a brief hesitation, one of them spoke out, “Wang Bo is a powerful Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator from the Wang Clan. He’s not someone that the likes of us, wandering cultivators, could be compared to.”

“Then, do you guys have a Cosmic Treasure?” questioned Lin Yun.

“Brat, what are you trying to say? If we had Cosmic Treasures, would we care about Bai Lixuan?!” responded the old men. 

Lin Yun replied, “Then do you guys wish to die?” 

The answer to that question was obvious. If they weren’t afraid of death, they wouldn’t have come here.

“Since you guys don’t have any of those, then why are you guys still here? Why are you guys thinking of making a move at me?” Lin Yun’s face sank with a murderous aura emitting from him. At the same time, a token appeared in his hand, pulsing.

The three Quasi-Profound Martial Realm wandering cultivators were terrified when they saw the token. Their eyes twitched.

Cosmic Treasure!

Furthermore, it was one that contained the intent of an ancient powerhouse…

At this moment, they finally knew why Lin Yun asked them those questions. They recalled how even Wang Bo took a loss at Lin Yun’s hands. Now that they received Lin Yun’s kind ‘warning’, their faces turned ugly. They knew that they couldn’t take the primordial demonic beast’s beast core anymore.

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