Chapter 150 - Great Wind Scripture

In the end, Lin Yun still chose to complete the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

“The Dragon-Tiger fist’s difficulty is rated at four stars. But since it’s an incomplete martial technique, it’s adjusted to six stars. Test contestant, I wish you good luck.” The artifact’s spirit’s voice rang out through Lin Yun’s ears. If Lin Yun could see the other individual worlds, he would realize that the artifact’s spirit had only wished him luck.

“I gave up the Divine Flicking Sword as a swordsman. Let’s hope that this Dragon-Tiger Fist doesn’t disappoint me.” Lin Yun muttered with a grave expression. He actually wanted to pick the Divine Flicking Sword. It was the safer choice for him to get through the test. At the very least, he would get three stars.

If he failed to complete the Dragon-Tiger Fist, he wouldn’t be able to get a single point. Lin Yun had his concerns. Even without this opportunity, he was confident that he would slowly gain mastery in the Divine Flicking Sword. Reaching greater or complete mastery was only a matter of time. At that time, he would reach the same heights of the Iris Sword Saint, destroying stars with a single finger flick.

But the Dragon-Tiger Fist was different. It was an incomplete martial technique. If he didn’t use this opportunity, who knew how long it would take for him to complete it.


The mysterious and ethereal flame suddenly enveloped the entire platform. As radiance sprinkled on Lin Yun, his mind became clear and energetic.

“Is it starting?” Lin Yun raised his head. Not wasting any time, Lin Yun took out the incomplete Dragon-Tiger Fist. Lin Yun was already successful in the first form, the Dragon-Tiger Might.

“The second form, the Dragon-Tiger Steps, is a movement technique that imitates the dragon and tiger. There are nine steps in total and every single step contains the strength of the dragon and tiger. When the nine steps are completed, I will be able to mimic how the dragon soared into the sky and how the tiger leaped over the ground.

“The third form, the Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger, manifests the soaring of the dragon with my right hand and the leaping of the tiger with my right…

“The fourth form, the Soaring Dragon, Crouching Tiger…”

The Dragon-Tiger Fist had a total of nine forms and there wasn’t much recorded about the later forms. The final form only had a name, Vanquishing Dragon and Tiger.

“Complete the second form, the Dragon-Tiger Steps.” Lin Yun fell into deep thought. If he couldn’t complete the second form, the subsequent forms would be useless. Closing his eyes, he began to observe the martial technique insights that he’d absorbed.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

After a while, various images flowed into his mind under the flames. Under the flame’s radiance, figures appeared one after another, continually changing between moves. Those pictures were the insights left by the ancient sect’s experts and they were shocking Lin Yun.

No one knew how much time had passed in the Sky Piercer Altar. When Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes, the surrounding scenery suddenly disappeared.

“The Dragon-Tiger Steps might seem to be a movement technique, but it will be powerful if I can manifest the phenomenon of the dragon and tiger.” He realized that he couldn’t complete it as a movement technique as that would be unwise.

Lin Yun’s thoughts were cleared up under the radiance of the flame, with all sorts of terrifying scenes forming in his mind from the dao insights. After ten steps, it had the phenomenon of swallowing the mountains and rivers. No matter how you looked at it, it wasn’t a movement technique.

“That’s it!” An idea settled down in Lin Yun’s mind as various thoughts constantly flashed through his mind. All of them were essences that belonged to different martial techniques, which complemented the Dragon-Tiger Fist. They provided valuable insight.


Lin Yun took one step at a time as wind and clouds began to gather. Explosive power surged from his body, approaching the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm. It was the first form of the Dragon-Tiger Fist, the Dragon-Tiger Might, that was enveloping him endlessly.

“The second step…” Lin Yun took another step when the Dragon-Tiger Fist reached its pinnacle.

As he took that step, roars of dragons and tigers sounded out. The Dragon-Tiger Might had actually broken through the shackles and fused with Lin Yun’s steps. Lin Yun smiled with joy on his face. He could feel the platform tremble with each step that he took.

His foot orifice surged violently in his heart, allowing his step to weigh a hundred and five hundred kilograms.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Lin Yun held onto that momentum and took another eight steps, causing the platform beneath his feet to crack.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The momentum was terrifying as the image of dragon and tiger manifested. However, there was no phenomenon of devouring the mountains and rivers. In addition to this, his spiritual energy also showed signs of going out of control.

“Something’s wrong.” Lin Yun felt a tingling pain and immediately stabilized his mind. There was a trace of blood leaking out from Lin Yun’s lips. His face was pale and he had nearly run amok.

Wiping the blood off the corner of his lips, he knitted his brows, “Where did I go wrong?”

The second form of the Dragon-Tiger Fist mimics the posture of a dragon and tiger into movement techniques. There were a total of nine steps and every step would contain the Dragon and Tiger’s might. When all nine steps were completed, he could manifest the dragon and tiger, which would be accompanied by the phenomenon of devouring mountains and rivers.

“Perhaps there’s a mistake in my understanding.” There wasn’t any disappointment in Lin Yun’s eyes. He began to ponder over it once more.

“That’s not right...this isn’t right either.”

“The dragon and tiger’s aura…how should the dragon and tiger’s aura be?”

“This isn’t right either, again!”

As a result, Lin Yun failed continuously. Each time he did, he would suffer a small impact on his organs.

“The dragon and the tiger’s aura. Was I too obsessed with the dragon and tiger itself? Will I be able to take another step and accumulate power before unleashing it on the tenth step?” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. He wasn’t deterred from his failure and continued.


Taking a step out, the dragon and the tiger’s aura that enveloped Lin Yun exploded. Lin Yun closed his eyes and pondered briefly before taking the second step. On the second step, the tiger manifested without the dragon. There was only a colossal tiger image that emitted a boundless dominance.

On the third step, the tiger vanished and was replaced by the dragon. Aside from the first step, which contained the Dragon-Tiger Might, the remaining steps alternated as either a dragon or a tiger. When the tiger appeared, the dragon would disappear and continue to accumulate on its own.

Lin Yun’s footsteps were unpredictable, interchanging between a dragon and a tiger. He was like a dragon for a second and a tiger in the next. Every step might seem simple, but they were profound and filled with many changes.

The dragon and tiger’s aura burst out from his body along with his spiritual energy. As Lin Yun slowly took a step forward, the aura would slowly accumulate. At the ninth step, the vague dragon and tiger’s aura exploded.

The image of a dragon and tiger appeared behind Lin Yun, with their two auras intertwining. However, they stood independently, piercing through heaven and earth with the might of that swallowed mountains and rivers.

The dragon and tiger roar reverberated throughout his body. As the roars coursed through his body, he even felt a trace of fear.


When he threw a punch, the tiger and dragon’s image instantly fused into his punch. As soon as his punch exploded out, a huge crack in the air was created.

“I’m finally successful!” Lin Yun’s face was full of ecstasy. He knew that he had finally completed the Dragon-Tiger Steps!

Looking excited, Lin Yun continued to practice on the platform. His joy was unconcealable. A long time later, Lin Yun withdrew his punch and muttered to himself, “It’s time for me to complete the third form.”

As time passed, the artifact’s spirit’s voice sounded out once more.

“Test candidate, the time has come. How much of the Dragon-Tiger Fist have you completed?”

Wiping his sweat on his forehead, Lin Yun smiled bitterly, “I’m ashamed. If we’re not counting the first form, then I only managed to complete the second and third forms, the Dragon-Tiger Steps and Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger.”

“How is it not counted? If your comprehension wasn’t enough, how would you be able to complete the first form?” The artifact’s spirit sounded out once more, which left Lin Yun stunned with joy.

“Please perform it,” requested the artifact’s spirit.

Lin Yun began to execute the Dragon-Tiger Steps and Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger.

“Not bad.” The artifact’s spirit praised Lin Yun.

“I wonder how many stars I have obtained this round?” asked a nervous Lin Yun.

“If you complete six forms, you will be able to leave with six stars. Since you’ve only completed three forms, then you can leave with four stars. In addition to your previous performance, you have a total of ten stars.”

Four stars? That’s not bad...wait… Lin Yun was surprised and asked, “How is six out of ten stars outstanding?”

“Who told you that? The full marks for the previous round was five stars, and the highest obtained by everyone else was only three stars. You’ve exceeded five stars and your comprehension wasn’t inferior to those of the golden age.” The cold voice of the artifact’s spirit made Lin Yun’s body tremble. My comprehension was comparable to those from the golden age?

“I, the Sky Piercer Altar’s spirit, bestow you…”

Back in the plaza, a figure was thrown out of the Sky Piercer Altar by everyone. 

It was Mei Zihua! Shortly after, a jade strip descended from the sky.

“It’s an Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique!”

“It’s actually an Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique? I heard that the four clans and sects were interested in the ancient sects’ martial techniques and they were willing to pay a great price for them.”

Everyone looked at Mei Zihua with anxiety in their eyes. Mei Zihua’s face was unsightly, filled with disappointment.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Shortly after, more people appeared from the Sky Piercer Altar and all of them obtained the Intermediate Xiantian Martial Techniques.

“Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique, the Profound Compassion Palm...not bad. This technique is comparable to ordinary Profound Martial Techniques.” Ming Ye toyed with the jade strip in satisfaction.

Suddenly, two dazzling lights descended. When everyone looked around, it was Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi. The two dazzling lights came from the jade strips bestowed to them. Everyone else was overshadowed by it.

When Ming Ye saw this scene, his smile disappeared.

“Transcendent Xiantian Martial Technique!”

“Look at the radiance! I’m afraid that it’s comparable to a Transcendent Xiantian Martial Technique. Look at the strand of purple ray in Bai Lixuan’s jade strip. There must be something else to it.”

“He’s Bai Lixuan. He’s not someone that anyone can be compared to…”

Bai Lixuan’s jade strip made everyone feel envious and countless gazes were directed at him.

“Congratulations, senior brother!” The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples cupped their hands together. Looking around, Bai Lixuan saw that no one was comparable to him. He reached out for the jade strip.

But suddenly, the Sky Piercer Altar began to tremble with ten starlights that covered the entire region.

“What’s happening?” The entire plaza was enveloped by an ancient aura, which made everyone panic.

Shortly after, everyone could hear a brilliant voice sound out from the horizon, “I, the spirit of the Sky Piercer Altar, command the ten starlights to shine on heaven and earth. I will bestow you the Great Wind Scripture, hoping that you can soar to the nine heavens with the wind one day!”

The majestic voice echoed out and a figure appeared on the Sky Piercer Altar, following the starlights. At the same time, a simple scripture descended from the sky.

“It’s a Profound Martial Technique! Look, it’s Lin Yun!” Everyone in the plaza boiled when they saw Lin Yun. The atmosphere reached an unprecedented passion.

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