Chapter 148 - Dao Comprehension

Lin Yun sat on the lotus seat. This time, no one dared to target him. He had used all kinds of means to slaughter his way among the tens of thousands. In the end, even the famous Great Qin Empire’s Wang Clan made a move against him.

But now, everyone from the Wang Clan shut their mouths. They no longer dared to sound any dissatisfaction towards Lin Yun. After ensuring that no one would make a move against him anymore, Lin Yun opened his palm and the grey-clothed figure returned to the token.


The crack on the token seemed more extensive than before. He only had one use left. Lin Yun was filled with pity as he thought of how this Cosmic Treasure could only be used once more.

“This kid is incredible…”

“His Cosmic Treasure is a token that contains the intent of an ancient powerhouse. Judging from the appearance, it should be the Iris Sword Saint.”

“If he was using another Cosmic Treasure, he would not be able to occupy a lotus seat with his strength.”

“Don’t be sour about it. The Cosmic Treasure was something that he snatched with his strength. You can try and snatch one for yourself if you have the ability.”

“Heh, heh! The Blood Cloud Sect left in fright, which means that there are still three lotus seats left!”

“Oh, yeah!”

Strength was respected in the Azure Sun County. So no one criticized Lin Yun for taking a lotus seat. However, they had directed their attention onto the three empty lotus seats and only Wang Ning was looking at Lin Yun in shock.

A year ago, Lin Yun was nothing more than an outstanding disciple in a garbage sect. There was nothing remarkable about his cultivation and aptitude. But he had just witnessed Lin Yun’s improvement. Even without that Cosmic Treasure, he was sure that Lin Yun was stronger than him.

Worst of all, Lin Yun had directed a cold gaze at him.

Does he know that I forced Senior Hong to commit suicide? Wang Ning pondered uneasily. He naturally knew about the relationship that Lin Yun and Senior Hong shared in the Azure Sky Sect.

If Senior Hong hadn’t taken care of him, Lin Yun would have definitely suffered even more as a sword slave. However, he didn’t believe that Lin Yun knew of his role in Senior Hong’s death. After all, only he and Wang Bo were present at the time.

It didn’t matter because there was no way he could keep this brat alive!

It didn’t matter if Lin Yun knew about it. Based on how Lin Yun messed with him earlier, it was more than enough for him to kill Lin Yun!

When he made up his mind, Wang Ning looked at Lin Yun with an icy gaze. It just so happened that Lin Yun was also looking at him and Lin Yun’s murderous gaze made Wang Ning feel a chill run down his spine.

I’ll let you live for now. Lin Yun muttered inwardly and retracted his gaze.

He couldn’t keep the Iris Sword Saint’s intent summoned. Intense combat would only cause the token to be useless sooner. However, he was surprised by Wang Bo’s strength. That old man actually managed to block the attack of the Iris Sword Saint’s intent.

Otherwise, he would be able to kill Wang Ning directly. When he raised his head, his eyes fell onto Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi, but their eyes were tightly closed. It seemed like the two of them paid no attention to the commotion that he’d caused. Then again, they had every reason to be prideful.

Withdrawing his gaze, Lin Yun cleared his mind and started circulating the Iris Sword Sutra to replenish the exhausted spiritual energy in his body. That battle earlier was dangerous and he had to recover his strength as soon as possible.


When he closed his eyes, a tragic battle for the three lotus seats broke out. The battle was intense and even if Lin Yun did not open his eyes to look, he could sense the shocking killing aura that was accompanied by blood curdling wails.

The fierce battle lasted the same amount of time it took to burn two sticks of incense joss. With that, all eighteen lotus seats were occupied. All the experts in the Azure Sun County were gathered here and the Xiantian Realm cultivators who could occupy a lotus seat couldn’t be underestimated.


Fire began to gush out from the Sky Piercer Altar once more. Eighteen beams descended onto the eighteen lotus seats, enveloping those that were sitting.

When the light fell onto Lin Yun, he could sense a warm current seeping into his body, fusing with his blood, bones, cells, and even soul. In the next second, mighty energy gushed out from the Sky Piercer Altar.


The eighteen people on the lotus seats suddenly vanished. When everyone else saw this phenomenon, they couldn’t contain the envy in their eyes. After all, there was a possibility that those in the lotus seats could bring a martial technique to greater mastery if they comprehended the dao left behind by the predecessors in the altar.

Even complete mastery wasn’t impossible from this opportunity. This experience would benefit them for a lifetime and their horizon would be greatly expanded.

Most importantly, if their improvements were fast enough, the Sky Piercer Altar would even bestow them ancient martial techniques. The martial techniques that came from the golden age were stronger than the martial techniques of this era.

Even if they couldn’t use it, they could sell it to the four clans and four sects for Xiantian pellets. But for most people, the opportunity to comprehend the dao wasn’t worth it for them to fight. Their true goal was the ancient martial techniques that they could obtain from the lotus seats.

Compared to dao comprehension that couldn’t be measured, the martial techniques were more important. However, only those who had disappeared would know which was better.

Sucked into the Sky Piercer Altar, Lin Yun experienced brief dizziness before his vision suddenly changed. He was standing on a platform. The entire space was dark and he could only see a lump of flame blazing before him. That flame seemed within his reach, but it also seemed distant. The concept of space and time was distorted and gave off a mysterious feeling.

Lin Yun looked around and saw no one else. He guessed that everyone must’ve been transported to a separate world. The spiritual energy here was rich, filled with mysterious fluctuation. This place was simply a sacred ground for cultivation!


But while Lin Yun was looking around, the mysterious flame suddenly rose into the sky and exploded. Steaks of flame flew across the horizon, lighting up the darkness into a boundless starry sky. They were like meteors sliding down from the sky. Lin Yun was shocked at the starry sky that appeared out of nowhere.

“These meteors must be the dao comprehended by the predecessors, right?”

Lin Yun muttered softly, looking at the meteors falling from the sky. His eyes widened as he stared at the falling meteors. He was focused on a meteor that was expanding in his eyes and transforming into boundless space.

He could see a figure performing all sorts of martial techniques. So it turns out that every meteor had recorded the scene of ancient martial techniques comprehended by ancient powerhouses.

In just a short while, a massive tide of memory fragments rushed into his mind.

“It hurts!” Lin Yun closed his eyes after watching more than a dozen people practicing their martial techniques. It was to the extent that his head nearly exploded. But Lin Yun soon understood something.

The meteors would eventually end, putting him in a position that the elite disciples from the past experienced. Before the flame extinguished, Lin Yun had to absorb as many memory fragments as possible. The more memory fragments he could absorb would reflect how high his comprehension had reached.

Lin Yun was roused by this and quickly absorbed the insights left behind by the predecessors. Each scene was complicated and he had to comprehend the insights within to achieve complete comprehension. Otherwise, the memory fragments would overload his mind, making it impossible for him to continue observing the meteors.

“This fist technique is interesting. Using soft energy to overcome tough energy and water to crush the mountain. A drop of water can evolve into such a terrifying fist technique.”

“The profundity of wind… A blade technique can be so graceful, how incredible!”

“This movement technique… it’s hard to tell if it’s like wind traveling in the horizon or clouds in the sky…”

Lin Yun was absorbing all sorts of dao insights. Unlike most people who would think hard over them, Lin Yun wore an excited smile on his face.

After a while, Lin Yun looked around and everything was just as he had expected. The sky had turned darker and the meteors were reduced by a third.

“Let’s work harder on it. If we’re talking about comprehension, then I might not lose to Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi!” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with confidence.

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