Chapter 146 - Ask my sword

The old man roared, unleashing an attack from the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm. The fire elemental spiritual aura that violently escaped his body gave others a false impression that he was a volcano.

However, Lin Yun had easily shattered that aura, not to mention that he even launched a counterattack.

One of them was like a volcano that emitted faint dragon aura. The other exuded a violet glow as their clothes fluttered in the wind.

Crack! Crack!

The auras clashed in the sky repeatedly, creating brittle and fragile noises. “This Lin Yun is actually so powerful… his aura isn’t any weaker than Old Wang!”

“This is simply unbelievable. When he stepped forward, his aura completely changed. His aura is getting close to the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm!”

“He has already started to crush Old Wang’s aura!”

“Why does it seem like the Primal Origin Sect’s Dragon-Tiger Fist…”

“Dragon-Tiger Might?”

Everyone was shocked at the combination of Lin Yun’s Thunderblitz Battle Physique and Dragon-Tiger Might that crushed Old Wang’s aura. The result of their clashes had caused Old Wang’s aura to hit rock bottom. 

A heat wave swept out from the earth-shattering explosion. Lin Yun was thrown back from the force and kneeled with one leg on the lotus seat. He wore a smile as a trace of blood flowed down from his lips.

Rustle! Rustle!

Old Wang violently retreated. When he stood firmly on the ground, a mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth.

“Seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm…” Lin Yun muttered with a hint of ridicule in his eyes. The seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm did not seem so terrifying. The power of the Thunderblitz Battle Physique had exceeded his imagination.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lin Yun stretched his body and his bones cracked. The violent radiance that was released from him also grew denser.


Pushing off the ground, Lin Yun soared into the sky and pounced at the old man.

“He recovered so quickly?”

There was horror in Old Wang’s eyes. He did not expect that Lin Yun would recover so quickly to launch an attack. The soft energy behind Lin Yun’s punch was still reverberating in his body.

“I don’t believe that you can last long!” The old man gnashed his teeth and charged forth with a fierce light flickering in his eyes.

The two of them cultivated fire elemental cultivation techniques, so it made sense for their temper to be erratic as well. As soon as they made contact in the sky, they exchanged their moves.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two of them exchanged more than ten attacks in the blink of an eye. Thunderous roars accompanied their clashes. It seemed that neither of them would give up until they exhausted their spiritual energy.

But gradually, everyone began to notice something unusual in the fight. Lin Yun was actually able to change his position frequently during the fight. Relying on the soft energy in his fist and legs, Lin Yun moved around like an agile swallow.

On the other hand, the old man kept failing to land a punch on Lin Yun. It might seem like a ferocious clash, but Lin Yun suppressed the old man and held an advantage.

“Tough and soft combined?”

“What kind of monster is this brat to comprehend it at such a young age!”

“Looking at how proficient he was using it, I’m afraid he must’ve mastered it some time ago.”

“What a monster! Old Wang is at a disadvantage, unable to utilize his cultivation to the fullest.”

First there was the perfect Thunderblitz Battle Physique, then it was the Dragon-Tiger Fist, and now he was using a combination of tough and soft energies. Everyone was shocked as Lin Yun slowly began to reveal his cards.

Old Wang suddenly spurted blood from his mouth in the middle of the fight. He finally couldn’t suppress the energy accumulating in his body. Looking at this scene, Lin Yun’s eyes lit up and he threw his punch at Old Wang’s chest.

“Don’t think it’s going to be that easy! Wild Dragon Drill!” Old Wang was ultimately a seventh orifice cultivator. Before he became heavily injured, he unleashed his ultimate move at Lin Yun.


His rotating fist collided with Lin Yun’s chest and a violet radiance began to flicker on Lin Yun’s body.


When the two figures separated, Lin Yun stood on the lotus seat with the violet radiance dissipating.

Damn it! Lin Yun cursed inwardly. The old man had broken his Thunderblitz Battle Physique at the last moment!

“The Thunderblitz Battle Physique is broken!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Many Xiantian Realm cultivators charged at Lin Yun without any hesitation. This was the brutality of this world. If you show a slight flaw, everyone will come flocking at you.

“Looks like there’s no need for me to make a move.” The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder smiled when he saw many wandering cultivators charge at Lin Yun.

The Thunderblitz Battle Physique was Lin Yun’s greatest reliance. Now that it was broken, Lin Yun would die facing the siege.

“Now, you don’t even have the time to use your Cosmic Treasure…” Xue Tu smiled with indifference.

Those wandering cultivators were like venomous snakes glaring at Lin Yun. They were waiting for him to show a flaw before they struck. Ordinary people couldn’t react in time, not to mention that Old Wang injured Lin Yun!


A sword buzz rang out in heaven and earth. It sounded gentle like the wind chime and thunderous roars at the same time.

When the buzz rang out, all the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples looked over. Even Bai Lixuan, who was resting with his eyes closed, had looked over and muttered, “There’s someone in the Azure Sun Realm who grasped sword intent?”


The wandering cultivators who charged at Lin Yun a moment ago were all blown away by the sword aura. While everyone was feeling uncertain as to what happened, bloodcurdling screams sounded out from those wandering cultivators that charged Lin Yun.

Streaks of sword rays charged forth, piercing through the wandering cultivators. Looking at the crowd, Lin Yun’s hair fluttering in the wind with boundless killing intent on his face. As he flicked his finger, strands of sword aura would shoot out. He was condensing his aura on his finger and unleashing it by flicking his fingers!

“You guys want to kill me? It won’t be that easy.” Lin Yun swept out his gaze coldly and opened the sword box. Grabbing onto the Flower Burial Sword, Lin Yun’s aura soared once again.

Using the Thunderclap Sword Art, Lin Yun brandished his sword without any hesitation, causing blood to splatter from the sword dance. Those wandering cultivators injured by the Divine Flicking Sword were being slaughtered, blood and limbs were falling from the sky.

The faces of those in the back turned pale after witnessing the scene before them. They returned to the ground and sucked in a cold breath out of fear.

In just a single exchange, over twenty corpses littered the lotus stage around Lin Yun. Silence swept through the surrounding. No one had expected that Lin Yun would be so terrifying.

This verified that success was built on a pile of bones. The pile of bones on the ground showed how terrifying the Iris Sword Saint’s technique was. It was truly befitting of the man who was unhindered in the golden age.

Combining the Iris Sword Sutra and Divine Flicking Sword, Lin Yun was able to fully display its lethality. If he couldn’t get a lotus seat for himself after that demonstration, then he could only resign himself to fate.

Lin Yun wore a grim expression and threw his sword out, stabbing into the pile of corpses. The sword buzzed while Lin Yun swept his glance around, “If there’s anyone unconvinced, then you can ask my sword!”

The plaza was silent as Lin Yun’s voice echoed out in the surrounding. Lin Yun’s strength had won almost everyone’s respect. Aside from Bai Lixuan and the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators, no one was confident of beating him.

“The Azure Sun County is really filled with garbage. All of you are intimidated by a puny sword slave?” A voice rang out that left everyone feeling uncomfortable.

Everyone looked at Wang Ning, the source of the voice. When they saw the source of the voice, all of them swallowed their boiling anger back down.

Wang Ning wore a proud smile. He enjoyed the attention on him and turned to Lin Yun, “Sword slave, do you still recognize this senior brother?”

Senior brother?

So Lin Yun was actually Wang Ning’s junior brother…?

An uproar broke out. No one had imagined that Lin Yun and Wang Ning would have such a relationship. But the two didn’t seem to be in harmony. Otherwise, Wang Ning wouldn’t have called Lin Yun a sword slave.

Was this young man really a sword slave?

Sure enough, you jumped out. Even if I can’t kill you today, I’ll have to slap your face! Lin Yun smiled lazily, “Who are you? I defeated so many people that I can’t remember them all. You said that the Azure Sun County is full of garbage, but why is a piece of trash like you on the lotus stage? Aren’t you saying that you’re worse than garbage?”

Listening to Lin Yun’s ridicule, the smile on Wang Ning’s face froze.

“You’re still as sharp-tongued as before.” Wang Ning gnashed his teeth.

“You sound as if you can defeat me in the Azure Sky Sect. Well, if you have the courage, you can come and kill me then.” Lin Yun looked at Wang Ning with ridicule in his eyes.

Wang Ning began to feel a little lack of confidence when he saw the corpses around the lotus stage. In the end, he swallowed his words back down.

“Garbage.” Lin Yun insulted with the smile disappearing from his face.

“You…!” Wang Ning’s chest heaved from the anger and he stood up. But just when he wanted to stand out, a palm gently patted his shoulder.

The Wang Clan’s Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator, Wang Bo, sneered, “Brat, do you really think that you can insult my Wang clan?”

Wang Bo stood at the front of the Wang Clan. Even though he was a little far off, everyone could sense the pressure that came from him. Shock filled their eyes as they looked at Wang Bo.

In the end, Wang Bo was someone from a prestigious clan and ordinary cultivators couldn’t be compared to him even if they had the same cultivation. Lin Yun’s ruthless ridicule against Wang Ning made all of them feel great, but he had also offended the Wang Clan at the same time.

The ridicule in Lin Yun’s eyes disappeared, replaced by a strong will.

The prestige of the Wang Clan couldn’t be offended, but he, Lin Yun, wasn’t a pushover either!

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