Chapter 118 - Death to those who obstruct my path

Mei Zihua had planned this for months, going as far as mobilizing an entire branch. Not to mention, he even used up a precious Murderous Incense. In the end, the Dragoncloud Fruit was eaten by someone who came out of nowhere?!

Mei Zihua nearly blew up from his anger and he ordered his junior brothers to slaughter Lin Yun.

Before Lin Yun could even react, he saw three disciples of the Golden Flame Sect charge at him. When he looked at their strength, he could tell that they weren’t simple.

Their attacks were ferocious, which proved they had high comprehension in their Martial Techniques. Furthermore, their cultivation techniques weren’t simple. Not to mention that they hadn’t even reached high attainment in them.

Lin Yun had just fallen to the ground. Before he could even recover from the fall, he suffered the attacks from the three junior brothers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Yun took two punches and one palm, which sent him a hundred meters away. His internal condition was in turmoil from their attacks.

When he gained his footing, he could sense a blazing heat rising from his abdomen. It traveled throughout his body and the pain he received from the three disappeared.

“Hot! Hot!” The heat was difficult for Lin Yun to bear and the raging energy within his body felt terrible.

What have I just eaten?

“That fellow… isn’t he just a third orifice cultivator?” The three disciples from the Golden Flame Sect were shocked when they saw that Lin Yun was fine.

They knew that they hadn’t gone easy on Lin Yun, so their faces were unsightly when they saw their attacks could only push Lin Yun back.

“Die!” they roared as they charged forth once again.

However, Lin Yun did not want to start a feud. Instead, he suppressed the surging energy within his body to defend.

“Please listen to me. I really had no intention to consume the Dragoncloud Fruit. If you guys are willing, I can give you compensation.”

But no matter how Lin Yun spoke, his opponents responded with powerful attacks.

The three disciples of the Golden Flame Sect had an unsightly expression. They never expected that Lin Yun would be so difficult to deal with. They cursed at this and threw out stronger attacks.

They were the Golden Flame Sect’s elite disciples and Lin Yun only maintained a defensive position. So, after ten moves, Lin Yun was blown away.


A trace of blood leaked out of Lin Yun’s mouth. This time, he suffered heavier injuries than before.

Wiping the blood on his lips, Lin Yun looked at his hands and his smile slowly disappeared, “It looks like you guys don’t want to resolve this matter peacefully.”

“Fuck off! Who wants to resolve it peacefully with you!” yelled one of the disciples.

“Can you even afford to compensate the Dragoncloud Fruit?” questioned another.

“You can only pay with your life!” stated the last disciple.

The three of them began to act with arrogance when they saw that they had finally injured Lin Yun.

“Great! Truth be told, I have no intention of resolving this matter peacefully either!” Lin Yun wore a sinister smile. He did not consume the Dragoncloud Fruit on purpose, and even if he did, he wouldn’t be bothered.

He just did not want to start a feud for no reason. However, these people did not want to let him off. He was bold enough to snatch the Eighth Grade Lava Core, how could the Dragoncloud Fruit be any different? So what if he consumed it?

However, the three disciples from the Golden Flame Sect couldn’t be bothered with that.

Seeing Lin Yun injured, the three of them sneered and launched another assault. It was their greatest humiliation that they couldn’t get rid of a third orifice after more than ten moves.

Flame Peak Fist!

Great Demonic Origin Palm!

Meteor Fist!

They each executed their Xiantian Martial Technique that was empowered by their Golden Flame Art. They did this without holding anything back.

“Great!” barked Lin Yun. The golden cyclone in his Dantian began to rotate and his spiritual energy gushed out while forming seals.

Undying Vajra Seal!

Dazzling golden radiance gathered in Lin Yun’s hands. But just when he was about to unleash it, a violent surge of energy gushed out from his body, which seemed like blazing flames.

At the same time, the Undying Vajra Seal became even powerful.

Lin Yun pushed his hands out in the next instance. He could feel that his body would explode if he didn’t vent this energy. The golden radiance exploded, crushing everything in its path, including the three attacks coming at him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three disciples from the Golden Flame Sect vomited a mouthful of blood as they were blown away.

“Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique?!”

“Not only that!”

When the three landed on the ground, they took several steps with horror and shock on their faces. They were actually pushed back in an exchange with a third orifice and suffered injuries?

This was simply unheard of since the Golden Flame Sect was known for their strong physique. However, the Undying Vajra Seal in Lin Yun’s palm still did not dissipate. The energy coming from the Dragoncloud Fruit was coursing through his body violently.

“Again!” Lin Yun’s spiritual energy had grown stronger after his cultivation technique reached the last stage. Under the Golden Vajra Seal’s empowerment, Lin Yun’s Ferocious Tiger Fist left the three of them looking pathetic.

The three of them couldn’t resist Lin Yun’s fist at all. It felt as if they were facing a ferocious tiger and not a human. When Lin Yun decided to make his move, the battle was already tilting towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After ten moves, Lin Yun gave each of the Golden Flame Sect’s disciples a single punch that sent them flying.

“Great!” Lin Yun no longer felt unbearable pressure after venting out his excess energy. On the contrary, he felt terrific.

“Senior Brother.” The three disciples looked at Lin Yun with fear and hid behind Mei Zihua.

“You’re somewhat capable. You’re worthy of me…” said Mei Zihua.

Lin Yun interrupted him and said, “It’s your turn now.” 

Lin Yun had interrupted Mei Zihua before he could finish his sentence and charged over.

“Such impudence!” Mei Zihua’s face was cold and he pounced at Lin Yun.

He wasn’t afraid of the Ironfist Demonic Ape King, so there was no reason to be scared of Lin Yun. In the blink of an eye, the two of them clashed, fist against fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground trembled beneath the two and suddenly started to crack from the shockwaves that were spreading out.

As a cloud of dust rose, the roars from the two could be heard echoing in the air.

Looking at this scene, the three Golden Flame Sect’s disciples felt astonished that Lin Yun could actually fight with Senior Brother Mei head-on!

Senior Brother Mei was known to be invincible among the younger generation. No one could clash with him for ten moves.

“Quick, run!” The three didn’t have time to feel surprised and immediately started running from the shockwaves.

When another clash occurred, the collision caused explosions to reverberate out. However, the two of them ignored the consequences and continued clashing with each other.


Their clash echoed out like thunderous roars, which caused the ground to crumble.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two silhouettes dashed out of the cloud of dust. Lin Yun took ten steps back, which each step measured at ten meters. Furthermore, each step would also leave a deep footprint on the ground. On the other hand, Mei Zihua only took three steps before he stabilized his body, but there was a slight change in his face.

His eyes were filled with shock. His Golden Flame Art already reached the third stage, but the quality of his spiritual energy was inferior to Lin Yun.

Could it be that Lin Yun had reached completion in his Xiantian Cultivation Technique?

“Hahaha! Terrific! Come again!” Lin Yun’s laughter roared, and his body began to swell. He was going into the Fiery Demon Physique’s form.

Breaking Arms Fist!

Mei Zihua coldly snorted and began to radiate a golden luster. He also unleashed his unique aura at the same time.

The two of them continued to clash in the valley. In their path, they left behind cracks on the ground.

Watching this battle, the three Golden Flame Sect’s disciples were dumbfounded. The strength that Lin Yun displayed did not seem like someone in the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

They couldn’t imagine how much Lin Yun had cultivated for him to be so strong. At the same time, they felt lingering fear. If Lin Yun had gone all out right from the start, they would’ve already lost their lives.

“The Golden Flame Sect? Meh!” Lin Yun stood on a rock after he and Mei Zihua separated and smiled, “Well, hope you see you again. Bye!”

Lin Yun turned around and left.

“Stop him!” roared Mei Zihua as a trace of blood leaked from his lips.

When Chief Liu and Mo Ping received his instruction, they immediately led the remaining branch disciples over.

“Death to those who obstruct my path!” yelled Lin Yun who was still in the Fiery Demon Physique form. Opening his sword box, Lin Yun retrieved the Flower Burial Sword and pulled it out of the scabbard.


When he swung his sword, blood splattered in his path. He was crushing everything in his path. No one could even receive a single move from him.

Holding a sword in his hand, Lin Yun slaughtered a bloody path for himself.

“It’s you!” Chief Liu and Mo Ping were both shocked when they saw Lin Yun. They were so confident that Lin Yun would definitely die in the Heavenly Flame Peak.

“Get lost!” Lin Yun barked coldly and he overlapped his sword with his incomplete sword intent. His sword left a gash on the two of them and sent them flying before they could even attack.

When they fell onto the ground, blood was pouring out from their wounds.

Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with their life or death and continued running, slaughtering anyone who came in his path. He only put away his sword when he ensured that no one was following him after coming out of the valley.


A mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth, but his pale face was starting to turn rosy. He was just removing all the congested blood in his body from his fight with Mei Zihua.

“The Golden Flame Sect’s cultivation technique is really powerful.” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with a hint of solemnness. The Golden Flame Art should be more powerful than his Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

Otherwise, he should be able to suppress Mei Zihua with his completed Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

“But…” A smile rose on Lin Yun’s lips. “I should thank him. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to absorb the Dragoncloud Fruit so quickly.”

Right now, the utmost importance for Lin Yun was to find a place to refine the Dragoncloud Fruit.

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