Chapter 117 - Complete Misunderstanding

Mei Zihua’s eyes flashed briefly before turning dull. It had been half a month, and the treasure would be long gone by now. If only he had come earlier.

But he could still make a breakthrough in the Golden Flame Art with the Dragoncloud Fruit. In fact, he could even end up possessing a faint dragon aura.

The Golden Flame Art was the foundation of the sect and it was difficult since it required high comprehension. So without external help, it would be tough to make any progress.

“Arghh!” A yell rang out from the valley.

Shortly after, the roars of demonic apes rang out from the valley.

“Senior Brother, the Murderous Incense is working!” The few disciples of the Golden Flame Sect had excitement on their faces.

Chief Liu’s lips twitched. He could only smile along, but his smile was ugly. The disciples of the headquarters had utterly neglected the lives of those in the branch sect.

Unfortunately, this meant that the one who lit the incense should be dead by now…

There was an unconcealable joy in Mei Zihua’s eyes, “Chief Liu, Protector Mo!”

The two of them responded, “Yes!”

“Lead everyone from the branch in half an incense’s stick time later. My Junior Disciples and I will be responsible for dealing with the king. Is that clear?” asked Mei Zihua.

They confirmed the order, “Roger!” 

“This is your reward, and more will come later after this matter is done,” said Mei Zihua.

Mo Ping and Chief Liu both received a jade bottle. When they opened the bottle, spiritual energy poured out. The bottles were filled with a total of 30 Xiantian pellets in each bottle!

The two of them rejoiced, “Senior Brother Mei, please rest assured. We will definitely complete this mission.”

Mei Zihua cultivated with his eyes closed to pass the time. Once the Ironfist Demonic Apes were  reduced to an acceptable number, Mei Zihua opened his eyes and said, “Move out!”

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Mo Ping and Chief Liu charged out first, leading five to six hundred people.

A Junior Disciple expressed his concern, “Senior Brother, I’m afraid the effects of the Murderous Incense are still lingering. Aside from the two leaders, I’m afraid that none of the rest will be able to withstand the incense…”

“How can those fools fight with the Ironfist Demonic Apes without the Murderous Incense boosting their strength? We’ll go after a while,” replied Mei Zihuar.

A short moment later, they could hear the massacre in the valley.

“Let’s go!” Mei Zihua replied.


The small group soared into the sky and dove into the valley. Those from the Golden Flame Sect’s branch had their eyes dyed red, slaughtering the Ironfist Demonic Apes.

But even under the Murderous Incense, they still couldn’t get rid of all the Ironfist Demonic Apes. There were still a hundred apes remaining.

“Senior Brother truly has accurate foresight. A piece of trash is still trash.” The disciples looked at the cultivators of the Golden Flame Sect’s branch with disdain.

“Come, let’s get the king.”

They mobilized their movement techniques and encountered the King of the Ironfist Demonic Ape. It had some wounds on its body, which showed that it was affected by the Murderous Incense.

Not far off was a fruit that emitted traces of dragon aura.

The Ironfist Demonic Ape King looked at Mei Zihua and the other three before turning to the corpses littered in the valley. It immediately understood what was going on and rage flooded its eyes.

“Move out!” ordered Mei Zihua with a smear of disdain in his eyes.

Great Demonic Origin Palm!

Flame Peak Fist!

Breaking Arms Fist!

Disciples of the Golden Flame Sect were known for their physique. Meaning, they didn’t have a habit of using weapons. So they fought the Ironfist Demonic Ape King head-on, exchanging moves with it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every single attack contained explosive strength that fell hit the Ironfist Demonic Ape King.

Mei Zihua's performance was the best; his Breaking Arms Fist emitted an aura that could even sweep through a thousand men. Executing his ferocious fist technique, he clashed with the Ironfist Demonic Ape King.

As for his three Junior Disciples, they were watching by the side and restraining the Ironfist Demonic Ape King. It was forced to the point where it couldn’t retaliate.

In reality, the valley’s infamous reputation was caused by the Ironfist Demonic Apes. However,  the apes were now on the verge of complete annihilation.

With the Ironfist Demonic Ape King alone, it would die sooner or later. But it was also thanks to Mei Zihua’s strength that they could suppress the Ironfist Demonic Ape King.

If it were some other cultivator in the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm, there was no way they could face the Ironfist Demonic Ape King.

But while the Golden Flame Sect dealt with the Ironfist Demonic Apes, the Heavenly Flame Peak welcomed another eruption. However, Mei Zihua and the rest couldn’t be bothered about it.

Thousand Men Break!

Mei Zihua roared and executed his ultimate move, which shrouded his fist with killing aura. The killing aura that gathered on his fist was so dense that it nearly materialized.

His punch connected with the Ironfist Demonic Ape King, sending his killing aura into it.


The Ironfist Demonic Ape King was blown away, collapsing on the stone platform. When it tried to get up, its movement was slower than before. Under Mei Zihua’s attack, the Ironfist Demonic Ape King’s injuries became worse.

“Terrific fist technique, Senior Brother!”

Mei Zihua smiled from the praise. The Ironfist Demonic Ape King was already finished and the Dragoncloud Fruit already belonged to him.


Suddenly, the Ironfist Demonic Ape King did something that no one had expected. It stuffed the Dragoncloud Fruit that was meant for the next king, into its mouth.

“No!” screamed Mei Zihua as his face changed drastically. If the Ironfist Demonic Ape King consumed the Dragoncloud Fruit, all his hard work would go down the drain. But suddenly, the unexpected occurred again.

A yell rang out from the sky as a silhouette fell towards the ground. The Ironfist Demonic Ape King, who wanted to shove the Dragoncloud Fruit into its mouth, was suddenly smashed by the sword box of the person who had been falling.

With a loud explosion, the stone platform was crushed, killing the Ironfist Demonic Ape King on the spot.

Cough! Cough!

The person who fell from the sky was Lin Yun. He had been thrown out of the volcano by the sheer force of its eruption. As he coughed, a fruit fell into his mouth.

Before he could figure out what was going on, the fruit already traveled down his throat.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The instant the Ironfist Demonic Ape King jumped onto the stone platform was when it collided with the falling figure.

Watching this scene, Mei Zihua’s face changed. He cleared up the cloud of dust with a wave of his hand just in time to witness the fruit fall into Lin Yun’s mouth.

“My Dragoncloud Fruit!” Mei Zihua was stunned at this scene.

He couldn’t figure out where his plan went wrong, especially when everything was so well planned.

Lin Yun could feel a blazing ball of fire stirring in his stomach and fluctuating throughout his body.

Looking at Mei Zihua and his Junior Brothers’ gaze, Lin Yun smiled bitterly, “Please calm down and listen to me. T-this is all a misunderstanding!”

“Are you humiliating my intelligence?” Mei Zihua’s face turned cold. “Kill him!”

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