Chapter 116 - Ape

The Sky Hibernation Mountains were decorated with mountain ranges. While each of the mountain ranges were covered in woods, the Heavenly Flame Peak was the only exception that had no life in its fifty miles radius. 

There was a valley covered in blooming flowers. It was a forbidden land to humans because of the demonic beast that resided here — Ironfist Demonic Ape.

The Ironfist Demonic Ape was only a demonic beast in the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm, but there were over two to three hundred of them here!

Amongst the group of apes was a king that was equivalent to the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Due to its violent temper, no one dared to provoke the apes.

There was a group of cultivators gathered outside the valley. If Lin Yun were here, he would recognize the two standing in front.

It was Mo Ping, with a scar stretched across his chiseled face, and Chief Liu of the Golden Flame Sect’s branch. The branch disciples were all gathered behind him, totaling five to six hundred.

However, the leader of this party wasn’t either of them. These two were treating a young man with respect. He wore a long robe that was decorated with golden treads. 

“Chief Liu, are you sure that the Dragoncloud Fruit is in the valley?” The youth had a trace of doubt on his face.

“I dare not lie to you. A few disciples of the branch risked their lives and saw the Dragoncloud Fruit. However,the Ironfist Demonic Apes aren’t easy to deal with. We can’t obtain the Dragoncloud Fruit for you, Senior Brother Mei.” Chief Liu immediately replied, enduring the immense pressure.

He might be the chief of a branch, but his status couldn’t hold a candle to an inner disciple from the headquarters. Not to mention that this person, Mei Zihua, was the private disciple of the Golden Flame Sect’s Sect Master. His cultivation had reached the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm before 20.

Over the past hundreds of years, he was the sole person who managed to cultivate his Golden Flame Art to the third stage before the age of 20.

He was the hope of the entire sect, so much so that he might even become the next Sect Master!

Even if Chief Liu was bold, he did not dare disrespect Mei Zihua.

“Senior Brother, the Ironfist Demonic Apes have a tradition of using the Dragoncloud Fruit as their sacred fruit. Every new king will consume the Dragoncloud Fruit to boost their cultivation and lead the group…” A few disciples who were wearing the same clothes as Mei Zihua spoke out.

“Then we’re in the right place then. Finding the Dragoncloud Fruit itself was a great contribution. I didn’ expect you guys to obtain it for me.” Mei Zihua replied, causing Chief Liu and Mo Ping to rejoice.

They would be rewarded for their considerable contribution.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Mei.”

Mei Zihua waved his hand and gathered a few disciples together to discuss a strategy.

Turning to Chief Liu, Mo Ping muttered, “Chief, can these people deal with the Ironfist Demonic Ape? There are hundreds of Ironfist Demonic Apes in there, and you know how tough they are. Their defense and offensive are powerful, not to mention that they are agile… and their king…”

Chef Liu’s face changed and he immediately motioned for silence, “Hush! Quiet down! Don’t let Senior Brother Mei hear your words. You don’t have to be worried about it. The disciples of the headquarters are more experienced than us. Look at them, they might be in the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm, but they’re stronger than both of us!”

“Well, that’s true.” Mo Ping looked at the disciples passionately. Excluding Mei Zihua, the rest were also talents being nurtured by the sect and all of them were stronger than Mo Ping.

It was a pity that even the branch was considered outsiders in the Golden Flame Sect. If he wanted to cultivate the Golden Flame Art, he would have to make a significant contribution.

“There’s actually an entire group of Ironfist Demonic Apes. It’s good that we came prepared.”

“The king should be in the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm or higher. However, I believe that the greatest threat will be the other apes. After all, the number is too great.”

“Senior Brother, we brought the Five Venom Powder, Murderous Incense, Soul Shaking Pellet, and Illusory Powder. I wonder which one will be effective against the Ironfist Demonic Apes.”

Falling into deep thoughts, Mei Zihua replied, “The Ironfist Demonic Apes have high resistance for poison, so the Five Venom Powder won’t be useful. The Soul Shaking Pellet is too small and we won’t be able to get them all. I’m not sure if the Murderous Incense will be useful…”

After briefly pondering, Mei Zihua finally made his decision, “Let’s go with the Murderous Incense.”

A disciple took out a slender purple incense. Mei Zihua waved his hand, calling Chief Liu and Mo Ping over.

“Do the two of you recognize this? It is the Murderous Incense.”

Mo Ping was still fine, but Chief Liu’s face changed. The Murderous Incense was known for being vicious. Once lit, those who inhaled the scent would go berserk and drunk on bloodlust.

However, it was uncertain if the Ironfist Demonic Apes would fall for it.

“I do,” replied Chief Liu.

“Good, find someone to light the incense in the valley,” said Mei Zihua.

Chief Liu’s face changed when he heard that. He knew that anyone who did this job would have high odds of dying. After all, they would either be killed by the berserk Ironfist Demonic Apes or poisoned by the incense.

But when he saw Mei Zihua’s indifferent gaze, his heart trembled as he replied, “Roger.”

A little while later, a branch disciple entered the valley with the incense, not knowing of its danger.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Suddenly, deep rumbling sounds came from the rear as the ground shook.

“What’s going on?” asked Mei Zihua as he turned around. However, the woods masked his vision, making him unable to find anything. It was when he spoke that the deep rumbling sound rang out again.

“Senior Brother Mei, you don’t have to worry about it. The Heavenly Flame Peak’s active state will soon end. The volcano there erupts occasionally,” replied Chief Liu.

“Oh, right. I forgot about that.” Mei Zihua recalled that it was a land of treasure and the Golden Flame Sect had monopolized it for some time.

In the end, they gave up on it because the gains did not make up for the losses. After all, they had to dispatch a Profound Martial Realm to guard it constantly.

Otherwise, cultivators in the fifth, sixth, and seventh orifice of the Martial Realm would endlessly come. Even the Golden Flam Sect had a hard time dealing with so many Xiantian Realm cultivators. 

Furthermore, other forces got involved. In the end, the Golden Flame Sect had no choice but to give up on their monopolization.

“Senior Brother Mei, there was a natural phenomenon in the Heavenly Flame Peak half a month ago!” Chief Liu suddenly spoke out after remembering this bit of information.

“Natural phenomenon?”

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