Chapter 115 - Harvest

Over a hundred people rushed towards Lin Yun because he was holding the Eighth Grade Lava Core in his Fiery Demon Physique form. Lin Yun had become the target of the masses just as the Demonic Blood Vulture had been when it was surrounded. 

The old man with the cultivation in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm was the first to arrive. If Lin Yun continued to reach for the Lava Core, his attack would reach Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked at the old man and recalled the Wild Dragon Fist’s power. If the old man hit him, he might die even with the Fiery Demon Physique.

“Hand over the Lava Core and I’ll spare your life!” The old man’s hair fluttered in the wind with killing intent glowing in his eyes.

However, Lin Yun unhesitantly grabbed onto the Lava Core. In doing this, the old man’s fist was able to strike him.

Lin Yun cried out as he spit out a mouthful of blood. His fiery hair still fluttered in the wind as his entire body ached. Ultimately, his wound had caved in from the injury. 

“You’re courting death!” The old man coldly snorted and threw his palm over at Lin Yun’s forehead.

However, Lin Yun rejoiced with a smile hanging on his lips; Lin Yun’s gamble was a success. All along he had been betting that the old man wouldn’t be able to kill him instantly. He had placed a bet on his life.

In the end, it was just as he'd expected. Although the old man’s attack took half his life away, he was still alive thanks to the Fiery Demon Physique.

The old man’s face changed. He was baffled by Lin Yun’s smile. There was no path of retreat and Lin Yun was still surrounded. Even if he had managed to survive the attack, there was no way he could escape. After all, Lin Yun couldn’t take everyone’s attack like the Demonic Blood Vulture had.

However, something unexpected occurred. Lin Yun’s body sank down and jumped into the crater.


No one could obstruct the path of his jump into the crater.

The old man’s attack missed, leaving him dumbfounded. He had seen Lin Yun jump into the crater. It wasn’t just the old man, everyone had seen this and all their faces had changed.

“Stop him! Stop him!” Roars sounded out from the surrounding Xiantian Realm cultivators.

Not only was that brat jumping to his death, but he was also bringing the Eighth Grade Lava Core with him. The Eighth Grade Lava Core was something that would only appear once in a few hundred years. They would have to wait for another eight hundred years if they missed this opportunity.

For a moment, everyone frantically charged at the crater, but they were all too late. Lin Yun had already dived into the blazing lava.

Hiss! Hiss!

All the Xiantian Realm cultivators sucked in a cold breath and their faces paled. At the most crucial moment, they had jumped into the air. But when they landed on the ground, they could only gnash their teeth and look at the boiling lava.

“What a bastard! The Eighth Grade Lava Core only appears once every eight hundred years!”

“Why did that bastard bring such a treasure to his death!”

“Damn it! If I knew this would’ve happened, I would’ve killed him beforehand!”

Everyone stood by the edge and started cursing.

However, there was nothing they could do about it. No matter how much they cursed, no one dared to jump down.

“Brother Lin…” Zhang Yue endured the immense pressure of the lava and stood at the edge of the crater. Looking at the stirring lava, his face changed drastically.

He had just witnessed Lin Yun receive an attack from Senior Wang before he jumped into the crater. Even when Zhang Yu stood at the crater, he still couldn’t believe what had transpired.

Was Lin Yun dead? Even at this moment, Lin Yun’s words echoed in his ears. He couldn’t accept that Lin Yun died just like that.


While everyone was cursing out at Lin Yun, a figure followed Lin Yun into the lava.

“It’s Senior Wang!”

The old man followed Lin Yun into the crater out of reluctance.

When everyone saw this scene, their faces changed. Logically speaking, Lin Yun should be incinerated to ashes the moment he jumped in, which meant that the Eighth Grade Lava Core wouldn’t have sunk too deep.

So if they jumped into the crater, there might be an opportunity for them to obtain the Eighth Grade Lava Core. However, they weren’t resolute enough to take the risk. In the end, they could only stomp their feet helplessly before moving away from the crater.

The pressure at the crater was too great for the crowd, so they moved away.

“Then again, it’s retribution for Lin Yun. After all, he had thrown Old Feng into the crater, so naturally it’s his turn to end up in the crater.”

“You know what, that youth is a really good sapling. He already wielded the Incomplete Sword Intent at such a young age along with the Fiery Demon Physique. If given time, his name will definitely resound throughout the Great Qin Empire.”

“No point talking about that since he’s dead.”

When Zhang Yue heard the surrounding discussion, he felt disappointed and frustrated. He still couldn’t believe what just happened.

How can you stand out if you don’t fight while everyone does? Lin Yun’s words still echoed in his mind.

“You might be right, Brother Lin. But did you really have to risk your life?” sighed Zhang Yue.


A figure shot out from the crater. It was the old man. He came out covered in dirt and his facial expression was unsightly. Looking at him, everyone knew that he failed to get the Eighth Grade Lava Core…

But this was within their expectations. Even if the old man’s cultivation were in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm, he wouldn’t dare to stay too long in the crater.

A Profound Martial Realm cultivator might have better odds if they were here, but even then they wouldn’t be able to do anything if enough time passed.

But was Lin Yun dead? Of course not! After all, he had cultivated on the Flame Vein before. So as long as he didn’t venture too deep into the lava, his life wouldn’t be at risk.

Lin Yun was currently enveloped by the Violet Sacred Frostfire. It protected him from the lava’s high temperature.

Although he wasn’t dead, he wasn’t exactly doing well. He was overwhelmed by exhaustion and he couldn’t even check his injuries. His eyelids were fighting to stay open.

Injuries would cause one to lose their consciousness if they reached a certain extent. Lin Yun knew that it was his body’s self-protection mechanism at work to conserve energy. He did not fight the exhaustion and allowed it to possess his body.

With my physique, I should be able to recover from 50-60% of my injuries by sleeping… Lin Yun’s thoughts slowly drifted and he fell asleep in the lava.

A few days later, when he regained his consciousness, he had recovered a huge chunk of his energy. He looked at his caved-in chest and felt fortunate from the close call. When he was going after the Eighth Grade Lava Core, he had already predicted that the old man would come after him.

So he expected that he would have to take an attack from the old man if he wanted the Lava Core.

But it was fortunate that the old man was injured from attacking the barrier earlier. If the old man could still execute his Wild Dragon Fist, Lin Yun wasn’t confident that he would survive. But seeing that he was fine, he knew that he had succeeded!

“Is this the Eighth Grade Lava Core?” Lin Yun curiously looked at the gem that was brimming with spiritual energy. Compared to the Fifth Grade Lava Core in his interspatial pouch, this one looked more spiritual.

When things reached a certain level, they would give birth to a spiritual sense. With this Eighth Grade Lava Core, Lin Yun’s Fiery Demon Battle Physique could also reach the eighth grade.

As for the Perfect Fiery Demon Battle Physique, Lin Yun could only dream about it. After all, a Perfect Lava Core was equivalent to a divine item.

“Well, there’s no hurry to condense the Fiery Demon Battle Physique. It can wait till I’m out.”

As for how he was going to get out of the crater, Lin Yun already had an idea.

The Heavenly Flame Peak would erupt sooner or later. His departure would come with the next eruption. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous for him to leave now.

At the moment, a single cultivator in the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm was enough to deal with him. Lin Yun deposited the Eighth Grade Lava Core and took out the other Lava Cores. He wanted to cultivate while he was here. He was confident that the Fifth Grade Lava Core would help him reach the last stage of the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

Pushing his thoughts to the side, Lin Yun grabbed onto a Third Grade Lava Core and began cultivating.


The pure spiritual flame contained in the Lava Core gushed into his body and coursed through his veins. At the same time, his spiritual energy greedily absorbed the spiritual flame.

Compared to the spiritual essence, the pure spiritual flame was more nourishing to the Xiantian Pure Yang Art. Lin Yun felt a wave of satisfaction throughout his body. Every single cell in his body was enjoying this moment.

“This feels terrific! It’s no wonder so many fire elemental Xiantian Realm cultivators risk their life at the Heavenly Flame Peak.”

About a half month later, Lin Yun had refined the Fifth Grade Lava Core. His aura had grown abruptly, with strands of golden flames coursing through his body.

The golden flames continuously collided with each other and fused together. In the end, it had formed a golden cyclone inside his body that looked like a miniature sun. He had finally completed the Xiantian Pure Yang Art!

Lin Yun opened his eyes with a glow flashing through his pupils. Sensing the terrifying power coursing through his body, Lin Yun was excited. At this moment, the spiritual energy coursing through his body even made him feel fearful.

What immense power!

He could feel the drastic difference in strength after he completed his cultivation technique. The density of his spiritual energy was a few times stronger than before.

There was an urge rising in his heart. He wanted to slaughter his way out now and see how strong his spiritual energy had become. However, his rationale told him that it would be stupid. With a seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm guarding the outside, he would have no odds of winning.

At most, he would easily be able to face cultivators in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. He could contend with the fifth orifice cultivators due to the unique environment, while the other cultivators could barely exert 30% of their strength. 

And unlike the others, the Fiery Demon Physique gave him an advantage of having no environmental restraints.

“Now it’s just a waiting game… there’s only one last thing left to do…” Lin Yun suppressed the excitement in his heart and calmly waited for the next eruption.

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