Chapter 114 - How can you stand out, if you don’t fight

While Lin Yun and Senior Wang stared at each other, the Heavenly Flame Peak suddenly trembled. The sinister aura that escaped the crater made everyone’s face change.

“This aura…” Senior Wang couldn’t be bothered with Lin Yun at this moment and dashed towards the crater.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Those who felt that they were strong also went over. They wanted to see what was going on in the crater.

But it was futile… Even Senior Wang, whose cultivation was in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm, was stopped a thousand meters away. The terrifying aura coming from the crater had deterred everyone from taking a step forward.

Zhang Yue ran over to Lin Yun at this moment, “Brother Lin, leave immediately! Senior Wang is a narrow-minded person and his means are ruthless. Anyone who went against him died!”

“I’m not stupid. I naturally know that this old foggy won’t let this matter rest. But Brother Zhang can be reassured. At the very least, there’s nothing he can do to me on the Heavenly Flame Peak.” smiled Ling Yun.

The Heavenly Flame Peak was so high that it even pierced the clouds. But Lin Yun dared to jump off it, did that old foggy dare? Not even a Profound Martial Realm cultivator would dare to jump off from such height!

Zhang Yue relaxed when he saw Lin Yun’s confidence. He realized that he couldn’t see through Lin Yun. After all, Lin Yun had defeated Old Feng by himself.

Although Old Feng was careless and had one arm crippled, Lin Yun had displayed his might when the three cultivators came after him. Making use of that opportunity, he intimidated the masses. Furthermore, he even dared to confront Senior Wang!

“Big Brother Zhang, did something like this happen in the past?” asked Lin Yun curiously. He looked at the terrifying pressure emanating from the crater.

Shaking his head, Zhang Yue replied, “The Heavenly Flame Peak will generally calm down for seven days after erupting. Something like this has never happened in the past.”

“That means that this eruption hasn’t come to an end.” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered while he fell into deep thoughts.

Scratching his head, Zhang Yue replied, “Perhaps, an active state lasting half a month is already unheard of. So there’s nothing weird about this scene.”

The current development had already surpassed Zhang Yue’s understanding.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Several deep rumbles rang out from the Heavenly Flame Peak once more. It sounded like a ferocious beast going wild.

As Lin Yun stood with Zhang Yue, the two swayed and struggled to stand firm on the ground. In the next moment, boundless lava gushed out from the crater once more.

In the past, the lava gushed out in the form of a geyser, but this time, lava shot out like a catapult.

A middle-aged man that was looking at the crater curiously was instantly swept away by the lava. With an explosion, his figure had disappeared, without leaving a single bone behind.

Lin Yun’s face changed and dropped to the ground at this scene. 

As wails resounded, several cultivators in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm were shot by the lava and died. The lava instantly killed the fifth orifice cultivators, causing everyone to be terrified by the lava’s power. Even Senior Wang immediately bent down.

After the first round of catapulting lava, the crater calmed down. However, no one dared to budge. After all, they had just seen the few who died.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

Suddenly, golden rays soared into the sky and pierced the clouds. A second later, the clouds were dyed golden, creating a phenomenon that could be seen from anywhere within a fifty mile radius.

“Natural phenomenon!”

“A natural phenomenon occurred! It’s a sign that a treasure is about to be born!”

“The last natural phenomenon was eight hundred years ago…”

Lying on the ground, everyone’s breathing became heavy at the thought of treasure. A treasure from the Heavenly Flame Peak must be at least a Seventh Grade Lava Core. To fire elemental cultivators like them, this was truly a fatal attraction. 

It could also be another treasure like the Hepta Metal, Demonic Orb Stone, and Purgatory Flames. But no matter what it might be, the worth would not be any lower than the Seventh Grade Lava Core.

Lin Yun’s Fifth Grade Lava Core was already the target of everyone’s envy, not to mention a Seventh Grade Lava Core!

Lin Yun’s eyes glowed in excitement. A higher grade Lava Core would mean that his Fiery Demon Battle Physique would also be closer to perfection.


The crater stirred with flames soaring into the sky. The crimson color looked striking against the golden pillar.

The crimson flames seemed alive. It was a completely different scene when everyone focused on their gazes. There were several layers of flames within the crimson flames, eight total layers to be exact.

An Eighth Grade Lava Core!


Hundreds of people charged over at the crimson flame.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

But when they crashed onto the golden pillar, they were knocked back.

“I don’t believe this! Wild Dragon Fist!” Senior Wang, who was knocked back, charged over once more. He was like a dragon, emitting traces of a dragon’s aura that overlapped with his cultivation.

When everyone below saw the terrifying momentum caused by his fist, all of them sighed in admiration.


But the result was the same. The old man couldn’t budge the golden pillar. He was knocked back and a trace of blood hung by his lips.

When the sixth orifice cultivators saw that he was injured, all of them rejoiced. Senior Wang had exerted dominance in the Heavenly Flame Peak, which put a considerable amount of pressure on everyone. It was good news that he was injured.

“Look!” Someone exclaimed as the crimson Lava Core wriggled.

Lin Yun knitted his brows at this sight. This scene seemed familiar to him, like how the Drought Golden Lotus transformed into the Drought Demon back then.

When the golden pillar dissipated, the Lava Core had transformed into a ferocious Demonic Blood Vulture. It emitted a violent aura. Then, it flapped its wings and tried to leave the Heavenly Flame Peak.

“You want to escape? Dream on!” A group of Xiantian Realm cultivators immediately took to the sky, charging at the Demonic Blood Vulture with their attacks.


In the next second, hundreds of Xiantian Martial Techniques struck the Demonic Blood Vulture.

Cultivators in the Xiantian Realm couldn’t fly, but those who had unlocked their legs orifice could jump a hundred feet. Using their movement techniques, they could stay in the air briefly.

The Eighth Grade Lava Core still couldn’t fly yet since it had just been born. In the next moment, it was surrounded by cultivators.

However, its retaliation was ferocious. In just a brief exchange, over ten people had been heavily injured. Some unfortunate ones fell into the crater and were incinerated to ashes.

Lin Yun knitted his brows. He knew that the Demonic Blood Vulture wouldn’t last long based on this current development. If it were to fall now, there was a high chance that the Eighth Grade Lava Core might fall into the old man’s hand.

If not, it would definitely be snatched by the few sixth orifice cultivators and Lin Yun would end up with nothing.

He had to think of something…

Standing beside Lin Yun, Zhang Yue’s eyes glowed. His gaze was glued to the Demonic Blood Vulture, and exclaimed out, “Brother Lin, are you thinking of joining as well?”

“Why not?”

“Just look at the chaos. Everyone will definitely gang up on anyone who manages to take the Eighth Grade Lava Core.” Zhang Yue replied.

“Which opportunity isn’t accompanied by danger? How can you stand out if you don’t fight while everyone else does? Do you want to stay in the Xiantian Realm for the rest of your life?” Lin Yun spoke his words heroically without any hesitation in his tone.

Listening to Lin Yun’s words, Zhang Yue felt a bomb go off in his mind. It was simple logic, but he wasn’t able to figure it out. He had been restraining himself from taking risks.

He wasn’t weak and he had been staying in the Heavenly Flame Peak for four months. But over the four months, he had only gotten a single Lava Core, which was highly linked to the fact that he had been restraining himself from taking risks.

Since he had decided to stay on the safe side, how could he get anything?

“Big Brother Zhang, please give me some space.”

When Zhang Yue woke up from his thoughts, he saw Lin Yun transforming into the Fiery Demon Physique. Lin Yun’s body had swelled up to two meters. His crimson hair blazed and emitted a terrifying aura. At the same time, he also circulated his Xiantian Pure Yang Art, bringing his aura to the next level.

Zhang Yue immediately moved to the side because he couldn’t bear Lin Yun’s aura.

Lin Yun clenched his fist together with waves of spiritual energy gathering.

Buzz! Buzz!

As the glow on Lin Yun’s fist grew brighter, his right fist began to tremble from the sheer power that had accumulated. Looking at Lin Yun’s glowing fist, Zhang Yun felt a chill run down his spine, but Lin Yun showed no signs of stopping.

Lin Yun roared and threw a punch at the floor when his power reached the limit.

The fusion of Fist and Sword!

Simultaneously, Lin Yun also mobilized the sword gleam that was shrouding his martial soul, fusing perfectly into his fist. He had to be cautious with this step or his entire first might blow up.


When he slammed his fist into the ground, the entire Heavenly Flame Peak trembled violently. The impact traveled into the ground, causing the lava by the crater to stir once more.

After giving birth to the Eighth Grade Lava Core, the crater was like a bomb and it had just been ignited by Lin Yun.


Once again, shots of lava catapulted out, catching everyone by surprise. When everyone recalled how powerful the lava was, their faces changed and they began to dodge.

As the pressure lifted off the Demonic Blood Vulture, it picked a direction and fled.

“Shit!” Everyone grew anxious and wanted to chase after the Demonic Blood Vulture, but it was already too late.


Suddenly, a figure dashed across as if he had predicted that the Demonic Blood Vulture would flee. In the next second, he has stopped the Demonic Blood Vulture and threw a punch over, reverting it to the form of a Lava Core.

When everyone saw his appearance, they exclaimed out, “It’s Lin Yun!”

Radiating from the hot glow, Lin Yun’s face looked blushed, but he had determination written on his face.

How can you stand out if you don’t fight while everyone does? Zhang Yue widened his eyes in disbelief at this scene.

“You’re courting death!” The old man roared and unleashed his killing intent into the surrounding.

“Kill that damn bastard!” Everyone echoed along and attacked.

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