Chapter 113 - Kill

“I’ll slaughter you, little bastard!” The old man roared while getting up on his feet.


He burst forth, traveling at an incredible speed that befitted the fifth orifice. The old man could only use his right arm, but he still had his cultivation. He threw out a punch that carried a terrifying might.

Facing someone two stages above his cultivation, Lin Yun wasn’t confident in a head-on collision. However, Lin Yun did not panic and dodged. His opponent was only left with one arm, so he wasn’t in a hurry to attack.

“Look at that brat courting death for provoking someone in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm.”

“Even with one arm, crushing someone two stages beneath him is the same as crushing an ant.”

“How impudent.”

The Lava Core fight had reached the climax. Many people sneered while watching the fight between Lin Yun and the old man. They all felt that Lin Yun was impudent to provoke someone two stages above his cultivation.

The old man’s attacks were ferocious. If he could touch Lin Yun with his attacks, he would be able to crush Lin Yun easily thanks to his advantage in cultivation. But after ten-odd moves, he couldn’t touch Lin Yun despite how pathetic Lin Yun looked.

The instant when his momentum began to drop, Lin Yun finally made his move. He threw out his punch, which contained the strength of twenty thousand catty combined with spiritual energy.

Tiger Roaring in the Forest!


A huge explosion rang out, and Lin Yun took ten-odd steps backwards before he could stabilize himself.

On the other hand, the old man took a small step back and mocked, “Is that where your arrogance comes from? I’ll show you the definition of despair today!”

“Is that so? Why don’t you try taking a sword from me?” smiled Lin Yun. He now had a gauge on the old man’s strength.


The ancient sword box opened, with a storm of petals enveloping the summit. Holding onto the Flower Burial Sword, Lin Yun slashed forth. The body of his sword was enveloped in a golden glow, creating 81 afterimages. When the afterimages overlapped, an earth-shattering thunderous roar burst out.

The first form of the Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique — Violent Gale!

When the thunderous roar echoed by the old man’s ears, the old man’s face became pale. Lin Yun’s sword momentum and thunderous roars enveloped the old man. When the sword swung down, the old man had an ill premonition that he would be torn apart.


Just a moment ago, he was arrogant, but now he was retreating. A glow shrouded his right palm and manifested into a long blade; he was forced to summon his martial soul.

“Break!” The old man roared while he brandished his sword frantically at Lin Yun.


The old man had utterly underestimated Lin Yun’s sword when they clashed, especially since he could only use one hand. He failed to defend against Lin Yun’s sword and was thrown a few steps back as blood gushed out from his mouth.

“An Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique!” The old man was shocked because he could tell that Lin Yun was using an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique. Furthermore, it was stronger than an ordinary one!

However, Lin Yun had no intentions of letting his opponent go and followed up with more swings. Every single swing of his sword was accompanied by astonishing destructive power.

He had already found his opponent’s weakness, so he directed each swing at the old man’s weakness. The old man felt terrible because he couldn’t take full advantage of his cultivation. Whenever he wanted to retaliate, Lin Yun would target his weakness with tricky angles of sword thrusts. 

So if he dared to move, he would be sliced into two.


After ten moves, Lin Yun caught onto the flaw in his opponent’s movement and swung his sword out, leaving a massive gash on the old man’s chest. Simultaneously, the immense power behind his swing threw the old man out, sending him crashing heavily onto the floor.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Lin Yun took a few steps forth and pointed his sword at the old man’s forehead.

“So, can you explain to me the feeling of despair?” Lin Yun wore a playful smile.

His sword was right before the old man and he only needed to move a little to claim the old man’s life. Feeling the fear in his heart, the old man’s face turned pale and begged, “Lil’ brother, please let me off. I know that I’m in the wrong. I’m willing to give you all the Lava Core that I obtained this year!”

“Are my eyes messing with me?”

“That brat actually won!”

“What’s the matter? I was briefly distracted, how did the tables turn around?”

The scene of the old man begging had left everyone in shock. There was a slight change in their expression when they looked at Lin Yun.

“Keep your Lava Core to yourself and don’t try to mess with me again.”

Lin Yun knew that if he took the old man’s Lava Cores under so many eyes, it would be a calamity to him instead.

The old man was no longer a threat, so Lin Yun kept his sword and let him off.

“This brat has a Fifth Grade Lava Core with him!” The old man roared viciously the moment Lin Yun kept his sword.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

His roar had attracted many people’s attention. They stared daggers at him with greed in their eyes. Even the sole seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm cultivator only subdued a Sixth Grade Lava Core, but Lin Yun actually possesses a Fifth Grade Lava Core!


Three people jumped into the air and pounced at Lin Yun with their weapons.

It looks like it was unwise to keep a threat around. Lin Yun sighed inwardly. He looked at the three coming at him with a cold flicker in his eyes.

Incomplete Sword Intent — One with the Sword!


The Flower Burial Sword left the scabbard once more. Simultaneously, the hazy sword movement on Lin Yun disappeared and was replaced by his incomplete sword intent.

The faces of three who pounced at him changed. They felt that Lin Yun had become a completely different person. The aura coming from Lin Yun felt deep and unfathomable; it was as if Lin Yun had become one with nature.

Fiery Demon Physique!

Lin Yun’s body began to swell and his skin started to turn red. His violent aura was released in the Heavenly Flame Peak. He looked like a Fiery Demon who came from purgatory. Not only did his physique change, but his aura had also transformed.

The Incomplete Sword Intent and Fiery Demon Physique, Lin Yun had used two trump cards simultaneously.

The three who pounced at him felt nervous when they looked at Lin Yun, but that wasn’t the end of it.

Drifting Flower Form!

Lin Yun’s world suddenly turned dark. A  rose drifted down from the sky and swayed between the three of them.

In the next second, the faces of the three who were charging at Lin Yun changed yet again. They felt as if death was staring at them. When Lin Yun’s gaze fell on them, they felt that the world had rejected them.


In the end, the wavering rose overlapped with one of them and Lin Yun had swung his sword out. 

The fleeting sword — Drifting Flowers Form!

A sword gleam flashed with incredible speed as it struck the person who had overlapped with the rose.


The person who was struck had blood gushing out of their mouth and they flew a hundred meters out.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The other two immediately retreated and looked at Lin Yun cautiously. With the Fiery Demon Physique, he was like a tiger with wings in the Heavenly Flame Peak.

Pointing out with his sword, Lin Yun declared, “Be well prepared if you want to rob my Lava Core. There will be death to those who dared mess with me!”

The two exchanged a glance and looked at the Xiantian Realm cultivator, who was heavily injured by Lin Yun with lingering fear in their eyes. If that sword struck them, this would probably be their outcome.

The surroundings were silent as everyone was intimidated by Lin Yun. At this moment, everyone knew that they had underestimated this youngster.

“If I’m right, he should be using Incomplete Sword Intent!”

“And that Fiery Demon Physique… That’s a hard Xiantian Martial Technique to learn. Upon learning it, your fighting strength will surge.”

“No wonder this kid dares to ascend the Heavenly Flame Peak when his cultivation is only in the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm. His strength isn’t any weaker than the fifth orifice… Look, he’s walking over to Old Feng!”

Exclamations rang out when everyone saw Lin Yun walking over to the old man.

The old man’s face was full of despair. He never imagined that Lin Yun would manage to protect his Lava Core.


Lin Yun was still empowered by the Fiery Demon Physique as he kicked the old man into the crater. Before the old man could even scream out, he had already been reduced to ashes.

When everyone saw this scene, they felt a chill down their spine from Lin Yun’s brutal means.

Retracting his Fiery Demon Physique, Lin Yun looked at everyone in the area. This time, no one dared to belittle him and they began searching for Lava Core.

What happened to Lin Yun was only a small episode and the battles everywhere else continued.

Hundreds of Xiantian Realm cultivators were all fighting among themselves on the Heavenly Flame Peak. There weren’t any rules, but the jungle’s law.

The lava rain lasted for two hours before it came to a stop. Lin Yun managed to obtain a few more Third and Fourth Grade Lava Cores. As for Fifth Grade Lava Cores, it was obtained with pure luck.

However, this eruption was a great opportunity and anyone who survived had obtained something.

At the same time, many people died in the process as well. Taking a rough glance, nearly a hundred corpses were lying on the ground.

“Hand it over!”

Suddenly the voice of the sole seventh orifice cultivator spoke out while Lin Yun was cultivating, demanding Lava Cores.

No one dared to go against him because he had the strongest cultivation. They could only give out one Lava Core silently. In just a moment, the old man had already come to Zhang Yue.

“Here, Senior Wang.”

Evidently, it wasn’t the old man’s first time doing this, so Zhang Yue was already used to it. He took out a Third Grade Lava Core and handed it over.

“Brat, it’s your turn now.” Senior Wang looked at Lin Yun coldly.

It only took a glance to make Lin Yun feel pressured. In the end, Lin Yun decided to go along with it despite being unhappy. He took out a Third Grade Lava Core and handed it over.

“This is not what I want.” Senior Wang sneered with killing intent flickering in his eyes. The aura of the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm began to release.

This bastard wants my Fifth Grade Lava Core! Lin Yun raised his brow and bit down on his lips, “Senior, you have already gotten a Sixth Grade Lava Core. Do you really want to take it this far?”

His words immediately silenced the entire region. Everyone was shocked that Lin Yun dared to try and negotiate with Senior Wang.

“Brother Lin, don’t be impulsive…” advised Zhang Yue.

Senior Wang glared at Zhang Yue, shutting the latter up before he snorted, “I’m benevolent enough not to take your life. This is the last chance that I’m giving you!”

“What if I refuse?” Lin Yun stared back.

He had already made up his mind. If Senior Wang wanted to force him, then he would jump down from the Heavenly Flame Peak.

He doubted that this old foggy would chase after him.


Suddenly, the Heavenly Flame Peak began to tremble. Even Senior Wang’s body had swayed from the tremor. Shortly after, a terrifying aura burst out from the crater.

“What’s going on?” Everyone’s face changed, and they turned around to look at the massive crater.

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