Chapter 112 - Action!

“You were only here for four months. I’ve been here for a year and I’ve never seen an active state this long!” spoke an old man in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm, staring daggers at Zhang Yue.

What a bad temper! Lin Yun looked at the source of the voice; it was an old man in his fifties. 

Zhang Yue embarrassedly smiled. There was no reason for him to fight with the old man, so he turned to Lin Yun, “Brother Lin, watch out. I’m afraid that the lava rain won’t be the same this time.”


On the summit, all the Xiantian Realm cultivators wore grave expressions.

“Such a long active state is rare. I’m afraid a sixth or seventh Grade Lava Core will make an appearance this time!”

“Heh, heh! But you’ll need to stay alive if you want it.”

“You won’t even be able to protect yourself if you’re weak. I wonder how many people will die this time…”

“I’m afraid no one will want to leave until the last moment possible.”

Right now, everyone shared the same thought. It’s no longer a question of if people would die, but how many people would die. Several gazes turned to Lin Yun, mockingly.

“That brat is still around? Well, he’s also unfortunate to encounter such a long active state for his first time.”

“If anyone will die, I’m guessing that the brat will be the first!”

Everyone was at least in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm and Lin Yun’s existence was too conspicuous, not to mention that he was carrying a colossal sword box behind him.

Heh, I won’t die even if you guys die… Lin Yun cursed inwardly. These foxes didn’t even have some confidence.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a rhythmic explosion came from within the Heavenly Flame Peak. It sounded like the heartbeat of a primordial beast and caused the entire mountain to tremble.

“It has finally reached the limit!” The faces of many people changed as they looked towards the crater. Sparks of flame gushed out and spread into the surroundings.

At this moment, many people had grave and excited expressions. They knew that this lava rain wouldn’t be simple, but danger and opportunity always accompanied each other.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everyone’s heart throbbed like drums, syncing with the beat that came from the mountain. Their nerves were stretched with excitement, expectation, and uneasiness.

“How insane…” sighed Lin Yun as he looked around. The atmosphere was already so tense before the lava rain came. Lin Yun couldn’t imagine how chaotic the situation would be when the volcano erupted.

Suddenly, the beating came to a stop and the stirring mountain also calmed down.


Before anyone could react, a huge crimson geyser shot out from the crater. The shooting geyser was accompanied by a terrifying visible heatwave that spread out.

Lin Yun was shocked. This was the first time he had witnessed such a scene. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. An apocalyptic scene was unfolding right in front of his eyes.

A dazed Lin Yun looked at the lava geyser. By the time he recovered from his shock, the heatwave was already coming towards him.

Damn it! Lin Yun cursed inwardly and threw a punch out.


A massive explosion was created when his punch collided with the heatwave. However, Lin Yun had thrown out his punch in a hurry, so he was sent flying when the rebound came. His internal organs were shocked by the impact and he tried to suppress the turmoil in his body.

Gnashing his teeth, he flipped in the sky and returned to the peak.

He looked around and saw that everyone was assaulted by the heatwave. The cultivators in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm displayed the difference in their strength as they faced the heatwave.

Some of them easily faced the heatwave, some had a tough time, and some were blown away. For a split second, the entire scene was chaotic.

“Are you alright, Brother Lin?” Zhang Yue asked when he saw Lin Yun’s pale expression.

“I’m fine.” Lin Yun shook his head, but he was alert. He couldn’t afford to let his guard down, even with Zhang Yue. Looking at the geyser, he still couldn’t conceal his shock.

If he weren’t present, he wouldn’t be able to feel how powerful the geyser was. Although the heatwave was powerful, no one was deterred by it. They were all waiting for the lava rain to fall.

The clouds in the sky were dyed red like blood when the lava shot up. Lin Yun guessed that if there were an apocalypse, this is what it would be like.


In the next second, lava had enveloped the entire Heavenly Flame Peak and descended in the form of rain.

Within the lava rain, gemstones could be seen flickering.

Those gemstones were the Lava Cores that everyone came risking their lives for. Everyone used their own means to resist the lava rain and search for the Lava Cores as best they could.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Those who were close to the lava rain soared into the sky to grab Lava Cores. At the same time, wails began to sound out. They came from people who had underestimated the power of the lava rain and were burnt down to their bones.

When everyone else saw this scene, their hearts trembled in fear. Having experienced the terror of the lava rain firsthand, they all knew what it meant for someone to be incinerated.

Lin Yun didn’t dare to be too bold and could only avoid the lava rain carefully. He wanted to wait for the lava rain to weaken before making his move. However, there were situations that he couldn’t avoid, which required him to throw a punch against the  incoming force.

At this moment, everyone was either taking risks or falling into danger because of their carelessness. The spectacle of those who had died was devastating.

“That brat can actually last so long?” Several curious gazes looked at Lin Yun.

The surrounding temperature was high and they knew how tough it was to resist the lava rain. But Lin Yun had actually accomplished it with his cultivation in the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Moreover, he wasn’t doing worse than any of them.

“A Sixth Grade Lava Core!”

“Senior Wang found a Sixth Grade Lava Core!”

Lin Yun raised his brow and looked over after hearing the exclamations.

The old man who was in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm was charging through the lava rain fearlessly, chasing after a fist-sized gem that was enveloped within six layers of spiritual flames.

Although the Lava Core seemed to possess intelligence as it shuttled through the sky, the old man was still closing in.

“Seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm… how terrifying.” Lin Yun was speechless when he witnessed it. The Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm was the last stage in the Xiantian Realm, so it was natural that the old man was stronger than the other Xiantian Realm cultivators.

“Brother Lin, I’ll be making my move now. Be careful now.”


Zhang Yue soared into the sky, with his eyes glued to a Lava Core. With Zhang Yue’s cautious personality, his movement meant that the lava rain must’ve weakened.

Since that was the case, it was time for Lin Yun to act as well.

Lin Yun’s gaze was burned with excitement as he searched the lava rain. An eruption of this scale was hard to come by so the quality of Lava Cores was very high.

He ignored any Lava Core beneath the third grade and aimed for those at least in the fourth grade.

“You’re the one!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up when he saw a Lava Core enveloped by five layers of spiritual flames.

Tapping his finger on the ground, Lin Yun soared into the sky and released his aura. He was charging upwards, splitting the lava rain that blocked his path apart. As he approached, he stretched his hand out at the Fifth Grade Lava Core.

But suddenly, Lin Yun heard a roar directed at him, “Get lost!”

It came from the old man who berated Zhang Yue earlier. He was following right behind him with his palm fanned over, empowered by a violent gale.

Looking at the old man, Lin Yun crossed his arms before himself and took a step back in the air, avoiding that palm.

“Behave yourself! This Fifth Grade Lava Core belongs to me!” The old man snorted and reached out for the Lava Core.

His action instantly enraged Lin Yun, who grabbed his sword box with both hands and swung it over.

“How impudent!” The old man sneered and raised his left arm to deal with Lin Yun’s attack. He wasn’t treating Lin Yun’s attack seriously, so his right hand was still reaching out for the Lava Core. But when the ancient sword box clashed with his arm, the old man immediately felt that something was amiss. In a split second, the bones in his arm shattered entirely.


The old man wailed out. He never imagined that this unremarkable sword box would be so powerful.

“Get lost!” Lin Yun took advantage of this and stomped on the old man’s head, sending him down back to the ground.

“Got it!” Lin Yun grabbed onto the Fifth Grade Lave Core with joy on his face and lightly landed on the ground. Although the entire episode may have seemed long, it had actually taken place in the blink of an eye.

Placing the Lava Core in his interspatial pouch, Lin Yun grinned, “Mister, how does it feel to try and steal something from me only to end up worse off? Let me give you some advice. Don’t go sneaking behind someone all the time.”

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