Chapter 108 - Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm

News of the Kong Clan’s overnight annihilation spread throughout the Azure Sun County. Everyone from the Kong Clan was massacred, including their patriarch.

Although many clans were destroyed every year, complete annihilations were rare.

Aside from the Blood Cloud Sect, no one could be so brutal. In the end, it was just as everyone had expected; the Kong Clan’s was destroyed by the Blood Cloud Sect.

As the news of the Kong Clan spread out, the name of a young man also spread throughout the Azure Sun County. It was the name of the person who was responsible for the Kong Clan’s annihilation - Lin Yun!

The day after the Kong Clan was annihilated, the Blood Cloud Sect issued a Blood Bounty for Lin Yun’s head. Anyone who provided clues about Lin Yun’s whereabouts would be rewarded 1,000 Xiantian pellets and anyone who brought his head would be rewarded 5,000.

Xiantian pellets were pellets that the Xiantian Realm could use. With the aid of Xiantian pellets, one’s cultivation would quicken by at least one-fold. In the Azure Sun County, only the three overlord forces could refine them and it wasn’t easy to buy them with spiritual stones.

Everyone was tempted by this sumptuous reward.

As for the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch in Azure Sun County, the members were mobilized to search for Lin Yun’s tracks. It was rare for anyone to pay such a great price to kill someone in the second orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

With that, Lin Yun’s name piqued the curiosity of many people. It had been a long time since the Blood Cloud Sect had issued a Blood Bounty. But the culprit, Lin Yun, had no idea about the Blood Bounty on his head.

However, he wouldn’t be phased by the news even if he knew about it. He had already expected the Blood Cloud Sect’s retaliation when he killed Yan Tianrui. After all, what was the point of life if he wanted to compromise everything.

So he should have handed over the ancient sword box obediently just because he was bullied? Out of the question!

The Azure Sun County was huge and he did not believe that the Blood Cloud Sect could search every nook and cranny for him.

So after killing Yan Tianrui, Lin Yun rushed over to the Sky Hibernation Mountains. Many demonic beasts were living in the mountain range, making it a lot more dangerous than the Horizon Cloud Mountains.

There were primordial demonic beasts and all sorts of natural treasures in that mountain range. As long as one had the strength to adventure here, they would be able to find all kinds of treasures. Lin Yun had journeyed there for the Lava Core!

Out of all the mountains present, one in particular pierced into the horizon. It was known as the Heavenly Flame Peak. This peak was the nearest active volcano and it had a high density of the fire element.

Occasionally, the volcano would erupt with gushing lava that dyed the entire horizon red. The lava was something that even Xiantian Realm cultivators had to be cautious about. It was within the lava that the Lava Core was concealed.

The Sky Hibernation Mountain was half a mountain away from Violet Flame City. Lin Yun traveled without any rest on the Dragon Blooded Horse, which lasted for six days.

“The Heavenly Flame Peak should be there,” said Lin Yun as he stood on and looked at the mountain range. The unique spot that he saw emitted smoke that dyed the clouds above the mountain range red. Lin Yun could sense the heat even from a hundred miles away.


Suddenly, an explosion came from the Heavenly Flame Peak as the cliff beneath his foot began to tremble. The lava was like a dragon that gushed out from the mountain, soaring into the sky.

Rumble! Rumble!

The explosions reverberated into the surroundings. It was like he was witnessing doomsday. Even from a hundred miles away, Lin Yun was shocked. There was lingering fear in his heart. He saw the lava turn into rain and descend from a sky that was dyed red. 

Sizzle! Sizzle!

A heavy rain of flames enveloped the entire Heavenly Flame Peak. Vaguely, shadows could be seen moving in the lava rain.

“Is the Lava Core somewhere in the rain?” Lin Yun thought deeply on this. Looking at the horrifying natural phenomenon, perhaps only someone in the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm could fight for it.

Furthermore, it had to be someone who practiced fire or ice elemental cultivation techniques. Otherwise, they would have to be a higher cultivation to give it a try.

“It’ll be a little troublesome.” thought Lin Yun. He knew that the contest for a Lava Core would be intense and that there might be a huge fight waiting for him. In the end, Lin Yun decided to put that thought to the side for the time being.

After an eruption, the next one wouldn’t occur for at least seven days. If he was unlucky, he might have to wait for an entire month.

However, Lin Yun wasn’t in a hurry. Lin Yun sat on the cliff and took something out of his interspatial pouch. It had the shape of a bull’s horn and seemed like it could pierce through anything. It was the solidified spiritual essence that Lin Yun took from the Spiritual Lake.

Unlike concentrated liquid spiritual essence, Lin Yun had no thoughts of selling solidified spiritual essences.

Lin Yun knocked off a small segment the size of his nail and gave it to the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The Dragon Blooded Horse stomped its foot in excitement and began to refine it deep in the forest. It would be great if the Dragon Blooded Horse could make a breakthrough before their trip to the Heavenly Flame Peak.

Lin Yun still had four bottles of spiritual essence and a piece of solidified spiritual essence. With these resources, even if his aptitude was poor, he was confident in making a breakthrough.

Furthermore, his Xiantian Pure Yang Art had reached the fourth stage. So it would be quick for him to refine the spiritual essences.

“It’s about time.” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered while looking at the Heavenly Flame Peak. If he couldn’t make a breakthrough, he wouldn’t have much luck obtaining a Lava Core.

Taking out a bottle of spiritual essence, Lin Yun gulped it down without any hesitation. If someone else had seen his action, they would definitely call him out for wasting it.

A small bottle like his could be used for at least two months. One only had to add a drop or two into a tub and refine it.

However, Lin Yun had directly gulped it down. When the spiritual essence entered his body, his spiritual energy was provoked and surged through his veins. He could sense his cultivation improving even before he circulated his cultivation technique.

“How terrific!” Lin Yun rejoiced and closed his eyes to circulate the Xiantian Pure Yang Art throughout his body.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

In a split second, his spiritual energy erupted and absorbed the spiritual essence within his body.


Lin Yun sat with his legs crossed as wisps of smoke rose from his body. The smoke spread out into the surroundings, creating what looked like an ethereal celestial abode. 

Time went by and nine days passed in the blink of an eye.

On the ninth day, Lin Yun’s aura suddenly surged as a gale gathered around him, scattering the clouds in the sky.

Lin Yun opened his eyes and his clear pupils flashed. His face displayed a bright smile under the sunlight. Looking at the solidified spiritual essence in his hand, Lin Yun mocked himself, “My aptitude seems a little too poor…”

He used four bottles of concentrated liquid spiritual essence and half of the solidified spiritual essence only to barely reach the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

If it were Wan Feng, using the four bottles would have been more than sufficient for him to reach the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

Clearing up three orifices in the Xiantian Realm could be considered an outstanding achievement. After all, clearing up the remaining four would become more complicated.

For his third orifice, Lin Yun chose to unlock his hands orifice.

The reason for this was simply because his physique’s strength had already reached ten thousand catty with the Fiery Demon Physique. By unlocking his hands orifice, he would be further strengthened. Now, his punch could easily reach twenty thousand catty!

“It’s a pity that I don’t have a decent fist technique to back my strength,” sighed Lin Yun. He was filled with complaints about the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

In his current condition, he could try learning the Dragon-Tiger Fist, but it wouldn’t be easy to comprehend the technique from an incomplete manual.

Standing on the mountain, Lin Yun threw his fist at the ground, unleashing his twenty thousand catty of strength. His fist left cracks on the cliff, which left it on the verge of crumbling.

Looking around, Lin Yun squinted his eyes, “It’s time for me to get going.”


Due to his fist, the mountain that was nearly ten thousand meters crumbled. However, Lin Yun stood on the sword box, hovering in the sky. Although he couldn’t fly ten thousand meters high, jumping down wouldn’t inflict any injuries on him.

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