Chapter 107 - Blood Bounty

When the Wan Clan elders heard his words, they were shocked. They never imagined that Wan Qiuye would be so decisive.

“Haha! What arrogance!” A voice suddenly rang out above the Wan Clan, lingering in the air. The voice contained a demonic charm to it, which made everyone feel terrible.

“Who is it?!” The Wan Clan’s elders were all nervous.

Swish! Swish!

Two silhouettes approached and passed through the strictly guarded residence.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wails sounded out from the guards that dared to obstruct the two of them. Anyone that got close to them was crushed to death by their aura alone.

A short moment later, two silhouettes arrived before the Wan Clan’s elders. It was Yan Teng and Senior Xiang. The two of them were faster than the main party, so they came first.

The killing aura emitting from Yan Teng sent chills down the spines of everyone from the Wan Clan. Yan Teng glanced around while the elders trembled in fear.

Before his eyes, a bunch of fourth and fifth orifice cultivators were nothing but ants.

With a solemn expression, Wan Qiuye gnashed his teeth, “Greetings, Senior Yan.”

Although Wan Qiuye never met Yan Teng, he was able to guess his identity simply by the unfathomable cultivation. 

“I’m here to ask you something,” said Yan Teng coldly, “did you invite Lin Yun?” 

Lying on the ground, Wan Tian wore an icy smile. He crawled up from the ground and reported, “Senior Yan, Lin Yun was invited by him, but your son’s death has nothing to do with my Wan Clan!”


But before everyone could react, a palm flew over and crashed into Wan Tian, sending him flying. When Wan Tian landed on the ground, he was bleeding from his seven orifices. He had lost all signs of life.

The terrifying means of Yan Teng left the elders of the Wan Clan trembling in fear. They began to retreat.

They had witnessed the prowess of a Profound Marital Realm cultivator for themselves. The power after unlocking the Profound Martial Channel could slaughter any Xiantian Realm cultivator.

“I’m asking him and him alone!” Yan Teng coldly looked at Wan Qiuye and barked, “Did your clan invite Lin Yun?!”

“Is that important? Does a Profound Martial Realm cultivator need an excuse to kill someone?” smiled Wan Qiuye. He could tell that Yan Teng came to annihilate their Wan Clan to vent out his anger.

Yan Teng was briefly stunned by Wan Qiuye’s reply before he snorted, “So do you want to take your own life or do you want me to do it for you? It’s not easy for you to reach the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm, so I’ll give you a chance to take your own life.”

As he spoke, he released his overbearing aura. Although he said that he was giving them a chance, it would still result in death.

No one dared to speak. After all, a Profound Martial Realm cultivator had the confidence to say those words.

“You can do it.” responded an indifferent Wan Qiuye as he retrieved a silver spear.

“How courageous! Coincidentally, I like to kill courageous people the most.” Yan Teng revealed a sinister smile that sent chills down everyone’s spine.


Aside from Wan Qiuye, everyone else was blown away by his aura. They fell to the ground with blood gushing out of their mouths. Yan Teng could release such might even without personally making a move. They couldn’t imagine how terrifying it would be if Yan Teng actually attacked.

“Die!” snorted Yan Teng. His figure flashed and reappeared before Wan Qiuye at an incredible speed, chopping down with his palm. Shocked, Wan Qiuye realized that he couldn’t even budge his fingers under the pressure.

But just when Wan Qiuye fell into despair, a powerful aura gushed out behind his back and faced Yan Teng.


Half of the Wan Clan’s building collapsed from the shockwave that fluctuated out and countless people were heavily injured from it.

An elderly man stood before Wan Qiuye. His hair and brows were white, but the aura emitted from him wasn’t any weaker than Yan Teng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yan Teng took a few steps back with shock in his eyes when he saw the old man.

“Old patriarch!” Everyone from the Wan Clan rejoiced when they saw the old man. This old man was the old patriarch of the Wan Clan, who was focused on making a breakthrough into the Profound Martial Realm.

Even Wan Qiuye had a trace of joy in his eyes when he looked at the old man, “Dad, you succeeded?!”

The old man nodded his head and looked at Yan Teng asking, “Elder Yan, why don’t you let this matter rest on my behalf? Our Wan Clan will visit the Blood Cloud Sect another day with gifts to express our apology.”

Yan Teng’s face was grim. He never imagined that the Wan Clan would produce a Profound Martial Realm cultivator. However, he could tell that the old man had just made a breakthrough recently.

He was confident in defeating the old man, but it wouldn’t be easy to massacre the Wan Clan. If he insisted on unleashing carnage onto the Wan Clan, he would have to pay the price.

“Elder Yan looks pretty impressive. What are you doing here, showing off in Violet Flame City instead of staying in the Blood Cloud Sect?” A group of people walked over under Wan Feng’s lead.

Old Xiang’s face changed. He recognized the newcomer, the chief of the Radiant Pavilion’s branch in Violet Flame City — An Tongguang!

“Since when does your Radiant Pavilion interfere in my Blood Cloud Sect’s matters?” Yan Teng’s face turned cold.

“Sure, since you can slaughter the entire Wan Clan as you like, then we can also do the same for the Blood Cloud Sect’s subordinate forces in the Azure Sun County. Do I need to remind you that your Blood Cloud Sect doesn't rule the Azure Sun County.” sneered An Tongguang.

Old Xiang transmitted his voice to Yan Teng, “Elder Yan, why don’t we call it off today?”

If a private grudge caused them to wage war with the Radiant Pavilion, the Sect Master would be furious. Old Xiang had started to panic at this point. Yan Teng might be terrifying, but the Blood Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was even more frightening.

If Yan Teng insisted on massacring the Wan Clan, then he would be the first to be blamed for waging war with the Radiant Pavilion.

“Let’s go!” Yan Teng already had thoughts of retreating when the Wan Clan’s old patriarch appeared. The appearance of the Radiant Pavilion further encouraged this decision. Despite his rage, he had no choice but to give up.


Blood gushed out from the mouth of the Wan Clan’s old patriarch after Yan Teng and Old Xiang left, causing everyone to feel nervous.

However, the Radiant Pavilion’s An Tongguang smiled, “There’s no need to panic. The old man only suffered some injuries from Yan Teng, there’s nothing serious about it. Yan Teng reached the Profound Martial Realm a long time ago. It makes sense that the old man couldn’t contend against him.”

The Wan Clan’s old patriarch sighed, “He’s too strong. If Chief An did not come today, I’m afraid that my Wan Clan would not be able to escape this calamity.” 

“You don’t have to take it to heart. Now that you’re in the Profound Martial Realm, the Wan Clan will also ascend as a top-tiered force. Your existence alone is tied to the Radiant Pavilion’s interests and we will definitely need your help in the future.” smiled An Tongguang.

Even if the Wan Clan did not have a Profound Martial Realm cultivator, the Radiant Pavilion wouldn’t watch the Wan Clan annihilated. Otherwise, who would join them in the future?

Now that the Wan Clan joined the Radiant Pavilion as a subordinate force due to the Blood Cloud Clan’s pressure, the Radiant Pavilion basically gained another Profound Martial Realm cultivator.

At the very least, An Tongguang was happy with the situation.

“What exactly happened? Why did Yan Teng come to the Violet Flame City?” An Tongguang looked at Wan Qiuye.

Wan Feng only told him that the matter was serious when he came over, and he still had no idea what happened.

Wearing a bitter smile, Wan Qiuye explained the situation to An Tongguang.

“What?! Yan Tianrui was killed?!” An Tongguang was shocked. Yan Tianrui was famous among the Blood Cloud Sect’s inner sect, but he actually died in the hands of a nameless person?

After a brief moment, An Tongguang shook his head, “I’m afraid that Lin Yun will die if he continues to stay in the Azure Sun County. It’s unlikely that Yan Teng will let this matter rest. He might even go as far as issuing a Blood Bounty.”

When Wan Qiuye and Wan Feng heard those words, their faces changed. Anyone who was pursued under the Blood Bounty would die a terrible death. At best, they would barely be able to escape. If they stayed in the Azure Sun County, they would die. Up to this point, there hasn’t been an exception!

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