Chapter 106 - Strong Prey on the Weak

A residence of nearly ten thousand people could be seen. It was the Kong Family, the second largest family after the Wan Clan.

For some reason, Kong Yuan felt uneasy today and accidentally dropped his teacup. A servant immediately came over to clean up the mess, only to be kicked by Kong Yuan as he cursed, “Clean it up quickly!”

“Yes, yes! As you wish, master.” The servant trembled.

Kong Yuan was shrouded with killing aura due to his experience in the world when he was younger. Whenever he had an angry outburst, no one would dare speak. Although his killing aura had mellowed over the years, it was still terrifying to behold.

“What’s the matter?” Kong Yuan looked at the sky with his brows knitted. He had no idea where the uneasy feeling came from. But for some reason, he could sense that something big was happening today.


Suddenly, the entire residence was engulfed in wails. Kong Yuan’s face changed and he charged out. He jumped onto the roof, allowing him to capture everything in his eyes.

A group of black-clothed men were slaughtering those in the Kong Clan residence. Their faces were covered with the Blood Cloud Mask. They ruthlessly killed the men, women, children, and elderly, having no regard for any of them. 

“The Blood Cloud Sect!” Kong Yuan’s face was pale. He could tell that they were experts from the  Blood Cloud Sect’s branch.

Unhesitantly, he turned around and ran.


But when he turned around, a palm descended to the ground and crashed down on him. Even with the cultivation of the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm, he was unable to resist the attack. 

Spitting a mouthful of blood, Kong Yuan looked at the middle-aged man and exclaimed out, “Big Brother…”

The man was Yan Tianrui’s father, Yan Teng.

“Tianrui is dead.” replied Yan Teng emotionlessly.

When Kong Yuan heard those words, his mind went blank and trembled. Yan Tianrui died?!

“Big Brother, can you allow me to end my life?” Kong Yuan felt despair. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape death today. Based on Yan Teng’s personality, his rage would sweep through the entire Kong Clan.

He knew that he couldn’t afford to beg or push the blame away at this moment. If he angered Yan Teng, he would suffer even more. He was well aware of the Blood Cloud Sect’s means. Kong Yuan knew that Yan Teng wasn’t a softhearted person.

“Permitted.” Yan Teng replied coldly. His facial expression was grim and anyone could see how furious he was right now.

Kong Yuan smiled bitterly and recalled Wan Qiuye’s words from before. Wan Qiuye warned him that interacting with the Blood Cloud Sect was akin to playing with fire. But back then, Kong Yuan had laughed it off.


It was too late for Kong Yuan to regret. Full of despair, Kong Yuan slapped himself on the forehead, taking his own life. Half an incense stick’s time later, the roof was only left with two other people.

One of them was the chief of the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch in Violet Flame City, Old Xiang, and the other one was a middle-aged man donned in yellow.

The two of them were standing beside Yan Teng nervously.

“Elder Yan, everyone in the Kong Clan has been eradicated. There’s not a single living person left.” reported Old Xiang as he looked at Yan Teng. He was indifferent to taking so many lives. Compared to all the lives taken, he was more afraid of Yan Teng who stood before him.

Who knew what Yan Teng would do after losing his only son.

Turning around, Yan Teng spoke coldly, “Both of you investigate this matter. I don’t want any details overlooked.”

“Back then, when Young Master Yan came to the branch, he requested to take some men with him. We weren’t sure of the exact situation, nor did we dare ask about it. It wasn’t until later that found out that he wanted to kill someone called Lin Yun. In the battle for the Spiritual Lake, the Young Master was terribly defeated by that person…” reported the man in yellow with a trembling voice.

“So you didn’t send anyone to keep him safe?” questioned Yan Teng.


The aura of the Profound Martial Realm swept out from Yan Teng, causing the man in yellow to feel pressure.

“I’m in the wrong. But...Young Master Yan said that if anyone dared follow him, it would be equivalent to going against you. So we didn’t dare have someone follow him.” explained the man in yellow as he drowned in his sweat.

“I can testify to that,” spoke Old Xiang, “Lin Yun must have a treasure that caught the Young Master’s attention. Otherwise, it makes no sense for Young Master Yan to behave in this manner.” 

When Yan Teng withdrew his gaze, the man in yellow was relieved. In that split second, he had taken a stroll to the gates of hell.

“Who is this, Lin Yun?” questioned Yan Teng.

“There isn’t much information about him. We only know that he isn’t from the Azure Sun County and he was invited by the Wan Clan to fight for the Spiritual Lake.” Old Xiang honestly replied.

“Wan Clan? Are you talking about Wan Qiuye’s clan? Heh, heh! It looks like the Wan Clan has been getting a little too comfortable recently. Send men to the Wan Clan for a bloodbath! I want all their direct descendants captured. All of them are to be escorted back to the clan as Blood Slaves!”

The Kong Clan was exterminated even though they were indirectly involved. As for the Wan Clan, Yan Teng wouldn’t let them off since they were directly involved. 

Old Xiang moved his lips. He wanted to tell Elder Yan that the Wan Clan wasn’t the Kong Clan, and that they were more powerful. But he knew that the fuming Elder Yan would not take his advice.

“I’ll get it done immediately.” The man in yellow replied fearfully and immediately started gathering men.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A brief moment later, over a thousand black-clothed cultivators charged out of the Kong Clan, they were headed for the Wan Clan. Those in Violet Flame City that witnessed this scene trembled in fear at the formation. They had a direct understanding of how terrifying the Blood Cloud Sect was.

In the Wan Clan.

“Dad, bad news!” Wan Feng ran into the study room nervously and cried out, stuttering in the process, “Dad, bad news! The Blood Cloud Sect’s branch just slaughtered the entire Kong Clan. N-not a single one was left alive…”

Wan Qiuye’s face changed when he heard his son’s report. He put down his book and said, “Don’t panic. Tell me about it slowly.”

“O-okay!” Wan Feng tried to calm himself down before explaining, “It happened so suddenly. Everyone from the Blood Cloud Sect branch was mobilized, slaughtering their way into the Kong Clan. Even Kong Yuan took his own life without any resistance. Right now, they’re heading to our Wan Clan!”

“Do you know the reason for that?”

“I-it seems that Yan Tianrui died at the hands of Lin Yun. The Blood Cloud Clan is exerting their vengeance right now.” replied Wan Feng nervously as his face paled. He couldn’t help feeling nervous since Lin Yun was someone recommended by him.

He looked at Wan Qiuye carefully. If the Wan Clan was destroyed because of him, then he would become the clan’s sinner. Thinking about the Kong Clan’s outcome, Wan Feng couldn’t stop feeling nervous.

However, Wan Qiuye did not panic as Wan Feng had imagined. Wan Qiuye’s expression only seemed grave as he asked, “Feng’er, do you know that there are many clans like the Kong Clan being exterminated every year in the Azure Sun County?”

“I…” Wan Feng had no idea why his father asked that question.

“Although my Wan Clan did not exterminate anyone in the process of dominating Violet Flame City, you cannot imagine how many people died because of us.” Wan Qiuye looked composed, which allowed Wan Feng’s emotions to settle down.

“There are no right and wrongs in the Azure Sun County, only that the strong prey on the weak. Although we did nothing, we weren’t strong enough to protect ourselves.” Wan Qiuye removed his ring and handed it over. “Take my ring to the Radiant Pavilion’s branch. Tell them about the matters here and someone will come looking for you.”

“Dad!” Wan Feng held onto the ring tightly with a heavy mood.

“Go quickly! It’s not that easy for Yan Teng to destroy my Wan Clan!” said Wan Qiuye, standing up with a cold light in his eyes.


Wan Qiuye opened the door to where all the elders in the Wan Clan were gathered.

“Big Brother, I already told you not to allow Lin Yun to participate in the Spiritual Lake. Look now! My Wan Clan is facing destruction because of him!” roared Wan Teng furiously when he saw Wan Qiuye.


Wan Qiuye snorted coldly and threw his palm out, instantly smashing Wan Tian into the ground.

The elders were shocked. They sensed that Wan Qiuye’s aura was in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“Patriarch, you reached the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm?!”

Wan Qiuye nodded his head before he turned to Wan Tian, “Anyone who dares disturb the morale will be killed!”

“Patriarch, what should we do now? It won’t take long for the Blood Cloud Sect to arrive.”

“Open the Weapons Pavilion. Retrieve all the profound artifacts and hand out a Blood Igniting Pellet to everyone. Also, notify the old patriarch to help us. My Wan Clan isn’t a pushover!” ordered Wan Qiuye coldly with killing intent on his face.

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