Chapter 105 - Secret of the Sword Box

Lin Yun was surprised as he looked at Yan Tianrui acting tough. Yan Tianrui was currently at his mercy, but he still behaved with such arrogance.

“Hand the sword box over to me and leave the Azure Sun County. If you do that, I might consider giving you a chance.” Yan Tianrui’s arrogance grew when he saw that Lin Yun wasn’t replying. He misunderstood that Lin Yun was scared by him. “I have a life lamp in the Blood Cloud Sect. If I die, the life lamp will extinguish. You won’t be able to hide the fact that you murdered me! With my father’s status in the sect, you can dream of walking out of the Azure Sun County alive!”

Profound Martial Realm powerhouses were strong and they could easily destroy a clan like the Kong Clan with a wave of their hand. Even though the Blood Cloud Sect was an overlord in the Azure Sun County, the number of Profound Martial Realm elders in their sect could be counted on both hands.

So Lin Yun could imagine what sort of status Yan Tianrui’s father had in Blood Cloud Sect. It was evident by the high-grade profound artifact that Yan Tianrui was wearing. But what did that have to do with Lin Yun?

Based on how Yan Tianrui held grudges, Lin Yun knew that the former wouldn’t keep his promise even if he was appeased.

Lin Yun let out a roar before looking at Yan Tianrui, “You should know that I have a Dragon Blooded Horse, right?”

“What? Do you think that no one from the Blood Cloud Sect can catch you with that Dragon Blooded Horse? You’re too naive!” Yan Tianrui mocked, sneering with his pale complexion.

“Nah. I just want to tell you that aside from eating demonic beasts, this horse can also feast on humans…” Lin Yun smiled, which made Yan Tianrui feel a chill down his spine. “You should know that the teeth of a horse aren't as sharp as wild beasts. So when it bites on the meat, it won’t tear the flesh right away. It will slowly nibble away at the flesh. For example, if the horse bit on your hand, you could look and listen to it slowly nibbling and chewing on your flesh…”

“Enough!” roared Yan Tianrui as a chill ran down his spine.

As the son of an elder, Yan Tianrui was used to witnessing all sorts of torture. But when he heard Lin Yun’s words and recalled those unyielding prisoners back in the sect, he began to panic.

However, Lin Yun wasn’t bothered by it and continued, “When he does that, you can only try your hardest to smack its head, but there’s really nothing you can do about it. You can only watch how it slowly nibbles away your arm, listening to your bones breaking while countless ants painfully bite your body. When it’s done eating your hand, it’ll continue with your legs. When all four of your limbs are completely devoured, you still won’t be dead… Oh, it looks like it’s here.”

Clop! Clop! Clop!

The sounds of hooves clopping against the ground could be heard. The Dragon Blooded Horse was running over with a grin, revealing its pearly white teeth. It was shrouded in a killing aura with a coat that looked like blazing flames. Looking at the horse running over, Yan Tianrui was scared out of his wits.

The Dragon Blooded Horse walked over with curiosity and kicked Yan Tianrui, which left Yan Tianrui shivering in fear.

“D-don’t eat me! Get your horse away from me!” trembled Yan Tianrui as he shut his eyes. He did not dare to look straight at the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Yan Tianrui’s hands were covered in sins and the blood of others. When retribution came knocking on his door, he was terrified. As someone who took fancy in torturing others, it was easy for him to believe in torturing rumors.

Lin Yun patted on the Dragon Blooded Horse, signaling for it to leave. Before the Dragon Blooded Horse left, it looked at Yan Tianrui with disdain.

“Now, can you tell me what you know about the sword box?”

“That sword box of yours belongs to the Iris Sword Saint.”

“Iris Sword Saint?” Lin Yun knitted his brows together.

Looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse leaving, Yan Tianrui explained with lingering fear, “The inheritance left by the Iris Sword Saint is one of the biggest treasured lands in the Azure Sun County’s ruins. Some senior brothers obtained things left behind by the Iris Sword Saint, but it was nothing as complete as yours.”

“And this is why you want to take it for yourself?” Lin Yun asked.

“Not anymore! I don’t want it anymore! Please, we can negotiate as long as you can let me go.” Yan Tianrui no longer had the arrogance he once had.

While Lin Yun was pondering, he caught a glance of the slyness hidden in Yan Tianrui’s eyes.

This fellow was still keeping something from him!

“It looks like you’re not honest.” Lin Yun smiled and wanted to summon the Dragon Blooded Horse over.

“Wait!” Yan Tianrui panicked when he saw Lin Yun’s action and gnashed his teeth, “Fine! I’ll speak! There was a senior brother in the Blood Cloud Sect who once obtained an incomplete record. The text was too ancient, and no one could figure out the meaning.

“But only my father and I knew what was written on it. According to the record, the Iris Sword Saint was unrivaled in the world thanks to an item that was naturally born into the world. In the end, he infused the Violet Sacred Frostfire into it and refined it into a sword box.”

“What item is that? And how did he refine it? Did he record anything else?” questioned Lin Yun.

“Nothing else. I really don’t know anything else! The record was incomplete and hard to understand. We only managed to figure out what it roughly meant. Most of it is my father’s speculation. I’m not keeping anything else from you…” Yan Tianrui immediately explained, seeing how Lin Yun did not believe him.

“So, only you and your father know about this?”

“Yeah, three, including you.”

“Nah, you’re wrong.”

“What?” Yan Tianrui was baffled. He had no idea what Lin Yun meant.

“There are only two people who know about it now.” Lin Yun’s sword pierced into Yan Tianrui’s forehead. Yan Tianrui died with his eyes wide open. He couldn’t figure out the reason why Lin Yun killed him.

Lin Yun wasn’t someone who liked killing, but by no means was he a softhearted person. His experience in the Horizon Cloud Mountain taught him that this world followed the jungle’s law, where the strong prey on the weak.

Being lenient to someone evil would only leave behind potential threats.

Looking at the devastation around him, Lin Yun’s face had no changes and he left with Yan Tianrui’s belongings. The battle today might not have been dangerous, but it had been the toughest yet.

Lin Yun practically exhausted all of his trump cards against Yan Tianrui who not only underwent Beast Transformation, but was also equipped with a high-grade profound artifact.

If Yan Tianrui managed to block his last sword, which was empowered by the sword gleam, Lin Yun would have ended up like Yan Tianrui.

Lin Yun knew that he wasn’t strong enough. He still did not have the capital to be unrivaled in the Azure Sun County. So he had to obtain the Fiery Demon Battle Physique as soon as possible!

But when he heard what Yan Tianrui told him, he could feel his heart throbbing. He never imagined that the sword box was left behind by a legendary sword saint. But what was the item that was naturally born into the world, which allowed this senior to stand unrivaled in the world?

Lin Yun’s heart was overwhelmed by curiosity. It looks like he’d have to investigate the inheritance left by the Violet Sparrow Saint Sword when the Azure Sun Realm opens. But for now, he decided to speed away and immediately leave the battlefield.

During this time, at the Blood Cloud Sect’s headquarters, majestic mountain ranges covered the land and were shrouded in spiritual energy.

In the Soul Calming Palace, where each elite disciples’ life lamps were stored, one lamp suddenly extinguished and cracked.


The Elder, who was guarding the lamps, opened his eyes, “Another disciple fell?”

He did not have any changes on his face. The Blood Cloud Sect might be one of the overlord forces in the Azure Sun County, but they were only one of the overlord forces, not the sole one.

Furthermore, it was dangerous, to begin with, for disciples to travel outside. It wasn’t rare for disciples to die while they were out. But when that Elder walked towards the lamp, his face changed. He held onto the name tag with his trembling hands.

“Yan Tianrui…died. That’s Elder Yan’s only son!” The Elder began to sweat as he held the tag.

Elder Yan’s strength could be ranked among the top 10 in the Blood Cloud Sect and he had great potential to advance further. He was the youngest Profound Martial Realm in the sect and he wielded actual authority.

Not only that, Elder Yan was known to be overprotective of his son. If someone in the sect injured his son, he would pay them back a hundredfold.

His means were brutal and no one in the Blood Cloud Sect dared to provoke him. So anyone could imagine how furious he would be when he heard that his son had died.

“I wonder how many people of the Azure Sun County will be implicated this time…” sighed the Elder as he left for the palace to personally report the matter.

Normally, sending his subordinates to do this would be fine, but he knew that anyone who went, aside from him, would definitely die this time.

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