Chapter 104 - Tough Battle

“Die!” The 10 third orifice cultivators were the first to arrive before Lin Yun with their attacks. Each of them unleashed completely different techniques. It was clear that they had trained together in the past as their aura fused through their excellent coordination.

Even someone in the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm would have to withdraw under these attacks. Furthermore, there were still 20 second orifice cultivators close behind.

Holding onto his sword, Lin Yun looked like a tiny ant in comparison.

“I don’t believe you can flip the tables around!” shouted Yan Tianrui who stood afar with a sinister expression.

Even if Lin Yun were strong, he would be exhausted after facing so many people.

Seeking Sword Spirit!

A buzzing noise reverberated out from Lin Yun’s sword and into the forest.

“My sword…”

“Damn it! What’s wrong?!”

The third orifice cultivators who came first were shocked to discover that they were losing control over their weapons. Not only did they lose control, but their attacks were weakened.

Flowing Wind Sword — Reflective Shadow!

Lin Yun’s eyes glowed and he soared into the sky with the Flower Burial Sword in his hand. Rose petals flowed down as Lin Yun moved around, leaving behind sword afterimages. 

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As weapons clashed, the third orifice cultivators were beaten into a retreat. All of them had suffered injuries, evidenced by the blood flowing out of their gashes.

They landed on the ground and took several steps backward. All of their facial expressions were twisted in pain.

Wind Assembling!

Lin Yun charged towards the ten third orifice cultivators the moment his foot touched the ground. Like a wolf placed in a herd of sheep, his charge was unstoppable. Noone from the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch could contend against Lin Yun’s combination of the Flower Burial Sword and spiritual energy. They were all covered in cuts, but they couldn’t even touch the corner of his clothes.

With the Flower Burial Sword flickering in the air, Lin Yun sliced through the crowd like he was chopping vegetables.

“Get him!” yelled the 10 third orifice cultivators in fury as they charged over.

However, Lin Yun looked at them with a slight smile. He ignored them and engaged the 20 second orifice cultivators in the back. Right away groans and wails could be heard from them.

After several rounds of pursuit by Lin Yun, the second orifice cultivators were all dead. The third orifice cultivators were left gasping for breath. The ground was littered with broken limbs and blood.

The combination of the floral fragrance and the pungent blood was uncomfortable.

Drip! Drip!

Lin Yun held onto his sword that was still dripping blood from the tip.

The third orifice cultivators looked at Lin Yun in fear as sweat dripped from their foreheads. The brutality displayed by Lin Yun after unsheathing his sword had sent chills down their spines.

This youth made them, the infamously brutal Blood Cloud Sect, tremble in fear. 

Rustle! Rustle!

Step by step, Lin Yun walked towards them with the Flower Burial Sword in hand. His footsteps weren’t loud, but it sounded like hell was creeping towards them. The ten of them were drenched in sweat with conflicted expressions. They were placed in a difficult position; they did not know whether to fight or retreat.

“Kill!” shouted the leader among the ten. He charged at Lin Yun with a ruthless expression.

“Kill!” echoed the other nine as they also dashed at Lin Yun.

Thunderclap Sword Art — Violet Gale Form!

Lin Yun roared and swung his sword, creating a total of 81 afterimages. When the afterimages overlapped, a violent storm was created that reverberated out like lightning into the surroundings.

The third orifice cultivators who were charging over stopped after three steps before being torn into pieces by Lin Yun’s sword. At this moment, the Thunderclap Sword Art was equivalent to a Transcendent Xiantian Martial Technique as its prowess was displayed.


Lin Yun soared into the sky, leaped over the broken limbs, and landed before Yan Tianrui. When Yan Tianrui saw the corpses on the ground, he did not change his expression. It was as if those who died were strangers to him.

“Interesting… You do not intend to let me go?” Yan Tianrui smiled, looking at Lin Yun approaching him.

Lin Yun did not reply to Yan Tianrui and swung his sword out.


Yan Tianrui’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness and grabbed onto the body of Lin Yun’s sword before it was about to plunge into his chest. Blood dripped from Yan Tianrui’s hand as he caught Lin Yun’s sword.

However, Yan Tianrui ignored this injury. With eyes glowing like a wild beast, he sneered, “Do you know why I’m still here instead of escaping?”

Yan Tianrui’s blood began to ooze out from his body. His muscles wriggled and in the blink of an eye, he had grown two meters tall. His transformation made him seem more robust than before.

Yan Tianrui had gone into complete Beast Transformation and slapped away the Flower Burial Sword.


His palm smacked Lin Yun’s chest and the latter was blown a hundred meters away. At this moment, Yan Tianrui’s strength was comparable to a fourth orifice cultivator.

As blood dripped from his lips, Lin Yun looked at the transformed Yan Tianrui. Yan Tianrui looked like a humanoid demonic beast right now.

“Die!” Yan Tianrui roared furiously with his eyes dyed red.

He was using the Blood Cloud Sect’s forbidden technique that he could only use once. After using it, he would suffer significant side effects and his Blood Cloud Mask would be rendered useless.

However, he didn’t care much as long as he could obtain Lin Yun’s sword box. Yan Tianrui manifested his martial soul and his aura surged.

With this boost, his current strength began to approach the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. He had lost all his rationale from this and roared like a wild beast.


Yan Tianrui shot out like an ape, leaving behind afterimages and charged at Lin Yun.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yan Tianrui slashed his Martial Soul, the heavy crimson ruler, without any techniques. Facing Yan Tianrui’s attacks, Lin Yun was forced to retreat.

“What strength!” Lin Yun felt his arms going numb with a smear of astonishment on his eyes. He never imagined that the Blood Cloud Sect would use such a terrifying forbidden technique.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Although his sword left gashes on Yan Tianrui’s body, Yan Tianrui didn’t retreat and instead fought more ferociously.

Violet Gale Form!

Lin Yun gnashed his teeth, creating 81 afterimages which overlapped and attacked Yan Tianrui. As a result, Yan Tianrui was blown a hundred meters away, his clothes completely shredded.

Yan Tianrui’s shredded clothes revealed the inner armor that he wore. Despite the terrifying wounds on Yan Tianrui’s body, none of his vital spots were hit.

A high-grade profound artifact! Lin Yun cursed inwardly. Things were getting tough now that he knew Yan Tianrui was wearing a high-grade profound artifact for defense!

Yan Tianrui was already comparable to a demonic beast in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm after his Beast Transformation. He had also lost his rationale with his transformation. With the revelation of the high-grade profound artifact, Lin Yun felt despair rising in his chest.

“Hahaha! Come! Use whatever you have!” Yan Tianrui pounced over and unleashed attacks containing no techniques.


Lin Yun’s face sank and he took a hundred steps back before executing the Drifting Flower Form. Another ten moves later and Lin Yun seized his opportunity with a glow in his eyes. He executed the second form of the Thunderclap Sword Art — Drifting Flower.

His surroundings darkened as a rose descended from the sky. When the rose fell onto Yan Tianrui, Lin Yun’s sword bolted out.


The rose was sliced into two pieces while Yan Tianrui’s heavy ruler landed on Lin Yun, which sent Lin Yun flying.


Yan Tianrui was also blown away as a howl escaped from his mouth. His body swayed as he struggled to get on his feet.

Lin Yun’s complexion was pale from the exhaustion of his spiritual energy. He had used two forms of an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique, which nearly exhausted all of his spiritual energy.

Kneeling on the ground, Lin Yun knitted his brows together asking, “You can still get up on your feet?”

He was looking at Yan Tianrui, who struggled to get up. Yan Tianrui emitted killing aura from his body. Despite the cracks in his armor, he still had strength to fight.

“Die!” Yan Tianrui looked at the exhausted Lin Yun and laughed as he walked over.

Rumble! Rumble!

Every step taken by Yan Tianrui caused the ground to shake. Under his weight, cracks spread out beneath his feet. He was like the god of death who had descended to the mortal realm.

Lin Yun snorted and slammed his palm on the ground. In a split second, he got up on his feet and thrust his sword forth. At the same time, the wisp of sword gleam in his Dantian gushed out.

He was only three steps away from Yan Tianrui when the sword gleam shrouded his Flower Burial Sword. Before Yan Tianrui could swing his heavy ruler, he was thrown a hundred meters away by the sword gleam. He couldn’t even resist the attack.


As Yan Tianrui flew out, the armor on his body cracked and crumbled. He fell to the ground, creating a huge commotion and raising a dust cloud from the impact.

Holding onto his sword, Lin Yun stepped into the cloud of dust with a cold gaze. He looked at Yan Tianrui, who was lying on the ground and whose transformation was dispelled.

Yan Tianrui was covered in wounds with no trace of blood on his face. When he saw Lin Yun walking over, he panicked and he tried to get up to flee.


But before he could even take a step, Lin Yun stomped on his feet. He was slammed onto the ground and flipped over. Then, Lin Yun pointed his sword at Yan Tianrui’s forehead.

“Speak! What do you know about the sword box?!” Lin Yun coldly hollered.

However, Yan Tianrui still acted arrogantly despite facing death, “Do you even have the guts to kill me? My father is an elder of the Blood Cloud Sect, a Profound Martial Realm expert! A single word for him can have you hunted by the entire Blood Cloud Sect!”

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