Chapter 103 - Let’s Play

Wearing the crimson cloak with the sword box hidden underneath, Lin Yun left the Myriad Treasure Pavilion, heading out to the city. Violet Flame City was too dangerous with the Kong Clan’s scouts around the city. Lin Yun knew that Yan Tianrui would definitely not let him off so easily with how grudgeful the Blood Cloud Sect was.

It had been half a month since the battle for the Spiritual Lake and everything was calm. Perhaps Yan Tianrui had already left Violet Flame City.

Anyhow, it never hurts to be cautious.

He wanted to begin looking for the Lava Core. The Azure Sun Realm would open in three to four months and Lin Yun had to complete his Fiery Demon Battle Physique by then.

Going from the Fiery Demon Physique to the Fiery Demon Battle Physique would be a whole new transformation. If Lin Yun couldn’t get the Fiery Demon Battle Physique before the Azure Sun Realm opens, it would be tough for him to obtain anything from the ruins.

Along the way out, Lin Yun did not notice anything unusual. But just when he was about to leave the city, his ears twitched when he heard a soft conversation. Simultaneously, his face changed under the cloak because those voices belonged to the Kong Clan’s scouts.

They had been following him for a long time, only to be discovered by him at the last moment. If he hadn’t cleared up his ears orifice, he might not have been alerted of their presence.

Hiding the doubt in his heart, Lin Yun cautiously headed out of the city. He was heading to the Dragon Blooded Horse’s location. If he could join up with the Dragon Blooded Horse, he wouldn’t have to fear being pursued.

Restoring his composure, Lin Yun slowly walked out of the city, behaving like he had not discovered those scouts. Fifteen minutes later, Lin Yun raised his head to see a dense forest region.


Lin Yun suddenly removed his hood and began running at full speed. If he could enter the forest, he could easily leave with the Dragon Blooded Horse.

When Lin Yun abruptly increased his speed, the scouts who were following him were shocked. Before they could even respond, Lin Yun had already dived into the dense forest.

“I’m finally in!” rejoiced Lin Yun as he travelled through the forest.

But in the next second, he heard whistling sounds and spun, as if he had eyes grown on the back of his head.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four to five arrows stabbed the location that he was previously standing. The arrows buzzed when they plunged into the ground.

What power! Lin Yun was shocked when he looked at the arrows. The one who fired the arrows must be at least in the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm.


Before he could recover from the shock, a crimson shadow dashed towards him. The shadow was quick and threw out a move immediately when he appeared before Lin Yun. The shadow emanated a horrifying aura and pressure as his palms were thrown forward, enveloped by crimson radiance.

Lin Yun couldn’t fight without staying alert for the arrows, so he couldn’t give it his all when he fought.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two exchanged over ten moves in the blink of an eye, but the last palm had blown Lin Yun ten-odd meters away. His opponent wasn’t feeling any better and took ten-odd steps back as well.

“It looks like you’ve benefited from the Spiritual Lake to make a breakthrough in half a month.” The shadow removed his hood, revealing a familiar face.

“Yan Tianrui!” Lin Yun squinted his eyes before looking around, several figures started to come out. It didn’t take long for him to be entirely surrounded by them.

Sweeping his gaze throughout the crowd, Lin Yun saw at least 10 cultivators in the third orifice and nearly 20 in the second orifice.

Is there no one stronger? Lin Yun was perplexed. Although this formation would trouble him, he still could escape easily. Or could it be that they still have people hidden?

“Lin Yun, I thought you were a smart person. How could you be so stupid to enter the forest? I already knew that you would hide in the forest after discovering your marks. In the end, it was just I guessed…” Yan Tianrui’s lips rose beneath the mask.

“Brat, we’re all from the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch, you can’t escape today. Surrender now and you might still be spared from torture. Otherwise, we’ll show you why being alive is worse than death in the Blood Cloud Sect!” snorted a middle-aged man.

Lin Yun now knew why he couldn’t discover them. So it turned out that they were disciples of the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch and they were naturally more capable than the Kong Clan’s scouts.

Folding his arms, Yan Tianrui continued, “Lin Yun, you’re doomed to die today.. But if you’re willing to make a transaction with me, I might be able to let you off.”

“What transaction?” Lin Yun looked interested in what Yan Tianrui had to say.

“The sword box that you’re carrying!” Yan Tianrui’s eyes glowed.

Sword box? So it turned out that Yan Tianrui did not come to take revenge, but his sword box instead.

Lin Yun wore an unusual expression as he looked at Yan Tianrui oddly.

Seeing that Lin Yun wasn’t responding, Yan Tianrui smiled, “You don’t think that you won during the Spiritual Lake battle, right?”

Yan Tianrui felt that he was just careless, and was stunned when he recognized the sword box, which allowed Lin Yun to defeat him. He was confident that he wouldn’t lose to Lin Yun if they fought again.

“All of you stand aside. I’ll subdue him with my strength!” Yan Tianrui stepped forth with his mask wriggling.

In the next second, Yan Tianrui had gone into Beast Transformation with a sinister expression. His aura was continually growing, vaguely reaching the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm.


Yan Tianrui traveled a hundred meters in a single step. When he came before Lin Yun, he chopped his hand down with no leniency.

However,Lin Yun easily dodged it without any changes to his expression.


Although Lin Yun managed to dodge Yan Tianrui’s attack, the tree behind him wasn’t spared and it split apart. Lin Yun kept moving around, refusing to fight Yan Tianrui head-on.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The shockwave from Yan Tianrui’s attacks swept out, shattering multiple trees in the surroundings. In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun’s sight opened up and nothing was blocking his view within a ten thousand meters radius.

In the blink of an eye, half an incense stick’s time passed. The surrounding trees were wiped, but Lin Yun still did not attack. This whole time he had been dodging all of Yan Tianrui’s attacks.

“You think you can buy time by doing this?” Yan Tianrui sneered. In the next second, his aura enveloped Lin Yun.

“Don’t you like to dodge? I’ll see how you continue dodging!”

Blood Cloud Chop!

Immediately after Yan Tianrui’s aura enveloped Lin Yun, he manifested a two-meter crimson blade that descended from his palm. After Lin Yun avoided twenty moves from him, Yan Tianrui had started to make arrangements. With his superior cultivation, he wasn’t afraid of Lin Yun trying to buy time.

He had played with Lin Yun for so long so that he could execute this move!

Enveloped by Yan Tianrui’s aura, Lin Yun noticed that his speed visibly dropped. He was looking at the crimson blade, hacking down at him. But suddenly, he made his move!

He did not use the Undying Vajra Seal or Ferocious Tiger Fist. All he did was clench his fists together and threw them out.

The first punch dispelled the aura that enveloped him and the second punch crushed the descending crimson blade. 

His spiritual energy was golden now that his Xiantian Pure Yang Art reached the fourth stage. Surging through his body, a terrifying aura was unleashed from Lin Yun’s spiritual energy.

Completely crushed by Lin Yun’s spiritual energy, a shocked Yan Tianrui looked at Lin Yun, “How is your spiritual energy so powerful?!”

He was sure that Lin Yun did not execute any martial technique, only using his spiritual energy to crush his Blood Cloud Chop.

“Kill him!” Yan Tianrui yelled after recovering from the shock.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the next moment, everyone from the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch began pouncing at Lin Yun. But for some reason, Yan Tianrui’s heart throbbed with an ill premonition.

Despite being surrounded by so many cultivators, there was an odd smile hanging on Lin Yun’s lips. “Since there’s no one stronger, let’s play.” Lin Yun said as he looked at everyone pouncing towards him. He began playing around with Yan Tianrui when he ascertained that there was no one stronger in the surroundings.

The ancient sword box on his back abruptly opened. Accompanied by a ferocious roar, a storm of bewitching petals danced around him.

“Sword!” Lin Yun roared, summoning the Flower Burial Sword into his hand.


Pulling the sword out of the scabbard, the Flower Burial Sword flowed like a stream of water that flashed before his eyes. In the next second, his eyes flickered with confidence; it wouldn’t be easy for these people to take him down.

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