Chapter 102 - Not too successful

“The sword box? Is there anything unusual about it?” Kong Yuan recalled how Yan Tianrui was smacked around by the sword box.

Looking at Kong Yuan, Yan Tianrui’s eyes flickered, “Don’t ask questions that you shouldn’t.”

“Yes, yes!” Kong Yuan wiped his sweat in fear.

His cultivation might be higher than Yan Tianrui, but he did not dare to disobey him. Yan Tianrui’s father was an elder in the Blood Cloud Sect. If his father wanted, his father could easily exterminate the Kong Clan. This was also the reason why Kong Yuan did not dare to offend Yan Tianrui.

Not to mention that Kong Yuan promised Yan Tianrui that he would give him a quota to the Spiritual Lake. However, Yan Tianrui did not manage to get a quota, and he was even heavily injured. As a result, Kong Yuan was careful, not daring to provoke Yan Tianrui at this moment.

“Sir Yan, why don’t I send someone to camp near the Myriad Treasure Pavilion? You don’t have to worry about it. I will capture that brat alive for you.” Kong Yuan’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He wanted to make amendments.

“There’s no need for that. Your Kong Clan can stay out of this matter, just seal off all news,” replied Yan Tianrui indifferently. “I will get someone from the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch to deal with this matter. As for you guys, stay in the Kong Clan. If this matter succeeds, I might call my father to make a trip over if I’m happy.”

Kong Yuan was baffled by Yan Tianrui, but his eyes suddenly lit up when thought about it. Yan Tianrui’s father was a cultivator in the Profound Martial Realm, if he could make a trip to the Violet Flame City…

“Please be reassured. We will not let the news leak out!” exclaimed Kong Yuan.

“I’ll take my leave first,” replied Yan Tianrui.

Kong Yuan looked at Yan Tianrui’s departing silhouette, but couldn’t figure out what he was hiding.

“Nevermind, as long as this matter is resolved.” Kong Yuan looked exhausted. Interacting with the Blood Cloud Sect hadn’t been easy for him.

When Yan Tianrui came out of the Kong Clan, he looked around before leaving with his hood covering his head.

Half an hour later, Yan Tianrui arrived at the Blood Cloud Sect’s branch in the Violet Flame City. When he stepped inside, he was immediately stopped by two guards in the second orifice of the Xiantian Realm. At the same time, many gazes were directed at Yan Tianrui.

“Get lost,” said Yan Tianrui as he pulled his hood off to reveal the mask on his face. The two men were shocked when they saw his mask and immediately retreated.

“We apologize. We had no idea that someone from headquarters would come.” A man donned in yellow clothes walked over. His cultivation was in the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm and looked at Yan Tianrui, “Which elder do you belong to?”

Yan Tianrui did not speak and took out his sect token.

When the man in yellow saw the token, he was shocked and looked at Yan Tianrui fearfully.

“So it’s Elder Yan’s son. I apologize for our rudeness earlier. May I know how we can help you?”  asked the man in yellow respectfully. He had no choice but to use this attitude with someone from headquarters.

Furthermore, the Blood Cloud Sect’s Elder Yan was infamous for being a forbidden existence. So the man in yellow did not want to offend Yan Tianrui.

“I need 10 cultivators in the third orifice and 20 in the second orifice.”

When the man in yellow heard Yan Tianrui’s request, he was shocked. That was equivalent to a fifth of the branch’s strength and no ordinary inner sect’s disciple could have such authority.

But considering Yan Tianrui’s background, the man in yellow hesitated, “I need to ask the chief about it.”

“Do as you please.” Yan Tianrui smiled. He was confident that the branch would agree to his request.

In the secret chamber, the man in yellow explained Yan Tianrui’s request to an elder and asked, “Old Xiang, what do you think?”

Old Xiang was the chief of this branch, whose cultivation was in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“We can’t afford to offend Elder Yan.” Old Xiang’s old wrinkly face was confused and asked, “But...why does he need so many cultivators? Wouldn’t it be better for him to get a fourth orifice or fifth orifice instead?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He must have a fortuitous encounter that he wants to keep from us. How can he feel assured with a fourth orifice or fifth orifice cultivator around?” The man in yellow smiled.

Old Xiang briefly fell silent with concern in his eyes and replied, “That’s not my concern. My main concern is the possibility of anything happening to him. After all, we will suffer if he dies… How about this…”

“Got it.” The man in yellow replied and returned to Yan Tianrui. “The chief agrees to your request, but he has a request of his own. The chief wants me to protect your safety.”

“Do I look like I need your protection?” Yan Tianrui sneered with a cold flash in his eyes. “Behave and keep your thoughts to yourself.”

“But the chief said…”

“Shut it and gather the men I need immediately. Otherwise...heh, heh.” Yan Tianrui chuckled coldly, which sent a chill down the man’s spine. The Blood Cloud Sect was known for their brutality, even among fellow disciples.

Yan Tianrui had a cautious personality, and he did not want any accidents to occur. Suppose someone else found out about the sword box, who knew what would happen. So Yan Tianrui rejected the bodyguard request.

Furthermore, he was confident in dealing with Lin Yun by himself. The reason why he asked for men was to add another layer of guarantee.

In a separate courtyard located in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion.

Lin Yun held onto the Thunderclap Sword Art manual, looking through it and strolling around. The Thunderclap Sword Art was as powerful as Tong Hu had described. It might seem simple, but the technique was ever changing, comparable to a Transcendent Xiantian Martial Technique.

There were five forms, the Violet Gale, Drifting Flowers, Descending Snow, Moon Chasing, and Divine Firmament. However, the forms made no sense with the thunderclap by itself, leaving Lin Yun baffled. If he couldn’t comprehend the intent, he would never be able to learn the Thunderclap Sword Art even if he was given ten or a hundred years.

However, it was different for Lin Yun. He was blessed with extraordinary comprehension. In just two days, he already had an idea of how the technique could be executed.

The Violet Gale was just as the name stated, fast as the wind. As for Drifting Flowers, it referred to a fleeting sword, which also emphasized speed. Descending Snow referred to the speed of executing the sword. Finally, Moon Chasing referred to the pinnacle of speed, chasing after the moon.

“The four forms combined would represent the Wind, Flower, Snow, and Moon. If one couldn’t figure out the link between the four forms, there would be no way for them to practice it. In a nutshell, this sword art strongly emphasized speed!

“As for the Divine Firmament…”

Lin Yun smiled as he already had an answer in his heart. Walking over to the sword box, Lin Yun opened it and retrieved the Flower Burial Sword.


The body of the sword flickered under the light when it left the scabbard. Looking at the sword, Lin Yun rejoiced, “It’s finally a mid-grade profound artifact after so long! Good! Terrific! A good sword naturally has to go along with a powerful sword technique!”

Being in a good mood, Lin Yun’s eyes glowed.


Pointing his sword out, Lin Yun gathered his momentum and incomplete sword intent onto the sword and stabbed out. In a split second, when he thrust his sword forth, the gentle breeze in the courtyard seemed to have slowed down.

“What profound incomplete sword intent. I should be able to cultivate the Thunderclap Sword Art with it now.” Lin Yun flipped the sword, allowing the body of the sword to rest against his arm.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. Lin Yun had been comprehending the Thunderclap Sword Art without resting for a second.

Thunderclap Sword Art — Violet Gale Form!

Lin Yun roared and swung his sword out, creating 9 afterimages. When his swords overlapped, they were accompanied by a strong wind.

“That’s not enough! Again!” Lin Yun roared in frustration and swung his sword. This time, he created eighteen afterimages.

When the 18 swords overlapped, the strong wind that they created caused the surrounding trees to sway in the courtyard.

“Still not enough!” Lin Yun was like a maniac, practicing again and again.

His improvements were great after comprehending the Violet Gale Form. The form was slowly being dissected and absorbed by him.

Three days later, Lin Yun swung his sword out. This time, he created a total of 81 afterimages. When the afterimages overlapped, a thunderous roar echoed out.


In the next second, the four guest rooms linked together were reduced to ashes under his sword.

“I’ve finally mastered it!” Lin Yun rejoiced and pulled his sword back. Along with a thunderous momentum, he swung his sword out once more. This time, he was practicing the second form of the Thunderclap Sword Art — Drifting Flowers!

Lin Yun’s world turned dark with a mourning rose drifting down from the sky. He stabbed his sword out at the same time that the rose landed on a tree in the courtyard.


The rose was instantly sliced into two, along with the tree. The surface of the cut was smooth like the mirror.

Looking at this scene, Lin Yun sighed, “This is probably the longest time I spent comprehending a sword technique, using eight days to comprehend two forms.”

He couldn’t afford to waste any more time. He had to look for the Lava Core now.

As for the last three forms, he would comprehend it along the way. After all, it would be troublesome if he missed the opening of the Azure Sun Realm. Packing his stuff, Lin Yun carried the sword box on his back and bid farewell with Tong Hu.

“Heh, heh! How’s the progress?” Tong Hu asked about the Thunderclap Sword Art. He was confident about the power of this technique. But he was unsure if Lin Yun could learn it.

Lin Yun pondered briefly before he replied honestly, “Not too successful.”

“Don’t feel down. After all, this is a technique comparable to a Transcendent Xiantian Martial Technique. You’ll be a genius if you can comprehend one form before the Azure Sun Realm opens.” Tong Hu smiled. It would be weird if Lin Yun’s progress was successful.

Pulling the hood over his face, Lin Yun smiled, “Goodbye.”

“Have a safe trip, Brother Lin!” Tong Hu looked at the departing Lin Yun and clasped his hands together. Once Lin Yun was gone, Tong Hu muttered to himself, “What an interesting youngster. Every time I meet him I am able to make a fortune.”

“Boss! Boss! Not good!” A servant ran over nervously.

“Why are you panicking? What’s the matter?” frowned Tong Hu.

“T-the courtyard that Sir Lin was staying in disappeared!” The servant spoke with great difficulty.

With an odd expression, Tong Hu waved his hand, “Bring me over.”

A brief moment later, Tong Hu finally knew what the servant meant. The four guest rooms, along with all the furniture, were reduced into dust.

Tong Hu had a weird expression and walked over to the tree. He gently placed his hand on the clean-cut; it was smooth like the mirror. The cut was so clean that he couldn’t find a speck of dust.

Looking at his finger, Tong Hu’s face had despair, and mocked himself, “How is that not too successful? Are you messing with me?”

He could naturally tell that Lin Yun had grasped at least two forms. At this moment, Tong Hu shared the same thought as Wan Feng back then. Did Lin Yun get too much of a bargain in this transaction?

Tong Hu was known never to make a loss, but he felt depressed at this moment.

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