Chapter 101 - Thunderclap Sword Art

Lin Yun had suffered too much from Tong Hu. Whenever Tong Hu collected something from him, he would immediately mark it at twice the price.

So Lin Yun hesitated when he saw the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. After all, his experience back in the Clear Water City was still clear in his mind. But he knew that the Myriad Treasure Pavilion definitely had good stuff, which was why he ultimately decided to come in.

However, he never expected that Tong Hu also managed this Myriad Treasure Pavilion!

“Heh, heh! Don’t be angry, Brother Lin. Come and have a seat here! I’ll brew a cup of tea for you!” smiled Tong Hu after getting Lin Yun to sit down.

“Brother Lin must be in the Azure Sun County for the ruins, right?” Tong Hu smiled as he handed Lin Yun a cup of tea.

Taking half a sip of tea, Lin Yun raised his brow, “You as well?”

“Let’s put it this way. The Azure Sun Realm opens once a decade and countless Xiantian Realm cultivators will gather here whenever it opens. When people gather around, the business will also flourish. So what’s going on? Does brother Lin want to buy something?” Tong Hu stared at Lin Yun with smiles.

Lin Yun calmly took out his Clouded Ice Spear and replied, “Take a look at this spear first.”

“It’s a good spear, a rare ice elemental profound artifact. The fact that it’s a top-tiered ice elemental profound artifact makes it even rarer. As long as you can find the right buyer, it will be worth a lot of money.” Tong Hu toyed around with the spear before looking at Lin Yun, “So, do you want to sell it or swap it for something else?”

He could sense that Lin Yun wasn’t here just to sell the Clouded Ice Spear.

Lin Yun also did not beat around the bush and replied, “Do you have sword techniques around here? I’m looking for Xiantian Martial Techniques and it’s best if they’re an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.”

“Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique?” Tong Hu knitted his brows and looked at Lin Yun, “I don’t think an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique is suitable for someone in your cultivation. You’ll need to be at least in the fourth orifice of the Xiantian Realm to cultivate it or it’ll just be a waste of your time.”

“Is that so?” Lin Yun then started forming seals, which permeated a dazzling glow.


The decorations on the top floor started to tremble from the might of the Undying Vajra Seal. Lin Yun spread out his hands and the Undying Vajra Seal had disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. He had displayed high proficiency in the Undying Vajra Seal and was just one step away from complete mastery.

Tong Hu’s eyes were filled with shock as he looked at Lin Yun.

“Boss Tong, do you still doubt that I can’t practice an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique?” Lin Yun questioned Tong Hu with a playful smile.

“No, of course not.” Tong Hu recovered from the shock and smiled embarrassedly. “Brother Lin, you’re someone that even City Lord Bai has her eyes on. It has been half a year since we met and you’ve made great improvements since then.”

As Tong Hu paused briefly, he put on a complex expression and sighed, “I can let you have a free pick of Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique, but getting an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique isn’t easy…”

Lin Yun fell into silence. He knew that Tong Hu wasn’t lying. Even the Wan Clan only possessed two Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques, not to mention that the Thunderblitz Battle Physique was incomplete and it wasn’t easy to learn.

He knew how rare Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques were. After all, possessing one would enable a clan to rule a city like Violet Flame City.

“Think about it, who would sell an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique to the Myriad Treasure Pavilion? Anyone with intelligence would know that it will fetch a higher price in an auction.” Tong Hu looked at Lin Yun. “Furthermore, Brother Lin would definitely not want mediocre ones. And I’m afraid you won’t be interested in ordinary Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques.”

Listening to Tong Hu’s words, Lin Yun instantly knew what the former meant. After all, Tong Hu would’ve directly declined if he didn’t have one. Figuring out the meaning behind Tong Hu’s words, Lin Yun took out a bottle and asked, “I wonder if the Myriad Treasure Pavilion will make an exception for this bottle?”

“Spiritual essence!” Tong Hu was surprised when he saw the bottle. After a while later, he smiled, “Brother Lin, it looks like you came prepared. This is precious, but I’m afraid it’s not enough for me to make an exception.”

Tong Hu then raised four fingers with his usual smile.


“Deal?” Tong Hu’s smile froze, thinking that he misheard Lin Yun. After all, he was asking for four bottles of spiritual essence!

He was already taking advantage of Lin Yun at that price. Concentrated liquid spiritual essence was precious and it wasn’t easily found. However, Tong Hu never imagined that Lin Yun would agree to these terms so easily. At this moment, he regrettably wondered if he had asked for too little. 

“It looks like Boss Tong isn’t interested in my business. Since that’s the case, goodbye.” Lin Yun sneered inwardly as he observed the changes in Tong Hu’s expression.

“Wait… Bother Lin, wait up. Why don’t you take a look at the sword technique that I’ve prepared for you first?” Tong Hu smiled and grabbed onto Lin Yun.

Xiantian Martial Techniques might be valuable, but the conflict between forces in the Azure Sun County was brutal. Occasionally, clans would be extinguished and their Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques would appear on the market.

However, spiritual essences were treasures that you could only come across with luck. The four sects and four clans and other counties’ geniuses also had a high requirement for it. If Tong Hu managed to close this deal, he would only make a profit.

“Wait up.” Tong Hu smiled and left. When he returned, he was carrying a box in his hand.

Lin Yun took the box and opened it up. The manual was named Thunderclap Sword Art and was  written with powerful strokes. He couldn’t shift his gaze away from the title.

Tong Hu stood by the side and held onto his chin confidently. Lin Yun was still too young and inexperienced. He couldn’t mask his joy upon finding something he fancied.

“This Thunderclap Sword Art has a total of five forms, the Violet Gale, Drifting Flowers, Descending Snow, Moon Chasing, and Divine Firmament. They might seem simple, but every form can be everchanging. If you can’t comprehend the intent contained in each form, there’s no way you can learn it. According to my speculation, it should be a Transcendent Xiantian Martial Technique. It’s listed as an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique because no one has managed to learn it.” Tong Hu smiled.

“Where did you get this from?” asked Lin Yun curiously.

Tong Hu replied, “The strong prey upon the weak in the Azure Sun County. There will always be people desperate enough to sell martial techniques to make a comeback.”

Although Tong Hu explained it lightly, Lin Yun could imagine the bloodshed behind the Thunderclap Sword Art. A clan might’ve been exterminated for this technique to appear on the market and into Tong Hu’s hands.

If the Wan Clan ran into misfortune, Wan Qiuye would probably be willing to sell his clan’s Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique as well.

“What do you think? If you’re willing, this Thunderclap Sword Art belongs to you.” Tong Hu smiled, looking at Lin Yun.

“Deal.” Lin Yun ultimately decided to swap four bottles of concentrated liquid spiritual essences and the Clouded Ice Spear for this Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique — the Thunderclap Sword Art!

But looking at Tong Hu’s expression, Lin Yun knew that he had been conned once again. However, he was satisfied that he could get the Thunderclap Sword Art.

Keeping the sword manual, Lin Yun asked, “Do you have a private courtyard available in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion? I would like to stay for a few days.”

“Heh, heh! Sure, you can stay for however long you like.”

At the same time, a very different scene unfolded before for Kong Yuan. Unlike the arrogant and sinister expression that he had in his encounter with Lin Yun, a humble expression plastered his face as looked at Yan Tianrui with unease. 

Yan Tianrui had recovered from his injuries thanks to the Kong Clan, but his face was grim.

“Any news about Lin Yun?” Yan Tianrui asked with a gloomy face.

Beads of sweat started to roll down Kong Yuan’s forehead as he replied uneasily, “T-that brat did not come back with the Wan Clan. I-I’m afraid that he has already fled.”

Yan Tianrui raised his head, his gaze sent a chill down Kong Yuan’s spine.

“I don’t care what you do, but I want him found! If my father knows about my injuries, I can guarantee that he won’t mind your methods.” Yan Tianrui ordered.

At this moment, Kong Yuan felt helpless. There was nothing the Kong Clan could do to find Lin Yun beyond the Violet Flame City border. He was also baffled by the Blood Cloud Sect who had a branch in the Violet Flame City.

That branch might not be comparable to the Wan Clan, but it would be easier for them to find Lin Yun.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A scout from the Kong Clan suddenly ran in and reported, “Patriarch, we’ve just received news that Lin Yun was last seen entering the Myriad Treasure Pavilion in disguise.”

When Yan Tianrui heard the report, his eyes glowed with greed. “Was he carrying the sword box with him?”

The scout was perplexed by Yan Tianrui’s baseless question and scratched his head, “He should be carrying it with him, hidden under his hood.”

“Terrific! Hahaha!” Yan Tianrui’s laughter roared.

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