Chapter 100 - Honest

The Wan Clan’s disciples were left dumbfounded by this scene. Wan Feiye lost to Lin Yun again, even after making a breakthrough? Not to mention that it was a bad loss!

“Lil’ friend, aren’t you a little too ruthless?” Wan Qiuye looked at Lin Yun with smiles, not blaming Lin Yun for his actions.

“Was I? I apologize for that. I just made a breakthrough so I couldn’t control my strength perfectly.” replied Lin Yun with a brilliant smile that bore no guilt.

“I’m curious. What did you find under the lake? The elders and I have searched the lake, so there shouldn’t be anything else.” Wan Qiuye asked.

“The Flame Vein! My cultivation technique is suitable in places with rich fire elements. So the earthen flame is suitable for my cultivation.” Lin Yun replied honestly.

“I see!” Wan Qiuye had a smear of shock in his eyes. Lin Yun actually dared to cultivate near the Flame Vein; it was a feat that not even he dared to take. But when he thought about it, all of it made sense to him. Lin Yun already possessed the Fiery Demon Physique and his body had already been tempered by fire. Cultivating near the Flame Vein was unimaginable to others, but it wasn’t much to Lin Yun.

“How far have you reached in your cultivation technique?”

“The fourth stage.” Lin Yun replied honestly.

“The fourth stage... Wan Feiye only managed to reach the second stage in his cultivation technique, so his defeat now makes sense.” Wan Qiuye smiled bitterly. Looking at Lin Yun deeply, Wan Qiuye sighed, “What a pity. If you had a better aptitude, the four clans and four sects would surely welcome you with open arms.”

“Everything depends on your effort,” smiled Lin Yun . He didn’t seem too bothered by his poor aptitude. “Senior Wan, I’ll take my leave first. I won’t be going back with you guys.”

Nodding his head, Wan Qiuye replied, “That’s the right choice. The Kong Clan’s scout must be waiting for us below and traveling with us will only reveal your tracks.”

“Before leaving, I would like to ask a favor from you,” said Lin Yun.

“I know what you want and I have already prepared it,” said Wan Qiuye with a smile.

Lin Yun looked at Wan Qiuye oddly, but his eyes lit up when he saw Wan Qiuye handing him a map. It was marked for all the potential locations that a Lava Core could be found at. Furthermore, even the characteristics of the Lava Core were written down in detail.

“Thank you, Senior Wan!” Lin Yun kept the map and clasped his hands together.

“You will definitely find a Lava Core with your Fiery Demon Physique in the second stage. Truth be told, my father has also tried cultivating this technique, so he has gathered all the information about Lava Core. But it’s a pity…” said Wan Qiuye. 

“What’s the matter?” asked Lin Yun.

Looking at Lin Yun, Wan Qiuye replied helplessly, “Do you think that everyone can endure the torture of being tempered by fire like you could? My father only managed to reach the first stage, but he gave up on the second stage.”

Lin Yun pondered over Wan Qiuye’s words and it made sense to him. If he hadn’t refined eleven petals from the Drought Golden Lotus, he would probably have a tough time reaching the second stage. When Lin Yun recalled the pain, he felt a shiver down his spine.

Lin Yun thought about the Wan Clan’s old patriarch, who was trying to break through to the Profound Martial Realm, and asked, “I wonder how strong the old man will be after making his breakthrough?”

“He will be able to extinguish the three clans with a wave of his hand.”

With just a wave of his hand? Lin Yun began to look forward to that level and raised his head, “Then I’ll give my congratulations to the old man beforehand. Before leaving, there’s something that I would like to give your son.”

“Mhm?” Wan Qiuye received a jade bottle and wanted to open it out of curiosity.

“Open it up after I’m gone.” Lin Yun smiled.

“Haha! Sure! Speaking like that makes me very curious about the bottle's contents,” said Wan Qiuye

“Farewell!” Lin Yun bid his farewell and got on the Dragon Blooded Horse. Carrying the sword box behind him, Lin Yun disappeared into the distance.

What a fast horse… Wan Qiuye muttered in his heart before he opened the bottle. Shock filled his face. When he raised his head to look at the direction Lin Yun left in, he had a smear of killing intent flickering across his eyes.

Wan Qiuye never imagined that Lin Yun would give something precious like the concentrated liquid spiritual essence to Wan Feng. It meant that Lin Yun must have found something at the bottom of the lake, and he must have more concentrated spiritual essence on him.

But a brief moment later, Wan Qiuye sighed; he had ultimately given up the thought of pursuing Lin Yun. He shook his head in disappointment, “It turns out that my mentality is inferior in comparison to Lin Yun. It now makes sense why I’m confined to the Violet Flame City at my age.”

He was disappointed in himself while recalling his past.

“Feng’er, come here,” called out Wan Qiuye, “this is a gift from Lin Yun to you before he left.”

“Heh, heh! At least that fellow has some conscience. HOLY SH…!” Wan Feng covered his mouth in shock the moment he opened the bottle. He could see his father giving him a silent motion.

“With this bottle, no one will be able to shake your position as the young patriarch.” Wan Qiuye spoke.

With the waning moon hanging high in the sky, the barren mountain was enveloped in darkness. Lying on a tree, Lin Yun examined a painting. Having cleared the orifice for his eyes, the darkness could no longer impede his sight.

“Embody the tiger, smell the rose; where do the flowers bloom? Good question, I would like to know the answer as well!” Lin Yun shook his head and put away the painting. He had a habit of looking at the painting whenever he was free, but Lin Yun could only see a man wielding his sword with one hand and rose on the other.

Even to this moment, the evil spirit that Senior Hong mentioned hadn’t appeared. Additionally, the sword flash that eradicated the evil spirits was nowhere to be found.

Rising to his feet, Lin Yun looked around and muttered to himself, “It looks like they’re really not coming.”

He had taken a risk when he gave the bottle of concentrated liquid spiritual essence. It wasn’t a risk he wanted to take, but the benefits that he received from Wan Qiuye were beyond measure. Repaying a favor with a favor and hatred with revenge were Lin Yun’s principles.

Fortunately, Wan Qiuye did not disappoint him.

I’ll make a breakthrough on this barren mountain before I go into the city to deal with the remaining spiritual essences. Lin Yun made his decision inwardly. The Violet Flame City could be considered a vast city, so he should be able to get a decent sword technique with the remaining spiritual essences.

He had the Undying Vajra Seal empowering the Ferocious Tiger Fist, but his Flowing Wind Sword was falling behind.

After taking out a bottle, Lin Yun popped off the cap and looked at the concentrated spiritual essence inside. The concentration was at least a hundred times greater than the diluted water in the lake.

Lin Yun’s cultivation had already reached the limits of the first orifice. With the spiritual essence, Lin Yun only had to spend some time to make a breakthrough to the second.

After seven days had passed, Lin Yun entered the city in a hooded disguise. Sensing the bustling streets and flourishing city, Lin Yun was in a good mood. He had successfully made a breakthrough, clearing up his ears orifice in the process.

He could register any commotion within a five hundred meter radius of his ears. During his fight with Yan Tianrui, Yan Tianrui could predict his attacks by listening to the surrounding noise itself.

Lin Yun sighed. Every time he unlocked an orifice, he would take a step further away from ordinary people. If he cleared his mouth orifice, he would be able to consume air as food and he would never have to consume food like ordinary humans ever again.

“Myriad Treasure Pavilion?” Lin Yun suddenly stopped when he came across a familiar name. He was surprised to see the Myriad Treasure Pavilion in the Violet Flame City as well.

Recalling his experience back in the Clear Water City, Lin Yun showed hesitation on his face. Gnashing his teeth, he still made up his mind to enter.

Compared to the branch in the Clear Water City, this one looked more majestic. As soon as he stepped in, he was dazzled by the treasures around the shop. Despite his abnormal attire, he had merged well into the crowd.

“Hello, sir. Are you Lin Yun?” A servant walked over to Lin Yun.

“I am.” Lin Yun replied honestly despite feeling baffled.

The servant’s eyes lit up and he bowed, “Sir Lin, our boss would like to meet you.”

“I don’t think I’m acquainted with your boss,” replied Lin Yun.

The servant responded, “It’s fine as long as our boss knows you.”

In the end, Lin Yun was practically dragged by the servant to the top floor. When the doors were opened, Lin Yun was stunned. He saw someone he’d never imagined, it was Boss Tong from the Clear Water City’s Myriad Treasure Pavilion. Boss Tong had a smile plastered on his face and spoke out, “Brother Lin, it’s really you! Hahaha! What a coincidence!”

However, Boss Tong never imagined that Lin Yun would turn around and leave without any hesitation.

“Hey, why are you leaving?” Boss Tong immediately stepped forth and blocked Lin Yun with a smile. “Brother Lin, why are you leaving at the sight of me? It has been half a year since we last met…”

But before he could finish his sentence, he was disrupted by Lin Yun, “You’re an unscrupulous businessman.”

Boss Tong’s expression became awkward, “Not this time. I’ll be honest this time.”

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