Chapter 144 - Eighteen Lotus Seat

Sky Piercer Altar? Lin Yun felt that the name was quite literal. The flight of stairs leading up to the altar numbered in the tens of thousands and the summit seemed to touch the horizon. It was a grand scenery.

“Young Master, do you know what’s special about the Sky Piercer Altar?” Lin Yun looked at Ming Ye. After all, Ming Ye was more knowledgeable than him.

Retracting his gaze, Ming Ye replied, “This plaza is also called the Dao Preaching Plaza, where the dao is passed on in the ancient sect. This Sky Piercer Altar is a treasure with unfathomable might. However, the Dao Preaching Plaza only has one function…”

“Dao preaching!” exclaimed Lin Yun.

“That’s right, dao preaching,” continued Ming Ye, “when the Sky Piercer Altar opens up, eighteen lotus seats will descend. Each lotus seat can communicate with the altar to obtain insight from it.”

“It was rumored that training your martial techniques is more effective on the altar. It can help your comprehension even if you’re stuck in the bottleneck. Many people have cultivated their martial techniques to greater or even complete mastery!”

Martial techniques were separated into four different stages - initial, lesser, greater, and complete mastery. Lin Yun knew that there were great differences in the stages. The difference in greater and lesser mastery would prove huge between a similar martial technique.

Logically speaking, it would take an entire year for a martial technique to reach greater completion. But a stronger martial technique would take more time, sometimes up to years.

As for complete mastery, it would depend entirely on one’s comprehension. If the comprehension wasn’t high, one would never step into complete mastery in their entire lifetime.

The Sky Piercer Altar aided in dao comprehension, allowing cultivators to save time. So much so that some cultivators who had weaker comprehension could have a taste of complete mastery’s might.

“But that isn’t the most tempting factor about the Sky Piercer Altar.”


“The Sky Piercer Altar will grade everyone on their comprehension and bestow martial techniques. That also means that you have a chance to obtain ancient martial techniques!”

Listening to those words, Lin Yun immediately understood why so many cultivators gathered in this plaza. Lin Yun glanced around and paused at the Sword Firmament Sword’s party.

There was a terrifying sword aura from that area as one person meditated. Even without opening his eyes, the aura exuding from him made everyone feel incredibly pressured.

There were a bunch of people standing by his side. They stood upright like swords, emitting a powerful aura.

But they paled in comparison to the man who was meditating. That man was naturally the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Bai Lixuan, who made everyone suffer along the way.

Although he had passed through the region earlier, the sword intent he left behind had wounded many people. Many dao comprehending treasures were destroyed by his sword intent, which made everyone gnash their teeth helplessly.

Lin Yun looked around and found Si Xueyi of the Demonic Moon Villa. It was evident that his aura wasn’t inferior to Bai Lixuan in any way.

Lin Yun even saw many cultivators who emitted a violent aura as they hid among everyone. Surprisingly, some of their forces weren’t inferior to the Radiant Pavilion.

As Lin Yun continued to look around, his gaze ultimately fell on the Wang Clan’s party. Wang Ning sat looking high and aloof. He coldly glanced around with pride on his face. Aside from Si Xueyi and Bai Lixuan, he had ignored the existence of everyone else.

Lin Yun retracted his gaze and turned to Ming Ye, “Young Master, let’s part ways here.”

Listening to Lin Yun’s words, Ming Ye couldn’t help feeling anxious, “Brother Lin, are you sure about that? This is the Dao Preaching Plaza. I might have sounded modest earlier, but we can easily help you get a seat with the Radiant Pavilion’s strength.”

The Radiant Pavilion had a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator. As long as they did not compare themselves to the four clans and four sects, they were still considered powerful.

As for Ming Ye, he genuinely wanted to help Lin Yun get a lotus seat.

For some reason, the demonic miasma in the Burial Ground had thinned down. However, the Sword Firmament Pavilion and Demonic Moon Villa had already taken up most of the benefits.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yun’s help, even the Radiant Pavilion might suffer a huge blow.

Lin Yun naturally knew why the demonic miasma thinned out. He figured that it must be related to the Iris Sword Saint destroying the ten demonic corpses. But there was no need for him to share it with anyone else since it was his secret.

“But, you will be targeted by the Wan Clan if you help me,” smiled Lin Yun, “I appreciate your goodwill. Furthermore, I’ll be able to get a seat for myself with my strength. Farewell.”

Lin Yun left without giving Ming Ye any opportunity to reply.

A long time later, the grey-clothed elder spoke out, “This Brother Lin is a good person.”

“I wanted to make him owe me one. But as a result, the Radiant Pavilion owed him one instead.” Ming Ye smiled bitterly.

The Dao Preaching Plaza was massive and it accommodated many forces around the Sky Piercer Altar. Alone with the sword box on his back, Lin Yun slowly headed for the Sky Piercer Altar. Lin Yun approached and couldn’t begin to fathom how grand this place was in its heyday.

“Lin Yun’s here!”

He was instantly recognized when he approached.

“He still dares to show up? I heard that he has a cosmic treasure with him!”

“He’s courting death by extorting the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect. I have to give him props for his guts.”

“Heh, heh. He’s a walking treasury now.”

Lin Yun’s name had spread throughout the Azure Sky Realm and everyone knew how he managed to extort the two sects. Many people were looking at him with murderous intent and greed in their eyes.

“Damn it!”

The Golden Flame Sect and Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples had unsightly faces when they arrived and heard the commotion.

“Don’t worry about him for now. When we get out, he’ll taste the consequence for offending the Blood Cloud Sect!” Xue Tu coldly spoke.

The Golden Flame Sec’s Mei Zihua also had cold light flickering in his eyes. But both of them did not dare to act rashly after experiencing Lin Yun’s strength. The two had resorted to ignoring Lin Yun’s existence.

“Is this the Lin Yun that you were talking about?” An old man in the Wang Clan’s party looked at Wang Ning.

“Uncle Po, leave him alone for now. He still probably hasn’t noticed me.” Wang Ning lips curled into a sinister smile. Wang Ning had long discovered Lin Yun outside the Azure Sun Realm.

But it was different now. When he had returned to the Wang Clan, he enjoyed a distinguished and noble status. His status was already incomparable to the past and he was no longer bothered about the grudges back in the Azure Sky Sect. His desire to kill Lin Yun was no longer as strong as before. For him, there was no run to crush an ant. But when he discovered that Lin Yun had the strength to defeat Mei Zihua and Xue Tu, his interest was rekindled.

“Uncle Po, smack him down when he’s at his highest. I want him to suffer humiliation. When that happens, there will be plenty of people teaching him a lesson for me.” Wang Ning retracted his gaze indifferently.

Lin Yun still had no idea that Wang Ning had already spotted him. But even if he knew, he wouldn’t be bothered by it. Although it might be challenging for him to kill Wang Ning with just his token, defending himself could be easily done!

As time passed, more cultivators gathered on the plaza. In the next second, the altar that stood pridefully in the sky suddenly blazed with flames. The flames gushed out from the altar, spreading across and enveloping the sky.


The flames covered the horizon creating a golden shine on the now radiant plaza. It was refreshing for everyone to bask in the warm light. It was almost like their soul and body were being baptized. This phenomenon caused the plaza atmosphere to become excited, with greed flickering in many people’s eyes.


Eighteen beams suddenly descended before everyone, with a lotus seat in each beam that brimmed with a dao rhyme. The lotus seats looked simple, but the mighty power in them as they descended made everyone’s heart heavy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the eighteen lotus seats fell onto the ground, the entire plaza shook violently. Just like everyone else, Lin Yun's eyes were filled with excitement at the lotus seats. 

This was a rare opportunity. The lotus seats could communicate with the altar and gain dao insights left by the ancient sect’s predecessors. Most importantly, the Sky Piercer Altar would even bestow martial techniques based on everyone’s comprehension.

The Divine Flicking Art was a secret technique, but Lin Yun still yearned for more. It would be perfect if he could obtain a fist technique in the Azure Sun Realm.

Everyone had the same thoughts, but no one dared to step forth. Tens of thousands of Xiantian Realm cultivators gathered here, but they were only eighteen lotus seats for everyone. A brutal fight could be expected, and they would be ganged up upon if they weren’t strong enough.


While everyone hesitated, a figure suddenly soared into the sky and landed on a lotus platform. When everyone saw that figure, no one dared to sound their objection because it was the Sword Firmament Sword’s Bai Lixuan!

He had already reached the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm at such a young age, not to mention that he could enter the Profound Martial Realm anytime he wanted. Furthermore, he even possessed a complete sword intent.

Even if he did not have the Sword Firmament Pavilion behind him and came alone, he was entirely worthy of occupying a lotus platform with his sword.

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