Chapter 143 - Sky Piercer Altar

“Burial Ground?” Lin Yun was baffled. He had never heard of it before.

“Yeah, it’s a Burial Ground that’s been enveloped by demonic miasma throughout the years. All the ancient demonic beasts in there are demonized. It’s extremely dangerous and it’s said to be the location of the sect’s inheritance. You can find all sorts of incredible encounters there.” Ming Ye’s eyes flickered. “The inheritance ground is where only the elite disciples of the ancient sect were allowed to enter.”

Lin Yun’s heart became heated. He naturally knew what Ming Ye meant. From the runes, he could tell how glorious the sect once was and the temptation of the inheritance ground went without saying.

“All the Xiantian Realm cultivators in the Azure Sun Realm will head for the Burial Ground. I’m afraid that not even the three overlord forces could gain any benefits there. But we might have a chance with your Cosmic Treasure.” Ming Ye smiled. Even with Lin Yun’s Cosmic Treasure, he wasn’t absolutely certain about it.

Have a chance? Lin Yun clicked his tongue. As the Radiant Pavilion’s young sect master, Ming Ye did not have any arrogance despite his status. The Quasi-Profound Martial Realm could be considered the strongest existence in the Azure Sun Realm.

If Lin Yun did not have a Cosmic Treasure, he would have to flee immediately upon facing such experts.  Even with his Thunderblitz Battle Physique, it wouldn’t feel good taking a few palms from a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator.

On the other hand, Ming Ye had a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm with him. So if Ming Ye said that they might only have a chance, then it would be impossible for others. Perhaps Ming Ye’s real goal was someone like Bai Lixuan.

He had seen those Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples and they were terrifyingly strong. Their sword aura could even tear the clouds apart. As for Bai Lixuan, he felt even more terrifying than the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm elders from the Golden Flame Sect and the Blood Cloud Sect even though his cultivation was only in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

No one knew exactly how strong Bai Lixuan was. Si Xueyi, who was equally as famous as Bai Lixuan, couldn’t be any weaker than him. These were the only experts that were known, but who knew how many other strong individuals were hiding in the dark.

A brief moment later, Ming Ye gathered the Radiant Pavilion’s disciples. Those who were in the fifth orifice were asked to leave. He only kept a handful of people around him that were made up of the Radiant Pavilion’s sixth and seventh orifice elites.

“Let’s go.”

Half a day later, a massive ruin enveloped in demonic miasma appeared before their eyes. This place was remote and Lin Yun definitely wouldn’t have found it if he was here by himself.

The demonic miasma whistled incessantly in the wind. It was like a demonic chime that affected the hearts.

“This is the demonic miasma?”

“How terrifying…”

“It feels like entering hell…”

The Radiant Pavilion’s Xiantian Realm cultivators wore a grave expression. It was their first time seeing the demonic miasma.

Looking around, there were many wandering cultivators in the surrounding who also wore a grave expression as they stood by the border. However, most of them would gnash their teeth and charge into the miasma.

There were many bones in the demonic miasma that belonged to the ancient sect’s disciples who died in the war. From the surrounding scenery, anyone could tell that a terrifying battle occurred long ago.

Knitting his brows slightly, Ming Ye spoke out, “The demonic miasma here has thinned down. It looks like we’ve fallen behind. Everyone be careful and follow me.”

Everyone immediately felt uncomfortable when they stepped into the demonic miasma. The demonic miasma seeped into their bodies, which required the use of spiritual energy to resist the invasion.

However, Lin Yun’s expression didn’t change. Demonic miasma of this level couldn’t pose any threat to him. Back in the Sword Grave, he had used demonic miasma to temper his Thunderblitz Battle Physique to perfection.

“This is…” The group was shocked when they saw a massive demonic beast’s corpse. When they went over to take a look, all of them sucked in a cold breath. It was a colossal corpse, but it was lying on the ground lifelessly.

The corpse only had one wound, a sword wound that went deep into the organs that had dealt fatal damage. The demonic beast’s black blood was also leaking out from the wound like a small stream.

“What a terrifying sword technique!”

“Sword aura from a single sword was enough to destroy the demonic beast’s vitality.”

“I heard that this was left behind by Bai Lixuan. Someone had witnessed this demonic beast attacking him, which he resolved in one sword swing.”

“This demonic beast’s strength was in the seventh orifice when it was alive, right?”

Everyone was shocked. Although they did not witness how Bai Lixuan made his move, the wound left on this corpse left them greatly shocked.

Buzz! Buzz!

Unlike everyone else, Lin Yun’s ears twitched. He could hear a sword cry reverberating out from this demonic beast’s body. In the next second, his face changed, “Young Master Ming, step back! There’s something weird about this corpse!”

Ming Ye was baffled. Not even the grey-clothed elder could see anything wrong with this corpse. So how did Lin Yun manage to do it?

However, Ming Ye still heeded Lin Yun’s advice due to his trust in the latter. He immediately waved his hand and retreated with the Radiant Pavilion’s party.


Not long after they retreated, the demonic beast’s corpse exploded and unleashed seven sword rays that soared into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next second, the corpse was blown into pieces. Simultaneously, the cultivators who were examining the corpse were injured by the sword aura. It had happened all of a sudden. There were people who had their chest pierced by the sword aura. In some serious cases, they had their limbs broken. When the sword aura exploded out from the corpse, more than ten people were injured.

“This is sword intent!”

“Bai Lixuan is able to leave such a terrifying sword intent behind with just one sword stroke…”

“Just how strong is Bai Lixuan?”

Looking at the pieces of the corpse, the faces of all the cultivators who were affected by the sword aura had changed.

“Lin Yun, we’re safe all thanks to you.” Ming Ye sighed.

The grey-clothed elder gave a deep glance at Lin Yun and commented, “I’m afraid Sir Lin’s comprehension for sword dao isn’t far from reaching the form of sword intent. This is how you’re able to sense the sword aura in the corpse, while I can’t even sense anything.”

Lin Yun took their compliments calmly. His sword intent was incomplete,and reaching Bai Lixuan’s level was still far from his reach. He had no idea how the Sword Firmament Pavilion could nurture a monster like Bai Lixuan.

As they continued forth, they encountered more corpses along the way. Many people had already opened a path, which made it easier for those who came after them.

Perhaps it was due to the demonic aura, but the skeletons left behind by the ancient sect’s disciple did not turn into ashes. Their bones littered the ground, which added a tragic atmosphere to the surrounding.

Looking at the scenery before them, no one could imagine how brutal the war was that caused so much death.

“There’s something strange about that place.” Lin Yun pointed at a tattered wall that was nearby.

Along the way, Lin Yun’s keen sense had saved many people from trouble. He had convinced everyone of his ability.

“Let’s go take a look.” Ming Ye immediately led everyone over.

Walking through the mountain of bones on the ground, it didn’t take long for the group to arrive before the wall. There was a painting engraved on the wall and the painting seemed profound. The painting had a distinctive dao rhyme to it, which made everyone’s heart tremble. It was a dao painting.

However, there were several intertwining cracks on the wall.

“Sword marks… Damn it! It’s Bai Lixuan!” Ming Ye clenched his teeth as rage written on his face.

This wall painting was precious and it could have been comprehended by a Radiant Pavilion’s disciple. However, the sword marks on the wall had dispelled Ming Ye’s thoughts. Anyone who touched the wall carelessly would suffer an injury injured by the sword intent left in the painting.

“They seem to have taken all the treasures they could while destroying those they couldn’t.” The grey-clothed elder sighed.

The logic behind it was simple. If you’re strong enough not to fear the demonic beasts in the demonic miasma, you could also do the same.

“Perhaps I can give it a try.” Lin Yun suddenly spoke out.

“Brother Lin, are you serious?” Ming Ye’s eyes lit up with hope. This wall painting wasn’t helpful to individuals, but it would be a great treasure for the Radiant Pavilion.

“Let me give it a try.” Lin Yun walked up and released his sword aura after everyone retreated. His aura suddenly transformed, like a sword pulled out from the scabbard. Controlling his sword aura, he willed it to envelop the entire wall painting.

Everyone looked at Lin Yun in bewilderment. His sword aura suddenly retracted and pulled out the sword intent that was hidden in the wall painting. In the next second, seven sword rays bolted out from the wall painting.

“Brother Lin, be careful!” Ming Ye exclaimed out.

Using his fingers as a sword, Lin Yun managed to withstand six sword rays with his incomplete sword intent. But on the seventh sword ray, Lin Yun took a few steps back as his facial expression changed.


Simultaneously, the painting fell off the wall in pieces.

“Quick, grab it!” rejoiced Ming Ye. Lin Yun had succeeded, preventing the wall painting from being reduced to dust. The fragments still contained the dao rhyme and could be pieced together.

Under Ming Ye’s instruction, everyone from the Radiant Pavilion carefully stored the fragments.

“Brother Lin, are you alright?” Ming Ye walked up emotionally.

“I’m fine. It’s just a sword intent that he left behind. So as long as I’m prepared for it, it won’t pose any threat to me.” Lin Yun smiled.

However, Ming Ye and the grey-clothed elder did not share the same sentiments. If Lin Yu’s insight for sword dao wasn’t strong enough to withstand the sword rays, he wouldn’t be able to save the wall painting from being destroyed.

Through this event, the two had a higher appraisal of Lin Yun. Even without the Cosmic Treasure, Lin Yun was still strong.

The Burial Ground was covered in bones, and there were many buildings remaining with similar items that could be used to comprehend dao. This place was truly worthy of being the inheritance ground. Even an unremarkable construct would be a treasure for them.

After this short episode, the group resumed their journey. Not long later, a massive plaza appeared in everyone’s eyes.

The floor was decorated with grey sandstone, which emitted an ancient aura and gave off a refined pressure. There were many people gathered on the plaza. Lin Yun looked past them to see a massive black altar at the center. The flight of stairs leading up to the altar numbered in the tens of thousands.

“The Sky Piercer Altar!” Ming Ye and the grey-clothed elder exclaimed out.

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