Chapter 142 - Burial Ground

Lin Yun gained a total of 15,000 Xiantian pellets, which included other valuable herbs. His extortion was practically everything that the two Quasi-Profound Martial Realm elders had. Just a moment ago, the two elders tried to fool Lin Yun by crying out poverty. But in the end, they still had to throw everything out.

Looking at Lin Yun’s harvest from his extortion, many people felt envious.

“Are you satisfied?” The Blood Cloud Sect’s elders gnashed his teeth and looked at Lin Yun, squeezing a smile out. His acting was brilliant and it was at a level that Lin Yun would never reach. He clearly wanted to slaughter and drink Lin Yun’s blood, but he managed to squeeze out a fawning smile.

“Please rest assured. I’m someone who keeps his promises. I won’t touch anyone as long as they’re not blind like your sects. But if they keep appearing before me, then I can’t guarantee that…” Lin Yun smiled.

Lin Yun was ruthless. He indirectly told two sects to get lost from his sight, even after extorting such a huge sum from them. If he wanted to make a move, he would do so without any leniency.

“You…” The Golden Flame Sect’s elder pointed at Lin Yun in anger. But when he recalled what Lin Yun just did a moment ago, he swallowed his words back down.

“Let’s go!”

The two sects left not long after. All of them had their heads lowered and they did not dare to look at the surrounding spectators.

No one had imagined that there would come a day where the two overbearing sects would run with their tails tucked between their legs. Then, everyone saw Lin Yun gaze at his surroundings, which made them feel a chill run down their spines.

The youth before them looked like a demon in their eyes. He was an existence that even the two regional overlord forces would bow their heads to.

“I’m afraid that many of you must’ve been frightened.” Lin Yun glanced around and everyone who met his gaze would immediately run away.

Could it be that they have treasures on them? Such a weird thought rose in Lin Yun’s mind. When he thought about it, this was a possibility since they were in the Azure Sun Realm. Even an ordinary looking person might have treasures on them.

Wait, what am I thinking? Do I really consider myself to be a bandit?

Lin Yun shook his head to clear his mind.

I have nearly 20,000 Xiantian pellets. This should be sufficient for me to bring the Iris Sword Sutra to the third stage, right? Lin Yun pondered inwardly, but he wasn’t confident in this thought. The Iris Sword Sutra was like a bottomless bit for Xiantian pellets and he felt pressured by the first six stages alone.

“Brother Lin!” A group of Xiantian Realm cultivators came over suddenly.

When Lin Yun raised his head, he saw Ming Ye, the Radiant Pavilion’s young sect master, greeting him.

“Young Master Ming.” Lin Yun had no idea why Ming Ye came over with such a large party.

“Brother Lin is truly formidable. I came immediately upon hearing that the two sects were blocking your exit. I intended to make you owe me one, but I never expect that you would manage to resolve it yourself. Furthermore, you even extorted 20,000 Xiantian pellets worth of treasures from them!” Ming Ye smiled, not concealing the shock in his eyes at all.

The grey-clothed elder beside Ming Ye was also looking at Lin Yun.

“Thank you for your concern.” Lin Yun cupped his hands together. Regardless of Ming Ye’s motive, his action had left Lin Yun touched. After all, he would really require Ming Ye’s help if he didn’t have the token.

“Haha! You should’ve seen Mei Zihua and Xue Tu’s expressions. It looked like they ate something foul. Hahaha! I’ve been dealing with them for years, but I’ve never seen them looking like that!” Ming Ye smiled.

Lin Yun smiled embarrassedly and ignored Ming Ye’s words.

“But what do you intend to do when we leave the Azure Sun Realm?” Ming Ye knew that the two sects would definitely not let this matter rest so easily after suffering such a huge loss. 

“I naturally have a way to handle it since I dared to offend them.” Lin Yun replied.

If it was the past, Lin Yun might still feel somewhat anxious. But after witnessing how powerful the Iris Sword Saint’s intent was, Lin Yun no longer had fear.

Although he might not be able to eradicate the two sects, running for his life wouldn’t be a problem.

“This token contains the intent of a senior when he was alive. By activating it, I can possess strength comparable to the Profound Martial Realm!”

Lin Yun did not hide his secret and showed the token to Ming Ye. Then again, he did not reveal that he could only use this token three times.

“Cosmic Treasure!” Ming Ye and the grey-clothed elder were stunned.

“All of you back down!” Ming Ye waved his hand to get the other Xiantian Realm cultivators of the Radiant Pavilion to leave them alone.

“Brother Lin, do you still remember what I told you before?” Ming Ye looked at Lin Yun.

Looking at Ming Ye, Lin Yun replied, “I do.”

Ming Ye hesitated briefly before he explained, “I’m actually not very hopeful for this matter. After all, three of the four sects and four clans came, along with experts from other empires that have snuck in. But since you have a Cosmic Treasure, there might be hope after all.”

“The intent of someone from the golden era was invincible among those in the same cultivation. It wouldn’t be any weaker than the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators from the Sword Firmament Pavilion and Demonic Moon Villa!” The grey-clothed man spoke out. He had a deep understanding of these matters.

“Going there practically spells certain death. However, with Brother Lin’s harvest, I’m afraid it wouldn’t matter to you even if you skip it…” Ming Ye could tell that Lin Yun must have encountered a great opportunity that made him so strong.

Furthermore, Lin Yun even had a Cosmic Treasure. There was no need for him to risk his life. Ming Ye and the grey-clothed elder looked at Lin Yun nervously. They already made themselves transparent.

If Lin Yun wasn’t willing, then they wouldn’t have much odds with their trump cards. They practically had to rely on Lin Yun!

Lin Yun only took a brief second to consider their proposal. A cold ray flickered in his eyes, “Is the Wang Family going there as well?”

“That’s for sure!” Ming Ye was surprised by Lin Yun’s question, but he still replied frankly.

“Then, Wang Ning should be there, right?”

Ming Ye was briefly stunned before he nodded his head, “Yes, for sure, but I don’t know much about him. At the very least, I don’t know him as well as Si Xueyi and Bai Lixuan.”

It made sense for Ming Ye to know nothing much about Wang Ning. After all, Wang Ning had only returned home half a year ago…

“I have an old grudge with him and there will be trouble if we meet. If this puts the two of you in a difficult position, then I’m afraid that we will not be able to get our deal done.”

Listening to Lin Yun’s words, Ming Ye was shocked.

The Wang Clan was one of the four clans in the Great Qin Empire with a long heritage. Their foundation ran deep in the empire and they were practically untouchable. The Azure Sun County’s three overload forces couldn’t hold a candle to them.

However, Lin Yun actually had a grudge with the Wang Family. This fact made Ming Ye ponder Lin Yun’s origin.

“What kind of grudge are you talking about…” asked Ming Ye. He was still hopeful about this matter.

“I will kill him if there’s an opportunity,” replied Lin Yun with killing intent flickering through his eyes. Ming Ye and the grey-clothed elder were shocked. Even when Lin Yun was facing the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect, the killing intent within his eyes wasn’t so terrifying.

“Let me think about it…” Ming Ye and the grey-clothed old man immediately felt a headache coming.

They were initially afraid that Lin Yun wouldn’t agree to help them. But judging from the situation right now, it wouldn’t be an easy decision to make even if Lin Yun had agreed.

If they offended the Wang Family, the entire Radiant Pavilion would definitely face annihilation. But that didn’t mean that nothing could be done about it. The Azure Sun County was located in a remote area and the four sects and four clans did not have much influence there.

So even if the Wang Family wanted to eradicate the Radiant Pavilion, it wouldn’t be easy. Most importantly, it was nothing compared to the benefits that they could obtain.

As long as they did not clash with the Wang Family to protect Lin Yun, the Wang Family wouldn’t care about the Radiant Pavilion.

In an instant, Ming Ye made his decision and spoke out, “This transaction can still go on, but if Sir Lin is involved in a conflict with the Wang Family, I’m afraid that the Radiant Pavilion won’t be able to protect you… I believe I don’t need to explain the reason why.”

Ming Ye continued, “But, I can guarantee that the Radiant Pavilion won’t backstab you for the Wang Family.”

“Then, it’s a deal.” Ling Yun smiled. Since Ming Ye was fine with it, Lin Yun did not have any objections. He wasn’t too bothered by Ming Ye’s words, as they made sense. It was unrealistic for Lin Yun to want the Radiant Pavilion to protect him.

“Young Master Ming, can you tell me about the place now?” Lin Yun was curious about what sort of place could attract Bai Lixuan and Si Xueyi.

“It’s the Burial Ground…”

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