Chapter 141 - Noble

His words sounded out coldly, filled with killing intent that sent chills down everyone’s spine. It was dead silent. Everyone’s mouths were opened wide. They’d suspected that they misheard Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was extorting the two clans by himself?

The two clans were overlords in the Azure Sun County and they wouldn’t put anyone in their eyes aside from their fellow overlord forces. They could easily eradicate an entire clan if they wanted to, but today they were being extorted by Lin Yun.

The spectators were all dumbfounded when they saw Lin Yun playing with fire.

“Did I mishear it?”

“You did not...he’s trying to extort the Golden Flame Sect and Blood Cloud Sect!”

 “I thought I was dreaming when the two Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators allowed him to have the Cosmic Treasure. But he’s taking it a step further and extorting the two sects!”

“Is this what he wanted from the beginning?”

“Are you serious? Isn’t this a little too insane…”

A clamor broke out in the surrounding after a moment of silence. There were all sorts of words, but no one dared to treat Lin Yun’s comments as a joke. After all, Lin Yun had just killed someone by flicking his fingers. At this point, no one dared to look down on him.

At the same time, they began to feel curious about how the two sects would react.

“What arrogance!”


The two elders representing the two sects started cursing out. They were Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators and their cultivation was a lot higher than Lin Yun.

The two of them had already taken a step back, but who would have thought that Lin Yun would give them a slap with so many people watching.

Looking at the two elders fuming with anger, Lin Yun embarrassedly smiled, “Thanks for the praises. But I’m afraid that I’m still tender compared to the two of you. Before I forget, the two of you still haven’t answered my question. Are you going to give me the Xiantian pellets?”

“You’re courting death!” The two elders finally couldn’t hold back anymore after listening to Lin Yun’s impudent speech, not to mention that he still dared to talk about Xiantian pellets.

“Skycovering Blood Hands!” The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder roared coldly and slammed his hand down at Lin Yun.

An illusory palm manifested and enveloped Lin Yun. The falling palm had materialized into a massive crimson bony hand. 

The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder attacked with the intention of killing Lin Yun. His palm emitted waves of eerie killing aura. Eventually, his palm merged with heaven and earth, causing a suffocating aura to descend. 

The attack of a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm had shocked everyone. His terrifying strength was supported by a cultivation that had accumulated his whole life.

“General Slash Art!”


The Golden Flame Sect’s elder also made his move. His clothes exploded as he emitted a dazzling radiance. He was like a blazing sun that rose into the air, shining down his dazzling brilliance, which caused the temperature to rise.

“Quasi-Profound Martial Realm! This is the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm strength!”

“What power...I’m afraid that even seventh orifice cultivators wouldn’t last a single exchange!”

“It looks like the two elders are furious with Lin Yun’s humiliating speech.”

When the two elders unleashed their attacks, waves of exclamation came from the surrounding.

The massive crimson palm descended with a cold, murderous aura. Although the crimson palm descended slowly, Lin Yun knew that he had no chance of running away. The crimson palm enveloped him with a pressure that affected his spiritual energy and movement technique. 

When he raised his brow to look at the Golden Flame Sect’s elder, Lin Yun suffered a greater shock. He knew that if it weren’t for the Thunderblitz Battle Physique, he would’ve probably been squashed into minced meat by that fist.

“Two Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators have made their moves… I’m afraid that Lin Yun will really die this time…”

“What is Lin Yun trying to do?”

Everyone was baffled when they saw the smile on Lin Yun’s lips. He retreated and opened up his palm, revealing a token.

“Senior Iris, let’s see how strong your intent is!” Lin Yun wore a cold smile and sent his spiritual energy into the token. In the next second, the token released dazzling brilliance.


A surge of terrifying sword intent gushed out from the token, enveloping the surrounding region in it. The radiance coming from it collected together and shot into the sky, ripping a hole in the layers of clouds.

“This is…?” The face of the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder changed with a trace of shock in his eyes.

Before he could even react, a silhouette dashed out from the token after Lin Yun exhausted two-thirds of his spiritual energy. That figure was donned in grey clothes, carrying a sword box behind him.

When he flew out from the token, he clashed with the descending palm.


The surrounding air reverberated from the collision and shockwaves dissipated into the surrounding. Cracks began to spread out on the ground and the palm was torn apart shortly after.


But that wasn’t all. The grey-clothed figure also charged at the Golden Flame Sect’s elder.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every time the grey-clothed figure swung his sword, it would resonate with heaven and earth through its vibrations. Three swings later, the Golden Flame Sect’s elder was blasted down from the sky, creating a huge crater on the ground.

The grey-clothed figure did not stop there and appeared before the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder in a flash, causing the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder to be stunned. However, the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder only froze for a brief second before he gnashed his teeth and continued sending his palm out at Lin Yun.


The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder reacted swiftly, but not quite fast enough. He was struck on his chest by a sword. When the sword came in contact with his chest, his face paled and he was sent flying.

Huff! Huff!

The grey-clothed figure slashed his sword out three times with murderous intent in his eyes. The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder was smacked around, unable to put up any resistance. Although there wasn’t much difference in their cultivation, the grey-clothed figure was simply too fast!

“Cosmic Treasure!”

“The Cosmic Treasure summoned that figure!”

The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder held onto his chest, looking at the grey-clothed figure who stood proudly in midair. It felt as though the grey-clothed figure could tear through the sky with his sword.

Looking at that prideful figure in midair, the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder felt powerless. He could only watch in fear as the grey-clothed figure walked over with the sword in his hand.

It was the approach of death that enveloped the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder.

Death? A thought that had never crossed his mind suddenly rang out. The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder was frightened as he yelled out, “Lin Yun, I’ll agree to your terms!”


 Lin Yun waved his hand and recalled the grey-clothed figure. When the grey-clothed figure returned to the token, there was a slight crack on it.

Lin Yun clicked his tongue at this scene. The disciples of the Golden Flame Sect and Blood Cloud Sect were full of despair and the two elders had fear written all over their face. It looked like he had underestimated the power of Senior Iris’ intent…

The Iris Sword Saint had told him that his intent was comparable to Profound Martial Realm cultivators, the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm.

The two elders were genuine Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators, but the Iris Sword Saint’s intent completely crushed them. The two of them were scared to the point of trembling in fear.

The two might be in the same cultivation as Iris Sword Saint’s intent, but the gap between their strength was enormous. Lin Yun had no idea if those two were too weak or if cultivators from the golden age were simply too strong.

However, now wasn’t the time for him to ponder over this matter. He stepped forward and smiled, “I apologize for what just happened, but hey, we won’t get to know each other well if we didn’t fight. If it’s convenient for the two of you, you guys can hand the Xiantian pellets over now.”

The spectators had guessed it correctly. Since the beginning, Lin Yun intended to extort the two of them.

With the token in his hand, Lin Yun did not have to fear anyone in the Azure Sun Realm. In this secret realm, the two sects were like livestock for him to slaughter.

Even without using the Iris Sword Saint’s intent, there was no way the two elders could stop him if he were determined to escape.

Lin Yun had used all the resources on him to get his Iris Sword Sutra to the first stage. So how could he have enough resources to cultivate if he didn’t resort to extortion?

The lips of the two elders twitched when they heard Lin Yun’s sarcastic words. If the two of them had a choice, they would’ve never tried to provoke Lin Yun in the Azure Sun Realm.

“10,000 Xiantian pellets is too much. I only have about 2,000 on me.” The Blood Cloud Sect’s elders licked his cracked lips and replied helplessly.

The Golden Flame Sect’s elder also looked embarrassed and replied, “I also don’t have much on me… I only have 3,000…”

“I’m sorry, but I believe the two of you must’ve misheard me. I’m talking about 10,000 Xiantian pellets for each person, not 10,000 Xiantian pellets for your entire sect.” Lin Yun replied, which drove the two elders into a rage.

“10,000?! You might as well kill them all. Even if you slaughter everyone from my Blood Cloud Sect, I don’t have 10,000 Xiantian pellets with me!” The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder spoke with a trembling voice and pale face.

“Do you think 10,000 Xiantian pellets can be found anywhere?” The Golden Flame Sect’s elder replied, gnashing his teeth.

However, Lin Yun did not reply and held onto his chin, which made the two elders panic when they saw that Lin Yun was keeping his silence.

A brief moment later, the Golden Flame Sect’s elder gritted his teeth, “I can still afford 4,000 Xiantian pellets…”

“My Blood Cloud Sect can also take out 5,000 Xiantian pellets…” said the Blood Cloud Sect’s elder. 

“Nah, there’s no need for that anymore. I’ve decided to kill all of you.” Lin Yun grinned. “Since the two of you are placed in such a difficult position, then I’ll clear out the garbage for you!”


Lin Yun pulled the Flower Burial Sword out from the ground. When Lin Yun held onto the sword, his killing aura surged, which left the two elders terrified.

“Don’t! It’s not difficult, not difficult at all! Sir Lin, let’s talk peacefully!” The two elders knew that Lin Yun wasn’t a softhearted person. If he said that he would slaughter all of them here, he would definitely keep his word.

“Here’s 8,000 Xiantian pellets and some treasures we found in the Azure Sun Realm. It should be enough to make up for the rest.” The Golden Flame Sect’s elder handed an interspatial pouch over to Lin Yun with a dark face.

“7,000 Xiantian pellets and some valuable herbs. This should be enough as well.” The Blood Cloud Sect’s elder also took out an interspatial pouch and handed it over to Lin Yun, with his cheeks trembling.

Receiving the interspatial pouches, Lin Yun examined them and smiled, “You two seniors are truly noble to support a junior like me. I believe that the two of your deeds will definitely spread far and wide in the Azure Sun County!”


Few of the spectators burst out in laughter when they heard Lin Yun’s sarcasm. After today, this would definitely be a stain on the history of the two sects for at least a century!

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