Chapter 139 - Thanks for the Concern

The Azure Sun Realm was boundless, filled with a damaged and ancient aura in the atmosphere. There was a towering Sword Pavilion standing among the ruins. It was like Plum Blossom, filled with boundless charm, who remained standing despite the surrounding flowers have withered.

Most people could only search for treasures in the borders, and whenever one appeared, it would create a huge commotion.

Everyone knew that there were high odds of finding treasures in the Sword Pavilion, but it was far too dangerous. Just the sword aura alone had deterred 99% of the adventurers. Even if you’re bold and did not fear the Sword Pavilion’s restriction, it was impossible to withstand the sword aura.

As a result, most adventurers would only throw a glance at the Sword Pavilion before leaving in reluctance. But today, there was a massive group of people coming out of the Sword Pavilion, and the commotion had attracted the attention of many people.

“Xue Tu!”

“It’s the Blood Cloud Sect!”

The passerby cultivators were shocked when they saw the leader of the party. In the Azure Sun County, only the three overlord forces would dare to enter the Sword Pavilion. If the overlord forces did not have High-Grade Profound Artifacts, they wouldn’t visit recklessly.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Not long later, another party came out from the Sword Pavilion, and their numbers weren’t any lower than the Blood Cloud Sect.

“It’s the Golden Flame Sect!”

“How rare for the two sects to join forces together and enter the Sword Pavilion.”

“Aren't the three overlord forces known to refuse each other and fight whenever they meet?”

“Something isn’t right. Look at Mei Zihua and Xue Tu’s faces…”

The fact that two overlord forces entered the Sword Pavilion had attracted many people’s attention. Mei Zihua’s face was pale, and he even had a trace of blood hanging by his lips.

He was holding a jade strip in his right hand, and he did not dare to let go of it. It seemed that he had suffered some light injuries when breaking the restrictions.

“Tsk, tsk! What a piece of garbage to use so much effort to break a small restriction. I guess that the jade strip you’re holding is probably a piece of trash.” Xue Tu started smiling eerily when he saw Mei Zihua.

The two sects had camped outside the Sword Grave’s black hole for four days and only left when they were sure that Lin Yun died. However, Mei Zihua and Xue Tu weren’t willing to go without taking anything.

As a result, the two of them used their High-Grade Profound Artifacts to obtain a jade strip from the Sword Pavilion.

Wiping the trace of blood on his lips, Mei Zihua smiled, confidently, “Then I’m afraid that I might disappoint you.”


When he opened his hand, the jade strip was lying in his palm, permeated sword aura, attracting a mighty gale.

“What powerful sword aura!”

“It must be a Profound     Martial Technique!”

“No, it might even be a Secret Art!”

The commotion not only left everyone from the Blood Cloud Sect nervous, but the spectators also grew emotional.

“Now, you know whose jade strip is a piece of trash.” Mei Zihua sneered when he saw Xue Tu’s gloomy face and stuck the jade strip on his forehead. In the next second, a massive tide of information flooded into his mind.

“15th July, a cloudy day. It has been nearly two months since I came under master. The senior brothers and sisters have treated me well, making me feel home, unlike those outside who will only bully me. When I went down the mountain today to gather herbs for my master, I drank a few bottles of wine along the way. Life is great…” Mei Zihua’s face changed when he read through the information. Shortly after, his face turned pale.

“Hahaha!” Xue Tu laughed when he saw Mei Zihua’s face. He did not need to guess to know that Mei Zihua’s jade strip was a piece of trash. “As if garbage like you can get anything good.”

“I don’t believe that you managed to get anything good!” Mei Zihua’s face twisted when he heard Xue Tu’s ridicule.

“I don’t need Brother Mei to be concerned about that.” Xue Tu smiled.


He opened his hand, revealing a pink jade strip that permeated a charming radiance. It was as dazzling as the star and didn’t seem to be a mortal object.

“What a beautiful jade strip!”

“This jade strip must be a treasure! No wonder Xue Tu looks so confident!”

“So, he was waiting to embarrass Mei Zihua!”

Xue Tu looked at Mei Zihua’s face, which was drained of colors, and smiled, “You’re not my match!”

He stuck the jade strip on his forehead, and a tidal wave of information flooded his mind.

“18 June, a clear day. A new junior disciple joined, and his silliness looked adorable. He also looks pretty handsome! Heh, heh! Teasing him has been fun, but senior brother is more handsome. Senior brother will return to the Sword Grave today. Should I go for a red or blue dress? It’s so hard to make a choice…red dress...”

When the information kept repeating red and blue dresses, Xue Tu’s face turned green. This was clearly a young lady’s thoughts, and it had no value to him.

“I wonder what powerful technique did Brother Xue obtain? Do you mind sharing with us?” Mei Zihua chuckled when he saw Xue Tu’s ugly expression.

Xue Yu’s lips twitched and kept the jade strip, “Why do I have to tell you anything?”

“That’s unlike you. Don’t tell me that jade strip had recorded the lovesick diary of a woman?” Mei Zihua continued to ridicule. He did not intend to let go of an opportunity to get back at Xue Tu.

All the spectators immediately understood that the two of them were unlucky. The jade strips that the two had obtained after putting in so much effort only contained unimportant news. Then again, it was common to see this in the ruins of a sect.

Just when Mei Zihua and Xue Tu were facing off, the ground suddenly trembled.


Before they could even respond, the Sword Pavilion suddenly collapsed, raising a cloud of dust in the surrounding. Simultaneously, a terrifying sword aura transformed into a mighty gale and blew in the surrounding.

When the ground collapsed and trembled, everyone was both shocked and fearful. Mei Zihua and Xue Tu’s faces changed dramatically, and retreated with the expert of their sects.

When the sword aura dissipated, the two of them exchanged a glance. They could sense something amiss about this situation.


While they were both bewildered, a silhouette suddenly soared out from the Sword Pavilion’s ruins, slowly walking out of the cloud of dust. His appearance gradually cleared up in everyone’s view.

“It’s...Lin Yun!”

“This bastard isn’t dead!”

The experts of the two sects immediately recognized Lin Yun. In the next second, their faces became brilliant.

“Thanks for the concern, but I’m afraid that I’m still alive.” Lin Yun rubbed his nose and smiled.

The Xiantian Realm cultivators of the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect were shocked. They never expected that Lin Yun would still be alive after falling into the black hole. It was something that not even a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator dared to step in.

“The Cosmic Treasure of my Blood Cloud Sect isn’t someone the likes of you can snatch!” Xue Tu’s body trembled with anger. Now that Lin Yun was still alive, he planned to settle their grudges once and for all.

Killing intent permeated from his eyes, and the spiritual energy within his body began to surge.

“Do you really have the Cosmic Treasure?” Mei Zihua questioned coldly with a smear of greed in his eyes.

At the same time, the Xiantian Realm cultivators of the two sects glared daggers at Lin Yun.

Cosmic Treasure! The spectator’s faces changed when they heard Mei Zihua and Xue Tu’s words. They now knew why the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect would enter the Sword Pavilion together. So it turns out that they went for Cosmic Treasures.

In an instant, all the questions they had in their mind were answered. Based on their words, that Cosmic Treasure seems to have fallen into Lin Yun’s hand.

“That brat...actually snatched a Cosmic Treasure from the two sects!” Everyone sucked in a cold breath in disbelief.

Looking at Xue Tu and Mei Zihua, Lin Yun replied, “It’s an ownerless item. Don’t make it sound like they belong to your sects.”

“But this ownerless item isn’t something that anyone can take!” Xue Tu waved his hand with a grim face. “Kill him!”


In a split second, the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect sent out four cultivators each. They were all in the Fifth Stage of the Xiantian Realm, charging at Lin Yun.

A powerful aura exploded from their bodies, and the eight of them unleashed their ultimate attacks ruthlessly.

However, Lin Yun wore a playful smile with a cold light in his eyes. He was no longer afraid of the two sects.

“This brat is actually not trying to run. He’s basically courting death!” The four cultivators sent out their attacks at Lin Yun. Their attacks combined together would even give a Seventh Orifice cultivator a hard time.

“Is that all you guys have?” Lin Yun sneered.

The eight of them were shocked when they saw Lin Yun’s response, with bewilderment in their eyes.

Lin Yun snorted in his heart and soared into the sky. In that split second, the sky became dark with clouds gathering from the surrounding. Along with a smear of lightning flickering through the horizon, a thunderous roar echoed out from Lin Yun’s body. The Thunderblitz Battle Physique’s aura had exploded forth like a ferocious beast.

The eight Fifth Orifice cultivators were all sent flying out, with a trace of blood hanging by their lips. When they fell onto the ground, they looked at Lin Yun with shock, “This is…”

Lin Yun’s body was like a violet jade that dazzled; his eyes were blazing with flames. The violent aura that he was giving off made them feel a terrifying pressure, permeated from the perfected Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

“Die!”  Lin Yun roared and clenched his fist, containing great power and permeated with bewitching lightning and fire. He threw his punch forth, exploding with a terrifying aura.

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