Chapter 138 - The Secret Realm Collapses

Lin Yun took out two mid-grade spiritual stones without any hesitation. Holding onto one with each of his hands, he sat down and closed his eyes. He began to circulate his spiritual energy through his veins based on the Iris Sword Sutra’s technique.

The meridians were separated into the primary and secondary. Before unlocking the Profound Martial Channel, a cultivator would only have eight primary meridians. On the other hand, there were countless secondary meridians and it was impossible to clear up all of them in one’s lifetime.

All martial techniques came with a mantra and the circulation would be different for each one. By using the physique’s origin energy, it would change into new energy.

The Iris Sword Sutra’s mantra was cryptic and challenging to comprehend. If Lin Yun’s comprehension were poor and he made the wrong insight, he would have to pay a considerable price for it.

In severe cases, he might even experience his meridians sapping and running amok. But fortunately, the first six stages wouldn’t be a problem for Lin Yun with his comprehension.

All it took was for Lin Yun to chant the mantra several times in his heart to fully comprehend it.

As Lin Yun circulated his spiritual energy through his body based on what he comprehended from the Iris Sword Sutra, his spiritual energy began to course through his primary and secondary meridians in a complicated cycle.

Many secondary meridians unlocked and he cleared them up with his spiritual energy. It didn’t take long for the two mid-grade spiritual stones in his hand to be completely drained.

Throwing them away, Lin Yun took out another two mid-grade spiritual stones and continued his cultivation. The speed with which the Iris Sword Sutra exhausted his spiritual stones was unprecedented.

In just an hour, he had already drained over ten mid-grade spiritual stones. He was shrouded in a violet mist and the Iris Sword Sutra was flowing through his veins like a stream. He was also drenched in sweat from the process.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed. Lin Yun had exhausted over ten thousand mid-grade spiritual stones, hundreds of Xiantian pellets, and even half of the remaining solidified spiritual essence. But even so, he was barely able to reach the Iris Sword Sutra’s first stage.

The golden cyclone that was covered in flames had transformed into the shape of an Iris Flower. Although it had only taken the outline of an Iris Flower, it was already terrifying.

During the ten days, Lin Yun had attempted the Iris Sword Sutra 306 times. But every attempt ended with the Iris Flower shattering. He couldn’t manifest it.

Every cycle would drain him of his energy, which also brought a piercing pain. But today, he had finally formed the outline of the Iris Flower and consolidated it. The golden cyclone no longer existed, it was replaced by the outline of the Iris Flower.

Lin Yun opened his eyes after a long time had passed. Invisible energy left his hands and hacked a wall that was a hundred meters away.


Bits of rock flew, revealing a long mark on the wall that went half an inch deep.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Yun unleashed more of his energy, leaving growing marks on the wall. In just a brief moment, the wall was covered in hundreds of intertwining crevices.

“The first stage alone allows me to blast my energy out a hundred meters. Each strand of energy I sent out was as sharp as swords.” Lin Yun was shocked by the Iris Sword Sutra’s power.

He had to rely on his spiritual energy to shatter rocks a hundred meters away in the past. If he included the tough and soft energy concept, he could reduce stones into dust. 

But it wasn’t refined enough compared to his energy now. While inheriting the ferocity of his Xiantian Pure Yang Art, the Iris Sword Sutra was more penetrative and refined.

Lin Yun's eyes glowed with excitement. He wanted to test the Iris Sword Sutra’s limits. He threw out a punch from the platform.


The platform exploded, with cracks spreading out in the form of cobwebs. The cracks intertwined into an almost perfect outline of an Iris Flower. But shortly after, the cracks mended themselves as if nothing happened.

“Even if I don’t use that sword gleam from my Martial Soul, the sword energy in my fist is already terrifying. So much so that I can even cause damage to this platform. If my fist is directed at a cultivator instead…”

A cold flash flickered through Lin Yun’s eyes. His iris spiritual energy was now comparable to Mei Zihua’s Golden Flame Art. Back then, he was troubled because the complete mastery of his Xiantian Pure Yang Art couldn’t suppress the third stage of Mei Zihua’s Golden Flame Art.

If Lin Yun fought with Mei Zihua now, he was confident that he could suppress the latter without using the tough and soft concept.

But the Iris Sword Sutra’s demand is terrifying. Even after exhausting all the resources I have, I barely made it into the first stage. Lin Yun muttered inwardly. The stronger the cultivation technique, the stronger the resource exhaustion. But the resources needed to cultivate the Iris Sword Sutra was simply shocking!

Lin Yun shook his head, tossing all his thoughts to the back of his mind. Despite feeling satisfied, Lin Yun still felt a little pitiful. He had a cultivation technique, but he did not have any compatible martial technique to go along with it. The Thunderclap Sword Art wasn’t compatible with the Iris Sword Sutra.

“Wait...I still have that jade strip.” An idea rose in Lin Yun’s heart. He took out the jade strip with the Divine Flicking Sword recorded on it. He muttered to himself, “I should be able to look at it with my current strength now…”

When he placed the jade strip on his forehead, a massive amount of information rushed into his mind once more.

“Secret Art—Divine Flicking Sword. Extremely powerful, exhibiting destructive prowess with a finger flick. It’s extremely taxing on the body and it’s inadvisable for those without a powerful physique to learn it…”

He was able to read the massive wave of information upon reaching the first stage in his Iris Sword Sutra. The Divine Flicking Sword required a powerful physique. Wasn’t his Thunderblitz Battle Physique considered a powerful physique?

Lin Yun carried on reading, “The Divine Flicking Sword has a total of five stages. The First Stage—Flashing Aura, Flicking Fingers; the Second Stage—Graceful Moment, Absolute Hit; the Third Stage—Heart Connection, Spiritual Sword; the Fourth Stage—Pinnacle Finger, Great Disaster; the Fifth Stage—Fingers Flick, Descending Stars…do not try to cultivate this without strong comprehension or you would be embarrassing my name, the Iris Sword Saint.”

Lin Yun smiled at the last sentence. He never expected that the Divine Flicking Sword was also something left by the Iris Sword Saint. He could imagine that the Iris Sword Saint was prideful when he was alive and most people in the world were probably stupid in his eyes.

Since it was a secret art, it must have a harsh comprehension requirement. If anyone could cultivate it, then it wouldn’t be a secret art.

“Please forgive me, Senior. I will try tackling this today,” muttered Lin Yun even if the Iris Sword Saint couldn’t hear him. Then, he began comprehending the jade strip.

The jade strip was stuck to his forehead for over three hours before Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes. Lin Yun put the jade strip away and then placed his thumb and middle finger together.

Then, he flicked his finger and a sword flash shot out. It pierced through the air and reverberated into the surrounding.


The sword flash left a deep mark on the wall, stretching for a thousand meters.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Rocks fell from the wall like snow in an avalanche. Lin Yun was shocked by the power, “I’m afraid that not even an ordinary seventh orifice cultivator can accomplish this feat.”

Perhaps a seventh orifice cultivator could unleash an attack more powerful than this, but they couldn’t release this type of attack with a flick of their finger.

“How unbelievable. Just a single flick can release such destructive prowess.”

Most importantly, this was his first time executing it and his ability couldn’t even be considered lesser mastery. 

Time to leave now! Lin Yun raised his head and his expression turned grave. His skin started to emit a magenta colored radiance and his body transformed into dazzling jade.

Lin Yun had tasted how terrifying the demonic miasma was, so he cautiously triggered the Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

Using all his force, Lin Yun jumped into the sky and grabbed onto a rock piece before he began to climb. Not long after, Lin Yun finally reached the demonic miasma in the black hole.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The demonic miasma started to eat into Lin Yun’s body. Fortunately, the demonic miasma here wasn’t too terrifying, so Lin Yun could easily withstand it.

Two hours later, when demonic miasma became dense, the pain started overwhelming Lin Yun’s mind. Lin Yun suffered greatly from the indescribable pain.

However, when the demonic miasma began to pound on Lin Yun’s consciousness, the Iris Flower and spiritual energy within his body tore it apart. But even so, the intensity of the demonic miasma grew stronger and left sinister wounds on his face.

His body was constantly sliced by the eerie blades as they tested his willpower. It was like his body was an unpolished jade that was being carved.

The violet glow on his skin grew denser, while the Fiery Demon Physique’s redness gradually decreased. The Thunderblitz Battle Physique was ultimately a body refinement technique that focused on the thunder element.

Senior Iris did not lie to me. Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with willpower. He gnashed his teeth and continued climbing up. His physique continued to undergo this hellish tempering and was growing stronger at a terrifying pace.


When he jumped and landed on the Sword Grave, his physique was magnificent. His body looked like an exceptional purple jade, basking in lightning flickers. His body was no longer magenta, but violet. This was the last stage missing from Wan Clan’s Thunderblitz Battle Physique and the hellish experience had perfected his physique for him.

When he looked out, the Sword Grave was empty. The Golden Flame Sect and the Blood Cloud Sect had left long ago. Evidently, they had considered him dead.

Lin Yun didn’t dawdle and followed his memory to the exit. Not long later, a starry gate appeared in his sight. He let out a sigh of relief; he was finally able to leave this place.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

But suddenly, the Sword Grave collapsed and the ancient swords shattered into pieces, drifting in the wind. The Iris Sword Saint must’ve sacrificed himself to destroy the ten demonic corpses, causing the secret realm to start collapsing.

Lin Yun’s face changed and he dashed towards the starry gate, when all of a sudden, he saw cracks appear on the gate.

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