Chapter 137 - Iris Sword Sutra

There are secrets in my body that not even the Iris Sword Saint can see-through? There was a trace of shock in his eyes. Could it be his Martial Soul, the broken sword, and the nine mysterious chains?

“Senior, can you share with me about the secrets in my body?” asked Lin Yun.

“I naturally can’t tell you since I can’t read through those secrets. You have to rely on yourself to discover them,” replied the Iris Sword Saint.

“Pardon my rudeness, but may I ask what did Senior mean by ‘the surprise was greater than disappointment’ earlier?” Lin Yun asked.

“Your aptitude is poor, but I don’t pick a successor for their aptitude or comprehension. I pick a successor for their heart, someone with the will and fighting spirit for the Martial Dao,” smiled the Iris Sword Saint smiled, “and you have already proven your heart by reaching such heights in the Thunderblitz Battle Physique at such a young age.”

“Thank you for your compliments, but it seems that someone has already taken your inheritance.” Lin Yun cupped his hands together.

“Yes.” The Iris Sword Saint nodded his head. “Ten thousand years ago, someone barged into the Azure Sun Realm, trying to refine this entire secret realm. But after he failed, he broke through the restrictions with his power and took the three treasures I left behind.”

Someone barged into the Azure Sun Realm ten thousand years ago and tried to refine it? It sounds like the founding emperor of the Great Qin Empire.

“Although the treasures could grant him the strength to establish a hegemony for himself, he couldn’t get the core of my inheritance without my acknowledgment.” The Iris Sword Saint continued explaining, which made Lin Yun’s eyes light up.

“Is it the sword box that I’m carrying?” asked Lin Yun.

The Iris Sword Saint shook and nodded his head before replying, “Yes, but not exactly. This sword box was something that I let someone bring to the outside world after disguising it to look tattered. I believed that the fated one would ultimately appear before me. That also means that I have been waiting for you…”

Looking at the Iris Sword Saint’s smile, Lin Yun immediately understood what was going on. Along the way, he had been guided by the ancient sword box and entered the starry vortex.

So it turns out that the Iris Sword Saint had been helping him in the dark.

“But I also left many tests behind. I wouldn’t have appeared before you if you weren’t able to discover the secret on the platform. You can do something about aptitude and comprehension, but there’s nothing you can do about stupidity,” said the Iris Sword Saint disdainfully.

Lin Yun looked embarrassed and rejoiced that he was bright enough. After all, he nearly left the place earlier.

When he suddenly recalled something, he asked, “Senior, you have already waited for so long, so why did you send the sword box out on purpose?”

“I don’t have much time left,” replied the Iris Sword Saint, “if I can’t wait for my successor, then I will have to eradicate these demonic corpses.”

Are those the demonic corpses? Lin Yun started to think when he looked at the ten corpses in the barren land. The torrential demonic ocean he had seen before was only the corpse miasma that emitted from those demonic corpses.

“What are those corpses?” asked Lin Yun.

“That’s none of your concern. I’ll tell you the core of my inheritance now.” The Iris Sword Saint changed the topic as fear lingered in his eyes.


The old man raised his hand. Strands of light shot out from the platform, manifesting into a jade paper that flew to Lin Yun. When Lin Yun received the paper, he rejoiced when he saw the four words, Iris Sword Sutra!

That was what he needed the most right now.

“Thank you, Senior.” responded Lin Yun.

“This sutra is only a key, a key that can allow you to refine the sword box in the future. If you can refine the sword box, maybe you will find out more about those demonic corpses. At the same time, you will also know what kind of responsibility you have inherited from me…” 

The Iris Sword Saint did not go too in-depth and looked at Lin Yun, “Do you want to leave by yourself or do you want me to send you out?”

But before Lin Yun could reply, the Iris Sword Saint continued, “I think you should leave by yourself. The demonic miasma might be powerful, but it’s a shortcut for your Thunderblitz Battle Physique to reach perfection.”

“Then I’ll leave myself.” Lin Yun naturally couldn’t refute the Iris Sword Saint.

However, Lin Yun could feel something amiss about what the Iris Sword Saint said. It won’t be easy for him to resist the demonic miasma with his strength.

“You can keep this token. This might be an ordinary Cosmic Treasure, but it contains a wisp of my intent when I was alive. The spiritual energy provided by you will determine the strength of the intent. With your current cultivation, you should be able to contend with Profound Martial Realms...but you only have three opportunities.”


The Iris Sword Saint flicked his finger, causing the token to fly to Lin Yun. Although Lin Yun only had three attacks, it was enough for him.

“Let’s go!” The  Iris Sword Saint waved his hand to return the platform back to where it was. Standing on the platform, Lin Yun could see the surrounding scenery pass by.

“Senior,” Lin Yun looked at the Iris Sword Saint’s soul as it dissipated into boundless sword aura and shot towards the ten demonic corpses on the ground.


The boundless sword aura permeated the air, releasing a destructive prowess that left Lin Yun shocked. However, he wasn’t able to witness the final scene. The vortex appeared and sucked the platform in before he saw the ending.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun reappeared at the bottom of the black hole, sitting on the platform. He looked around at his surroundings, it was the same as before. If it weren’t for the jade paper in his hand, Lin Yun would’ve considered his meeting as just a dream.

He raised his head to look at the pitch-black entrance. He had already given his word to the Iris Sword Saint that he would leave by himself, relying on his Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

However, Lin Yun did not leave immediately. Lin Yun still had fear in his heart from the terrifying demonic miasma. So, he decided to take a look at the cultivation technique first.

“The Iris Sword Sutra has a total of sixteen stages. The first six stages consist of condensing sword energy to temper the spiritual energy, ultimately manifesting a perfect Iris Flower. As for the higher stages, the cultivation requirement is the Profound Martial Realm. Beginning with the seventh stage, the cultivator will be able to condense the iris sword aura, which can destroy anything in the world…”

“...As for the ninth stage, the iris sword aura can form an Iris Sword Array in the body. By drawing out the iris sword aura, one can kill their enemy within a hundred miles radius with just a thought. The sword array can summon the Violet Ice Sparrow in the tenth stage, unleashing to the Primordial Ice Phoenix’s might. At the thirteenth stage, one can condense the Iris Sacred Flame that can incinerate anything. Upon reaching the sixteenth stage, one can try to refine the sword box.”

This Iris Sword Sutra has a total of sixteen stages!

Lin Yun was shocked. According to his knowledge, more stages would mean that the quality was high. His Xiantian Pure Yang Art only had five stages and even the Golden Flame Sect’s Golden Flame Art only had six stages.

Those two cultivation techniques could be considered excellent in the Xiantian Realm, but the Iris Sword Sutra had a total of sixteen stages! Even Lin Yun couldn’t assign a grade to the Iris Sword Sutra with his current knowledge.

At the very least, it should be a Profound Martial Realm cultivation technique.

Lin Yun was baffled when he read the Iris Sword Sutra. He could produce sword aura in his body and even form a sword array with it? The sword array could even summon the Primordial Ice Phoenix?! All of it felt unbelievable to him.

“This is truly worthy of being Senior Iris’ core inheritance. This sutra can even condense the Iris Sacred Flame at the end? No wonder Senior would say that this is a key…” Lin Yun sighed and immediately cultivated it.

It was recorded that the first six stages could be cultivated in the Xiantian Realm, condensing sword energy to temper his spiritual energy. Coincidentally, he had already reached a bottleneck with his Xiantian Pure Yang Art and he could no longer make progress in it.

It was perfect for him to practice the Iris Sword Sutra now.

When he sat on the platform, Lin Yun immediately understood something. The Iris Sword Saint told him to leave by himself, but he did not tell Lin Yun to leave immediately. If he were to charge out right now, the demonic miasma would definitely eat into his body and kill him.

“Senior Iris clearly wanted me to train in the Iris Sword Art by sending me out with the platform. If I can’t figure out that much, Senior Iris probably wouldn’t pity my death.”

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