Chapter 136 - Violet Sparrow Sword Saint

Not even two Quasi-Profound Martial Realm experts could last in the black hole. Did that mean that Lin Yun, who had also fallen into the black hole, died?

Naturally, Lin Yun wasn’t dead. When the earth below the stone coffin cracked, Lin Yun was caught by complete surprise and fell. After recovering from the shock, Lin Yun found out that he had fallen into the black hole and he could feel himself falling.

At the same time, the demonic miasma from his surroundings had surged into his body. He could sense the violent nature trying to overwhelm his mind, eating into his soul. It was painful and he felt like his soul was being torn apart.

Simultaneously, his skin was slowly being corrupted by the demonic miasma and manifested itself into black spots. Lin Yun began to panic when he realized that he couldn’t do anything about it.

But the second before death reached him, sword flashes swept out from the token in his hand.


The sword flashes were dazzlingly dancing around him to form a barrier. When the surrounding demonic miasma approached Lin Yun, they were torn into pieces by the sword flashes. When the barrier was created, the surrounding demonic miasma could no longer eat his body.

Meanwhile, violent magenta lightning and fire coursed throughout his body to erase the demonic miasma. As the process continued, the black spots on his skin swiftly disappeared.

“Where is this place?” Lin Yun opened his eyes when his splitting headache settled down. It didn’t take long for Lin Yun to figure out his current position. He remembered that the earth began to collapse beneath the stone coffin, which he ended up falling into.

“The demonic miasma here is terrifying.” Fear lingered in Lin Yun's eyes as he recalled what he had just experienced. Reactively, he tightened his grasp on the token that had protected him.

As Lin Yun continued to fall, he could sense that the surrounding demonic miasma had weakened and the demons manifested from the black mist had also decreased.

There seemed to be a massive space under the black hole. The demonic miasma came from the surrounding and its density seemed to increase closer to the entrance.

Is the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance here where there’s so much demonic miasma? Lin Yun was full of curiosity after he had calmed himself down.

To Lin Yun, the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance was more valuable than this unknown token. As he gradually descended, a massive platform appeared in his view.

“I’m finally at the bottom now?”

Lin Yun rejoiced when he saw the bottom. Circulating the spiritual energy within his body, he descended towards the platform. When he landed on the platform, the surrounding sword flashes returned to the token.

The surrounding demonic miasma had also thinned out, to the point of non-existence. It could no longer pose any threat to him. But when Lin Yun glanced at the token in, he did not dare to be careless and held onto it tightly.

The platform beneath his feet was white and flickered with cold luster. The purple runes on the platform were formed into a Violet Ice Sparrow.

Lin Yun’s face changed. He knew that he had reached the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance. When he looked at the purple runes, the ancient sword box that he was carrying began to tremble once more.

“I was right!” Lin Yun rejoiced and moved out. 

After several leaps, he reached the platform’s center. The platform seemed to be made of white jade and there was an indentation on it. Lin Yun turned to look at the token in his hand. The indentation’s shape perfectly matched the token in his hand.

When Lin Yun inserted the token into the indentation, the platform trembled and began to glow. Then, the platform crystallized as if it were transparent. The Violet Ice Sparrow runes also manifested and enveloped the entire platform.


Three pillars slowly rose before Lin Yun. Each pillar had a box on it and those boxes seemed to have undergone the passage of time.

“The Violet Ice Sparrow’s core inheritance must be in the three boxes…”

Lin Yun had wandered along his way in the secret realm, so he never imagined that he would come this far. He briefly boiled with excitement before he calmed himself down. He went up and opened the box in the middle, but there was nothing inside.

Locking his brows together, Lin Yun went to open the two other boxes as well, but the result was the same as the first box. It looked like someone had beaten him to the punch and took the inheritance, leaving three empty boxes for him.

Lin Yun looked at the three boxes and was lost in thought. However, after some time had passed, he shook and sighed. With resignation he said, “It looks like someone beat me to it.”

Who knew how many times the Azure Sun Realm had opened over the course of tens of thousands of years? It wasn’t surprising that the inheritance had already been taken by someone else.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The ancient sword box behind him trembled once more as Lin Yun was ready to leave.

“Again?” Lin Yun was baffled. It made no sense for the sword box to tremble since the inheritance had already been taken...unless he had missed out something.

Lin Yun’s eyes glowed and he began to search around the platform. He spent multiple rounds combing through the spacious platform. He searched every nook and cranny, but he still couldn’t find anything.

Suddenly, Lin Yun turned to look at the Violet Ice Sparrow that enveloped the entire platform. The Violet Ice Sparrow was an illusion. It might look gorgeous, but there was no spiritual energy fluctuation coming from it.

Holding onto his chin, Lin Yun fell into deep thought, “This illusion can’t be related to the Violet Ice Sparrow on my sword box, right?”

Lin Yun immediately gave it a try and sat down with his eyes closed. He circulated the spiritual energy in his body, which looked like golden flames, into the ancient sword box.

When his spiritual energy entered the sword box, the Violet Ice Sparrow manifested and flapped its wings. The massive Violet Ice Sparrow that enveloped the entire platform flapped its wings as well. It was like it had come to life as it soared into the sky.

The Violet Ice Sparrow began to fly around the underground palace and the space around Lin Yun began to twist and distort, manifesting into a vortex that pulled the platform in.


When Lin Yun could see his surroundings, he realized that he was in a boundless black ocean.

“Demonic ocean!” This black ocean was purely created from demonic miasma and the density here was a thousand times stronger than the demonic miasma by the entrance.

Carrying the platform, the Violet Ice Sparrow flew to the center of the demonic ocean and descended. When it descended, the sea level of the demonic ocean could be seen swiftly dropping.

In the end, all the demonic miasma was suppressed in the form of ten corpses.

“This…” Lin Yun widened his mouth, but he was too shocked to speak. So the torrential demonic ocean that made him feel suffocated came from ten corpses. The ten corpses were so powerful even after their death. So how powerful were they when they were alive?

Could it be that these corpses were the reason for the end of the golden era of cultivators?

Lin Yun was still bewildered by this when the massive Violet Ice Sparrow that enveloped the entire platform manifested into an old man that was seated in the sky.


The old man turned around, his eyes were like starry skies - vast and boundless. There was a sword gleam in the depth of his eyes, which shined greater than the starry sky.

When Lin Yun looked at the sword gleam, it felt like his soul was pierced. With shock overwhelming his face, Lin Yun immediately turned his gaze away.

“Junior Lin Yun pays his respect to Senior Iris. I had no idea that you were still alive and I did not intend to disturb you on purpose. Please forgive me.” Lin Yun had already guessed that this man must be the famous Iris Sword Saint.

At the same time, he was deeply shocked by the fact that the Iris Sword Saint was still alive…

“Still alive? I can’t even remember how many years have passed since I died...what you’re seeing is just a wisp of my soul that still exists in the world. But even this wisp of my soul will soon dissipate into the air,” smiled the Iris Sword Saint, “You don’t have to fear me. I was only looking at your aptitude and Martial Soul.”

Lin Yun was relieved by the Iris Sword Saint’s words, but at the same time, his face changed. Since the Iris Sword Saint was examining his talent, it meant that the Iris Sword Saint was choosing his successor. But...could his aptitude catch the eye of the Iris Sword Saint?

In the end, Lin Yun helplessly spoke out, “I’m afraid that my aptitude isn’t even a ten-thousandth of Senior’s.”

However, the Iris Sword Saint replied, “Your aptitude is poor, but the surprise is greater than disappointment.”

The surprise was greater than disappointment?

“So much so that not even I can fully read all the secrets in your body.”

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