Chapter 134 - Real and Fake

A group of people came just when Lin Yun had no idea how to deal with this situation. It was the party from the Golden Flame Sect, led by Mei Zihua. It looked like the Blood Cloud Sect wasn’t the only one targeting the stone coffin.

Anyhow, they came at the right time!

If it was the Blood Cloud Clan alone, Lin Yun would definitely die if he showed up. But if the Golden Flame Sect were also here, the situation would be entirely different.

The three overlord forces in the Azure Sun County naturally did not acknowledge each other and a fight would definitely break out between them. At that time, he would have an opportunity.

“Mei Zihua!” Xue Tu’s face changed when he saw Mei Zihua approach while wielding the Demonic Flame Halberd. The Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples went on high alert.

Raising his brow, Mei Zihua smiled, “What a coincidence…I never expect that your Blood Cloud Sect is also targeting this stone coffin!”

“Get lost! My Blood Cloud Sect spent at least ten years deducing that the stone coffin must contain a treasure. What is your Golden Flame Sect trying to do?!” Xue Tu coldly snapped. His right hand trembled as he wielded the Crimson Bone Whip. At this moment, the rage in his heart was indescribable.

The Blood Cloud Sect spent a lot of effort on the stone coffin and many of their men died before they got this far. Furthermore, they even paid a huge price to resolve the array runes. But they never imagined that the Golden Flame Sect would ‘coincidentally’ show up at a crucial moment.

“Xue Tu, you sound as if this stone coffin is your Blood Cloud Sect’s exclusive property. Why don’t you say that you guys have researched the Azure Sun Realm for hundreds of years and everyone else should get out.” Mei Zihua mocked.

“Brat, don’t twist words. My Blood Cloud Sect found this Sword Grave first and we were the ones who removed those arrays. How else do you think garbage like you could enter here?” A Quasi-Profound Martial Realm elder rebuked.

Array? Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts, standing on a pillar.

Now that he looked at it, the entire Sword Grave did seem like a massive sword array and there were many collapsed constructs here. Perhaps the Blood Cloud Sect was the one who destroyed the nodes. Maybe the old man is speaking truthfully.

If that were the case, then the stone coffin should be the core of the array. As the core of the sword array, it has to be a cosmic artifact at the very least…

Now he understood why the Blood Cloud Sect became unhinged at Mei Zihua’s appearance.

“Are you looking down on my Golden Flame Sect?” asked an elder next to Mei Zihua. He was furious with Xue Tu’s words.

Seeing that a battle was about the break out between the two parties, Xue Tu called out to some Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples and roared, “Mei Zihua, what do you want?!”

“Nothing much, just half of whatever is in the stone coffin!”

“What if it’s a Cosmic Treasure?” A smile rose on Xue Tu’s lips.

Mei Zihua instantly understood that Xue Tu had no intention of sharing and yelled, “Go!”

Although the Golden Flame Sect’s research in this forbidden area wasn’t as deep as the Blood Cloud Sect, they never feared the Blood Cloud Sect in terms of strength.


When Mei Zihua roared, the Golden Flame Sect’s disciples all exploded with golden radiance. Any disciples who could come here were elites in the Golden Flame Sect and they had all cultivated the Golden Flame Art.

The disciples and elders of the Golden Flame Sect all released a dazzling golden glow. A grand scene unfolded when everyone executed the Golden Flame Art at the same time.

“You’re courting death!” Xue Tu waved the Crimson Bone Whip and charged with the Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples. When the Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples charged forth, they activated their masks and went into Beast Transformation.

All of the Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples exuded a sinister crimson glow. When both parties clashed with each other, spiritual energy explosions rang out incessantly. With that, the two overlord forces of the Azure Sun County had started fighting.

“Fortunately, I did not show myself.” Lin Yun clicked his tongue. His attention was entirely focused on the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators from both sides. He had a feeling that he had to use the Thunderblitz Seal or he wouldn’t be able to withstand their attacks.

“Xue Tu, I’ll give you a taste of my strength today!”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? You can’t even deal with a single Lin Yun. Don’t try to act tough with me!”

Mei Zihua and Xue Tu jumped on the stone coffin and fought. One of them wielded the Demonic Flame Halberd, while the other brandished the Crimson Bone Whip. When the two High-Grade Profound Artifacts clashed, the shockwave from their collision wasn’t any weaker than Quasi-Profound Martial Realms.

“High-Grade Profound Artifact!” Lin Yun had no idea how long he would need for his Flower Burial Sword to promote to that level. Looking at the incredible power emitting from their weapons, Lin Yun’s eyes were blazing with heat.

The aura fluctuation from the clash had created a decent splash in the Sword Grave, enveloping it in torrential sword aura. But Lin Yun was shocked to see that none of the ancient swords that were plunged into the ground moved. At most, they only trembled slightly.

“Weird… is this place not the core of the array?” Lin Yun was baffled. He was an onlooker, so he had a better view of the overall picture.


Suddenly, Lin Yun could sense the flash of killing intent in the boundless Sword Grave, causing all the ancient swords to tremble like they were on the verge of soaring into the sky. But the sword aura soon disappeared. Lin Yun only managed to recognize it since he grasped the incomplete sword intent.

There’s something weird about this! Lin Yun looked at the direction of the killing intent before turning to the stone coffin. He fell into a dilemma because he had no idea which path to take.

The stone coffin might open if he left, and if he couldn’t find any clues, he would’ve received nothing for his patience. However, his heart was urging him to go.

“Go!” Lin Yun made a decision swiftly. After all, indecision would only make things more complicated.

After making up his mind, Lin Yun traveled in the direction of the killing intent. He also started to grow shocked as he traveled. In his path, the killing intent from the surrounding ancient swords gradually grew stronger.

“What kind of freaking place is this?! The killing intent is even more terrifying than the stone coffin!” Lin Yun carefully headed in the direction of the killing intent.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun stopped and jumped on a pillar. When he glanced around, his face changed dramatically. There was another stone coffin a few thousand meters. An ancient aura was emitting from the stone coffin that was covered in ancient runes.

There were several Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples in the surrounding, looking around nervously.

An azure clothed old man was trying to break the stone coffin’s restriction with excitement.

“This…” Lin Yun’s heart fluctuated. It was the Blood Cloud Sect!

There were two stone coffins in the Sword Grave, a real one and a fake one. The Blood Cloud Sect already figured out the secrets and purposely brought a party over to the fake stone coffin to fool the Golden Flame Sect.

“These people’s acting skills are really strong.” Lin Yun rubbed his nose and clicked his tongue. Even he was fooled by them, not to mention the Golden Flame Sect. Those who were still fighting were probably still in the dark and that trace of killing intent must’ve been released by these guys unintentionally.

There were four Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples here, all of whom were in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Furthermore, there was a decent Array Master as well.

Looking at them, Lin Yun started planning how to get rid of these people.

“Wait!” commanded Lin Yun to himself.

Lin Yun was patient. There was no need for him to act immediately since he had already seen through the Blood Cloud Sect’s plans. These people would eventually let down their guards and that would be the best opportunity for him to make a move.

Time gradually flowed and the Array Master’s smile grew denser; everything had been going smoothly for him. The ancient runes that contained dense killing intent on the stone coffin’s surface also began to weaken.

When the last rune was solved, the Array Master wiped the sweat on his forehead, “We can open the coffin now.”

Listening to his words, the four Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples exchanged a glance.

“Rise!” They barked, exerting force at the same time and lifting the dense coffin’s cover. When the cover was removed, a terrifying aura escaped the stone coffin.


Within the terrifying aura, there was a token glittering with a black shine. The token drifted out, exuding an enchanting aura. Simultaneously, a torrent of killing intent surged into the surrounding, accompanied by strands of sword aura.

“Cosmic Treasure!” The Array Master’s eyes lit up. “Guard me! I’ll retrieve the Cosmic Treasure!”

The four Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples clearly trusted the Array Master and guarded him, blocking the onslaught of killing aura from the surrounding.

The Array Master raised his hand, releasing a boundless aura to envelop the token. With a solemn expression, the Array Master slowly pulled the Cosmic Treasure out.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

As the Cosmic Treasure slowly moved, the tremors from the ancient swords in the surrounding ground intensified.

“Elder Mo, can you speed up?” The four Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples were having a hard time dealing with the killing intent. 

The elder wore a grave expression, but he did not speak. His forehead was covered in sweat, which signified his exhaustion. When he finally held onto the token, the surrounding ancient swords trembled and left the ground.


The swords pierced through the few Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples, making them die a horrible death. The Array Master was shocked by this scene and immediately dodged the onslaught of ancient swords.

But when he looked at the ground, he was shocked to discover cracks spreading out from the stone coffin, which signified that the earth was going to collapse.

“I have to join up with the main party quickly! Otherwise, I won’t be able to leave in my current state!”

But when the Array Master soared into the sky, he was obstructed by a figure.

The Combination of Tough and Soft, Fusion of Fist and Sword!

Since Lin Yun did not know the Array Master’s strength, he did not hold back any power in his punch.


Who would have guessed that the Array Master would be blasted a thousand meters away? He was sent flying and the Cosmic Treasure fell out of his hand. Grabbing onto the token, Lin Yun clicked his tongue. He was surprised at how incredibly weak the Array Master was.

He was under the perception that the Array Master would be equivalent to a cultivator in the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“It looks like he’d exhausted most of his spiritual energy from breaking the restriction and taming the Cosmic Treasure.”

The Array Master who had been blown away by Lin Yun had shock in his eyes. He struggled to get up and began running away.

“I’m not going to worry about him.” Lin Yun did not pursue the Array master and started examining the token.


But before he had the time to look, the ground suddenly cracked. Lin Yun was caught by surprise and fell together with the stone coffin.

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