Chapter 133 - Bizarre Stone Coffin

The Blood Cloud Sect? Lin Yun suddenly recalled Ming Yue’s words before the seal opened. Although Ming Yue did not point it out exactly, he gave hints. The Blood Cloud Sect and Radiant Pavilion came with their high-grade profound artifacts for cosmic artifacts!

The cosmic artifacts were treasures that transcended the ranks of profound artifacts. They were treasures that could even leave Martial Profound Realm cultivators to feel fear.

Can the Blood Cloud Sect’s objective be the same as him? Lin Yun learned from Yan Tianrui that the Blood Cloud Sect had explored the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance land many times.

So they naturally understood the inheritance land the best.

“Where’s the Sword Pavilion?”

“Seventy to eighty miles to the north. But I’m not sure if the restriction was restored…” The man in yellow said, trembling in fear when he saw Lin Yun’s grave expression.

Can the restriction restore itself? Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. He had no idea if he had the strength to tear open the restriction.

“Sir Lin, can you let me go now?”


The short sword in Lin Yun’s hand stabbed into his palm without any warning, nailing his palm onto the ground.

“Good luck.” Lin Yun then left in the north direction.

“Quick, give me the antidote!” The man in yellow yelled out in pain. Looking at him, the Xiantian Realm cultivators all panicked and rushed over.

Lin Yun paid no attention to the commotion behind him. The life-and-death of the man in yellow was the last on his mind. He was only worried that the Blood Cloud Sect would take the cosmic artifacts.

Four hours later, a towering Sword Pavilion appeared in Lin Yun’s eyes. The sword aura was so powerful that he could sense it from his location.

Slowing down his pace, Lin Yun narrowed his eyes and looked ahead. Many sects still retained the tradition of having Sword Pavilions. The Sword Pavilions were generally for the elders, and it would occupy the best location.

So the interior was forged based on their preference. An elder in the ancient sect once owned the Sword Pavilion before him.

Lin Yun kicked a rock up with his foot. Using both tough and soft energies, Lin Yun punched the rock, blasting it towards the Sword Pavilion.


But the stone crumbled into dust a thousand meters away from the Sword Pavilion.

“Thank goodness that the sword aura isn’t too powerful. It means that the restriction hasn’t fully recovered!” Lin Yun sighed out in relief. If the restriction had fully recovered, then it would be troublesome to him.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, his sword box began to tremble, which caused Lin Yun’s face to change. He was in the right place. The Sword Pavilion that the Blood Cloud Sect had picked was the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance entrance. It looked like he wouldn’t be able to resolve his grudge with the Blood Cloud Sect anytime soon.

Let’s go in for now.

Anyhow, he was in the dark, while the Blood Cloud Sect was in the light. Lin Yun stepped forth and approached the Sword Pavilion.

Even if the restriction still hadn't been restored, the pressure was still terrifying. With his cultivation in the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm and his cultivation technique in the fifth stage, he still spent half an hour traveling a few miles.

In that instant, when he pushed the door, the pressure that came crashing down at him alleviated. Sweeping his gaze around, the hall was spacious, and there was a stone platform at the center.

Many jade strips were hanging on the wall, and all of them were permeating terrifying sword aura. Every single jade strip contained a horrifying restriction, and touching them carelessly was dangerous.

Aside from that, he had no idea what was hidden in the jade strips. Perhaps they might be the sect’s rules and regulations, or incomplete records. Lin Yun did not have much hope that he could get treasures off them.

“I wonder what’s recorded in my jade strip?” Lin Yun suddenly recalled the jade strip and stuck it to his forehead.


Massive information flooded his mind, and every word was like a sharp sword flash that made Lin Yun felt a splitting headache.

“Secret Art—Divine Flicking Sword…” Lin Yun could only see five words, and he couldn’t continue any further. He immediately let go of the jade strip.

When he let go of the jade strip, the massive information withdrew like a tidal wave.

“Divine Flicking Sword?” Lin Yun rejoiced that this jade strip had a secret art recorded on it, not to mention that it was also related to swords!

Although he couldn’t cultivate it because of his lacking cultivation for the moment, it was just a matter of time. He then placed it into the interspatial pouch at once.

He had to find the entrance first, and he was sure that the Blood Cloud Sect definitely entered from here.

“Only one layer?”

Lin Yun raised his head to look at the dome, which looked like a galaxy. Lin Yun knitted his brows and retracted his gaze from the dome. He knew that there must be secrets here.

He came to the pillar, which was engraved with complicated array runes. As Lin Yun knew nothing about arrays, he couldn’t understand the array on the pillar.

“The Blood Cloud Sect must’ve come prepared… They must have invited an Array Master to solve the array.” Lin Yun looked helpless. He had underestimated this matter.

Arrays looked alien to him, and he couldn’t even understand the simplest array rune, not to mention the complicated array on the pillar. But he didn’t have a choice, and he had already done his best.


But when Lin Yun’s hand touched the array runes, the Violet Ice Sparrow engraved on the sword box lit up. The Violet Ice Sparrow gently flapped its wings on the surface of the sword box, lifting Lin Yun off the air.

The galaxy on the dome began to revolve, forming a brilliant vortex of stars. The secret passage in the Sword Pavilion had actually opened even without solving the array runes.


Lin Yun’s figure disappeared into the vortex. Traveling through the vortex, Lin Yun came to a barren realm. The entire space was dark, permeating an eerie aura.

When he looked around, the starry door remained behind him, which made him feel relieved. After all, it would be troublesome if he was trapped here.

Calming himself down, Lin Yun began to examine this space. The barren land had ancient swords plunged into the ground, with some tattered constructs and pillars remaining standing.

“Sword Grave!” Lin Yun immediately knew about this place. This was a Sword Grave, and the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance must be here. When he swept his glance out, he suddenly noticed a fresh corpse.

“Someone came!” Lin Yun locked his brows together. It was just like he’d expected; the Blood Cloud Sect had successfully resolved the array runes.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled that there might be a deeper reason why Yan Tianrui wanted to seize his sword box. Even when facing death, Yan Tianrui did not tell him everything.

Perhaps that fellow already knew that the sword box could resolve the array runes.

But looking at the eerie Sword Grave before him, Lin Yun’s fighting spirit blazed. He had no intention of giving up. It was only the Blood Cloud Sect, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t dealt with them in the past.

Lin Yun flashed, and he carefully set his foot on the Sword Grave, with ancient swords plunged into the ground beside his foot.

Even an ordinary sword didn’t seem simple. But when he saw the corpse on the ground, Lin Yun did not dare to be rash.

The corpse was donned in the Blood Cloud Sect’s uniform, holding onto a bare sword hilt in his hands, with his chest pierced by an ancient sword. He was nailed to the ground, dying with their eyes opened with a grievance.

Lin Yun guessed that this fellow must’ve been greedy and wanted to take an ancient sword for himself. But when the ancient sword left the ground, it broke into fragments, and another sword pierced into his chest.

“Perhaps the swords here might be extraordinary in the past, but they’ve already lost the spiritual energy through the passage of time. The reason why they could retain their shape was relying on a wisp of sword aura.” Lin Yun made his analysis after examining the corpse.

The swords in the Sword Grave couldn’t be taken away, nor could they be touched. Lin Yun knew that he had to be cautious with his every step; he couldn’t afford to be careless.

The Sword Grave was like a maze, with hundreds of paths available. But after walking for the time for half an incense’s stick to burn, Lin Yun returned to where he started.

He gnashed his teeth and started running, relying on the vague perception of the sword box. Within the massive Sword Grave, Lin Yun ran with his eyes closed.

He had no idea how long had passed. When he heard a noise, he opened his eyes and saw a smear of light.

“Am I here?” Lin Yun looked at the stone pillar beside him. He leaped onto the pillar and looked out. 

In the boundless darkness, there was an eye-catching smear of light. Lin Yun clicked his tongue inwardly. The source of the light came from the clouds, which enveloped a stone coffin on the ground.

“The only light source in the secret realm is actually shining on a stone coffin.”

Lin Yun couldn’t tell the stone coffin’s age, but the aura coming from it sent a chill down their spines. Was the Iris Sword Saint lying in it?

But when he gave it another thought, he didn’t feel that it was possible. If the Iris Sword Saint was lying in it, it was a dead-end even if the entire Blood Cloud Sect came. Not to mention that Quasi-Profound Martial Realm was the strongest among them. They would definitely not have the guts to disrupt the Iris Sword Saint’s coffin.

It should be someone else in the stone coffin, or it might not be a human at all…

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Lin Yun jumped down the stone coffin and continued his journey. It didn’t take long for him to catch up to the Blood Cloud Sect’s party. The Blood Cloud Sect’s party was slowly walking towards the stone coffin with a heated gaze. Xue Tu was leading the party with a bone whip in his hand.

The aura that came from the two elders felt overbearing, and they should be Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators.

In this dark space with the sword aura lingering in the atmosphere, it was easy for Lin Yun to conceal himself. But looking at these people approaching the stone coffin, there was nothing Lin Yun could do about it.

If he revealed himself right now, it would be too dangerous with his current strength. 

But just when Lin Yun was at his wits’ end, he suddenly heard a series of rushed footsteps. When he caught a glimpse of the party, his brows loosened up, and his eyes lit up, “The Golden Flame Sect!”

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