Chapter 132 - Harmless

The Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance land consists of eighteen mountains, which pierced into the clouds. When he approached, he discovered that the mountains were formed into a huge circle, releasing a terrifying sword aura that enveloped this entire region.

The mountains had enveloped an endless stretch of remains. There were countless collapsed pavilions, statues, and towers. Long ago, this place was where the sect’s disciples practiced their swords.

Lin Yun could imagine the majestic scene of countless disciples practicing their swords, and how their sword aura resonated with the mountains.

The eighteen mountains had formed into a sword array. Perhaps the opponent that this array meant for was too powerful. The Xiantian Realm cultivators were like ants to the array, which allowed them to enter through the crack.

Lin Yun could see many people searching for the inheritance. Their eyes were burning, hoping to find something. If they could obtain something valuable here, they would benefit from it throughout their lives.

After all, they could sell it to the auction house, generating a huge profit, even if they didn’t need it. But Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with that; anything that could be found there was insignificant.

His true objective was the item that caused the ancient sword box to tremble. It looks like he could only search around, and he might be able to find the Iris Sword Saint’s core inheritance.

After all, anything that could be found here was dramatically different compared to those insides.

Lin Yun walked around the place aimlessly, hoping that the ancient sword box could point out a direction for him. However, it wasn’t going well. The place was too big, and it would be impossible for him to walk through the entire place in a week.

He walked around for an hour, but he discovered nothing.

“Where can it be?” Lin Yun held onto his chin and fell into deep thoughts.

“Stop right there!”

“Don’t run!”

“Leave the jade strip behind!”

Lin Yun heard yells at this moment. When he turned around, he could see someone covered in blood, holding onto an item in his hand and ran for his life, with more than ten people chasing after him.

He was used to this scene in the ruin. In the Azure Sun Realm, the human heart was more terrifying than demonic beasts. Finding treasures might be hard, but leaving with them was harder.

Every time a treasure appeared in the Azure Sun Realm, a pile of corpses would accompany it. When Lin Yun saw that person running towards him, he calmly stepped aside.


That person fell onto the ground a hundred meters away, with a mouthful of blood gushing from his mouth. He had a short sword plunged into the back of his head.

When he collapsed, the item in his hand flew out in Lin Yun’s direction. Looking at the item flying over, Lin Yun had two choices placed before him. He could either take the bamboo strip and suffer the pursuers’ wrath, which would disrupt his plan to search for the core inheritance. Either that or he could give up on the jade strip.

In an instant, he made the most rational decision to give up. His main focus was the core inheritance, and he couldn’t allow anything to ruin his plan.

Even if the jade strip was a treasure, it was nothing compared to the core inheritance. So why would he have to be bothered with it since it was nothing?

But just when he made the decision, he reached out and grabbed the jade strip firmly. His mind made a rational decision, but his body made the opposite decision.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

When the pursuers saw Lin Yun, their faces changed with a trace of fear in their eyes. Mai Zihua and Xue Tu were both famous in the Azure Sun County, and Lin Yun was someone who even dared to face the two of them.

“Sir Lin, my brothers and I have chased after this jade strip for half a day. Isn’t it improper for you to snatch it away?” A man in yellow said, looking at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun swept his glance through the crowd. Most of them were in the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, but there were a few in the Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

The man in yellow’s aura was powerful, and it wasn’t any weaker than Mei Zihua. He had several sword swords hanging on his waist, which meant that he must be the one who dealt that fatal attack.

“I don’t want to be involved in trouble, but my hands aren’t listening to me. Why don’t you chop it off for me?” Lin Yun smiled bitterly.

When the man in yellow listened to Lin Yun’s words, he smiled and nodded, “That’s understandable. After all, this jade strip came from the Sword Pavilion. Naturally, you can’t resist the temptation. But it will be easier for us since you do not want to be involved in trouble.”

Sword Pavilion? Lin Yun’s heart jolted. In the vast ruin, there were still many Sword Pavilion that stood towering. The Sword Pavilions was one of the places where you could easily find treasures.

But those places were forbidden regions filled with sword aura, and anyone who went in would face certain death. Many Xiantian Realm cultivators were here, but there weren’t many who dared to enter the Sword Pavilions.

“How about this, why don’t you let us have the jade strip, and we’ll compensate you with Xiantian Realm pellets?” The man in yellow smiled and continued, “We won’t have to chop your hands off. We just need you to open your palm.”

“Sounds good. Come and take it then.” Lin Yun wore a bright smile.

So easy? The man in yellow was doubtful, but Lin Yun’s sincere smile didn’t seem fake. In the end, Lin Yun was still a young man, and he shouldn’t be so sly.

After all, if he and his men launched an attack at Lin Yun together, Lin Yun wouldn’t have it easy. With Lin Yun’s intelligence, he should know what was best for him.

Thinking about it, the man in yellow and smiled, “Alright, then I’ll come over... 

“You guys wait here. When I get the jade strip, we’ll attack him immediately and get the reward from the Blood Cloud Sect!”

The second half of his speech was meant for his men, which he whispered.

His men nodded and looked at Lin Yun with killing intent flickering in the depth of their eyes. Since they held the advantage, how would they allow Lin Yun to go easily?

From how the jade strip owner died, you could tell that these Xiantian Realm cultivators were cold-blooded, and they wouldn’t talk to you about morals. Looking at the man walking over, Lin Yun recited in his heart. Don’t make a move, don’t make a move…focus on finding the inheritance…

In the beginning, the man in yellow was still cautious. But when he gradually approached, he slowly released his guard. He couldn’t sense any trace of killing intent coming from Lin Yun.

When the man in yellow was an arm away, he smiled, “Brother Lin, you can open your hand now.”

“Understood.” Lin Yun opened his palm, his power surged, and sent the jade strip into the sky.

The man in yellow had fully released his guard, with greed flickering in his eyes while he stretched his hand out to the jade strip.

The Fusion of Fist and Sword!

But Lin Yun suddenly grabbed onto the jade strip and formed a fist. The wisp of sword gleam combined with his fifty thousand catty of strength.


The man in yellow was caught by surprise and was blasted out by Lin Yun’s fist. When he crashes onto the ground, a mouthful of blood spraying out from his mouth. His face was pale, and he was heavily injured, no longer able to get up on his feet.

Grabbing onto his chest, Lin Yun threw out another mouthful of blood before he roared at Lin Yun, “You lied!”

“I can’t help it...I can’t control my hand. After all, I already told you to chop my hands off…” Lin Yun smiled helplessly.

“Tear that little bastard into pieces!” The man in yellow roared.

Lin Yun’s punch had nearly taken half of his life, and if he had been any weaker, he would’ve lost his life by now. When he recalled back to what just happened, beads of sweat fell down his forehead. He was actually naive enough to believe Lin Yun, and Lin Yun nearly took his life!

Looking at the Xiantian Realm cultivators charging forth, Lin Yun formed hand signs and pushed his palm forth, exploding with rings of dazzling flames.

Undying Vajra Seal!

The faces of those Xiantian Realm cultivators changed. They immediately held their attacks and took a defensive position. They knew that they couldn’t afford to belittle the dazzling golden flames.


The Fifth Orifice cultivators were fine, but the Fourth Orifice cultivators had a trace of blood oozing out from their lips and stepped back.

Lin Yun had no intention of tangling with these people, for it would only result in both sides suffering. His flashed, charging towards the Fourth Orifice cultivators to create an opening and ran out.


When the man in yellow struggled to sit up, Lin Yun charged over and punched him in his chest, sending him back to the ground.


The man in yellow vomited another mouthful of blood, which contained fragments of his internal organs. Simultaneously, a short sword was held against his neck.

When he raised his head, he saw Lin Yun holding onto his short sword, staring at him with smiles.

Lin Yun had clean delicate features. His smile was charming, and his eyes were crystal clear. But in the eyes of the man in yellow, his smile was like a demon. It was this smile that had him fooled.

“Big Brother!” The other Xiantian Realm cultivators were dumbfounded. They never expected that Lin Yun would be so decisive. Not only was he not escaping, but he even held their boss hostage.

“Don’t move!” The man in yellow yelled out, and his face was pale when he felt the cold touch from the sword.

“Brother Lin, I know that you can easily leave with your strength, not to mention that I’m heavily injured. You already have the jade strip, so there’s no need for you to eradicate us, right?” The man in yellow begged, in an attempt to convince Lin Yun.

Lin Yun squatted down and smiled while removing the sword away from the man’s neck and played with it. However, the man in yellow was feeling nervous; he did not dare to relax.

With his current injuries, Lin Yun had tons of ways to take his life.

“This short sword is poisoned, right? I believe you’ve claimed many lives with it.”

Lin Yun’s words made the man in yellow’s heart tense up. Was Lin Yun trying to hand out his judgment on behalf of heaven?

“S-Sir Lin, I-I-I... “ The man in yellow stuttered.

“I’m asking you a question, why are you stuttering for?” Lin Yun coldly barked.

“It’s poisoned, smeared with the Violet Vein Serpent’s poison. Anyone beneath the Fifth Orifice would die upon being infected. Even Seventh Orifice cultivators won’t have it easy. But I only have six of these short swords. I couldn’t have killed many people, so…” The man in yellow was terrified when he saw Lin Yun’s cold glare.

“Heh, heh! Not bad, I’ll be taking this!” Lin Yun smiled, retracting his cold glare. He disarmed the man in yellow’s short swords and placed it in his interspatial pouch.

The man was immediately left speechless. He had misunderstood Lin Yun’s intention; the latter only wanted to rob him.

After keeping the short swords, Lin Yun questioned, “You fools can’t tear apart the Sword Pavilion’s restriction. Speak! How did you guys enter the Sword Pavilion!”

Was this Lin Yun’s true objective? The man in yellow, who was already drenched in sweat, answered honestly, “It’s the Blood Cloud Sect. They have a high-grade profound artifact, along with some Quasi-Profound Martial Realm elders. So they managed to tear apart the restriction forcefully.”

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