Chapter 131 - A Bamboo Strip

The ancient sword box was already trembling even before he stepped into the ruin, and Lin Yun soon linked it to the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance.

Who was the Iris Sword Saint? Even in that era that was filled with monstrous geniuses, he stood like a dazzling star. This was the reason why his inheritance was the most popular in the Azure Sun Realm.

If they could obtain a hair of it, it could benefit them for a lifetime. But after so many years, no one had discovered the core inheritance. 

When he killed Yan Tianrui, he knew that his ancient sword box was refined by the Iris Sword Saint, using a treasure born to the world. Aside from his extraordinary sword technique, the ancient sword box was also why he could stand towering in the world.

Although the ancient sword box trembled shortly, it had pointed Lin Yun in a direction.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lin Yun immediately quickened his pace for the ruin.

When he arrived at the ruin an hour later, the atmosphere was filled with a woeful aura. Looking at the silhouettes in the ruin, Lin Yun knew that he was late.

When he officially stepped into the ruin, Lin Yun could sense how massive was the ruin. But the majority of the region was undiscovered, waiting for people to uncover.

The Sword Firmament Pavilion, Demonic Moon Villa, and the overlord forces of the Azure Sun County had already arrived, which naturally included the Wang Clan.

Lin Yun's anxiety calmed down when he stepped into the ruin, and the desolate era made him feel curious and respectful.

“Well, there’s no rush heading to the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance now…”

Lin Yun slowed down his pace, strolling through the ruin, and admired the scenery. Whenever he passed through a tattered pavilion, he would go in and have a look.

However, anything valuable had already been emptied since he was still in the borders. Lin Yun did not go in for the treasures. Instead, he was just going in to feel how majestic this sect was in the past.

“This should be the Alchemy Chamber.”

Lin Yun saw an old cauldron, covered in dust, in a tattered pavilion. The cauldron had nine dragons carved on it, but the interior was too damaged, and the spiritual energy dissipated. It was only left with historical value.

There was an incomplete painting hung on the wall, portraying a boy picking herbs. Lin Yun was stunned when he looked at the boy’s hand sign. It was similar to the Spiritual Convergence Art that he was familiar with.

But he was sure that the boy’s Spiritual Convergence Art was more profound.


Lin Yun waved his hand, summoning a gentle breeze to sweep the dust away. When the complete caldron appeared before Lin Yun, it looked majestic. At the same time, powerful spiritual music that permeated out from the cauldron.

Looking at the cauldron, Lin Yun was stunned.


In the next moment, the cauldron suddenly shattered. When the dust blew on Lin Yun’s face, he was covered in dust.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

A series of footsteps sounded out. Several Xiantian Realm cultivators rushed over when they heard the commotion. When they looked at Lin Yun covered in dust, they began laughing.

“Young man, there’s nothing good in this place.” A middle-aged cultivator chuckled.

“Everything valuable in the border has been cleaned out a few hundred years ago. So how will there be anything valuable here waiting for us?”

“So it’s just a tattered cauldron. The things here might seem complete, but they’ll shatter with a touch.”

The Xiantian Realm cultivators spoke out and explained to Lin Yun.

Cleaning up the dust on his face, Lin Yun smiled, embarrassedly, “I never thought about that and ate a few mouthfuls of dust carelessly.”


All of them began laughing when they heard Lin Yun mocking himself. Lin Yun was also feeling helpless that he accidentally became a laughingstock.

“Brother Lin!” Everyone was shocked when they got a clear look at Lin Yun’s appearance after he cleaned himself.

“So it’s Brother Lin Yun! I apologize for the rudeness previously!”

“Sir Lin, why are you so late? I saw the few overlord forces of Azure Sun County and the Sword Firmament Pavilion rushing to the core region.”

“I heard that Sir Lin obtained a profound core a few days ago and even killed a Sixth Orifice cultivator. Your strength is simply at a level that we can only look up to!”

Two months ago, everyone knew about Lin Yun when the Blood Cloud Sect issued a Blood Bounty for his head. In recent days, the stories of how Lin Yun obtained the Eighth Grade Lava Core and Dragoncloud Fruit had spread far and wide in the Azure Sun County.

Furthermore, his battle with Mei Zihua and Xue Tu was an eye-opening experience for them. Only the strong were respected in the Azure Sun County, regardless of their birth or origin, which Lin Yun’s strength had won their respect.

“You guys are too polite.” Lin Yun scratched his head, feeling embarrassed for being praised. He never imagined that he would be so famous.

“Then we won’t disturb Sir Lin admiring dust here. Goodbye.” The middle-aged cultivator cupped his hands together and bid his farewell.

Admire dust? Lin Yun showed an embarrassed smile. Well, that was true since this place only had dust. On the other hand, these people were rather humorous.

Lin Yun also wanted to leave after them. After all, he couldn’t possibly stay here to admire dust…

“Mhm?” Lin Yun saw something protruding in the hill of dust. He held his foot and turned around, picking up the protruding object, a bamboo strip.


“Weird… Even the cauldron had turned into dust with time, but this bamboo strip is fine…” Lin Yun tested the toughness of the bamboo strip and wiped the dust away from the surface.

There were four ancient words on it. Ancient words weren’t the same as modern words. So Lin Yun couldn’t recognize the first word. But he could roughly recognize the second word, which should be either moon or eye. He couldn’t recognize the third word, but the fourth word was easy, which was fire.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun couldn’t figure anything out with the lack of information. While he pondered, he infused a trace of spiritual energy into the bamboo strip.


The bamboo strip immediately became heavy after he infused his spiritual energy into it. Even with his fifty thousand catty of strength, Lin Yun was having a tough time holding it.

When Lin Yun lost control of it in the next second, the bamboo strip fell onto the ground.


When the bamboo strip fell onto the ground in a split second, it caused the entire pavilion to tremble before collapsing. The tremor spread out to ten miles in radius, causing the pavilions within the radius to collapse.


Lin Yun climbed out from the mess with the jade strip, covered in dust once more. He immediately left the place. After all, it would be embarrassing if someone saw him in this state again.

He was fortunate that this place was located on the border. Although it had caused an enormous commotion, it did not attract too many people over.

After all, this was a common scene in the ruin. When Lin Yun traveled far away, he stopped and examined the bamboo strip. The bamboo strip had gone through the river of time, and it looked mysterious.

“What kind of treasure is this? Nevermind, I’ll just use this as a hidden weapon since I can’t figure it out. Heh, I’m sure ordinary people won’t be able to defend against it.” Lin Yun muttered to himself and kept it into his interspatial pouch.

However, he was shocked once more when he couldn’t place it in. 

That’s weird…can this be a spatial treasure? In the end, Lin Yun could only carry it with him. He knew that this item wasn’t simple, but he could only research more about it in the future.

“It’s time to head to the Iris Sword Saint…”

Eating dust twice, Lin Yun no longer had the mood to stroll around. After identifying a direction, he quickened his pace.

Lin Yun had unlocked his legs orifice, so he traveled over three hundred meters with a gentle leap. If there was a need, he could use his tough and soft technique, using the soft energy to stay in midair.

If one looked from afar, Lin Yun seemed like he was flying through the ruin.

The surrounding scenery flashed through before his eyes. The majestic palaces looked woeful after experiencing the river of time. After all, this sect was once invincible.

As Lin Yun rushed to the core region, he could see the number of cultivators increasing. He could even see fights taking place, but he did not stop. Four hours later, the ancient sword box on his back began to tremble once more.

Raising his head, Lin Yun saw majestic mountains ten miles away. The mountains were like sharp blades, piercing into the horizon. There was an ancient aura spreading out in this atmosphere, and just looking at it briefly made Lin Yun felt his eyes stinging.

“What sharp aura!” 

The mountains were where the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance resides. With a glow flickering through his eyes, Lin Yun roared, “Let’s go!”

He flew forth with great agility and rushed over.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

When he got close, Lin Yun could sense unfriendly gazes directed at him. They were all cultivators who had gathered from different places. Aside from their companions, they were cautious with everyone else.

Lin Yun could sense that the atmosphere here was colder than the border. He was alone, but no one dared to provoke him. After all, he had proven himself when he fought with Mei Zihua and Xue Tu.

Lin Yun was someone who even dared to fight with the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect, so no one dared to provoke him if their interest wasn’t touched.

This should be the place…but where’s the real entrance that caused the sword box to tremble? Lin Yun pondered and swept his glance around. He hoped to find some clues here.

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