Chapter 130 - Ruins

Lin Yun held a blatant advantage in his onslaught of the crows because of his Fiery Demon Battle Physique among the onslaught of crows. 

The same could not be said for the robust man. Although his armor could resist the beaks of the crows, it couldn’t block their corrosive black flames. As for the middle-aged man, he was relying on his movement technique. However, he could only last as long as his spiritual energy could supply him.

Even though the two struggled, they weren’t willing to see Lin Yun leave with the profound core.

“Brother Lin, there’s no need to make the relationship between us foul. As long as you’re willing to compensate us with some Xiantian beast cores or mid-grade spiritual stones, we’re willing to let you have the profound core.” The middle-aged man spoke without any confidence in his tone.

The robust man nodded his head, “This is a good suggestion! Your Fiery Demon Battle Physique might be strong, but you will definitely exhaust yourself if you fight us.”

“Nope.” Lin Yun rejected with a smile. He wasn’t afraid of a fight. Even if he would have to deal with exhaustion, he would still have an advantage over them.


The robust man carelessly took a peck in his armor, which created a hole that was corroded by the Blackflame Crows. He stood within the onslaught of the crows for too long and his armor was reaching its limit.

“Damn it!” The robust man roared. He fled after killing a few of the Blackflame Crows that surrounded him.

“Have a safe trip!” Lin Yun smiled. He was still holding on from the onslaught of Blackflame Crows.

“I’ll remember you, brat!” The middle-aged man gave a deep glance at Lin Yun before leaving as well. After the robust man left, he had no confidence in taking Lin Yun on by himself.

With that, only Lin Yun remained in the pile of bones. He could feel the sorrow of this scene, having experienced the brutality of the Martial Dao once more.

“I never expected...that the profound core would go to Lin Yun.”

“That old foggy might be strong, but he still died at Lin Yun’s hands. What a surprise!”

“That old foggy deserved it. If he had dodged the sword box, he wouldn’t have been overrun by  the crows.”

“In the end, we still underestimated our enemy.”

The surrounding people did not leave. Their eyes zeroed in on Lin Yun with greed and their discussions were filled with admiration for him.

Lin Yun accomplished his goal at the expense of many lives!

Cultivators were destined to step on others in order to rise. No one would take pity on the weak.

Looking at the pile of corpses on the ground, Lin Yun’s face turned grave. Perhaps he would also become one of them in the future, but there was no room for retreat since he chose this path.

Lin Yun placed the Flower Burial Sword into the sword box that he carried and left in the opposite direction from which he came. Enduring the onslaught from the Blackflame Crows wasn’t as easy as he made it seem, so he had to leave immediately.

The surrounding cultivators sighed at Lin Yun’s departure before they dispersed. But this was only the beginning of the Azure Sun Realm, meaning there were still countless possibilities waiting for them. Soon enough, everyone regained their fighting spirit.

Carrying the sword box, Lin Yun found a remote area and settled down. He had searched the surrounding for a quarter-hour to ensure that he was alone. He was relieved when he determined that no one else was in the area.

After all, he had just obtained a profound core. Specifically, it was a Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape that possessed an ancient dragon’s bloodline. The value of this profound core was too great, so Lin Yun couldn’t afford to be careless.

Lin Yun retrieved the profound core after he settled down. As soon as the profound core was taken out, a violent aura spread with flickering purple lightning.

“Let’s try and see if I can refine this profound core.”

If he could refine a portion of this beast core, his cultivation would definitely soar. Folding his hands together, Lin Yun placed the profound core in front of his Dantian and circulated the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

The terrifying power contained in the profound core surged as it burst into his body. The golden cyclone in his Dantian radiated with a mighty spiritual energy to contain the terrifying power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two different energies clashed violently in his body. His spiritual energy was having a tough time dealing with the profound core’s violent energy. This was the first time that he had encountered such a situation ever since he practiced the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

In the past, the Xiantian Pure Yang Art would become more excited when encountering violent energy, but it had suffered a loss this time.

“What violent energy…” Lin Yun was shocked to discover that it was tough for him to refine the energy from the profound core. However, he wasn’t surprised by it after briefly pondering the situation.

He was only in the fourth orifice and a Profound Martial Realm’s beast core was too much for him. His Xiantian Pure Yang Art might’ve reached the highest fifth stage, but the gap between him and the profound core was too great.

Fortunately, he had other means available to assist in his refinement. Lin Yun kept calm and circulated the Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

To reach the fourth stage of the Thunderblitz Battle Physique, he had to use the profound core as the core that would fuse with the Fiery Demon Seal.

The spiritual energy tried to refine the core by guiding the violent energy into the Fiery Demon Seal.


Simultaneously, the profound core’s energy had found an exhaust vent to expel itself and poured all of its might into the Fiery Demon Seal. Under the profound core’s energy, the Fiery Demon Seal began to dissolve and fuse with the Thunderblitz Battle Physique’s technique.

At the same time, the primary and secondary relationship between the two began to change. Half a day later, the profound core had taken the primary position, while the Fiery Demon Seal was relegated to the secondary position.

“I’m halfway there now! Now, all that’s left is forming the Thunderblitz Seal.”

Many people had tried practicing the Thunderblitz Battle Physique, but it’d been years since someone achieved the same accomplishments that Lin Yun had. Most cultivators stopped in the first two stages, so it was rare that Lin Yun could reach the fourth stage, especially at his age.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Lin Yun started condensing the Thunderblitz Seal carefully. As time passed, the profound core in Lin Yun’s hands had shrunk down to the size of a grain.

It wasn’t as violent as before because Lin Yun’s body had absorbed most of the energy. When the last bit of the profound core disappeared, a magenta seal started to take form.


In that instant, flickers of lightning accompanied by flames exploded, filling up every nook and cranny in Lin Yun’s body, even his cells.

Under the tempering of lightning and fire, Lin Yun began to release an alarming aura. The inside of his body was transforming because of the Thunderblitz Seal.

Clouds began to gather, attracting strong winds and lightning. Simultaneously, Lin Yun’s physique underwent a shocking transformation.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun let out a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. A magenta seal was etched deep into his pupils. It flashed quickly and disappeared shortly after. With that, he had successfully cultivated the Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

When he balled his hand into a fist, his joints cracked and he could sense the terrifying power that had gathered. Lin Yun threw out a punch and created a blast of air.

“What power!” rejoiced Lin Yun. That punch wasn’t his full power, so he could imagine how powerful it would be if he used his full force.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and examined the rest of his body. At the center of the golden cyclone, the Thunderblitz Seal emitted strange magenta flames and lightning.

But when he recalled the violent power that it was releasing a moment ago, Lin Yun felt a chill run down his spine. The Thunderblitz Seal was like an untamable ferocious beast that resided in his body.

“Let’s not use the Thunderblitz Seal unless absolutely necessary. The Fire Demon Seal is much tamer in comparison to the Thunderblitz Seal.” Lin Yun was somewhat worried. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to grasp the Thunderblitz Seal.

But even without activating the Thunderblitz Seal, the current strength of his physique exceeded the Perfect Fiery Demon Battle Physique.

“It’s time to head to the ruins.” Lin Yun swept his glance out with excitement. After all, the ruins were his real motive for coming to the Azure Sun Realm. His figure dashed out like a hunting leopard.

“This is…” Lin Yun saw the Dragon Blooded Horse in the plains four hours later, leading a herd of horses behind it.

Every single horse was emitting the aura of primordial demonic beasts that were at least in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm. It was a shocking scene watching the horses gallop through the plains.

Lin Yun was speechless at how the Dragon Blooded Horse had mixed together with these primordial demonic beasts. If someone rashly approached them, they would be trampled into minced meat.

“That fellow seems to be doing great.” Lin Yun smiled and continued his journey to the ruins.

After half a day of traveling, a surge of boundless desolate aura swept over. When Lin Yun raised his head, he could see massive ruins before him.

“Is this the flourishing sect in ancient times?”

The massive scale of this ruin stretched out to the horizon left a deep shock in Lin Yun. The designs of some of the buildings went against logic, but they still stood firm countless years later.

Looking at the desolate ruin, Lin Yun was overwhelmed with sorrow.

“It seems like this ruin is bigger than the entire Azure Sun County. I wonder how a sect as powerful as this fell.”

Just when Lin Yun was feeling shocked, the ancient sword box on his back began to tremble. When he looked up ahead, he squinted his eyes, “There seems to be a force summoning the ancient sword box… could it be the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance?”

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