Chapter 129 - Not Humble

The scrawny old man was too angry to say a word. Looking at Lin Yun’s playful smile, his expression became dark. He took Lin Yun for a fool, only to be tricked and become a laughing stock.

“You little bastard! Just you wait!” The old man trembled from rage. He did not have the luxury of time to deal with Lin Yun right now; the profound core was more urgent in comparison.


The old man released his aura, which attracted a wave of exclamation from the surrounding. No one had expected that the old man’s aura would be so powerful with his scrawny build.

His aura was stronger than an ordinary sixth orifice. Everyone was shocked that he actually acknowledged Lin Yun as the leader with his strength.

In the next second, the old man charged to the mountaintop.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Blackflame Crows, who tried to get close to him, exploded like a dazzling crimson flower blooming.

“That old fellow turned out to be so powerful! He nearly fooled us!”

“He has concealed himself deeply.”

The robust man and middle-aged man were also taken aback. At the same time, they were also shocked when they looked at Lin Yun. Their intuition told them that Lin Yun had already seen through the old man’s disguise right from the beginning. It meant that they also couldn’t look down on Lin Yun.

Kill! The robust man and middle-aged man charged to the summit as well.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many people also followed closely behind, despite knowing that their lives might be at risk.

Once again, chaos unfolded at the summit. This time, the battlefield was more intense than before, for everyone knew that this was the last chance. As for the rest, they were terrified beyond their wits. They either retreated or froze to their spot.

But those who could brave through the onslaught of crows were the three that made Lin Yun feel fearful. 

The old man took the lead, gradually approaching the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s corpse. But even so, the old man couldn’t afford to be careless. With his physique, he could only take two or three attacks before he would be heavily injured.

Then again, it wouldn’t be easy for Blackflame Crows to get close to him.

Flap! Flap!

The Blackflame Crows charged over endlessly.

The old man’s face was frosty and he attacked without reservation. Each attack of his palm took down a small group of crows. He swept through them and created a path.

The old man saw a profound core in the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s chest, enveloped in purple lightning. The profound core gave off a violent aura. When the lightning flickered, it looked as if a soul was howling within the core.

“The profound core is mine!” The scrawny old man laughed, charging towards the purple lightning.

“Not so fast!” Two silhouettes charged out. It was the robust man and the middle-aged man.

“Damn it! Demonic Ape Claw!” The scrawny old man roared. His arm transformed, black hair started to grow, his arm grew longer, and his nails were replaced with sharp claws. His arm had taken the form of a demonic ape.

The robust man and middle-aged man changed their faces when they felt the pressure coming from the claw. When the claw descended, the two of them spurted blood from their mouths. Even with the two of them combined, they couldn’t hold off that claw!

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

The two of them retreated with their faces drained of all color. Staring at the transformed arm, the two immediately knew why the old man was so desperate for the profound core. It turned out that his martial soul had something to do with apes. The profound core would be a great source of nourishment for him if he could refine it.

“Get lost!” The old man snorted. His facial expression was twisted, which made him look like a demonic beast. A single glare from him had sent chills down the robust man and middle-aged man’s spine.

“Shit! The profound core is taken!”

“This old foggy is sinister! He tried deceiving Lin Yun into taking the lead despite his strength.”

“Maybe his cultivation technique has some side effects. Otherwise, it’s a little too overpowered that he can heavily injure two cultivators in the fifth orifice with a single claw.”

They then watched as the old man retrieved the profound core after blasting the robust man and middle-aged man back. Looking at the old man, everyone in the surrounding sighed.


But right at this crucial moment, Lin Yun’s hands trembled as he placed the sword box before him.

Xiantian Pure Yang Art!

The golden flaming cyclone began to circulate within his body, filling him with power. He looked majestic with his hair fluttering in the wind.

The Fusion of Fist and Sword!

Lin Yun covered his punch with both his spiritual energy and the sword gleam from his martial soul without a hint of hesitation.


His punch fell onto the ancient sword box, causing an explosion that blasted the sword box forth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the path of the sword box, crimson flowers began to bloom. The Blackflame Crows who were in the path of the sword box exploded. The sword box pierced through the air and flew towards the scrawny old man.

Everyone was dumbfounded by what occurred in the blink of an eye. They looked at Lin Yun speechlessly. No one had expected that Lin Yun would make his move at this moment.

“Terrific!” The robust man and middle-aged man instantly rejoiced.

When the scrawny old man turned around, his face was replaced with shock. Lin Yun had picked the perfect opportunity to launch his attack. If the scrawny old man went for the profound core, he would be struck by the sword box.

But avoiding the sword box meant saying goodbye to the profound core. After all, the robust man and middle-aged man weren’t far away.

The sound of the sword box piercing through the air pressured the old man to make a decision.

“You little bastard! So what if I take an attack from you?!” The old man roared and carried on reaching for the profound core, allowing himself to be hit by the sword box.


But things had progressed in a way that the scrawny old man hadn’t imagined. He was actually blasted away by the sword box, spitting a large mouthful of blood in the process. Even his aura was weakened by a huge chunk.

“This…” Everyone was shocked. No one had expected that the sword box would be so powerful.

They had expected that the old man would be injured, but not this injured!

However, the undeniable truth was in front of them. The old man was blasted a hundred meters away before he could even react. At the same time, his aura that could crush the Blackflame Crows easily was waning.

Flap! Flap!

The Blackflame Crows caught onto this opportunity and swarmed over the old man.

In the next second, the sword box opened. Petals swept out from the sword box, dancing in the sky with those crows.

“Sword!” Lin Yun leaped into the sky and grabbed onto the Flower Burial Sword and performed the Thunderclap Sword Art’s first form—Violent Gale!

Pulling out the sword from the scabbard, Lin Yun’s sword left 81 afterimages behind. When the afterimages overlapped, patches of Blackflame Crows were sliced into two and they were accompanied by thunderous roars.

When the Blackflame Crows fell onto the ground, it created an empty region that was filled with the crows’ corpses.

Lin Yun stood in the aftermath of the massacre with his sword that dripped with blood. His sword had left everyone shocked.

None of them could distinguish if the thunderous roars were created by wind or the sword piercing through the air. They could only hear a thunderous roar before hundreds of Blackflame Crows fell onto the ground.


In a dying flash, the scrawny old man charged out, blasting the surrounding Blackflame Crows away. He was covered in wounds with injuries that went as deep as the bones. As the old man stood, his body swayed. He was struggling to stay on his feet.

“Little bastard! You dare scheme against me!” The scrawny old man looked at Lin Yun maniacally. His hatred had manifested in his eyes, turning them red.

The attack from Lin Yun was comparable to a strike from a seventh orifice cultivator, which caught him by surprise.

Scheme against you? Lin Yun sneered, “I still have more to learn compared to you. At the very least, I did not use others as cannon fodder. We need to set a boundary for ourselves in life. Furthermore, I have a stronger desire for the profound core!”

Lin Yun’s desire for the Thunderblitz Battle Physique was stronger than the old man’s desire to improve his martial technique. On top of this, Lin Yun did not use others as cannon fodders to achieve his goal.

“Are you reprimanding me? Haha! You’re not qualified to reprimand me! If I can’t get the profound core, you can dream of getting it as well!” The old man looked at Lin Yun and spread his hand apart, throwing the profound core into his mouth.

“Damn it! That old foggy is mad! He wants to self-destruct!”

“Quick, run!”

The robust man and middle-aged man were terrified by this scene and quickly retreated.

However, Lin Yun did not have any change in his expression. A rose drifted down from the sky. Lin Yun swung his sword out when the rose overlapped with the old man.

His sword flashed, cleansing the old man of his sins. There was a brief instance of beauty that came from the sword gleam that Lin Yun released.

The second form of the Thunderclap Sword Art—Drifting Flowers!

Who can chase up to the drifting flower? And who can sense the beauty of it?

The scrawny old man couldn’t catch up or sense it. His heart had been twisted with viciousness and conspiracy against others.


The old man was sliced into two before he could consume the profound core.

Sheathing his sword, Lin Yun grabbed the profound core with his hand. When he turned around, the robust man and middle-aged man stopped their retreat. They were both looking at the profound core in Lin Yun’s hand with greed.

Although Lin Yun’s sword had opened their eyes to a new world, it couldn’t deter their greed for the profound core. But the two of them were fearful after witnessing Lin Yun’s sword technique. They both fell into hesitation and did not dare to make a rash move.

With that, the situation fell into a deadlock. Only the Blackflame Crows continued with their assault on the three of them.

Releasing a faint glow, Lin Yun took on the Fiery Demon Battle Physique’s form.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Regardless of how the Blackflame Crows threw themselves at him, they couldn’t leave any injuries on his body.

Putting the profound core into his interspatial pouch, Lin Yun held onto his chin and looked at the two without any trace of humility. He smiled, “The two of you want to compete with me in endurance? Unfortunately, I’m afraid that it’s hard for me to lose even if I wanted to…”

The robust man and middle-aged man's faces were drained of their color from rage as they listened to Lin Yun’s words. But looking at Lin Yun’s physique, they nearly vomited blood from their frustration.

The crows couldn’t do anything to Lin Yun, who possessed the Fiery Demon Battle Physique. If time dragged out, the situation would be unfavorable for them.

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