Chapter 128 - Why would I trick you?

Lightning was flickering on the peak of the barren mountain. Shrouded by thunderclouds, there was a long streak of lightning that illuminated the flock of Blackflame Crows.

Could it be a thunder elemental demonic beast?

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered with expectation. His Thunderblitz Battle Physique had reached the third stage, and if he wanted to take another step further, he would have to kill a thunder elemental demonic beast that was at least in the seventh orifice and take its beast core.

He could only form the genuine Thunderblitz Battle Physique by combining the beast core and Fiery Demon Battle Physique.

If he could successfully cultivate the Thunderblitz Battle Physique, his strength would only increase. Based on his physique alone, he could reach at least fifty thousand catty of strength, and his defense could even resist the attack of a seventh orifice cultivator.

“What a strong pressure… It’s already dead, but its aura is still so terrifying!”

“The deceased demonic beast must be in the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, at the very least. I’m afraid that it must have a horrifying bloodline.”

“But this flock of Blackflame Crows is troublesome.”

The Xiantian Realm cultivators gathered at the foot of the mountain increased. In just a short moment, there were already a few hundred cultivators gathered.

Discussion sounded out, showing their great interest in that unknown demonic beasts’ corpse. Lin Yun wasn’t the only one interested in it.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

People started to ascend the mountain. When Lin Yun looked around, he could see many cultivators in the surrounding. Just cultivators in the Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm alone, there were many them.

“Looks like many people have their attention directed over.” Lin Yun was crestfallen when he saw the number of people. He could imagine how intense the battle would be.

That was the rule in the Azure Sun County. Be it treasures or profound cores; they could only be obtained by those who were capable. It’s impossible not to take risks and get involved in conflicts.

It only took a moment for Lin Yun to decide to take a look. He joined the mountain climbing army with the sword box behind him.

But when they got higher, the pressure would increase. Many Xiantian Realm cultivators barely climbed half of it before they were gasping for their breath.

But for Lin Yun, who possesses the Fiery Demon Battle Physique, it was nothing to him. He could even ascend the Heavenly Flame Peak back then, not to mention this barren mountain.

But when he was about to approach the peak, the nearby cultivators all hid and carefully looked out. After spending a few days here in the Azure Sun Realm, everyone had become cautious.

“What a huge demonic beast’s corpse…”

“It’s a Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape!”

“What terrifying aura! It feels so oppressive even when it’s dead!”

Some cultivators exclaimed out when they saw this scene.

The corpse is enormous? Lin Yun couldn’t understand why everyone was so exaggerating. When he hid and carefully looked out, the mountain top was covered in traces of lightning strikes. There was a massive stone at the top of the mountain. It was a few hundred meters in length and about thirty meters in width. 

The stone itself looked like a small hill, but where was the corpse? Just when Lin Yun was baffled, the region was suddenly illuminated by a bolt of lightning. When the lightning flashed past, Lin Yun’s mouth was wide open.

It wasn’t a small hill, but that was the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s corpse! Just that it was black, which made it easy to overlook. Above the corpse, thousands of Blackflame Crows hovering above the corpse, pecking at the corpse unhurriedly.

The beak of the Blackflame Crows was sharper than profound artifacts. Even if the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s defense was tough, it still couldn’t stop the sharp beaks.

Furthermore, the flames that the Blackflame Crows spat out were corrosive black flames. It didn’t take long for the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape to be shrunk down by the Blackflame Crows.


When the beaks of the Blackflame Crows pierced into the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s stomach, a terrifying Profound Martial Realm aura started spreading out.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

On the mountain peak, a few purple bolts descended from the sky.

“Profound Martial Realm!”

“Holy shit! It’s really a Profound Martial Realm demonic beast!”

“This Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape must’ve just broken through the Seventh Orifice of the Martial Realm, but died the moment it broke through the bottleneck.”

“If it can grow up, it can definitely grow into a terrifying demonic beast that transcends the Profound Martial Realm.”

“It must have a profound core!”

Everyone around the peak instantly few frantic with greed in their eyes. Even a common profound core could send them into a frenzy, not to mention that Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape possesses an ancient bloodline.

Lin Yun also charged forth as well. His gaze was blazing, but he kept his calm.

He looked at the sharp beaks of those corpse-eating Blackflame Crows. If anyone dared to step up, they would definitely suffer.

“Everyone, let’s go together! They’re just a bunch of crows, and why do we have to be afraid of these birds?!”

They were blinded with greed, tossing the sheer number of crows to the back of their heads. In the next second, a group of cultivators charged at the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape’s corpse. Despite knowing that it would be dangerous, they still felt that they were the special ones among the mass.

Flap! Flap!

The Blackflame Crows were alarmed by the commotion. Flapping their wings, they clashed with the human cultivators. It didn’t take long for the scene to be chaotic.

Countless corpses that belonged to the Blackflame Crows fell from the sky. The corpses from human cultivators also littered the ground as well.

Wails and howls sounded out from the battlefield, that struck horror in the hearts of whoever heard it. The cultivators were being torn apart, pecked to death by Blackflame Crows. Every time the Blackflame Crows attacked, it would tear off a piece of flesh from the human cultivators. In just a brief encounter, the human cultivators had chunks of flesh ripped from their bodies.

“My eyes…”

Lin Yun saw a fourth orifice cultivator having his eye pierced by a Blackflame Crow. But that wasn’t all; the black flames from the crow dashed out, plugging into the wound like an arrow.


When the flames were injected into the eyes and came out from the back of the head, that human cultivator’s head popped.

Flap! Flap! Flap!

The Blackflame Crows began to unleash their ultimate attack, spitting out lumps of corrosive black flames into the crowd, drawing wails and howls from human cultivators. As fear took over everyone, the remaining human cultivators began to retreat.

“Holy shit! I can’t even gain a footing in my fight with those Blackflame Crows. Their beaks pierced, even my armor!”

“Be happy that you’re still alive. The black flames’ corrosive ability is too strong. It’s impossible to resist those flames with the physique of a Xiantian Realm cultivator!”

Everyone who fled had lingering fear in their eyes, with their faces paled. The battle didn’t take long, but the ground was littered with hundreds of corpses of human cultivators and Blackflame Crows.

However, no one left despite their failure. They did not want to give up so easily. At the same time, the foot of the mountain welcomed another batch of people.

The Blackflame Crows took a heavy blow to their numbers, which gave hope to the human cultivators. It would be enough if they launched another attack, but they couldn’t muster any courage looking at the pile of corpses on the ground.

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered in deep thoughts. He did not look at the Blackflame Crows, but his attention was entirely focused on the surrounding cultivators. The human heart was more terrifying than demonic beasts, and three people made him felt fearful. 

One was a man donned in black armor that should be a mid-grade profound artifact. The second one was a middle-aged man dressed in azure clothes, but he had concealed his aura, disguising himself to seem weak. The last was a scrawny old man, whose eyes flickered with wicked thoughts. The first two were in the fifth orifice, while the last was in the sixth orifice.

Lin Yun clearly remembered that the scrawny old man was the one who incited everyone to attack while he stood still, watching how everyone sent themselves to death.

The scrawny old man was currently looking around at the surrounding cultivators in deep thoughts.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

While everyone had no idea what to do next, they heard the cries of Blackflame Crows echoing from their surroundings. When Lin Yun looked at the source, his face changed, looking at the black patches of Blackflame Crows. The sheer number of crows made him feel a tingling sensation in his scalps.

There were at least three thousand of them!

Looking at the Blackflame Crows, who grew dramatically in numbers, everyone felt despair.

“This…” Lin Yun soon figured out with his quick thinking. The corpses on the ground must have attracted over the Blackflame Crows.

The Blackflame Crows were truly sensitive to the scent of corpses. Shortly after, an unbearable scene unfolded before everyone. The flock of Blackflame Crows dived down, pecking and consuming the corpses on the ground.

“Damn it!”

Looking at the Blackflame Crows defiling the corpses, the human cultivators grounded their teeth in anger. But no one dared to move, remaining in their position silently. With that, the mountain top welcomed a moment of silence. The only noise that sounded out was from the Blackflame Crows.

Lin Yun looked at the Blackflame Crows and estimated his odds. He wasn’t optimistic because he had just missed the best opportunity earlier. Facing the flock of Blackflame Crows, not even a seventh orifice cultivator would dare to face them head-on.

“Lil’ brother, you should be able to last long with the crows relying on your Fiery Demon Battle Physique, right?” The scrawny old man suddenly spoke; he was looking at Lin Yun with a smile.

“Lin Yun!”

His voice drew the surrounding attention. When they saw Lin Yun, many people instantly recognized him. After all, the scene of Lin Yun fighting Mei Zihua and Xue Tu outside was deeply etched in their mind, and Lin Yun’s strength had won their admiration.

The robust man and middle-aged man were also looking at Lin Yun.

“You’re praising me too much, old sir. Facing so many Blackflame Crows here, I do not dare to take the risk.” Lin Yun replied.

However, the scrawny old man chuckled, “You’re fully capable of leading the party. If you’re willing to lead everyone, I will definitely follow your orders. Even if we have to share the profound core among us, it’s still better than giving it to these filthy crows!”

“Sounds reasonable. If we don’t work together, we can only watch the Blackflame Crows splitting the profound core among themselves.”

“Sir Lin, your physique is the strongest among us here. Aside from him, I’m afraid that no one is capable of leading everyone.” The middle-aged man spoke out.

“Lead us to take revenge for the deceased!”

“Sir Lin, the position of a leader, naturally goes to you!”

“With Sir Lin leading us, I believe that we’ll be able to get rid of those damned crows!”

Everyone started flattering Lin Yun, which the scrawny old man smiled. He was satisfied in this atmosphere that he had created.

Lin Yun sneered. Others might not have noticed, but Lin Yun saw how the old foggy led so many people to their death. Maybe if other hotblooded youths were in his shoes, they might agree to it.

Then again, the scrawny old man’s action also meant that he was starting to get anxious.

When this thought went through Lin Yun’s mind, he cupped his hands together, “Since all of you think highly of me, then I’ll take the honor in leading everyone. But let me rest, for now, no rush.”

The scrawny old man immediately smiled, seeing Lin Yun falling for his scheme. He praised, “What a young hero, Sir Lin. You have my admiration!”

Under his lead, everyone gave their praises to Lin Yun. With a grin, Lin Yun waved his hand, “I dare not claim to be a hero.”

As time passed, Lin Yun would say that the time wasn’t right, no matter how the scrawny old man praised it. Simultaneously, the profound core’s aura was getting denser in the sky.

The old man became anxious when he saw the bones of the Purple-Lightning Demonic Dracoape revealing from the corpse. Turning to look at Lin Yun, Lin Yun still wore a bright smile on his face.

“Sir Lin, are you not going to lead the team now?” The old man fawned.

Lin Yun still sat down calmly and smiled, “Old Sir, why are you so anxious? How can you do anything great with that temperament? Be like me; learn some patience.”

Lin Yun stared, reprimanding the scrawny old man in public.

“Yes, yes! You’re right, sir.” The old man could only reply with an embarrassed smile.

But when he saw the sly glean flashing through Lin Yun’s eyes, he immediately figured out that Lin Yun was messing around with him. He roared, “Little bastard, you dare to trick me?!”

“Why would I trick you?” Lin Yun looked at the old man with a playful smile.

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