Chapter 127 - Entering the Azure Sun Realm


A huge commotion was created when the two palms came into contact. A dazzling radiance burst out from it.

Rumble! Rumble!

The ground started to tremble within a hundred mile radius, causing sand and rubble to burst out. The cloud of dust blinded everyone.

Up in the sky, dense clouds overlapped each other and cast the region into dusk. The clouds covering the large area seemed like they could be reached with an outstretched hand. 

The spiritual energy in the atmosphere began to stir chaotically, making it hard for people to absorb it. This majestic phenomenon made everyone feel tiny and they fell to their knees. No one dared to utter a single word.

Lin Yun squinted his eyes at the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party, who stood towering within the chaos. They were like swords, who would rather break than bow.

It was especially so for Bai Lixuan, who seemed to be trying to comprehend something from the two statues.

At the same time, Si Xueyi also stood upright with his eyes glowing.

On the other hand, the Wan Clan’s cultivators all hid behind their beasts. They could endure the immense pressure just like the two sects.

“What a bunch of monsters…” Lin Yun was speechless. He had no idea where these people got their confidence. Perhaps this was what made the four clans and four sects unique.

Fortunately, the chaos did not last long. Otherwise, everyone would be too weak to enter the Azure Sun Realm. When the dazzling radiance from the two palms disappeared, a vortex was produced.

That was the entrance to the Azure Sun Realm!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two silhouettes simultaneously soared into the sky the moment the entrance appeared and they dove into the vortex. Naturally, the two were Si Xueyi and Bai Lixuan. They were followed close behind by the  disciples of their sects.


Shortly after, everyone dove into the Azure Sun Realm’s entrance.

“Brother Lin, you’re bringing your horse in as well?” Ming Ye asked with interest, looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse that had revealed its true form.

“Well, I’m just going to give it a try.” Lin Yun looked at the height of the vortex, which was nearly a hundred feet high. It would be great if he could bring the Dragon Blooded Horse in.

“It’s almost impossible for demonic beasts to enter the ruins. But if your Dragon Blooded Horse can enter, it would prove to be an immense help. But I’m afraid that not many mounts can bear the vortex’s immense pressure.” Ming Ye spoke enviously.

As he spoke, the Radiant Pavilion’s party had finished their preparations. Cupping his hands together, Ming Ye looked at Lin Yun, “I’ll go first. Let’s meet again inside.”

Lin Yun was stunned when he noticed that the old man had also gone in. It turns out that the old man wasn’t a Profound Martial Realm like he’d guessed.

Only those in the Xiantian Realm could enter the Azure Sun Realm. Anyone above that would definitely die if they tried to enter.

Then the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm? It was also doubtful they could enter. After all, it would be dangerous if they died in the vortex.

“What is the Radiant Pavilion planning by taking such a huge risk? Anyhow, it’s time for me to go in as well.”

By now, more than half of the cultivators had already entered. There was no meaning for him to wait. It would only be a waste of time.

Lin Yun found a hill close to the mountain and charged at the vortex while riding the Dragon Blooded Horse. As the Dragon Blooded Horse accelerated, its four hooves blazed and lightning flickered on its horn. When it got close to the vortex, the Dragon Blooded Horse jumped.

However, it wasn’t until they were close that they realized that the vortex was larger than they imagined. It pulled both of them in. When they entered the vortex, they could sense violent energy crashing down on their bodies.

But before they could even react, they were thrown out by the violent energy like rags. In the end, the two of them were separated and thrown onto the ground like sandbags.

When Lin Yun fell onto the ground, he slapped his palm on the floor to stabilize his figure.

Boom! Boom!

A few cultivators were heavily injured from their fall and they groaned in pain. Lin Yun had no idea if they were too weak or just careless. However, from this fall alone, their opportunities had come to an end.

“Lil’ Red?” Lin Yun looked around before he found Lil’ Red on a mountain top far away.

Lin Yun did not need to worry about the Dragon Blooded Horse’s safety. This fellow had thick skin, so it wouldn’t suffer any injuries. With the Dragon Blooded Horse around, he would have an unrivaled advantage in speed. If Lin Yun encountered trouble, he could run away even if he couldn’t fight. But now, they were temporarily separated.

“And I was hoping that you could help me.” Lin Yun smiled helplessly and began examining his surroundings.

He was in a massive and desolate place that smelled of an ancient aura. When he looked around, he noticed everyone was examining their surroundings just like him. Lin Yun pondered while he swept his gaze through the Xiantian Realm cultivators around him. Everyone here must have been transported to a different land.

Some unfortunate ones were impaled by sharp rocks when they fell.

“Isn’t this secret realm the ruins of the ancient sect? Why can’t I sense anything…” said a stranger.

“What luck, we must’ve been thrown too far away. I’m afraid that we’re not even near the borders,” another cultivator chimed out.

“Let’s move out! If we’re too slow, we will have no luck with the treasures,” responded yet another stranger.

Everyone in the surrounding was cursing and began running, dashing past Lin Yun. Lin Yun knitted his brows as he looked at them. Was it a good idea to treat this so lightly?


The ground trembled and a dessert appeared before them. Those who had just run out fell into the quicksand and started yelling for help.

Bodies quickly sank and only traces of blood were left behind as proof of their existence.

“A demonic beast who can control quicksand?” questioned a nearby cultivator.

Many demonic beasts could control quicksand, but this scene was so terrifying that it made Lin Yun’s face change.

At this moment, he realized that he couldn’t be careless!

If those people had jumped out when the quicksand appeared, they would have been fine. You had to stay alive in order to enjoy treasures. 

Lin Yun calmed himself and traveled forth. Whenever he noticed that the ground was soft, he would jump over it. After he jumped over the quicksand, he would turn around to look at the ground.


Lin Yun had just jumped over quicksand when the head of a ferocious lizard popped out from the sand. It stared at Lin Yun with eyes that flickered with a red glow.

However, Lin Yun wasn’t afraid. If that demonic beast dared to come out of the quicksand’s range, he would kill it.

The demonic beasts here possessed ancient bloodlines and it was practically guaranteed that they would have a beast core.

The Azure Sun Realm’s beast core was popular in the outside world and it was a market with no supply. Unfortunately, a short moment later, the lizard burrowed back into the sand.

“What a pity.” Lin Yun sighed and continued his journey.

As an individual realm, the Azure Sun Realm was abnormally huge. Lin Yun was unlucky that he landed at the border. Even after walking for two hours, he did not see any traces of ruins.

Lin Yun gradually felt oppressed, with this place telling him a tragic tale.

Along the way, he had also encountered many demonic beasts. However, none of them posed a threat to Lin Yun, allowing him to harvest quite a few beast cores. As for herbs that he saw along the way, only those above five hundred years old could attract his attention.

Two days later, Lin Yun rested on a mountain. He had been cautious along the way and even fought a few battles.

In addition to the unusual pressure of the Azure Sun County, Lin Yun was exhausted. He was close to the ancient ruins, so he decided to rest before continuing his search.

But even when he closed his eyes, he did not dare to be too relaxed and keep his guard up.


Half an hour later, a commotion woke Lin Yun from his cultivation. When he raised his head, he could see a massive murder of crows flying over his head.

“Blackflame Crows!”

The Blackflame Crows were rare demonic beasts that feasted on rotten meat. Their diet consisted of demonic beast corpses. The Blackflame Crows were fourth orifice demonic beasts, but the Blackflame Crows in the Azure Sun Realm were stronger than those outside.

However, it wasn’t their individual power that was worrisome. The trouble was that there was a murder of crows and they could fly. This meant that they had no natural predators.

“Why are there so many Blackflame Crows? Did a powerful demonic beast die?” Lin Yun was tempted to follow. After all, the Blackflame Crows were known for their keen senses.

Many Blackflame Crows could mean that the deceased demonic beast was enough for them to feast upon. As Lin Yun imagined the scene of Blackflame Crows feasting on a demonic beast’s corpse, Lin Yun felt a chill run down his spine.

“Let’s take a look!” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed as he followed the murder of Blackflame Crows.

He wasn’t the only one. Many cultivators noticed the Blackflame Crows as well.

“So many Blackflame Crows! Could it be that there’s a dead Profound Martial Realm demonic beast nearby?”

“Profound Martial Realm demonic beast can be killed?”

“Who knows. But if that’s true, then we’ll benefit greatly. We’re talking about a profound core here!”

The beast core for Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts was also known as the profound core. It was extremely valuable and all Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts would possess one for sure.

So if the Blackflame Crows were going for the corpse of a Profound Martial Realm demonic beast, the value was simply unimaginable. In the end, more people gathered until they ultimately stopped before a barren mountain.

The mountain wasn’t high, but they could see the murder of Blackflame Crows hovering at the peak. Occasionally there were terrifying lightning flickers in the clouds.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, Lin Yun’s eyes were impassioned. Could it be the corpse of a thunder elemental demonic beast?!

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