Chapter 126 - Seal Opens

The Sword Condors were arrogant Xiantian Realm demonic beasts. They only had ten years of lifespan, but they would grow into Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts if they managed to break through the limit.

Ten years was just the blink of an eye for demonic beasts, but for Sword Condors, it represented their entire life.

It meant that they would either die after ten years or grow into Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts. Throughout the Great Qin Empire, only a sect could tame these lofty demonic beasts.

At the same time, Sword Condors was the symbol of the Sword Firmament Pavilion!

Among the four great sects in the Great Qin Empire, only the Sword Firmament Pavilion was founded on swords. Everyone in the sects was an expert in using swords, and their talent in it was astonishing. It was the holy land for swordsmen.

As Lin Yun wanted to join the four great sects, he naturally knew about the Sword Firmament Pavilion. When he looked at the Sword Condors, he started feeling excited.

Out of the four great sects, the Sword Firmament Pavilion, Primal Origin Sect, Heavenly Profound Sect, and the Demonic Moon Villa, Lin Yun looked forward to the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

When the Sword Condors appeared on the horizon, everyone had their eyes glued on those condors like Lin Yun.


The Sword Condors began to dive down, releasing an aura that could penetrate through anything. They were ten thousand meters high in the sky, but all of them bolted down in the blink of an eye.

When the Sword Condors approached, the sword aura struck a deep fear in everyone’s heart. Even the atmosphere had become sharp in an instant.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

On the Sword Condors, people started to descend. All of them carried swords behind them, standing like towering spears on the ground.

The sword aura that pierced through the clouds came from them. They had purely relied on their sword aura to tear through the clouds, signifying their strength.

The one that attracted everyone’s attention the most was the first person who descended. He wore white clothes that fluttered along with the wind, standing arrogantly with his hands behind. Unlike other disciples who carried swords, he carried a sword box.

He was handsome, and his aura was like a piercing sword. Worse of all, his aura had reached the level of the seventh orifice!

“Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm!” Lin Yun was stunned. This young man only looked slightly older than him, but his cultivation had reached a heaven-defying height in the seventh orifice!

Looking at Lin Yun exclaiming out, Ming Hua smiled, “He had already reached the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm a year ago. If he’s willing, he can clear the Profound Martial Channel anytime. For a monstrous genius like him, the Profound Martial Realm that was far from everyone’s reach was just a step away for him.”

Listening to Ming Hua’s words, Lin Yun was even more shocked. He asked, “Then why is he not taking that step?”

“It’s rumored that he’s accumulating himself. The Xiantian Realm is the foundation for the body. Rumor has it that if you can temper your Xiantian Realm to perfection, your physique can evolve into the Primordial Divine Physique when reaching the Profound Martial Realm. But even if you failed to evolve your physique, your accumulation will still be a valuable wealth in the Profound Martial Realm…” Ming Hua explained.

The Profound Martial Realm old man beside Ming Hua sighed, “It’s beyond the reach of ordinary people, and only true monstrous geniuses can do so. If ordinary people learn from them, we might miss the opportunity to clear the Profound Martial Channel for the lifetime.”

Looking at that person, Ming Hua replied, “But he, Bai Lixuan, had the qualification to do so… But I never expect that he’s the one leading the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party.”

When Mei Zihua and Xue Tu looked at Bai Lixuan, their eyes were flickering with admiration as well. Bai Lixuan’s name was resounding even in a remote place like the Azure Sun County. In the entire Great Qin Empire, he was one of the most dazzling monstrous geniuses.

Facing the exclamations that rang out from his arrival, Bai Lixuan had ignored them. Looking at the two ancient statues, he permeated an unparalleled aura from his body.

Lin Yun calmed himself down. Someone like Bai Lixuan was someone that he had to look up to. However, he had no intention of going on his knees. At the same time, this matter had planted a sapling of fighting spirit in his heart.

Compared to Bai Lixuan, someone like Mei Zihua and Xue Tu was pale in comparison. Lin Yun’s arrogance from before when he fought with the two disappeared. There was a saying that there was always someone better in the world.

The Azure Sun County that he had seen so far was only the tip of the iceberg.


Suddenly, another terrifying aura surged from the sky. A floating ship traveled over from the sky, with a purple moon banner hung on the ship’s bow, fluttering in the wind.

“The Demonic Moon Villa!” Everyone immediately guessed the origin of that ship when they saw the banner. It was one of the four great sects, the Demonic Moon Villa.

Speaking of the Demonic Moon Villa, it’s background was stronger than the Sword Firmament Pavilion. Rumor had it that the Demonic Moon Villa originated from an ancient sacred land in Profound Amber, and they were a branch from the sacred land.

At the same time, they were also the most mysterious among the four great sects. They have always behaved mysteriously, lone wolves that didn’t like interacting with others.

The ship flew majestically to the two statues before descending before the entrance.

That location was already occupied by other forces, but those forces immediately left when they saw the Demonic Moon Villa’s ship.

When everyone came down from the ship, the one leading the party was a purple cloth man. His cultivation wasn’t any inferior compared to Bai Lixuan, in the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. His purple clothes were dazzling, holding onto a fan. He felt unfathomable, righteous, and devilish at the same time.

“Si Xueyi… this fellow came as well!” Ming Hua’s face drastically changed and became unnatural, something that never happened even with Bai Lixuan.

Standing beside him, Lin Yun was feeling curious.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a huge sound rang out, accompanied by a terrifying aura. A group of cultivators came riding on huge beasts.

All of them were wearing the same decoratives, and all of them were terrifying, especially the beasts that they were riding. The beasts were permeating with the aura of primordial beasts, terrifying the nearby horses.

“It’s one of the four clans, the Wang Clan!”

There were four great clans in the Great Qin Empire, the Zhou, Wang, Lin, and Li, all with over a few thousand years of inheritance. They were all founded with the empire, and their strength came in second after the royal clan.

As the royal clan’s method of keeping the four sects in check, they each dominated a land in the empire, receiving transcendent positions.

With an unusual expression, Ming Hua muttered, “Did the news leak? It was already a surprise for one of the four clans and four sects to come in the past. But three came this time. The Demonic Moon Villa and Sword Firmament Pavilion even dispatched their best Xiantian Realm disciple to lead the team!”

“Perhaps it’s a coincidence…” The old man beside him spoke out.

However, Ming Hua knitted his brows and shook his head, “I don’t believe in coincidence. Let’s prepare for the worse.”

The two of them were chatting secretly, but Lin Yun had no idea what they were talking about. At this moment, his glance was on a cultivator in the Wang Clan’s party, with his face changing drastically.

It was Wang Ning!

Within the Wang Clan’s party, everyone revolved around Wang Ning while he sat there high and mighty. His temperament had changed entirely compared to his time in the Azure Sky Sect.

However, Lin Yun still recognized him. Recalling how Senior Hong died, Lin Yun was slowly losing control of his killing intent. He never expected that he would meet Wang Ning here.

At the same time, Wang Ning had undergone a complete transformation to the Wang Clan’s direct descendant!

“What’s the matter? You see an enemy of yours?” Ming Hua smiled.

“Nah.” Lin Yun replied with a smile. His heart might be filled with hatred, but he knew that he couldn’t show it right now. After all, the four clans were transcendent existences to him.

In the Great Qin Empire, many people were willing to sell their lives without them asking. If others knew that he had enmity with a Wang Clan’s direct descendant, it wouldn’t be as simple as offending the Blood Cloud Sect.

“I have a deal, and I wonder if you’re interested?” Ming Hua asked.

“What deal?” Lin Yun raised his brow.

Looking around, Ming Hua whispered, “Now’s not the time. I’ll tell you about it if you can stay alive in the Azure Sun County.”

Lin Yun squinted his eyes. Ming Hua seems to know some secrets about the Azure Sun Realm.

“Sir Ming, you do know how to keep someone in suspense.”

“The Azure Sun Realm is filled with danger. If you can’t even last a few days, then there’s no meaning for me to tell you about it. But judging by the current situation, it’s doubtful if I can last that long as well…” Ming Hua smiled before he sighed, “Let’s hope that there won’t be anyone else from the four sects and four clans.”

As time passed, the sun started to descend, dying the horizon red. Maybe Ming Hua’s prayers came true because no one else from the four sects and four clans came.

However, the Azure Sun Realm’s seal still showed no signs of opening, making everyone feel anxious.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Just when everyone’s patience was running out, an abnormal fluctuation started spreading out. Simultaneously, the ancient energy in the air began to spread out along with the ripple.


The two statues started to move outside the valley. They each raised one of their hands, carrying boundless power, and bumping their palms together.

“The seal is opening!”

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