Chapter 125 - Sword Firmament Pavilion

“What is Lin Yun trying to do by provoking Mei Zihua and Xue Tu at the same time!”

“Isn’t he a little too arrogant?”

“Not necessary. He was, after all, forced to take this step because Mei Zihua and Xue Tu were acting out after each other.”

“Hahaha! Look! Mei Zihua and Xue Tu’s faces had turned green!”

Discussion sounded out from the surrounding, and no one had expected that Lin Yun would be so arrogant.

“You’re courting death!” Mei Zihua’s body trembled. No one had dared to belittle him in the Azure Sun County. Out of rage, he slapped onto his interspatial pouch and took out a two meters black halberd.


Mei Zihua slammed his halberd on the ground, which caused the earth to tremble. Shortly after, a heavy aura permeated out from the halberd, making it hard for everyone to breathe.

Simultaneously, black flames ignited on the speartip, sending a chill down everyone’s spine.

“High-Grade Profound Artifact—Demonic Flame Halberd!”

“My heavens! The Golden Flame Sect actually gave Mei Zihua the Demonic Flame Halberd… This should be the only high-grade profound artifact in their sect!”

“It has been a long time since the Demonic Flame Halberd made its appearance.”

“The Golden Flame Sect has really put their hopes on Mei Zihua!”

The appearance of the Demonic Flame Halberd caused a commotion in the surrounding. While everyone was shocked, Xue Tu snorted and retrieved the Crimson Bone Whip.

Each segment was made with nine crimson demonic beast bones, and whipping it would cause it to crack in the air. It was another high-grade profound artifact!

The Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect had given them the sect’s high-grade profound artifact to ensure that the two could get something from the Azure Sun Realm.

However, Lin Yun was surprisingly calm. His body emitted a crimson radiance that seemed like flawless sculptured jade, accompanied by the Fiery Demon’s Might soaring into the sky. Standing among the crimson radiance, Lin Yun’s hair fluttered.


Lin Yun kicked on the sword box with his right foot, sending the box into the air and opened up.


A sword flew out from the sword box, and the aura wasn’t any weaker than the Crimson Bone Whip and Demonic Flame Halberd.

“Come, it’s not exactly bad that I get to get rid of you two before the Azure Sun Realm opens!” Lin Yun smiled, releasing his boundless fighting intent.

He cultivated for months, experiencing life-and-death scenarios in the process. If he didn’t even dare to face Mei Zihua and Xue Tu, he might as well give up on Martial Dao!

The atmosphere was intense. No one had expected that Lin Yun still dared to face Mei Zihua and Xue Tu after the two of them brought out their high-grade profound artifact.

“Since you’re courting death, I won’t mind taking your life before the Azure Sun Realm opens!” Xue Tu snorted with torrential killing intent soaring into the sky.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” A group of people came riding their horses.

The young man leading the party smiled, “Hoh? What are the two of you doing here? The two of you want to gang up on someone? Is it glorious?”

“The Radiant Pavilion!”

The surrounding cultivators sucked in a cold breath. They never imagined that the Radiant Pavilion would come at this crucial moment, and the leader was the Radiant Pavilion’s Young Sect Master, Ming Hua!

Lin Yun was stunned when he saw Ming Hua. He had no idea what this fellow was trying to do.

Looking at Ming Hua, Mei Zihua, and Xue Tu’s faces changed at the same time, “Ming Hua, what are you trying to do?”

Leaping down from his horse, Ming Hua crossed his arms together and smiled, “Me? Nothing. I just want to see how shameless the two of you can be, and I managed to learn a thing or two just now. Who knows if it might be useful in the Azure Sun Realm. Hey, what’s the matter? Why aren’t you two continuing? Tsk, tsk! You two even brought out their high-grade profound artifacts, what an eye-opening experience!”

The sudden appearance of Ming Hua and his party left Mei Zihua and Xue Tu feeling irritated. When they heard his words, their gazes flickered. Even their hatred for Lin Yun had declined.

If they could, they wanted to slaughter Ming Hua right at this moment. That fellow was too insulting, and each of his words jabbed at their soft spot.

He was practically calling the two of them out for being shameless!

“I don’t need help to kill a piece of trash.” Mei Zihua’s face turned cold, and kept the Demonic Flame Halberd before leaving.

On the other hand, Xue Tu’s eyes flickered. He did not want to give up on this opportunity for Lin Yun. The grudge between the Blood Cloud Sect and Lin Yun was incomparable to Lin Yun’s personal grudge with Mei Zihua. It had risen to the level that it concerned their Blood Cloud Sect’s reputation.

When Xue Tu turned around, he saw a few Blood Cloud Sect’s elders shaking their heads at him. The opening of the Azure Sun Sect was imminent, and it wasn’t appropriate for them to clash with the Radiant Pavilion.

“Watch out, Ming Hua! I’ll see how long you can protect him for!” Xue Tu left behind his words before returning with the Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples.

Ming Hua clearly wanted to protect Lin Yun. So if Xue Tu insisted on going his way, it would spark a war between the two sects. It would definitely result in heavy casualties, and he had no choice but to back down.


Lin Yun sheathed his sword and withdrew the Fiery Demon Battle Physique. He asked, “Sir Ming, why are you helping me?”

“Even without my help, you still won’t be in danger with your Perfect Fiery Demon Battle Physique, right?” Ming Hua chuckled. He did not answer Lin Yun’s question.

What Ming Hua said was the truth. With so many people in the surrounding, he was still confident that he could cause chaos and leave.

“So what’s wrong if I’m just doing a small friendly gesture? On the other hand, I’ll have to ask for Brother Lin’s help if required, in the Azure Sun Realm.” Ming Hua smiled.

Since Ming Hua was already so straightforward, it would seem rude for Lin Yun to refuse. As he smiled inwardly, he cupped his hands together, “You’re exaggerating. We’ll just have each other’s back.”

In the end, Ming Hua only helped him because of his potential. Since that was the case, it wouldn’t harm Lin Yun to go along with it. At the very least, they had no clash of interest for the time being.

With that, the earth-shattering battle that everyone was expecting came to an end because of Ming Hua, leaving many people disappointed. Some people were even hoping that they might exhaust themselves to reduce competitors in the Azure Sun Realm.

“Those two fellows brought high-grade profound artifacts with them. Did they think that they would bring out cosmic artifacts?” Ming Hua’s smile disappeared after Mei Zihua and Xue Tu went far away.

“Cosmic artifacts?” Lin Yun was baffled.

“Cosmic artifact is a higher grade than the profound artifact. None of the three overlord forces in the Azure Sun County has a cosmic artifact. If you can only bring out a tenth of the cosmic artifact’s powers, even cultivators in the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm would have to retreat… But no one managed to bring out a cosmic artifact from the Azure Sun Realm.” Ming Hua smiled.

The old man standing beside Ming Hua shook his head and sighed, “It’s difficult to bring out cosmic artifacts as Xiantian Realm cultivators.”

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he heard the two of them talking. He knew that cosmic artifacts exist in the Azure Sun Realm, just that it wasn’t easy bringing out.

Looking into the distance, the two statues still stood with their boundless aura rippling out.

Many people were filled with expectations like Lin Yun. The pressure would remain until the Azure Sun Realm opens. Looking at the phenomenon in the sky, anyone could guess that the secret realm would soon open.

However, they had no idea about the exact time.


Just when everyone wondered when the secret realm would open, a shocking sword aura came from the north. Even from a few myriad meters away, everyone here could still sense it.

“What powerful sword aura!” As a swordsman, Lin Yun’s face changed, and raised his head in that direction.

Ten thousand meters high in the sky, the clouds were separated into two by a sword aura, which slowly spread out. Beneath the clouds, ten-odd Sword Condors were flying over, carrying a group of people on their backs.

The terrifying sword aura came from those people.

“The Sword Firmament Pavilion is here!” Ming Hua spoke with a grave expression.

The Sword Firmament Pavilion was one of four great forces in the Great Qin Empire, in which Lin Yun became emotional.

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