Chapter 124 - Fight!

“Disciples of the Blood Cloud Sect, listen up! Capture Lin Yun immediately!” That man suddenly spoke out, which left everyone in the surrounding perplexed.

When the two beside him followed his gaze over, their faces changed.

Among the crowd, that young man who had removed his hood looked exactly to the wanted portrait, the one who killed Yan Tianrui, Lin Yun!

In an instant, countless Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples charged over.

“Lin Yun?” Among the crowd, many people were shocked when they heard that name. Lin Yun’s reputation had spread far and wide recently in the Azure Sun County.

Lin Yun rose to fame when he had the Blood Bounty on his head, and he indirectly caused the Violet Flame City’s Kong Clan to be annihilated.

But soon after that, a piece of news stated that he died in the Heavenly Flame Peak. Just when everyone felt pity about Lin Yun’s death, another explosive story swept out. Not only was Lin Yun alive, but he even refined the Eighth Grade Lava Core and robbed Mei Zihua’s Dragoncloud Fruit.

It had embarrassed Mei Zihua, and at the same time, Lin Yun had also offended the two overlord forces in Azure Sun County.

“Is that really Lin Yun?”

“It’s real! I saw him with my own eyes! He actually came here by himself!”

“But he’s in trouble now to be targeted by Xue Tu…”

“Mei Zihua, Ming Hua, and Xue Tu are the strongest among their generation in the Azure Sun County. But if whose means can strike fear in the heart of others, it will be Xue Tu!”

Discussions rang out with countless gazes directed at Lin Yun.

“You want to leave?”


Xue Tu snorted and took to the sky, releasing his terrifying aura.

Looking at Xue Tu charging over, the surrounding cultivators fled, clearing up an open ground around Lin Yun.

If these people could clear out earlier on, he would be able to find that young lady. Half of the reason why Lin Yun looked for the young lady was for his curiosity and repaying her. This was the reason why he would be so excited when he saw her.

At the same time, he was also surprised to see her here. After all, she did not leave any clues behind when she left in a hurry in their last meeting.

He was grateful to her. If it wasn’t for her help, he might not be able to take that step out even now. He wouldn’t be able to discover the sword gleam that came along with his martial soul, and his confidence for Martial Dao would be affected.

However, he didn’t have the luxury of time to think with Xue Tu coming at him. Xue Tu’s hands were glowing red; he used the commonly seen Xiantian Martial Technique in the Blood Cloud Sect, the Blood Cloud Hands.

However, it was utterly different in Xue Tu’s hands. The crimson radiance had condensed into a terrifying blood hand with five bony fingers. In the next second, the massive blood hand enveloped Lin Yun. 

Xue Tu wore a sneer in midair and clenched his right fist, manipulating the blood hand to close up. But Lin Yun did not panic even in danger and released his aura. In that split second before the blood hand closed up, Lin Yun made his move.

The golden cyclone in his body began to spin with his spiritual energy gathering in his palm. As Lin Yun made a fist, he threw out a punch.


His punch surged forth with great power, exploding and destroying that blood hand.

When the blood hand slowly disappeared, Lin Yun’s figure gradually revealed a powerful aura released from his body. His figure was like the rising sun, releasing a bright shine. As the wind swept over, Lin Yun wore a smile with his clothes fluttering.

He was standing calmly under the bright sunshine.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Disciples of the Blood Cloud Sect charged out. Standing behind them, Xue Tu waved his hand, “Just surrounding him will do. I’ll deal with him myself.”

“I’m curious what kind of person you will be, for the sect to issue the Blood Bounty for your head. I heard that even Mei Zihua took a loss in your hands.” Xue Tu’s voice was hoarse. He looked at Lin Yun calmly, like a demonic beast staring at its pre. His eyes were gushing with excitement and greed.

“Why don’t you try it out for yourself?” Lin Yun smiled. Xue Tu might be strong, but he wasn’t afraid.

Lin Yun’s calmness left the spectators shocked. Xue Tu was famous long ago, and he was known for his brutal means.


The two of their aura slowly spread out. Lin Yun’s aura was shining like the rising dawn, while Xue Tu’s aura was eerily cold, flashing with crimson radiance.

Not only their words, but their aura took two different extremes. As their aura clashed through the air, it turned out to be equally matched.

When the spectators saw this scene, their eyes glowed with expectations.

“You do have some ability, after all.” Xue Tu scoffed before he turned into a streak of crimson ray and flew over.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the impact of his aura, the ground began to crack and raised a cloud of sandstone. Carrying his majestic aura, Xue Tu’s hand was grabbing at Lin Yun’s forehead with terrifying momentum.

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed coldly when he saw Xue Tu trying to take his life right from the start. Circulating his cultivation technique, his spiritual energy gushed out from his Dantian and threw his punch out at Xue Tu.


When the claw and punch collided, a burst of spiritual energy shockwave swept out.

Xue Tu sneered, his crimson claw grabbed Lin Yun’s fist firmly while his eerie aura was pieced into Lin Yun’s arm.

Plop! Plop!

Lin Yun suddenly felt a stinging pain coming from his arm, caused by the blood spikes.

“Not bad, but not enough!” Lin Yun smiled. In the next second, his spiritual energy, which had merged with the Eighth Grade Lava Core, surged. The blood spikes reacted like lava meeting the ice and started to break.


When he infused his spiritual energy into his punch, he instantly blasted Xue Tu out.

“Undying Vajra Seal!” Lin Yun roared and started to form seals after blasting Xue Tu out. As his golden cyclone started to shrink down in size, Lin Yun’s aura was retracting at an incredible speed.

When the golden cyclone concentrated to a point, Lin Yun pushed his palms forth. At the same time, his spiritual energy that was concentrated on the limit exploded.

“Flaming Blood Chop!” Xue Tu narrowed his eyes with a grave expression. The crimson radiance on him surged, and he retaliated.


Blood flames manifested into a sharp blade and slashed down at the golden ripple, but couldn’t shatter it. When the remaining energy from Lin Yun’s attack surged at him, Xue Tu was forced to unleash waves of attack, sending palms at the remaining energy to destroy it.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

As he tried to exhaust the Golden Vajra Seal, he kept retreating. He might not be injured, but it was humiliating for him to be pushed back with so many people witnessing.

Shortly after, a discussion sounded out from the surrounding. The surrounding cultivators all had excitement flashing in their eyes. They were shocked by what they had just witnessed; Lin Yun had sent Xue Tu flying in three moves!

“Xue Tu, don’t embarrass yourself. Leave this little bastard to me, Mei Zihua!” A figure descended from the sky and flew towards Lin Yun just when Xue Tu wanted to attack.

Breaking Arms Fist!

Mei Zihua had already noticed Lin Yun, and he couldn’t contain the surging killing intent from attacking. So when he saw Xue Tu blasted away, he immediately grabbed onto the opportunity and attacked.

The Golden Flame Sect’s cultivation technique was known for being overbearing. Once it was executed, it would be impossible to stop. Mei Zihua had brought out 99% of his strength in his attack.

Lin Yun was caught by surprise and was forced to face Mei Zihua head-on. In the blink of an eye, he exchanged over ten moves with the latter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whenever their punches connected, they would leave a crack on the ground. The entire region outside the valley was silent, with only the collision between their punches echoing out.

Their collision caused exclamations in the surrounding, and everyone also had a deep understanding of the Golden Flame Sect’s fist technique at this moment.

“Little bastard, weren’t you arrogant back then?” Mei Zihua would provoke while throwing out his punches. He had gone into seclusion to bring his Golden Flame Art to the fourth stage, and his strength had undergone a complete transformation.

This was also the reason why he could obtain a crushing advantage over Lin Yun. His every punch would blast Lin Yun over ten meters out. On the other hand, Mei Zihua’s aura would grow visibly while he fought.

However, Lin Yun was indifferent. Mei Zihua’s attack had caught him by surprise. He never expected that even after losing the Dragoncloud Fruit, Mei Zihua still managed to make progress in his Golden Flame Art. But that didn’t mean that he would lose to Mei Zihua.

Combining Tough and Soft!

Lin Yun roared and started circulating the soft energy within his body.


Not only would his punch not get any weaker, but the energy remaining would also cycle endlessly. When he threw out his punch, he immediately gained a footing in the fight while the excess energy in his punch rippled out in Mei Zihua’s body.

Lin Yun wore a smile because he was confident in it. Overly tough would make it easy to break, while excessively soft would be powerless. So only tough and soft combined was the ultimate path!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After Lin Yun regained his footing, he exchanged ten punches with Mei Zihua before the latter couldn’t take it anymore.

Mei Zihua’s internal organs trembled from Lin Yun’s energy rippling out in his body.

As their punches clashed again, Mei Zihua’s face changed. He could no longer suppress the energy within his body and was blasted a few hundred meters out by Lin Yun’s punch. When he fell onto the ground, his collision on the ground created a huge commotion. Mei Zihua’s face changed, and he did not dare to move, focused on suppressing the energy within his body.

Lin Yun was having a tough time facing Xue Tu and Mei Zihua, and he had to use his sword, or he wouldn’t last long. As he tossed his cloak out, his sword box fell onto the ground.

Looking at the two, Lin Yun sneered with one hand on the sword box, “Since you guys want to be shameless, then don’t bother stopping. I think the two of you should come at me at the same time!”


His words immediately caused a huge commotion. Lin Yun was provoking the two strongest younger generations in the Azure Sun County, and Lin Yun had proved himself by fending off the two of them earlier.

Mei Zihua and Xue Tu’s faces were unsightly. They were both arrogant people, but they were being humiliated by Lin Yun now. It was something that had never occurred to them in the past.

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