Chapter 123 - Encountering the Lady in Red again

On the Dragon Blooded Horse, Lin Yun knitted his brows under the hood. He was holding onto the strap and was prepared to make a run anytime.

The Radiant Pavilion’s party was filled with elites and there were even cultivators in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm among them. Who knew if there might be Profound Martial Realm as well.

“Leave us.” The young man suddenly waved his hand.

“Young Sect Master?” asked someone from the Radiant Pavilion’s party.

“It’s nothing. I just wish to speak to this friend privately, so leave us,” said the young man.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The elite party from the Radiant Pavilion backed down under the young man’s order.

“I am the Radiant Pavilion’s Young Sect Master, Ming Ye. For some reason, you look familiar to me. Do you mind removing your hood?” The young man smiled, looking at Lin Yun. There wasn’t any killing aura coming from him, and he seemed somewhat amicable.

But Lin Yun could sense that this young man’s aura wasn’t any weaker than Mei Zihua.

“I’m sorry, but you probably got the wrong person.” Lin Yun replied. He did not want to get involved with Ming Ye.

“Is that right? Well, your reaction verifies my speculation even more. You’re Lin Yun, right?” Ming Ye suddenly called out Lin Yun’s identity.

Had he not hidden well? Lin Yun was baffled by how Ming Ye managed to recognize him. He shouldn’t look any different than any cultivators with his disguise. He even ahd the sword box concealed underneath his cloak.

“It looks like I’m right.” Ming Ye’s eyes flickered with slyness. He smiled when he saw Lin Yun keeping his silence. “You don’t have to deny my guesses. Although the Blood Cloud Sect declared your death after snatching the Eighth Grade Lava Core on the Heavenly Flame Peak, I got the news that you robbed Mei Zihua’s Dragoncloud Fruit and easily escaped…”

Ming Ye then raised his brow and smiled, “Heh, heh! Mei Zihua is aloof, and he will want to hide this piece of news. However, there’s no eternal secret in this world and the news that you’re alive has now spread throughout the Azure Sun County.”

“So, what do you want?” asked Lin Yun straightforwardly.

Seeing that Lin Yun had acknowledged his identity, Ming Ye laughed, “Haha! It’s really you! But you don’t have to be worried about me. I have no hostility towards you and I feel that we can cooperate. You should know about the Wan Clan’s matters, right? If my Radiant Pavilion did not protect them, they would be annihilated by now.”

Lin Yun was speechless when he heard Ming Ye’s words. So it turns out that Ming Ye was guessing his identity. But as for the cooperation between them, Lin Yun wasn’t interested. He replied, “I’m not interested.”

“Are you sure? You’ve offended the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect at the same time. If you’re willing to cooperate with my Radiant Pavilion, I’m willing to ensure your safety in the Azure Sun Realm.”

“I appreciate the goodwill, but I’m used to being alone. However, if an opportunity presents itself, we can take care of each other in the Azure Sun Realm. Well then, I will be taking my leave now.” Lin Yun pulled the strap when he saw that someone was coming.

The Dragon Blooded Horse turned into a violent storm and disappeared, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

“What incredible speed.” Ming Ye clicked his tongue in surprise.

“Young Sect Master, how were you so certain about his identity?” asked an elder that came over.

“The fire elemental spiritual energy on him is refined to the point that it feels somewhat terrifying and I linked it up with the Eighth Grade Lava Core. So I probed him, but I never expected that he would be Lin Yun.” Ming Ye replied.

“But he doesn’t seem to know what’s good for him. Shall I send someone to tail him?” asked the elder.

“Doesn’t know what’s good for him? He just doesn’t trust big sects. I’m sure that he will make a choice when he feels the pressure from the other two sects. Oh, I heard that the Blood Cloud Sect’s Xue Tu has come out of seclusion?” Ming Ye smiled.

Upon mentioning Xue Tu, the old man’s face changed, “Yeah. He came out for the Azure Sun Realm.”

“Heh, heh! I wonder if he made any progress in his Blood Cloud Hands. How curious!” Ming Ye’s eyes flickered with excitement for the upcoming event.

The history of the Azure Sun Realm went way back. It had already existed before the Great Qin Empire was established. But no one knew precisely which era it was from.

Everyone knew that it was a dream-like era that was only heard about in legends. No one could imagine how strong those ancient sects were in that era. It was said to be a golden age of cultivation, with no lack of monstrous geniuses.

But for some reason, that golden age suddenly disappeared, leaving only ruins behind. The current era was built on top of those ruins, but no one could stir the Azure Sun Realm’s seal till now.

Even the founding emperor of the Great Qin Empire couldn’t remove the seal. Otherwise, it would’ve already been monopolized by now.

The reason why the Azure Sun County was so famous in the Great Qin Empire was due to this secret realm. Every time it opened, the Azure Sun County would hold a grand occasion where cultivators flocked over from all directions.

The Azure Sun Valley was located in a valley and the valley’s entrance had two towering statues. The ancient statues seemed like they were guarding the realm. If the seal did not lift, no one was able to enter.

When Lin Yun arrived on the Dragon Blooded Horse, he swept his gaze out and saw a multitude of people. Though the gathering of the masses had even covered up the valley, he could see the two statues.

Looking at the statues, Lin Yun was shocked. The statues were covered with traces left behind by age. When the ancient aura emitted out into heaven and earth, the clouds froze in the river of time. When he looked at the two statues, Lin Yun felt incredibly pressured.

The two statues might seem simple, but they possessed a domineering aura. Glancing at them, Lin Yun felt a mountain crashing down on him, which was suffocating.

Under the majestic aura, Lin Yun felt like a speck of dust. He only looked at them briefly before he turned his gaze away.

“The two statues seem like the guardians of these ancient ruins. No wonder no one dares to mess with them.” Lin Yu immediately understood something.

The Azure Sun Realm only allowed cultivators in the Xiantian Realm to enter and anyone above that would die. But over the years, many people tried messing with it. However, all of them had failed.

“How did such powerful sects get annihilated back then?” Lin Yun shook his head. He felt that this topic was too heavy for him, so he did not ponder it too much.

Even the Dragon Blooded Horse was behaving itself here. Along the way, Lin Yun could see many Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples and they seem to be searching around.

Are they searching for me? Well, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that he would come if he weren’t dead.

But there were at least seventy to eighty thousand people here and there was no lack of monstrous existences. So even if the Blood Cloud Sect was overbearing, they did not dare to take it too far.

Finding him was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

The regions near the valley had all been occupied by the major forces. As long as the seal opens up, they would be the first to enter. Joining the multitude of people, Lin Yun could see the valley’s entrance, and he saw Mei Zihua standing in a good position.

As an overlord force in the Azure Sun County, the Golden Flame Sect would naturally occupy a place.

Mei Zihua seemed indifferent and unhappy, with an expression that deterred anyone from approaching him. He felt depressed because he had no idea who leaked the matter of Lin Yun robbing his Dragoncloud Fruit.

“That is…?” Lin Yun knitted his brows when he saw someone among the Blood Cloud Sect’s party.

That person had a lean face and the sinister aura coming from him was terrifying. He was even more fearsome than Mei Zihua.

“Looks like the Blood Cloud Sect isn’t a pushover either…they actually have such a young expert.” Lin Yun pulled his hood and hid himself deeper.

The Azure Sun Realm will soon open and he had to keep a low-profile right now.

But a brief moment later, Lin Yun suddenly saw a familiar figure. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, making sure that his eyes weren’t playing games with him. 

It was a young lady in red, with a delicate appearance. She looked adorable and was surrounded by spiritual temperament. Lin Yun instantly recognized her.

She was the one who helped him grasp the incomplete sword intent with her music when he was vexing over the fact that he couldn’t summon his martial soul.

When the lady in red saw Lin Yun, she also looked shocked. Shortly after, she squinted her eyes. But when Lin Yun tried to take a better look at her, she disappeared.

“Excuse me.” Lin Yun began to squeeze through the crowd, trying to find that young lady.

However, trying to find someone within a multitude of people wasn’t easy.


A sinister gaze suddenly fell onto Lin Yun, sending a chill down his spine. When he raised his head, he saw that person from the Blood Cloud Sect looking at him with a sneer.

Shit… Lin Yun knew that he had been found.

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