Chapter 121 - Monkey Wine

“Reddie…” Lin Yun smiled. He was feeling despair and powerless a second ago. He had resigned himself to fate to be killed by the hyenas, and he had forgotten about this fool’s existence, but it came when it needed help the most.

The Dragon Blooded Horse ran into the woods when it saw Lin Yun’s state. Just when Lin Yun was puzzled, the Dragon Blooded Horse returned with a tree branch. The tree branch had several spiritual fruits on it, which permeated a tempting fragrance.

Lin Yun was hungry, thirsty, and weak. But when he saw the fruits, his eyes lit up.

“Thank you, Reddie.” Lin Yun was feeling touched and placed a few fruits into his mouth. He hadn’t unlocked his mouth orifice, so he still needed to consume food. But for the past fifteen days, he was focused on his cultivation. So he was already starving.

When the fruits entered his stomach, he could feel his energy coming back to him. He tried to move, and he realized that he could move. However, he still felt tired.

Seeing Lin Yun getting up on his feet, the Dragon Blooded Horse became happy and started to neigh.

“You’re calling me to get on your back?” Lin Yun asked when he saw Reddie winking at him.

The Dragon Blooded Horse nodded its head. Lin Yun had a feeling that the horse wanted to bring him somewhere, but he got on the horseback without any hesitation.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The Dragon Blooded Horse bolted through the woods like it was running on flat ground. As it ran around the woods and passed by many remote regions, the Dragon Blooded Horse stopped before a mountain stream.

The stream was splashing down from the cliff, creating a pond beneath that permeated spiritual aura.

When Lin Yun saw this scene, his eyes lit up. This place wasn’t any inferior to Wan Clan’s Eighth Grade Spiritual Lake, which would be extremely beneficial for his injuries.

Knowing that the Dragon Blooded Horse meant, Lin Yun patted on its neck, “Thanks.”

Lin Yun recalled that he still had a Fourth Grade Lava Core remaining, one that he left for the Dragon Blooded Horse. Since the Dragon Blooded Horse was a figure elemental demonic beast, he figured that it would be nourishment for Reddie.

When the Dragon Blooded Horse saw the Lava Core, its eyes were glued to it. As it whipped out its tongue, it took the Lava Core into its mouth and started chewing.

What did he just witness? The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched. This fool was chewing on a Lava Core?

After all, the Lava Core was made from Yang Origin Stone, the strongest material that could only be found in the Flame Vein!


Suddenly, a brittle crack sounded out. As the Dragon Blooded Horse chewed on the Lava Core happily, it broke a tooth.

“Neighhhhh…” The Dragon Blooded Horse wailed out in pain, with tears flowing down from its cheeks. Suddenly, it was enveloped by flames as it began to absorb the Lava Core.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The Dragon Blooded Horse started hopping around and ran into the woods. It was a hilarious scene to see a horse laughing and crying at the same time.

Lin Yun was having a tough time holding back his laughter. In the end, he still burst out laughing. That fool was still the fool he knew.

“But this place is pretty good… Nice scenery and filled with spiritual energy…”


Lin Yun jumped into the pool and began to cultivate, absorbing the spiritual energy. The pool couldn’t be considered a treasure, but it was what he needed right now.

Under the nourishment of spiritual energy, Lin Yun’s wounds were recovering at a visible rate. When Lin Yun looked into his body, he noticed that the golden cyclone in his Dantian was revolving differently.

The Fiery Demon Seal had fused into the cyclone in the form of a crimson core. It allowed his spiritual energy to contain a trace of soft energy, and it was also stronger than before.

“Interesting… Is this the fortune after a disaster?” Lin Yun smiled. The lightning tribulation had nearly taken his life, allowing his Fiery Demon Battle Physique, which should be in the eighth grade, to reach perfection.

Pre-transformed, Lin Yun’s current physique was comparable to his Fiery Demon Physique transformation in the past.

A while later, Lin Yun completely recovered from his injuries. He jumped out from the pond and landed on the shore. Raising his head, Lin Yun tied his damp hair together.

Standing in the gloomy mountain, Lin Yun’s face was illuminated by the sun, shining through the leaves to his face. His facial features were defined, akin to an immortal drawn in portraits. Wearing a smile, he eluded an alluring charm.

“WHORAHHHHH!” A demonic beast’s roar echoed out in the woods. Knitting his brows, Lin Yun evaporated the beads of water on his body and headed to the voice.

Lin Yun saw the Dragon Blooded Horse refining the Lava Core on an empty ground, permeating a horrifying aura. It had reached a crucial point of refinement.

Standing at a thousand meters away, a monkey was dangling on a colossal tree branch. Its eyes were glowing red, looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse greedily.

The monkey permeated an aura in the Sixth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, and at the same time, it was also giving off a faint ruler prestige. Lin Yun immediately figured out that this monkey wasn’t just a sixth orifice demonic beast, a Demonic Monkey, and also a king!

Demonic Monkey King was intelligent demonic beasts, and it could tell that the Dragon Blooded Horse possesses a beast core. So it wanted to kill the Dragon Blooded Horse for the beast core at the right time.

Just when Lin Yun was looking at the Demonic Monkey, the monkey was also looking at him. Its eyes were flickering with a sly glow, determining Lin Yun’s strength. But a moment later, the Demonic Monkey showed a mocking grin.

The monkey did not feel threatened by Lin Yun’s third orifice cultivation.


The Demonic Monkey gently swung from branches to branches silently and landed behind Lin Yun, brandishing its sharp claws at Lin Yun’s shoulder.

It was cunning, and it knew that an attack directed at the back of the head was easy to dodge. As long as its claws touch Lin Yun, it would tear Lin Yun into two. Although it did not have a robust figure, it was still a Demonic Monkey King, and it could easily tear a demonic beast in the same cultivation into pieces.

Relying on its swift mobility and attacking speed, it could easily kill an ordinary fifth orifice cultivator.


But when the Demonic Monkey’s claw landed on Lin Yun, it was shocking to discover that its claws couldn’t tear into Lin Yun’s flesh. All it did was ripping Lin Yun’s clothes and a faint mark on Lin Yun’s skin.

Lin Yun took the Fiery Demon Battle Physique in the next second. As a blood radiance burst out from his skin, Lin Yun’s body began to swell. His body was like a flawless sculptured blade.


Lin Yun turned around and threw a punch out at the Demonic Monkey. As the force behind his punch rippled out, the Demonic Monkey was like a ball, blown away and smashing through trees.

The Demonic Monkey grimaced and unleashed its killing aura. But just when it was about to retaliate, it was shocked to discover that its internal organs were in pieces. The soft energy contained in that punch had blown up the Demonic Monkey’s internal organs.

The Demonic Monkey looked horrified and fled.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

After a few swings through the branches, the Demonic Monkey disappeared.

“What speed!” Lin Yun was dumbfounded. If Lin Yun hadn’t reached the Fiery Demon Battle Physique, there was no way he could fight the Demonic Monkey.


Meanwhile, the Dragon Blooded Horse finally made a breakthrough, permeating the aura in the Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

Looking at the grin that the Dragon Blooded Horse showed him, Lin Yun immediately knew what Reddie meant and went on its back.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

The Dragon Blooded Horse bolted through the woods like a flash of crimson lightning. A brief moment later, they finally saw the Demonic Monkey.

Chip! Chip!

The Demonic Monkey was terrified when it turned around. Scratching its head, the monkey increased its speed.

But how could it be faster than the Dragon Blooded Horse?

As for Lin Yun, he couldn’t open his eyes on the horseback due to the wind. After a while later, they chased the monkey to the waist of a mountain. Lin Yun could hear chipping sounds coming from the mountain, which he instantly figured out that this is a monkey’s den.

As he roughly calculated, there were at least a hundred Demonic Monkeys, but their strength wasn’t strong. Only the Demonic Monkey King’s cultivation had reached the sixth orifice, while the rest were mostly in the third or fourth orifice, with a few of them in the fifth.

Chip! Chip! Chip!

When the Demonic Monkey King reached the monkey’s den, it no longer ran and started commanding the shrewdness of monkeys.

“Great timing!” Lin Yun laughed. He wanted to test the Fiery Demon Battle Physique, and these monkeys came at the right timing.

Undying Vajra Seal!

A ring of dazzling radiance exploded at a group of monkeys. As Lin Yun laughed, he took advantage of the fact that the Undying Vajra Seal still hadn’t dissipated to execute the Ferocious Tiger Fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His physique’s power had perfectly combined with his spiritual energy, and he only gave each monkey one punch each. A brief moment later, the ground was already littered with corpses. There wasn’t any damage to the monkey’s corpses, but their internal organs were all in pieces.

“WORAHHH!” The Demonic Monkey King hammered its chest, causing the other monkeys to disperse while it dived deep into the forest.

Lin Yun withdrew the Fiery Demon Battle Physique with a smile, dissipating the crimson radiance on his body. However, he couldn’t be bothered to chase after the Demonic Monkey King.

But the Dragon Blooded Horse did not want to let this matter rest so easily and chased after the Demonic Monkey King.

“Hey… let’s just give up.”

Fearing that the Dragon Blooded Horse might suffer, Lin Yun could only follow along helplessly. He kept the Dragon Blooded Horse in his sight at all times. But when they reached the mountain top, the Dragon Blooded Horse suddenly turned and disappeared.

“What?” Lin Yun knitted his brows when he saw this scene. Were there traps in this mountain? With the monkey’s intelligence, there was a possibility that they might lay traps around.

Thinking that it might be a trap, Lin Yun quickened his speed. When he reached the corner, he discovered a cave hidden under the bush. There was an opening in the bush, which Lin Yun could tell that the Dragon Blooded Horse had torn a path open with its body.

“It smells nice.” Lin Yun caught onto a fragrant scent...that smells like alcohol?

What the hell was going on? Alcohol fragrance in the middle of the mountain? Could it be that someone reared these monkeys?

Feeling perplexed, Lin Yun walked into the cave and saw splashing sounds along with familiar chippings.

When Lin Yun went further in, he was surprised to discover that there were crudely made jars on the walls, and they were sealed with tree branches.

The fragrance was intoxicating, and Lin Yun could feel his muscles relaxing at the fragrance.

Could it be...the legendary monkey wine?

Lin Yun rejoiced when he saw hundreds of jars on the walls. But he suppressed his excitement and went further in. There seems to be a story between the Dragon Blooded Horse and Demonic Monkey King.

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