The Regressor of Mount Hua

The Regressor of Mount Hua

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The Era of War and Chaos.
It was horrifying, as if an apocalypse had fallen upon the world.
The very heavens cried from the loss of life and talent as heroes from every generation disappeared like the dew that blanketed the battlefield.
Disheartened by his lack of power and skill, Zhou Xuchuan was lucky, unlucky enough, to survive the war with his mediocre talents, only able to admire the fallen heroes as a bystander from afar
But fate seemed to smile upon him, as this unremarkable figure found a second chance at life, this time, determined to become someone important.
Someone renowned.
This is the tale of an absolute master who will shine brightly in the future.
To the Volcanic Age.
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63 Chapters
Licensed From
JUN / Samyangcnc


Status in Korean: Completed

Editor: CutieBlinkie

Original work © JUN /  Samyangcnc

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

7 Reviews
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a month ago
I know that only 5 chapters are out right now but I just realized this is the webnovel of an online webcomic called volcanic age that I have been reading off an on for a few years. Now I personally like the webcomic so I already have a pretty biased opinion of how good I am assuming this webnovel is going to be. That being said I think this story is pretty cool and hopefully not only the translation but the actual webnovel version of the story will be written well. Also to those that consider themselves webnovel "critics" give this a chance and read more than just 20 chapters before you decide something sucks. And to those that just enjoy reading wuxia or xainxia novels (probably spelled that incorrectly) you will enjoy this story. I don't remember if there are a lot of dumb tropes that usually occur in these types of stories but if I am remembering the comic correctly there are not a lot and its just a story about a man who regrets not living his first life to the fullest and is determined to make sure his second chance does not go to waste

22 days ago
So far, so good. It’s unfortunate that this has so few chapters to binge read. I hope there’s a mass release soon.

The only problem I found with this is that there are so many characters introduced that it's hard to keep track of who’s who. While it’s not that difficult to keep track of those frequently mentioned, the problem stems when a name suddenly appears and you wonder whether it was already mentioned before or if it’s the first mention of this name. This occurrence happened once, and it could be a mistake on my part. But it’s still a pain when multiple characters are introduced in one chapter and their first names are the same. 

22 days ago
This thing is a classic for the ages! I'm a huge fan of the manhwa and if it adapted things properly, then this shall be one that shall be remembered for a long time.

I'm a bit biased, a sucker for regression stuff that I am, but this is genuinely a great piece of fiction. Hope there's a mass release soon so i can binge an unhealthy amount in one go. One bad thing might be that I have absolutely no idea how the author plans to end the thing. The power creep is enormous and there's absolutely no way this ain't gonna turn into a shitstorm.

Well, either way, at least it'll be entertaining.

Translator's Notice

Greetings, cultivators!

4 days ago

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